Sara carries …

Sara carries ...

Let the Baby celebration continue!

There’s a very particular, very jovial energy that races through the Vera Bradley offices when someone arrives with a baby. It’s like a magnetic force field, pulling people to gather and coo. So, when we invited Sara G., Global Production Manager, and her 6-month-old daughter Colette in for a photo shoot, you can imagine what it looked like behind the scenes.

Sara carries ...

Named after Sara’s aunt, little Colette is almost rolling over, nearly sitting up and has already been tasked with testing styles for Vera Bradley Baby. Sara’s transition into her role as a working mom was eased a bit when her own Mother volunteered to take the baby during the day. “I’m very lucky to have my Mom watching her,” Sara said. “I know she’s safe and when she does something cute, I get a video!”

Sara carries ...

Sara carries ...

Of course, we had to ask if we could peek in Sara’s bag. Her Convertible Baby Bag in Tutti Frutti is brimming with the essentials: A pacifier, diapers, burp rag, wipes, Bib Set, bottles, toys, extra clothes and a Cosmetic Trio packed with a nail file, lotion, diaper cream and a thermometer, among other must-haves. For a brief outing during the day, Sara’s Mom prefers a tried-and-true Tote. “I don’t have to carry everything if I’m just running out,” she says. “So a Tote is ideal.”

Sara carries ...

While Miss Colette wore a Dress and Bloomers and Mary Jane Soft Shoes in Lilli Bell for her first photo op with Mom, the pair’s collection is always expanding and evolving. For her first Easter, “I really want to get her a Bunny and Daisy tote,” Sara says. As for her mommy style, Sara is finding herself, as many moms do, drawn to crossbody styles. “I have to be hands-free, so a Hipster or similar style is great. I love the Backpack for a trip to the zoo, too.”

Sara carries ...

As soon as she was done, our little model fell asleep and her admirers dispersed. We did cut into her naptime, after all.

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11 Responses to Sara carries …

  1. Kris says:

    Cute baby! Love the bag. But, you spelled OUR wrong! “As soon as she was done, or little model…”

  2. vanity h. says:

    Love the new collection.

  3. Lisa Wiles says:

    Beautiful lil model miss Colette 🙂 mommy Sara beautiful as always

  4. Lisa Wiles says:

    Should have read the whole article, not just look at the pictures, love u mentioned my mommy 🙂 love u all

  5. Amazing, precious, cute!!!!! Love this collection! I am about to have my first grandchild… a BOY, are you planning to try anything for boys? a plaid perhaps?

  6. Monica Mckim says:

    I am so excited with this new collection. We are expecting a new granddaughter in July. Can’t wait to see her in the new line.

  7. sandy says:

    Cute pics of you and Colette!

  8. Hannah says:

    I’m not married and don’t have any kids but I absolutely love this collection. You have a beautiful baby 🙂

  9. Julie says:

    Such a perfectly cute little one.

  10. Tricia M. Campbell says:

    Absolutely love the summer ’13 release, not a pattern in the collection I wouldn’t want to miss. Hipsters are my “go to” bag, I love crossbody and hands-free options. Also noticed Sara’s Pandora bracelet, also a favorite of mine. I have always thought Vera & Pandora go together like peanut butter & jelly – classic, delicious combination. 🙂

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