A closer look: Ribbons

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re introducing Ribbons, Vera Bradley’s newest Breast Cancer Awareness color*.


Punchy petals in violet, aqua, golden yellow and, of course, shades of pink, twirl against a navy background. The interplay of whimsical blooms and cheerful pink ribbons provides movement and symbolizes hope for the future. Inside, a cane pattern of pink and green shows support for the cause.

Want more on Ribbons? See the trends that inspired this, and all of our new colors, by following us on Pinterest.

Shop Ribbons when it arrives online and in stores Thursday, September 20!

*Vera Bradley contributes approximately $1 million annually to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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99 Responses to A closer look: Ribbons

  1. dotmoody says:

    I was lucky to get a tote in this pattern during the preview, and I LOVE it!!!

  2. sweetaloma says:

    so purdyful! i wantttttt

  3. Unlike the three new prints for Autumn 2012, I like this print! Love that some of the proceeds go to such a great cause. How about donating 100% of the net proceeds next time?

    • Julie says:

      Yes, the Autumn colors are the worst roll out I have ever seen.

      • Rachelle Kalika says:

        I too do dot like the fall colors. I loved the Versailkes which I am sad to say is no longer being used.

      • Priscilla B Hall says:

        I do agree !!

      • Jessica says:

        I so agree! But not only that but the quality of there products are going down! I have been with Vera for 6+ years and I compare my bags for then to now IT HORRIBLE! The bags these days are thinner and not as soft they are not stiched in the inside same with pockets! But The prices are going up and quality down! They also redo bags and take away the best part of the bag to begain with. I have not been happy lately!!!

    • karen says:

      I do agree…didn’t care for any of the fall colors…but this is bright and vibrant! Love it!

  4. Very nice! It is a welcomed surprise after the fall releases. It is time to create a teal pattern to support ovarian cancer research, which is too much ignored.

  5. Ariroot says:

    I luv it! Sooo pretty. I’m going to be at my favorite VB store on the 20th!

  6. maria says:

    This is a cause close to my heart and I really like the colors. I plan to buy something in this pattern when it comes out,

  7. Rosanna says:

    Love the color and the cause. I will purchase something in this pattern in honor of my mom who had breast cancer.

  8. Julie says:

    Think the FALL colors are AWFUL. LOVE this one though. I will be buying it around Christmas time for gifts.

  9. laura says:

    I really like this years Fall colors. I couldn’t decide which to get first Canyon or Provencal. I really like the earthy color palette. I thought either would be perfect for autumn in New Engalnd.

  10. Karen says:

    Hate the fall colors. However, Ribbons is a homerun!!!!

  11. Irasema Saldana says:

    Totally did not like the fall 2012 colors!
    Nothing for me – until now! I LOVE RIBBONS!
    Big plus that it has so many colors!
    I want want want RIBBONS! Yay for me at Christmas,
    Not so much for my Santa’s wallet! 🙂

  12. Nikki Brandt says:

    Lovely!! Now can we get one for September: Teal for Ovarian cancer?

    • Campbell says:

      totally agree!!! We need some Ovarian Cancer support! If Ovarian cancer had even half the support Breast Cancer gets a lot more lives would be saved. come on VB!! Give us some TEAL!!!

      • That’s so true. Ovarian cancer is considered one of the silent killers. The amount of research and funding towards it is minimal and the remission rate is lower than breast cancer because of the lack of support and awareness.

  13. Lindsey says:


  14. Missi says:

    I do believe I will need to purchase Ribbons prior to the Viva La Pink event….how awesome will that be – sporting the latest Foundation pattern at their fundraiser!!!

  15. Joyce says:

    I love the new fall colors and Ribbons is a beautiful pattern too! Decisions… Decisions!!!

  16. Great pattern! Great colors! It incorporates not only pink for breast cancer awareness, but also the awareness colors for other forms of cancer. Great job!

  17. Mary Alice Tresham says:

    I just had my ovaries removed because of tumors. I would love to see a pattern in teal to support ovarian cancer. This is a very silent cancer, not often found in time because the symptoms are not severe.

  18. Megan says:

    So pretty and a wonderful cause! Well done!

  19. Carol sirey says:

    Love Canyon and Portebello Road and the new Ribbons is great. Looking forward to buying some accessories in this new print.

  20. Melissa Cole says:

    I am in love with this pattern and such a great cause tied to it! The new fall colors were ok but definitely not my faves. Portobello Road is the only one I like. I can’t wait until this one rolls out. I have birthday money to spend and I am getting something in this pattern for sure!

  21. Margie Garcia says:

    I usually don’t buy the breast cancer awareness patterns, but this one (Ribbons) makes me want to buy it today! It’s beautiful. I love the color patterns. They complement each other well.

  22. Natalia W says:

    Will the Ribbons pattern be featured on QVC?

  23. Catherine Shaw says:

    Lavendar for Hogkins Lymphoma would be awesome as well!!

  24. Gloria H. says:

    I love this pattern, wish it would come in squared away purse.

  25. Karen says:

    This is sooo much better than the other fall colors!

  26. Amber says:

    I loved the Canyon and the Provencal. I love the Ribbons pattern, especially since it is on a navy background and has pretty colors with it. Being a vera addict I can not wait for this pattern maybe a great Christmas present from my hubby. Vera bags are always so colorful and make my day so fun knowing I am carry a bag so colorful as these are 🙂

  27. Diann says:

    I like the fall pattern Canyon. I also like the new Ribbons for Breast Cancer. As a 4 year survivor I always buy something in the print for Breast Cancer. Can’t wait for it to be in stores and on-line.

  28. Sue Drake says:

    Love it! Guess this will have to be on my wish list!

  29. Vanessa says:

    Its a really great and graceful pattern. What a lovely way to honor fighters and survivors. Is that print on a scarf in the video and is it available? Because if it is I will get it!

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely love this pattern- it is so pretty! I think it will become one of my favorites. Definitely planning to buy something in it! =)

  31. Chris B says:

    This pattern is so cute!! And the donations from Vera Bradley are so generous!

  32. Much better than the fall patterns! Great to support breat cancer!

  33. 209478rosie says:

    I love this!!!

  34. Lisa says:

    I got a Zip ID at the preview in Ribbons. I absolutely love the pattern – I’ve never been so excited about one. Can’t wait to buy a Vera in it and show my support!

  35. judy h. says:

    This may be my FAVORITE breast cancer awareness pattern to date! I can’t wait until it becomes available for purchase!

  36. Debbie says:

    This is a very pretty Breast Cancer Awareness Pattern. I Love it. Looking forward to getting my own 🙂

  37. sue k. says:

    Striking combo on the breast cancer awareness pattern!!! I agree with some of the others that the new fall colors , regardless of the hype, are atrocious!

  38. Thelma McLain says:

    Love the fall colors!!!! But now I really like this pattern for Breast cancer. But I do agree that VB should do a color for ovarian cancer. There is not much out there and detection is usually too late. Need more research for this.

  39. rhonda bridges says:

    This one reminds me of the one of the older breast cancer patterns. I think it was called Hope something. It was on a black background, but it was very similar. I do like this one better than any of the Fall patterns that were just released. I had Breast Cancer , but I do believe they should release one for ovarian cancer.

  40. rhonda bridges says:

    Found it. It was called New Hope. BTW , PInk Elephants was my favorite breast cancer pattern.

  41. Felicia says:

    I agree that one is need for ovarian cancer. One of the teachers in my school building lost her fight due to ovarian cancer last September. Come on Vera Bradley, show support for this worthwhile cause.

    P.S. I agree that the fall colors are yuck! Will be buying something in this new color to support my sis who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

  42. Andrea Bryant says:

    Love the Ribbons pattern. This is similar to my favorite Breast Cancer pattern that I received as a birthday gift more than ten years ago. I don’t recall the name, but it was black with pink flowers and ribbons and I wore it for many years and it still is my favorite of the many VB patterns I am blessed to own. Thanks VB.

  43. Michelle Ivers says:

    I am going to pick one of these up, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in march, so this touches home.

  44. Chelly says:

    Love! Love! Love it! I’ll be getting this. I’m so thankful I didn’t buy any of the fall colors that I didn’t care for. The wait has paid off. Thanks Vera Bradley for bringing this color out in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

  45. Fran s. says:

    Some of The fall colors look better in person. I like this one too. I am getting addicted. I too wonder where all the breast cancer money goes, to awareness?

  46. I love this new pattern….Can’t wait to get it….I love that Vera Bradley supports breast cancer research…..It means alot to me because I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, had surgery and radiation…..

  47. KB says:

    Ribbons is really cute! It reminds me of Floral Nightingale; it has a similar color scheme and pattern. I like the pinks and flowers in this pattern, but honestly VB has done overkill and is making new their patterns too frequently. VB slow down with the new patterns! The older patterns are being discontinued too quickly! It was just last month when the second set of fall patterns were being introduced, and although I like Ribbons, it would be better if VB made new patterns less frequently and kept older patterns around longer. But Ribbons is very pretty, I was very disappointed with many of the fall patterns (Indigo Pop, Paisley Meets Plaid, Vava Bloom & Portobello Road, Canyon, Provencal ) which was surprising because I am usually so excited for VB’s new patterns, but these were too bright and busy and the second set were the other extreme- too drab and washed out. I’m so happy to see such as sweet and pretty pattern again! And the best part is that it benefits breast cancer! Great job VB!

    • Jasmine says:

      Finally a navy! Definitely better than the fall colors, but there’s that lime/chartreuse green again in the pattern that to me cheapens the look and makes it look more juvenile. How about something a little more sophisticated next time?

  48. Emily M says:

    I really like the new fall patterns – so far Canyon is my favorite but I think the colors are perfect fall colors and patterns.

  49. Kate W says:

    I like this a lot. I would buy it Bc it subtly supports breast cancer. By the way LOVE Canyon (not crazy about other Fall patterns) but I only buy at outlet/sale colors. Hoping by this time next year Canyon and Ribbons are discounted 🙂

  50. Deezee says:

    Vera uses the proceeds from this pattern for her foundation. Check out the foundation online to see where the grants go….

  51. Stephnpc says:

    Actually loved the Vava Bloom and get lots of compliments everywhere. I hated the fall and skipped buying. I must agree the new colors do come out too frequent but I think this new Ribbons will be a purchase. Over time, I have purchased probably 30 or more bags and sometimes feel that my voice doesn’t count. I am guessing soon our dollars will if we refuse to buy the multitude of stuff they are putting out.

  52. Dawn says:

    I love the pretty colors in this print – it’s perfect for the new breast cancer awareness pattern!

  53. KarenB says:

    My daughter would love this in a quilt for her dorm room. Will it be available for all of the product line?

  54. Aleigha S. says:

    I totaly love it compared to the other new prints. Can’t wait to get it! I love that some of the funds to Breast Cnacer!

  55. Stephanie says:

    Ribbons is perfect for the cause. I love the pink and navy blue together. To me this is a true Vera pattern. I know everyone is hating the new fall patters but I won’t lie I love them! I hated the July patterns, to me they looked better in the picture then in person. Can’t wait to buy ribbons!

    P.S Whose ever idea for a ovarian cancer pattern should be proud. What a good idea!

  56. Pingback: loving >> week 42 | Ciao Bella!

  57. Sharon K. says:

    I also agree with the awful fall pattern comments. But I DO love the Ribbons pattern. I already own 3 of the older Breast Cancer patterns and it looks like I will be purchasing my 4th when it becomes available. And I would love to see an ovarian cancer pattern too. Wonderful idea.

  58. katiesnestingspot says:

    I am so excited about this pattern, it features all the colors that appear most often in my closet. I think I’m gonna have to get multiple bag sizes!

  59. BethJ says:

    After the fall patterns, (which I would not carry even if they were free), THIS is terriffic!

  60. Lynnie says:

    I have this as my laptop’s background and the colors are so pretty! Might have to get this in something.

  61. Margaret Seals says:

    Love the new fall colors, fall and spring all in one

  62. Carol Hartley says:

    Such a hopeful, happy pattern!

  63. Karen says:

    Ribbons is lively, pretty and delightful! The pattern would make any woman’s day!!

  64. dana burns says:

    What can I say, I love pink! This would be a great addition to my ever growing collection of Vera’s. GREAT CAUSE!

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