Polish off the look

Nail polish is one of our favorite ways to accessorize your accessories. Whether you’re painting on polka dots, dealing with decals or just sporting the standard fresh coat of color, a mod manicure is certainly a great way to punch up the personality of your look.

We took the liberty of assembling a few suggestions for shades that pair perfectly with our new Fall colors, all vibrant members of the Essie family.

Provencal in essie nail polishes: Russian Roulette, Go Overboard, Bazooka

Canyon in Essie nail polishes: Mink Muffs, Orange, It's Obvious, Lapiz of Luxury

Portobello Road in Essie nail polishes: Playdate, Yogaga, Neo Whimsical

Does your manicure match your Vera Bradley? We would love to see it! Instagram or tweet a picture of your decorated digits with #vbstyleshare.

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13 Responses to Polish off the look

  1. emme27 says:

    Since I change my VB bag almost every day, changing the nail polish would be quite a chore. Immpossible, as a matter of fact.

  2. kristie campbell says:

    What a great idea!!!

  3. allis says:

    awsome so cool what do your nails look like can you post a pic. of your manicuries.

  4. I love the new ribbons its so preety and for a great cause breast cancer , I have the last two and would love to have this one also my Mom is a 15 year breast cancer survior

  5. I love the colors in the new Ribbons, will go with everything!!!

  6. Wendy Kiley says:

    I love this pattern!!!!! I try to buy to support cancer, most often breast cancer.

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  8. Love the mink muffs polish paired with the Canyon design!!

  9. Reblogged this on food.fashion.fun and commented:
    I am in love with Vera Bradley’s new fall colors. The nail polish and pattern pairs are adorable!

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