Until next spring …

A special thank you to everyone who made the 2013 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale one of the best to date. It was an amazing six days spent in a sea of colors and styles, meeting you and hearing your wonderful stories. We can’t wait for next year!

#vbos by the numbers

Save the date for the 2014 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, April 9 – 13.

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40 Responses to Until next spring …

  1. Deezee says:

    Enjoyed the sale A LOT, but since you aren’t offering the HUGE bargains of the past, I think you should call it a giant Outlet Sale since the prices were very similar to your online sales and outlet stores. I just don’t want you to lose fans who are still expecting $9.99 purses and such.

    • Deezee says:

      Oops, I see that you DID rename it. I remember when it was a WAREHOUSE Sale! : )

    • Charlene says:

      I agree I didn’t think the prices were very good, especially since they had so much product, I think they could of sold it cheaper

      • chickengal1 says:

        well if they had so much product…there might be some more online sales to get rid of the product. I will be on the lookout. and definitely buy enough for free shipping.

    • Bk says:

      I wondered how great the sales were and if it was worth the 3 hour drive and gas$ to save a few $$, If I watch the online sales, I usually get quite a few bargains.

      • Amy Bryan says:

        Prices this year were not worth the 3 hour drive. My sisters and I were very disappointed. Hipsters at Christmas were $29 online. They were $39 at the sale.

  2. joann says:

    When is the next colorful day?

  3. Linda M says:

    I had so much fun meeting up with Vera sisters and shopping together! Can hardly wait until next year!!

  4. cheryl marshall says:

    It was first visit and while I enjoyed myself, I was disappointed that the prices weren’t what I had heard they were. I’m not sure it’s worth waiting in line for hours – when I could get the same prices online – with free shipping.

  5. Lily says:

    This is my first year going to the outlet sale I had a lot of fun. I think the sale could have been organized better and the prices I think we’re a little high for the sale but over all I think it was fun.

  6. Caruso says:

    This was my second year attending the outlet sale. I was somewhat unimpressed with this year’s prices when compared to last year’s. I had thought this might become an annual event, but I was unhappy with the prices and may opt out in the future.

  7. Kelly says:

    I would echo disappointment in the prices…not worth the travel when you could get some of the items online (in your pjs) cheaper.

  8. C. says:

    I was disappointed in the prices. I stopped into an outlet store later in that same week and found prices were cheaper – some quite a bit so.

  9. Felicia D. says:

    This was my first year going! I absolutely had a ball! I attended the sale with my cousin and a close family friend. We were surprised when we arrived that not many people were in line at 5 am. Perhaps it was the cold rainy weaher, but once we gt inside people began pooring in. It was so amazing to see all the Vera fans! Carring all the Vera bags! I was saddened by the prices but I remembered a lot of the money does go to a great cause! Maybe next year you could lower the prices a little or have a ticket drawing for a Vera gift! Next year ill be back with more people! Can’t wait to do this again! I was also hoping Vera herself would be there to sign my purse! Much love!

  10. K Wilson says:

    I agree with all the ladies above me, the prices were too high. I can get things much cheaper at the Outlet stores :-/ The first time I went, four years ago, it was amazing! You walked out feeling so great about the deals you just got! That wasn’t the case this year.

    Another disappointment was products were already sold out before the first session to the public started! I’m a huge reusable grocery bag person and they didn’t have any left come Monday morning at 7:30am. When I asked a worker if they knew where the were located I had many reply they saw them yesterday but not today.

    The VBOS is always a good time with friends but it would be nice to see the prices how the used to be! Keep the event something special!

  11. Jame says:

    First and probably last time going. I have gotten better prices on sale colors in the retail stores, or by waiting for my birthday coupon. I went because I always heard about the great deals, but I didn’t think that they were great at all, which was a good thing I guess, because I hardly bought anything, because it wasn’t worth the price it was. I like the patterns but I am lucky if I have any Vera products hold up more than a year.

  12. Megan Powers says:

    This was mine and my Husband’s 2nd year shopping we drive from Knox,TN and I too was disappointed with the sale prices in comparison with last year’s prices.

  13. alicia says:

    Had lots of fun can’t wait till next year 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    I was a little bummed out to be honest. Yes the prices were good, but I specifically went to stock up on some hipsters and left woth zero because I was angry. 3 weeks before the big sale I got ampromotional offer where they were just 29.99 which is great. However in fort wayne they were 39.99. Very disappointed. Also most things were only 10 dollars or so off, making an online purchase more worth it. The entire point of the 6 day sale is to be blowout prices. Making iytworth our drives and some of us buying tickets. I probably will never go again sadly.

  15. Sue says:

    I too was disappointed in the prices. This being my first trip (4 hour drive) I had heard from friends how awesome the discounts were. Had a great time but not sure it was worth the savings. Came home and ordered the pieces we wanted that were sold out and got a better deal.

  16. annette says:

    Prices were definitely overpriced for an outlet clearance sale compared to last year. My one friend attended the sale and went home and ordered the same backpack online for approx. $25 less than the sale price in Ft Wayne. In 2012, I spent $1200 on merchandise this year under $150.00. Definitely a disappointment.

  17. Brenda says:

    I love Vera Bradley bags! I didn’t think the prices were that great though. How do I get a birthday coupon? I’ve never seen where to sign up for it.

  18. Marlene says:

    I was very disappointed in the prices. We had a 5 hour drive and could have done just as well price wise on the Internet. Went on Friday then again on Saturday. Most of the price markdown silver balloons on Sat. were the same price as Fri. There was only one that I saw as an actual markdown. Another of my group saw one also. I was disappointed in the Vera experienc this year. The attendance seemed to be way down on the days we attended. We did not have to wait either day! That was one positive for my group. I believe the bad economy has hit a lot of people and Vera as well, hence the higher prices and less attendance.

  19. Luann says:

    We went to the sale on the last day (Sunday), there were boxes and boxes of merchandise under the tables, in the backroom and stacked on the tables, yet there were no good bargains to be found. I spent less than half of what I used to. Please, for all the miles traveled, money on gas and food, make it worth our while and get the prices where we feel good about the time and money it cost us.

  20. Penny says:

    My friend and I have been attending the Vera Sale for years. We have always enjoyed our day. We travel 3 hours to get there and look on it as a great girls day and always look forward to getting those great deals on Sunday. We were so disappointed this year. As many have said I could have stayed home and bought things online for the same or better price and even with the shipping I would have spent less than I did driving to the sale. I also have always spent a good amount of money at the sale as I always bought gifts and items to donate to local fundraisers, as well as things for myself. This year I spent very little. I hope that before the sale next year Vera lets us know if it will be a Sunday of great deals or if it will be like this year. If it is the same as this year we will not be traveling to Ft. Wayne, makes me very sad.

  21. Emily says:

    I love the vera outlet sale!! However, the prices were definitely higher than past years. I did get a few really good deals though and had a lot of patterns to choose from!!!!
    One complaint I have is I think it should be adults only – no kids!!!! There is not enough room for people to be walking up and down the aisles with strollers! It was just crazy to see so many tiny babies at this event. Especially when people are walking so fast to find good deals and reaching over people, that is too much and a little dangerous!

    I love vera!!!

  22. karen says:

    first day, first session!had a fun girls day, but highly disappointed by the prices. felt like a total slap in the face when the day after we went the pattern that I bought the most on was cheaper online than what I got it at the sale for!! really wish they would make it worth the time and expense that vera loyalist go to to attend the sale 😢

  23. Patti goldsberry says:

    I was also disappointed at the prices at the outlet. This was my first time with my sister for the visit. We enjoyed our visit but were disapointed knowing we could buy vera cheaper at stores. Everyone we spoke to who had previously attended also very disappointed with the selection and prices vera may want to rethink their pricing for next year

  24. Beth says:

    This was the second year my sister and I went to the sale in Fort Wayne. Some prices were really good others not so. Hipster at $39.99 was not a bargain at all. Last year they were $29.99. Would have purchased more if prices were a bit better. Had a great time anyway. Workers all very helpful and quite friendly. What we spend on gas driving from St. Louis, and the hotel expense negates any money we save on Vera products. We know that going in but we really have a great time and are already looking forward to 2014.

  25. Lynette says:

    I got so many deals last year I brought a whole van full of family and friends this year…prices were so high I looked like a liar. Last year I bought 40 or more items…this year with prices I bought 3. Same with my friends/family…they only bought 1 or 2 items and we went on the Sunday when the items should be at the lowest prices. Better deals online.

  26. Abby says:

    I was not thrilled with the prices, especially the sunglasses. This was my fourth year going and EVERY year the sunglasses were $25, this year $35.99!!! Also, the sunglasses were $25 earlier in the week, so why did the price go so much higher?

  27. Kathy N says:

    I also think prices were higher than past years. I can’t help but wonder if they have done this to try and stop all of the huge purchases made by eBay resellers. If so I say great and hope next year all of those people stay home! We drive 4 hrs and stay at least 2 nights in hotel. This trip for me is about spending time with my daughter, and now my daughter-in-law, priceless.

  28. Tammy says:

    This was my first time going. It was a great experience but I too was shocked at some of the prices. The outlet stores are definitely cheaper on most items, but not all. What I loved was the variety of home and office supplies. Those items are never readily available online. I will probably go next year to give it one more shot, but it the prices are that high again, it will be my last year. I had to fly in……and then drive…… factoring that in, I really didn’t come out ahead at all. Hipters $39.99. No way! Placemats were $9.99 and retail was $12.00. REALLY??

  29. Bonnie Lange says:

    Those numbers are impressive when you think that this all started as a quick way to reduce some excess inventory. Think about this……if those 60,000 people spent an average of $300 VB easily cleared 18 million. Not a bad take for a week of work not to mention the boost this sale gives to the local economy. Still a win, win situation for everyone!

    • Deezee says:

      Well, they didn’t CLEAR that much. All the people working the sale got paychecks, they had to rent the arena for a week, they had to truck everything in and then a lot of it out. And many people who attended were only “companions” etc. I spent a LOT less than last year … and now they’re stuck dragging those leftovers to TJ Maxx and their outlet stores. Not the smartest business decision in the long run, although as usual the people were VERY nice and I had a chance to see the lovely Vera Bradley Store at Jefferson Pointe!!

  30. HeatherM says:

    I agree the prices were just too high. I drove all the way from Chicago for this event… only to find typical sale prices, and nothing better. This is a national event, and if you want it to stay that way, then you have to provide prices low enough to draw people from across the nation. You did not do that this year. This was my first year at the sale, and I’m glad I went to cross the sale off my bucket list, but I will not be back- it wasn’t worth it. Furthermore, I’m starting to dislike the Vera Bradley brand because they are not listening to their customers on this matter. Vera Bradley needs to remember that their purses are made of cotton, and so they stain and wear down shoulder straps and just plain wear out MUCH faster than competitors purses made out of high quality leather. So that is why Vera purses will always be worth less than Coach or other purses.
    The hipster is THE classic bag for this event, and so above all other sales it should be marked down more than any other. Yet at $39.99, the hipster was by far the worst deal of the sale. Umbrellas at $19.99 were another horrible deal at the sale. I wouldn’t buy a non-vera umbrella for $19.99, so why should I buy a Vera umbrella on “clearance” for that price? I was hoping that I would enjoy the Vera sale enough to make it a tradition. Instead I’ve learned to just keep an eye on your online sales and the sales in my local outlet store, and that I wasted my money going all the way to Fort Wayne for something that wasn’t anything special at all.
    If Vera REALLY wanted to make it up to us, they could email a special discount code to everyone registered for the sale, then offer some clearance sales on top of that online for some of the worst-priced items at the sale (like hipsters, umbrellas, and the weekender).

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