Something to Celebrate in May

Make the month a little brighter with our calendar of events and noteworthy holidays, and find the “special” in every day!

Download the calendar to use it as a colorful desktop background or print it out for a dose of fun, functional decor in your work or living space.

Something to celebrate in May

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8 Responses to Something to Celebrate in May

  1. Sarah Dent says:

    How exactly do I download this cute calendar?

  2. Hally says:

    I love the honu design on my birthday. And I got my birthday card from VB in the mail today! It’s a sign that I need to go buy something with Sun Valley print…the seashore waterproof? The Tote? The packing cube? Decisions, decisions.

  3. Michele M says:

    Sarah, Double click on the calendar sample above. When it opens i another box, right click to change background.

  4. tamara thomas says:

    what is coming out in may?

  5. MarthaLee W. says:

    I always love seeing the pictures that you share!
    When do the next set of patterns come out with a sneak peek? I am always excited to see!!!:)

  6. alovesherdoggie says:

    Love it! It’s my new background for this month!

  7. peggi browning says:

    what about nurse’s day / week

  8. nurse mary says:

    As in the above post—YES, WHAT ABOUT NURSES WEEK? I’ve been a nurse for 33 years and I use (and promote!) VERA all the time as do MANY of my co-workers. I think as a whole, the nurses on just my unit alone are keeping the local VB retailers in business! Next year perhaps you could include nurses and teachers both in the Vera Tote special in May!!!

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