Be Colorful Tour – in bloom

Vera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - in bloomOur ongoing Be Colorful campaign has officially gone mobile. We wrapped a 1987 Jeep® Wagoneer in Priscilla Pink, filled the tank with gas and set off to travel the country and gift passersby with beautiful bouquets themed around the Summer 2012 colors.

Vera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - in bloomVera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - in bloomVera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - in bloomVera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - in bloomVera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - in bloom

Our first stop for the Be Colorful Tour – in bloom, brought us to Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 10. The route – blanketing the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest – will include approximately 30 locations when the final petal is presented and the trip wraps up at the end of May.

The intent of the tour is simple: Spread a little cheer. We’re quickly finding that a few friendly flowers, (1,000 per stop, courtesy of Teleflora, to be exact), can truly bring people together. A favorite story from our flower cart ladies came from a nervous gentleman they met at Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey:

“There was a growing line, but one guest in particular stood out in the crowd. John was a tall man in his early 30s who seemed equally patient and impatient waiting his turn. We started with the basics, ‘What color flowers would you like?’ ‘Dark blue, light blue and white!” he blurted out. As Melisa (a flower cart worker) gathered his bouquet, she noticed John constantly checking his phone. We had to ask, “Is everything okay?” John replied, “Yes! I’m having a boy! I got the message when I was close to the front of the line. It’s funny, I was trying to surprise my wife with this beautiful bouquet, but then she surprised me by going into labor. I have to leave for the hospital, but I was so close to the front I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to give my wife flowers, especially after waiting.  We presented John his bouquet wrapped in Doodle Daisy and wished him well as he bolted through the doors.”

What will happen next? Watch for our Be Colorful Tour – in bloom in your city. You never know where we’re going to pull up. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow @verabradley on Twitter (#vbtour) for the latest sightings and updates.

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8 Responses to Be Colorful Tour – in bloom

  1. emme27 says:

    I think you should send a new Knot just a tote in persimmon to the new Princess of England.. she wears orange alot. IT would be quite a boost for VB if she uses it.

  2. briana theis says:

    I think you should come to Alaska! We need bright colorful florals right now!

    • Rachel says:

      I totally agree. Especially after this horrible summer we’ve had. We need some bright flowers to push the rain clouds away

  3. Kim Tallau says:


  4. This is such a brilliant idea… and so darling!

  5. AMPM247 says:

    if you come to northern michigan i would LOVE to meet up with the wagon and team! i have almost finished my new VB collection of over 40 treasures (only 360+) to go! LOL i ADORE your products and blog thank you!

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  7. Jessica Porter says:

    I would love to dec out my Kia in a Vera Bradley color. It would make it sand out and would also provide advertising for VD. what more could you want lol. Love your site and products. Both my girls and my mom love it and every bag but like 2 are all VD. now we need some clothes lol. And I’ll really match. Off to posts a link on my review site.

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