Sound summer style

Sound summer styleA pair of lovely ladies, Vera Bradley Trend Reporter Liz M. and Product Designer Sylvia V., recently attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival, an 8-day series of concerts held over two weekends in the Indio, California, desert.

While Liz was taking in the festivities for the first time, the event is quite a tradition for Sylvia. “This was my eighth Coachella,” she said. “Music is very important to my family, my Dad in particular, who came of age in the ‘60s and loves music. Growing up, I was exposed to everything from Classical music to Latin Jazz and, of course, The Beatles. I attended my first Coachella back in ‘05 and when I told my Dad I was going he seemed secretly envious. So, the next year I brought him because I knew he would love it. It has evolved into a family weekend, including my brother, sister and some of our friends. Each year we look forward to our three days of singing and dancing in the desert!”

Sound summer style

Sound summer style

For Sylvia’s father, the live music extravaganza has become somewhat of a science. “One of the best things about going with my dad, is he does his homework. Once the Coachella lineup is announced (about 3 months prior) he starts listening to all the bands, which is no easy task since there are well over 150 acts! Then – probably because he’s a finance guy and loves numbers – he puts together a spreadsheet of all the bands with a 1 – 5 rating, 1 being terrible and 5 being awesome. He includes picks for each of us and highlights specific tracks.”

Among a heart full of memories, one of Sylvia’s favorites would be seeing Paul McCartney perform at the show in 2009.  “It was very special to see one of my music idols with the first person who ever played him for me.”

Liz and Sylvia both agree Coachella style has become almost as important as the music itself.  “While Coachella is known for being very boho chic, dressing is sort of challenge when temperatures can reach triple digits during the day and then drop 40 degrees by night, so layering is important,” Sylvia says.

While the ladies noted crochet lace dresses, fringe and neon, as well as Native American and vintage floral prints as common trends, we asked Liz to share a few specifics for recreating your own outdoor festival style this summer.

Sound summer style

Liz’s Tips

Look at the hour-by-hour forecast and plan outfits and layers based on the entire day.

If lockers are offered, get one. It’s well worth the money to bring extra clothing, a first aid kit and any other “just in cases.” Carrying a large backpack does not make for a happy festivalgoer by the end of the day.

Sound summer style

Liz’s Layered Look

Sound summer style

Lightweight, printed wide-leg pants + a solid cobalt blue t-shirt + Vera Bradley Little Black Bag + Roxy flip flops + a mid-length, dark gray, heavy-knit sweater

Sound summer style

Cutoff jean shorts + lightweight, open-knit, white sweater + solid navy tank top + slate blue ankle boots + Backpack in Sun Valley + jeans for evening

Sound summer style

A tan-and-black-striped maxi dress + a sheer sleeveless cropped white blouse + white Chuck Taylors + Patricia Crossbody in Canyon + a pair of leggings and sweater for evening

Sound summer style

Pack Accordingly

Liz suggests stocking your favorite festival style with sunglasses, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a travel-size tissue pack, sunblock and eye drops.  Use a Brush and Pencil to assemble a festival first aid kit, including Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, extra sunblock and any medications you may need.

Other essentials include an umbrella (ideal for rain, shade or spotting friends in the crowd), pain reliever, a reusable water bottle (many festival organizers provide water fill stations) and a handkerchief (particularly in the desert).

Sound summer style

Summer Festival Trends of Note

This year is all about headgear. Flower crowns, braids with flowers tucked into them, adorable hats with printed ribbon trim, silk flower wreaths, and beaded and braided headbands are everywhere. Get creative and base your look off your favorite Vera Bradley color.

Festival wristbands fall right in line with arms covered in pretty bracelets and bangles. (You can use our recently released baubles and simple ribbon to create your own arm party.)

Hands-free was the way to be.  Opt for a petite backpack or small crossbody. Also belt bags (fanny packs) and small accessories worn around the neck (i.e. lanyards and Zip ID Cases) are popping up this summer.

Scarves as hair accessories. Whether worn as headbands, wrapped around the head, braided into hair or as a shield from a sand storm, scarves are everywhere. See a few of our styling suggestions.

Flower-adorned sunglasses. You can d.i.y. a pair of rosy shades or purchase them already adorned, but petals will certainly be popular this season.

For more outdoor wardrobe inspiration, visit our “Music Festival Style” board on Pinterest

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