Alisa carries …


When we decided to show how our styles transition from day to night, we immediately thought to ask our Sr. Retail Operations Coordinator, Alisa S., to share her secrets. Given just one phrase to describe her personal fashion sense, she would choose “on trend,” and we couldn’t agree more.

“I’m certainly a shopaholic,” she admits, calling the entire consumer process a sensory experience. “I like to touch everything and take it in. I actually grew up on a farm with my family, but I love all things super girlie. I’ve always loved fashion and worked at the places where I want to shop.”

Alisa carries ...

On a typical workday, Alisa carries somewhat of a newcomer, the Two Way Tote in Sun Valley. “I pick a favorite color from the print and play up that one shade. I love Sun Valley because it goes with that tribal trend, and this style is ideal because I have the option of being hands-free if needed.” Inside, you’ll find a notebook (“I work on the Outlet Sale so I’m always jotting down details. Plus, you never know when someone will say something brilliant.”), her cell phone, a granola bar and Lillian sunglasses in Priscilla Pink.

Alisa carries ...

When the meetings are done, a night out often includes grabbing a drink with her husband at the couple’s favorite local martini bar. “We know a waiter there, so sometimes it feels like our own little private club.” When transitioning from day to evening, “I add an extra layer of mascara, put eyeliner on the bottom lash line, apply lipstick, use Evian spray to refresh my makeup and put an evening bag together. I swap my watch for jewelry and grab an umbrella.” Alisa opts for the pretty Pushlock Wristlet for date night, packed with mascara, a teasing comb, her ID and keys. “I tease my hair a bit and head out the door!”


Alisa carries ...

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6 Responses to Alisa carries …

  1. Linda says:

    I love the dress & jacket. Did you make or buy it?

  2. Liz Capizano says:

    I love everything about this look! Wasn’t sure about the Sun Valley pattern, but seeing it here really makes it come alive! I think this just might be my new VB love!

  3. kristie campbell says:

    how cute:)

  4. Brenda Johnson says:

    Alisa, you look beautiful! I love the Sun Valley pattern!

    Aunt Brenda

  5. Heather O'Roarke says:

    I don’t like the sun valley pattern at all. Too garrish.

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