Celebrating Summer 2013

Summer 2013It’s officially Summer time at Vera Bradley! This season is all about fun in the sun and showing your colorful side in the form of Tutti Frutti, Lilli Bell, Marina Paisley and Sun Valley.

Comment below and share what stands out for you in Summer. We’ll select five lucky entries at random to receive a Pushlock Wristlet in the Summer color of their choice!

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting and congratulations to our winners: Laura U., Deborah S., Claire S., Jaime T.  and Kim G.!

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912 Responses to Celebrating Summer 2013

  1. Rachel Miller says:

    I love the paisleys in tutti frutti!

  2. Genna Kasun says:

    I’m partial to the Tutti Fruiti. Did I spell that correctly? 😉

  3. Blossom says:

    Lilli Bell is definitely my favorite of the new VB patterns!

  4. MoriahN says:

    This summer I get to work at Joni & Friends Family Retreat, a camp for special needs kids and their families! I went last year, and I can’t wait to go this year! : )

  5. Diedra says:

    Sun Valley – Love the blue and orange!

  6. Ashley A says:

    What stands out for me is the wide range of patterns for the summer. I love them all, I can’t decide which one i love the most because I can see me having all of them!

  7. Melinda says:

    Marina Paisley very preppy. Summer can’t get here fast enough

  8. kcrane5280 says:

    I can’t decided if Tutti Frutti or Lilli Bell is my favorite!

  9. Melissa says:

    All the summer colors are so fun and lovely. I can’t wait to see them in person. My big dilema…how do I choose? I l love Lilli Bell and Tutti Fruity 🙂 Thanks VB!

  10. Laura Thompson says:

    I love spending time with my kids in the summer. Now that they are getting older, fun summers will be ending before I know it! I would love to carry around a Vera Bag in the Marina Paisley while we do our various activities.

  11. Sydney says:

    I look forward to baseball games, flip-flops, and fireworks!

  12. Alena says:

    Lilli Bell reminds me of all the beautiful, bright and bold colors of summer.

  13. Sabrina says:

    The tutti frutti is adorable. Love the pastel colors and cute flower interior.

  14. Jenny says:

    The mix of happy colors and patterns!

  15. Helen says:

    Tutti Fruitti! The colors remind me of beaches, resorts, sunny days, cool treats – everything I’m looking forward to this summer.

  16. Anjana M says:

    The mint background of Tutti Frutti adds a cool touch that contrasts the summer heat. The pattern itself is also very fun!

  17. Amy Liss says:

    Tutti Frutti- summer fresh and gorgeous!

  18. K aren Angely says:

    I love tutti frutti has all my favorite colors and I cant wait to get a purse in that color.

  19. Lisa G. says:

    I love the Marina Paisley. Makes me want to go on another cruise. 🙂

  20. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Loving the Tutti Frutti. The colors are great

  21. Brittney Blythe says:

    Love the sun valley!!!

  22. Sandy R says:

    Sun valley gets my vote. I look forward to long walks with my kids where we don’t need to be bundled up!

  23. Kristin C. says:

    Sun Valley makes me happy =)

  24. Susan G says:

    Love the tutti fruitti, It just says bright and happy to me.

  25. Sam says:

    Love Lilli Bell! Can’t wait to get into the store to check it out in person! Summer for me means longer, sunnier days, full of warmth, fun and family.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Love the new colors!! Lilli bell is going to be a must have!!

  27. Lisa says:

    Fun colors!

  28. Molly Koenig says:

    Love the green background of Tutti Frutti and the interior print!

  29. nisha says:

    I can’t decide between Sun Valley and Frutti Tutti

  30. Christina H says:

    I love these colors! Tutti Frutti is my favorite in the baby clothing (I already bought the dress for my baby that’s due in July), but I love Lilli Bell in agree bags…like the convertible baby bag I bought. I can’t wait to collect more. I might even need one thing new in marina paisley. Great job, Vera Bradley!!

  31. Janet says:

    Love all the new colors!!! Very alive and happy patterns 🙂

  32. E. Poletti says:

    Tutti Fruitti is definitely my favorite pattern but I would love any of the patterns. They remind me of summer!

  33. Jana Coley says:

    I love the Sun Valley color. Not sure what this summer will hold, but I’m praying for a good one.

  34. I love Marina Paisley and tutti fruitti I can’t wait for it to go on sale so I can add them to my collection. Marina Paisley reminds of sailing with those reds and blues and tutti fruitti reminds me of the beach houses down by the beaches in Florida all bright and colorful

  35. Michelle says:

    All of the colors are so bright and summery!!

  36. Cristina Brown says:

    I LOVE the mint background in tutti frutti!! And the hot pink touches add just the right effect. Mint and pink are my favorite colors. I also love the lace edges and paiselies. It’s a perfect mix of vibrant colors and pretty pastels 😀 ❤

  37. Margot says:

    Tutti Fruit — reminds me of pistachio ice cream!

  38. Mona Brannon says:

    Summer means warm temperatures, days spent lolling on the beach, summer vacation and hopefully getting to see my beautiful grandbabies. Love all the new summer colors but the Sun Valley is my favorite.

  39. Molly Spradley says:

    I’m torn I like sun valley in certain styles and marina paisley in others!

  40. Charity says:

    I am all about the Tutti Frutti!! 🙂

  41. Emily says:

    Tutti Frutti- I love the pale green and paisley

  42. Suzi says:

    Marina Paisley – my favorite colors put together. I also want the new travel case with the airplane on it in Marina Paisley.

  43. Lorelee Schultz says:

    Tutti Fruitti – because you can never have too much mint. Mint ice cream, mint gum, breath mints, mint VERA! love it

  44. Amanda says:

    I love the Marina Paisley, it reminds me of so many of my favorite parts of summer, relaxing by the ocean, a fun family barbecue, and getting dressed up in our red, white, and blue to watch fireworks on the 4th of July. It captures the essence of summer! Love it !

  45. Beth du Chemin says:

    Love having my four boys home all summer!

  46. Chelsey says:

    Love the Tutti Fruitti! It’s my new computer and phone backgrounds!

  47. Rachel McClure says:

    I love them all! Can’t wait to get down to the beach!

  48. Elizabeth says:

    I love the tutti frutti pattern this summer! 🙂

  49. Kristin says:

    Love the Lilli Bell bright fun colors for summer 🙂

  50. Kim Kordecki says:

    Sun Valley print reminds me of fun summer colors that we will all be wearing soon ! Sun, Swim and biking – that is my summer !

  51. Michele says:

    Love the new Marina Paisley, goes beautifully with any color clothing!

  52. Wanda Paluch says:

    Lilli Bell is so bright and happy a pattern that it will be fun to carry all summer long!

  53. Cheryl W says:

    I love Tutti Frutti. The colors are refreshing! Reminds me of the laid back feel of summertime..warm sun, flip flops and the beach!

  54. Patricia Pierce says:

    Sun Valley is my favorite! The colors and the pattern is so unique compaired to others on the past. Very bold and beautiful!

  55. Meghan H says:

    I think Marina Paisley will be my color for the spring and summer! Classic nautical with a teal twist thrown in!

  56. Heather Taylor says:

    I love sun valley! My husband and I spent the past year and a half in Tucson, but had to move back to Indiana due to my mother in laws health. We miss Tucson greatly and consider it or home now and this print is a beautiful as the southwest!

  57. Sylvia Musso says:

    I love the new colors for the summer!!!!

  58. Sarah G. says:

    So in love with Tutti Frutti! I have already ordered a Clare and matching cosmetic! Beautiful for Spring & Summer.

  59. EJ Morris says:

    I love the Marine Paisley! We are boaters and the “Marine” fits in my summer plans!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Lisa says:

    Lilli Bell colors remind me of summer – fresh clean and fun!!

  61. Yvette Johnston says:

    They are all beautiful, but TUTTI FRUTTI is my favorite!

  62. Julie Jones says:

    What stands out for me in summer is the beautiful sunny days and bright colors like these bags!

  63. Bonnie says:

    Tutti Fruitti is such a happy and fun pattern! It makes me look forward to summertime and all of the great adventures my two girls and I are going to have once school is out.

  64. Amanda E. Buccieri says:

    Tutti Fruitti! Perfect colors to bring with me on my honeymoon!

  65. EmilyMarie says:

    I love Sun Valley! It’s so bold and vibrant. Makes me think of a 4th of July cookout with a fruity drink 🙂

  66. Lauren B. says:

    I’m loving Marina paisley….so nautical and summery!

  67. Anne says:

    Love the beachy blues in Sun Valley

  68. Charlotte McKinley says:

    Tutti fruiti…LOVE IT!


    I am looking forward summer. These new prints make me think of beach, flip flops and of course Vera Bradley!!

  70. heta s says:

    I look forward to sunshine, gardens and flip flops in summer after tough Minnesota winter.

  71. Melissa says:

    Awesome new summer colors! It’s so hard to pick just one favorite!

  72. I love the Lilli Bell. I love Summer because I get to spend more time with my daugher and visiting friends and family

  73. Jean Daley says:

    Just love the colors beautiful summer time is coming more time at the lake Even at 75 years of age I love the bags especially the wristlets

  74. Tamara says:

    Tutti Frutti and Marina Paisley re both so pretty and fun! Love the colors and paisley print in both!!

  75. Heather Curtis says:

    Still snow here in Vermont! Can’t wait for flip flops.
    I voted for Lilli Bell

  76. Nikki Beasley says:

    Tutti fruiti is my favorite!!!

  77. Theresa Barry says:

    love them all !

  78. Ann says:

    Happy Summer. Can’t wait til it finally gets here. Meanwhile I look at the new summer colors and dream.

  79. Kristen A. says:

    Tutti Frutti is adorable, and practically has all of my favorite colors! I’m definitely a fan of all of them, though.

  80. Elizabeth Daily says:

    Tutti Frutti reminds me of beach colors. I love it!

  81. mbethsiegel says:

    Love being on the water and Marina Paisley is lovely! Also love the bold color of Sun Valley!

  82. Jennifer says:

    I love Tutti Frutti!!!

  83. Shannon Ryan says:

    I love all the colors. I’m torn between tutti fruitti and Marina paisley!

  84. Nika says:

    This summer I’ll be working at a theater camp, helping to bring theater to the lives of children. I love the Marina Paisley and Tutti Frutti designs, and I would love to have a purse in those designs!!!

  85. Nancy says:

    I love them all.

  86. Brittany Smith says:

    I love alll the new colors!! But I think Lilli Bell is my favorite!!

  87. Jennifer robertson says:

    I love vera bradley. It is so pretty, lite weight, and functional that it makes my life so much easier being in a wheelchair.

  88. Stephanie Akins says:

    I love the marina paisley!

  89. Ashley P says:

    I love Sun Valley!! It reminded me of being back and Arizona with the great weather, scenery, and colors!

  90. arlene harper says:

    The tutti frutti print would be great for this Texas girl who will be vacationing in California this summer.

  91. Love Lilli bell cause it makes me feel so good and happy for spring and summer!!

  92. Kelli says:

    I love the blue paisley! It would be perfect for a day at the beach

  93. Kim says:

    Marina Paisley….I want to be near the water and the sunshine right now!!!

  94. Tammy Roberts says:

    Love the Tutti frutti, the colors make me feel warm as if summer is already here.

  95. Amy L. says:

    Tutti Frutti is ADORABLE! It’s the perfect summer color and screams FUN, FUN, FUN! Love it!

  96. Khama Petersen says:

    What I live about summer is all the bright colors and the warm nights! Love the Tutti Fruitti print!

  97. Dianna Jett says:

    I love Sun Valley! It’s crisp and bold and perfect for summer!

  98. Rachel Collins says:

    Lilli Bell…..reminds me of the vibrant colors of summer….

  99. Melissa Battle says:

    Lilli Bell..I love pink!

  100. Lori says:

    Not a huge fan of the Sun Valley pattern, but I do love it when there is a pattern that is different…not all paisleys and flowers. Makes it look different than all the others. I have A LOT of VB, so patterns like that make me feel like I’m really getting something I don’t have.

  101. Lakin says:

    This summer I am going to the beach with my family and looking forward to showing off some new vera bradley! I love the tutti frutti color! This summer is going to be very stylish! 🙂

  102. Jennifer says:

    I love the Lilli Bell. The colors are so fresh and bright after our long and dull winter. They’ll go with the majority of the summer colors I wear as well. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  103. Elizabeth Daily says:

    Tutti Frutti reminds me of beach colors!

  104. Jennifer Fordick says:

    Lilli Bell is my favorite!! Love the other prints too!

  105. Julie says:

    LOVE lilli bell!! The colors are beautiful.

  106. Anne Marie says:

    Love the pink and orange in Lilli Bell!

  107. Faith says:

    The summer is the best time for wild vacations and loving life at home!

  108. lindsay haaseth says:

    I adore the tutti drifting!! Its perfect and goes well with everything 🙂

  109. Lori says:

    Love Love Love the Lilli Bell!!!! May have to buy another lanyard in that pattern!!

  110. Love the minty island feel of tutti frutti!

  111. Tutti Fruitti is the perfect pattern for the summer! Reminds me of sun, sand, waves, and cold, summer treats!

  112. Tammi says:

    Like the Bold contrast of the Sun Valley!

  113. Rhonda says:

    Love Sun Valley!

  114. helen says:

    I can’t wait to get a cute summer pattern to go with a fun summer outfit!

  115. Meg says:

    I love the mint green in tutti-frutti. Very popular for summer!!

  116. Michelle M says:

    I had a hard time deciding whether Tutti Frutti or Marina Paisley was my favorite! They both stand out as obvious summer choices. I feel like Tutti Frutti is the fun, peppy one–one I would take when going out to the theme parks this summer–while Marina Paisley is a more classic choice, with a lot of my favorite colors. I’ll probably end up with something from both by the end of the summer!

  117. Angie Evans says:

    I LOVE all of the new colors BUT Tutti Fruitti is my favorite…reminds me of pink lemonade and watermelons!!! Picnic anyone????

  118. Bobbie Dodson says:

    Sun Valley.. Nothing says summer like the color orange.

  119. Samantha says:

    I ❤ lilli bell and marina paisley!! I ordered in both! I have had such off luck lately I’d love to win!!

  120. alicia says:

    I love Tutti Fruitti. This Summer I get to work during the week and spend my nights and weekends with my kids in the pool. Hoping to take a trip somewhere over the summer with my family as well. Love the new patterns for the summer. I will be purchasing my daughters and I new bags with the new patterns.

  121. Eileen Mannion says:

    I was torn between the Tutti Frutti and Marina Paisley … too bad I couldn’t vote twice!!

  122. Ginny borek says:

    Marina looks to go with all my new summer duds. Can’t wait to see it in person. Bring on Summer.

  123. Josie Kline says:

    I love Sun Valley’s colors and the geometric pattern. 🙂

  124. Sara E. Stine Brown says:

    I prefer a “black” base color and this is just great for summer!

  125. Kathy S says:

    Lilli Bell is perfect accent for summer trips to the Muny!

  126. Melissa Lee says:

    Love them all! Lille bell is so feminine !

  127. Gail Starr says:

    Tutti Fruiti just looks like it was made for here in Florida.Love it.

  128. Amy says:

    I’m having a baby this summer! If it’s a girl, I’m definitely picking up some of the new Vera Bradley baby gear.

  129. Katelyn Thiel says:

    Loveeee tutti frutti can’t wait to update to this Vera pattern this summer!!!!!

  130. Karen says:

    i love all of them; they’re all so BRIGHT! i can see myself carrying sun valley all year!

  131. I love the colors in Marina Paisley! The design is so unique and intriguing!

  132. Brandie says:

    Love the tutti fruity and the marina. The tutti fruity seems so summery and fun though!!

  133. Marcia Spivey says:

    I love them all but the Lilli Bell looks like a party waiting to happen.

  134. Jenice Flores says:

    Always excited to see the new patterns!!! Beautiful as always!!

  135. Lauren Clark says:

    I love the tutti frutti!!!’ The color combinations are so pretty together!!!!

  136. Vicky Robinson says:

    I Love the Tutti Fruitti… It’s a spring of fresh air!

  137. Allyssa says:

    Loving the Tutti Fruitti, the colors just remind me of a warm summer day

  138. Lou Anne says:

    All four colors are great! EXCELLENT SELECTON. Really like Lily Bell

  139. Megan says:

    Spending time visiting the nearby parks with my sons stands out the most to me in summer.

  140. Jessica B. says:

    I super love tutti fruity… But love them all. I would love to get my hands on a new vera in colors that coordinate well with my summer wardrobe!

  141. Maddison Welton says:

    I ADORE tutti frutti! It reminds me of a sunny June day. Its a close tie though for marina paisley. Such beautiful patterns. Vera is perfect.

  142. Gena says:

    Love the Sun Valley so very new and different for Vera!

  143. I really like Lilli Bell, but what I love so much about it is the lining fabric. I wish it was show-cased a little more. I love how it was used on the top of the Daisy bag. I’m seriously considering purchasing some placemats and sewing a bag for myself based on my pleated tote I have in yellow bird and using the Daisy bag as inspiration. (So the yoke and the handles will be showing the lining side of the placemats and I may leave the small trim around the bottom of the bag.

  144. Michelle says:

    I just love Tutti Fruitti! It’s so summery and soothing! 🙂

  145. Rosie Naugle says:

    Love love LOVE the colors and design for lilli bell! Summertime is almost here!

  146. Alicia Booth says:

    I like Lilli Bell the best!

  147. Megan says:

    Sun Valley is a great addition to the Summer 2013 Vera Bradley patterns. It’s a new direction into the tribal-esque prints that have become so popular in recent months while still holding true to VB’s signature fun and colorful style!

  148. jpscraps says:

    Summer is usually when family comes to visit!!

  149. Debbie Stewart says:

    I LOVE ALL THE COLORS!! The variety of colors makes it hard to choose!! Thinking accessories in each color!!

  150. Mary says:

    I love the colors of Tutti Frutti!

  151. Leah says:

    Love the Marina paisley! Definitely reminds me cool breezy beach. Fun and exciting summer colors.

  152. mroberts4 says:

    I love the tutti fruity…such a happy print!

  153. Megan H says:

    Flip flops & warm sunshine!!

  154. Stephanie L. says:

    Absolutely love the tutti frutti! Instantly puts a smile on my face when I look at the colors!

  155. Beth says:

    Love Tutti Frutti!

  156. Jennifer Harrison says:

    Tutti Frutti reminds me of ” mint” chip ice cream cones in the summer!! Love the mint green!!

  157. Tutti Fruitti – SO FUN!!! That pattern will be the perfect summer color in a new tote as I travel from baseball field to baseball field with 17 year son and coaching husband!

  158. Andrea says:

    I like the Marina Paisley

  159. Georgia says:

    Absolutely love, love, love Tutti Frutti- perfect for summer… I feel happy just looking at it!

  160. Sam says:

    I love the Marina Paisley, the colors mesh so well together!

  161. jgdlr says:

    While I think Marina Paisley is really pretty too, Sun Valley stands out for me because I’m more attracted to the patterns that have a darker background “base” color. I’ll definitely check it out in person at my local VB boutique! 🙂

  162. Erica E says:

    I love the Sun Valley. I also like it in the bag shown in the picture. Looks like hte perfect crossbody for summer

  163. Patricia Golden says:

    Paisley tutti frutti… so cute!

  164. teresa says:

    Tutti fruitti. Got and new bag in this pattern last night from my husband and love it:)

  165. Amy says:

    Sun Valley is my favorite! I love the hipster…with 2 kids, I need to be hands free!

  166. Barbara Ann Harris says:

    Thinking and praying, wishing and hoping that the Fire Island roads gets repaired to enjoy my Robert Moses beach this summer…hopefully sporting a new Marina Paisley Vera bag!

  167. Lisa Carr says:

    Sun Valley stands out best for me. It’s a fun Summer print, but still sophisticated enough for summer nights out. Love all the colors!

  168. Elizabeth C. says:

    So excited by all the new summer prints! I would just love to win!

  169. Jill K says:

    I love the Sun Valley color! The colors are great!

  170. Kacie L says:

    I absolutely love Lilli Bell. I love the white background with multiple shades of green, pink and orange (which all compliment each other). The floral pattern and colors remind me of relaxing on a tropical beach, sunbathing and drinking sweet tea. This pattern creates a positive and happy appearance, which every one should have (especially in the Spring and Summer months).

  171. Tammy Morgan says:

    tuitti fruitti real nice

  172. Lori C says:

    I love the slower days and not having to rush the boys off to school. Fun days at the beach, picnics, drive-in movies, everything 🙂

  173. Annaliese says:

    What stands out for me are the beautiful bright and bold colors! I’m a huge Vera fan and have been for awhile, but I can’t remember another summer collection where I literally wanted to buy EVERYTHING. 🙂

  174. Nora says:

    I love the flowers and pretty colors of Lilli Bell!!!

  175. Charlene M. Ritchie says:

    Lilli Bell is so pretty and peaceful looking. I can see myself and several others that I would purchase this bag for enjoying it this summer at the beach.

  176. Jan says:

    Marina Paisley is my favorite and summer means weekends at my trailer and floating on the water 🙂

  177. Regan says:

    Tutti Frutti just screams spring/summer and gets me excited for warm, sunny days…especially since winter WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!

  178. Kristin says:

    Love the Lilli Belle, which by the way is the name of the personal train car of Walt at the happiest place on earth. The bright colors make me happy too!

  179. Hanushe Karafili says:

    Tutti Frutti is so pretty. I love the mint green color with pink mixied in. It is such a happy color.

  180. Susan W. says:

    Love Tutti Frutti and Marina Paisley! So cute!

  181. Karen says:

    Love the new collection! I would be thrilled to win a wristlet!

  182. Kathleen Martineau says:

    Love them all ❤ Love ALL Vera Bradley

  183. Allison Hill says:

    I love love love the marina paisley!!!! So classy!

  184. Renee B says:

    I love the colors of Sun Valley!! I’m most excited to get something in that pattern!

  185. Kim Morrisette says:

    Lilli Bell is adorable!

  186. Patti Bailey says:

    So hard to pick just one! Love all the new prints!

  187. B. Bell says:

    Although I should pick Lilli Bell with Bell being my last name, the colors of Marina Paisley catch my eye better. Maybe it’s because the blue reminds me of being by the water and that is what I like to do in the summertime…be by the water, whether it is at a marina, beach, or cottage.

  188. Love them all but Marina Paisley is my fav!!

  189. Liz Herrera says:

    I am such a blue-lover! Marina Paisley is my favorite, it’s so cute!!

  190. Lindsey Hab says:

    I absolutely love summer! I enjoy laying out in the sun with my iPod and a good book. Nothing beats a little Vitamin D. I also love going to fairs, festivals and garage sales! All of those things require a great crossbody purse or wristlet. 😉

  191. Sarah O. says:

    This summer, I’m going to try to make every moment as memorable as possible. I love the smells of summer. Watermelon and fireworks, sand crusted toes and waves crashing, ice cold lemonade and bonfires are just a few! LOVE summer!!

  192. Melissa Keesee says:

    Nature’s beauty, especially the majesty of the Smokey Mountains in TN, the crystal clear waters around St. Marteen, the great food, especially Caroling BBQ and enjoying cookouts with my husband.

  193. Lani says:

    Tutti Fruitti or Marina Paisley…..both great! I guess I’ll just have to get both 😉

  194. Sylvia S. says:

    I love the Tutti Fruity. I cannot wait to get to my local store and see all the styles in person!! Thank you for being so creative. 🙂

  195. Kim says:

    Summer for me are days and nights on the beach, and spending lots of time with family & friends! Marina Paisley is my favorite summer pattern! Love the nautical feel of this pattern!

  196. Angie Bergman says:

    I love the Trutti Frutti it just says summer!!!!

  197. Roxie Owens says:

    It really is hard to make a choice but I love the classic look of Sun Valley. I use my Veras all summer and like having a choice of colors and styles. They look fabulous whether I am traveling, shopping, working…

  198. Amelia says:

    Love Tutti Frutti! Beautiful color. 🙂

  199. Lisa Eaton says:

    I love tutti-fruitti! Loving that color green right now! Makes me excited for summertime!

  200. Kristen says:

    Love the Tutti Fruitti

  201. Shannon Rop says:

    I love the mint green of Tutti Fruitti, coupled with the paisleys and pink!

  202. Katrina says:

    I love marina paisley and tutti frutti. Both are beautiful colors for summer

  203. Della krodel says:

    I loVe Tutti Frutti colors and love the paisley print. The two together are summer rolled into one! I have put off getting a new VB, because I couldn’t decide on a print. I have found it Thank you!Come on summer!!!!♥

  204. Meredith says:

    Love the marina paisley! Perfect for those summer boat trips!

  205. Becky says:

    Love the sun valley design! Great use of my favorite colors!! Love the new spring designs 🙂

  206. I love Tutti Frutti! Loving the mint color!

  207. Amy Seyfert says:

    I love Tutti Frutti!! its so bright and fun!

  208. I would love any of them, but, Sun Valley is so unique!

  209. Carol M says:

    Love Sun Valley with all the orange and blue! Go Illini!

  210. Becky says:

    Love the sun valley design! Great use of my favorite colors!! Love the new spring designs!

  211. Kelsi S says:

    In summer, I look forward to days in the warm sun, laying out by the pool, and hanging out with friends and family!!

  212. Cynthia says:

    Love the new colors! I bought the baby backpack the other day in tutti frutty and its perfect.

  213. Jaclyn S. says:

    I like them all, but the mint green color of tutti frutti really stands out!

  214. katie b says:

    Sun Valley is my favorite of these! Bright colors not typical of other patterns is a nice change-up.

  215. Cheryl scheckel says:

    They are all so refreshing and remind me that summer is near!!!! Wonder if any of these colors will be at the outlet sale in a few weeks??

  216. Lisa Powell says:

    Love, love the paisley prints!! Tutti Fruity slightly won me over Marina …. But they are both MUST HAVES!! 🙂

  217. neelam rajaharia says:

    I Love Tutti Frutti, It is perfect for summer…

  218. Danelle Whorton says:

    I Love the Tutti Frutti color! It just screams Ice Cream, Family, Children Hot Fun In The SummerTime! That’s What I am All About! Love Vera Bradley In the Summer! ( Love It All Year Round)

  219. Christi Marie says:

    I love Marina – feels like a trip to Greece!

  220. Katie Breen says:

    Love all the new summer colors! One of each please!

  221. Jennifer Cartledge says:

    Actually, I love them ALL! Can’t wait for warm weather and taking my grandkids to the pool!

  222. Carol Boardway says:

    My favorite is Tutti frutti, I love spending time with my daughter during the summer vacation!!

  223. LISA Schorp says:

    I love the color green in the Tutti Fruiti! So summery and fun. Love that bright pattern !

  224. Tina Henderson says:

    Marina Paisley is so summery!

  225. my vote is for tutti frutti – just seems like such a fun and differst color. And then I need tp buy summer clothes to match…LOL!

  226. Debbie N says:

    All the new colors are great but I love the tutti fruitty the best…bring on summer!

  227. Stephanie Gibson says:

    I love Lilli Bell! It just says girly summer to me!

  228. Ashleigh says:

    I love the Marina Paisley because it has my favorite color Blue very heavy in it 🙂

  229. Irasema Zarate-Saldana says:

    I like the Tutti Frutti & Lilli Bell. Can’t wait to get the PushLock Wristlet! Looks like fun!

  230. Nick says:

    The Tutti Frutti is perfect for my wife!

  231. I love bright colors in the summer. It’s always something to look forward to after all the gloomy dark winter days.

  232. Stacey Franks says:

    I love the fresh look of Lilli Bell- the oranges/pinks make me think of warm weather and sunshine!

  233. Sara says:

    Marina Paisley

  234. Annie Huff says:

    I love the Mariana Paisley. It’s not only fun and summery, but it’s got the right colors to work in the fall as well!

  235. Heather Nelson says:

    Lilli Bell is my favorite….bright, happy just says summer!! What stands out for me in the summer is family time spent at the beach with Vera Bradley of course;)

  236. Amy Bentley says:

    I’d say its a tie between Tutti Frutti and Lilli Bell as my favorites!!!

    I’m looking forward to summer so we can spend more time outside!

  237. sandyrn63 says:

    Love them all but if I have to pick a favorite it would be tutti fruity “

  238. Jackie Watson says:

    They all stand out to me! I like Marina Paisley and Tutti Fruitti the best, but would love to have any of them.

  239. Jennifer Diaz says:

    Love, love, love the tutti fruiti pattern!! I am in Florida and summer is already here!

  240. gabrielle says:

    i love the tutti fruti&the sun valley! i can’t wait to buy a few things in both of these patterns this summer so i will stand out at the beach! 🙂

  241. Clarissa Litzenberger says:

    Tutti Frutti!! Even the name just screams summer! 🙂

  242. Emily says:

    Summer for me means flip flops, warm sun on my face, and bright days. I love spending time with my sister by the pool and having my mom share in my summer vacation (she is a teacher and gets summers off!)

  243. Julie Bryan says:

    I can’t decide yet!

  244. Debbie says:

    Love them all as usual!!

  245. Kayla says:

    Love them all! It’s difficult to choose a favorite! They make me wish summer would get here faster.

  246. Angie says:

    Lilli Bell is so bright and colorful. It looks like summer.

  247. Gillian Brody says:

    I love the TUTTI FRUITY! The bright colors will look great at the beach, in the sun, at baseball games… all my favorite things about summer!!!

  248. Ally says:

    The summer patterns are always my fave!! I love tutti frutti!!

  249. Brittany Kessler says:

    I love them all but Tutti Frutti is my favorite. 🙂

  250. Jill Marshall says:

    I love the the Tutti Frutti! Summer means lots of playtime with my kids.

  251. Karen Ungarino says:

    How refreshing to see this! It’s snowing and cold in Pittsburgh and these prints remind me of the wonderful summer day’s ahead! I love the summer colors in Lilli Bell!

  252. I love Tutti Frutti!!! I can wait to get my first piece in this bright print.

  253. Heather says:

    its hard to decide which I like the most!!! I love Marina Paisley and Lilli Bells!!!!

  254. Karen Deliz says:

    Summer is the park with my 4 year old granddaughter and packing refreshing drinks and snacks in our bag. Trutti frutti makes me smile.

  255. Kelly OBanion says:

    Lilli Bell is my fave because its most of my wardrobe I am drawn to! But tutti frutti is a very close second, wow, unique colors there. And an eye catcher!

  256. heather says:

    I am digging Marina Paisley!! Very nice VB.

  257. Jacquelyn Honey says:

    Love love tutti frutti!!

  258. Jayne Shady says:

    Love Tutti Frutti. It is a different pattern and color from the past and present. Just makes me want to run across the sand and throw caution to the wind.

  259. Chrissie says:

    I love the bright, fun nature of Lilli Bell!

  260. Safire says:

    Marina Paisley would be a great change of pace for me, not to mention remind me of all the time I’ve spent near the sea! That cannot be a bad thing…

  261. Amy H. says:

    I love Sun Valley. The colors are beautiful, bright and cheery for summer and it’s such a different pattern. I can’t wait to get my first piece of it.

  262. Patricia Conway says:

    I love the new Tutti Frutti! It is so colorful! Cant wait to start buying this new pattern. Great to take to the beach and for Summer travel!

  263. Tammy says:

    Lilli Bell!!!! Love the pinks!!! tutti frutti is a close second… Can’t wait to hit the Vera Store this weekend to get some new summer stuff!

  264. April says:

    Lilli bell and paisley! Ready for sweet sweet summertime and sunshine!

  265. Stephanie S. says:

    Tutti Frutti is my favorite. I love the green!

  266. Jessica Ray says:

    I have a couple faves for this summer. Tutti Frutti and Lilli Bell. I love the mint color in Tutti Frutti and I love the vibrant colors in Lilli Bell. Both make me ready for summer! 🙂

  267. Gina Marion says:

    I really like all of them!

  268. Tutti Frutti definitely my favorite!! 🙂

  269. Beth Eubank says:

    Voted for Lilli Bell. Reminds me of a summer flower garden!

  270. Erika says:

    Love all the colors, especially Tutti Frutti and Marina Paisley! They’d both be perfect with baseball games and flip flops! Just what’s needed to brighten up this long, snowy, Michigan winter!

  271. Kathy Turner says:

    Love the tutti frutti, the color pattern is amazing and will match many of my summer outfits.

  272. estaebe says:

    Tuttie Frutti is definitely my favorite!! I bought the cute bag with the easter bunny in this pattern yesterday. 🙂

  273. Becky says:

    I want them all!!! Summer and Vera Bradley go so sweetly together.

  274. Carole F says:

    My favorite color is green so I had to go with Tutti Frutti. It reminds me of the beach – can’t wait for warm weather!

  275. Tara F says:

    My summer standouts are definitely baseball games, weekends by the pool or beach with my family, & the smell of suntan lotion on your skin after a day outside. Everyone’s mood in the summer is always more upbeat too! These new summer prints are a perfect reflection of all those qualities of summer that I love & I can’t wait to use a new bag in Marine Paisely during my summer adventures!

  276. Hope says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti. It leaves me with the sensation of warmth and laughter that comes with summer.

  277. Princess Christy says:

    Sunshine, relaxation… Summer is caught up in these bags!

  278. Anna says:

    These new colors are so cute and bright for summer! I love how all of them have a sort of tropical feel. 😀

  279. I love the fresh feel of Tutti Frutti. So clean and bright – and it combines some of my favorite colors!

  280. Kyung says:

    Tutti fruitti looks really great in person, than print, it’s a perfect summer color combination.

  281. Jess S. says:

    I adore Lilli Bell. What stands out for me the most about this summer is how my husband, my doctor and I are going to try to get me well enough to start a family. I have an autoimmune disease that makes it hard to be healthy let alone healthy with child so it is a big scary step to make, but deep down I am mostly excited. Also, in August my husband and I will celebrate our 3 year anniversary. 🙂

  282. Bev Davis says:

    I love the Sun Valley!

  283. Leanne says:

    Love love love the tutti frutti and all the cross body bags!!! Can’t wait to start shopping!! Cross body bags in vibrant colors are my favorite, and who can resist coordinating accessories!!

  284. Jill Waldren says:

    I love the way the neighbors reconnect in the summer! People just look and feel happier. This is what stands out for me!

  285. I absolutely love the color pattern in Sun Valley

  286. Lisa says:

    Tutti Fruitti is my favorite. I love the beach. The sun, sand and fun….I can’t get enough!

  287. scetjm says:

    I just love all the colors on the Lilli Bell pattern. It just screams summer to me!

  288. Melissa F says:

    What stands out to me during the summer is having sun out late at night. I love the sunshine and all the bright colors.

  289. Christine Wellbaum says:

    I love Lilli Bell! The pinks and oranges are fun and vibrant, just like my daughter Lilli! She was so excited to see the new pattern named for her (and spelled the same way as her name!) She’s 9 and loves Vera Bradley. We will get her some items in her own pattern, Lilli Bell!

  290. Denise Campbell says:

    Tutti Fruti is so refreshing! Love the colors together.

  291. Shawna says:

    Tutti fruiti definitely says summer!!

  292. I love the bright new colors esp. the paisleys.

  293. Liza (and daughter Teagan!) says:

    Tutti Frutti is so perfect for the beach! My daughter (who is 7) says she loves them ALL!! Looks like a shopping trip is in order. 🙂

  294. Robin Cole says:

    I love the Lilli Bell…it seems so springy and bright!!

  295. amybee says:

    I’m liking Sun Valley. It’s a bit different and would pop off neutrals.

  296. Deanna Achilles says:

    I love the colors in marina paisley.

  297. Liz M says:

    LOVE Marina Paisley 🙂

  298. Liz says:

    Nothing screams summer than the smell of the lake when it starts to get warmer. Living in a lake town most oft life has conditioned me to search for that heavenly smell and to start craving the warm sand come about April. There’s nothing better than my lake in the Summertime.

  299. Susan M. says:

    I love the Lilli Bell! I had pink and orange flowers for my wedding last summer! I think I found my summer purse for this year! Woohoo.

  300. Sharon Fitch says:

    I just love the tuti fruiti pattern. It has so many colors in it and I love that it is so bright.

  301. Jennifer Belonsoff says:

    I like the lillie bell the best. Just got a hanging organizer for my birthday – love it. Also can’t wait until the new Disney patterns are available!

  302. April says:

    Summer is all about the farmers market, ocean, and family vacations.

  303. Christina K. says:

    I love all of these new colors…now all we need is the warm weather!

  304. Elizabeth Newell says:

    Love Tutti Frutti! We even ordered the Tutti Frutti bunny for our daughter’s Easter basket!! ❤

  305. Hannah Taylor says:

    I love the tutti frutti ! Is perfect for the summer look!

  306. Stephanie says:

    Tutti Frutti is my absolute fave!!

  307. L Jones says:

    Marina Paisley – very nice —

  308. Christy says:

    Love the Tutti Frutti! Love those colors! So me!

  309. Kathleen says:

    My Mother In Law will love Lilli Bell for her Mother’s Day Present and
    nothing says summer time like Marina Paisley! Anything nautical and I LOVE
    LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

  310. Erica says:

    Sun Valley is my new Fav pattern!

  311. Tutti Frutti is my favorite and I had fun shopping for the baby line in Tutti Frutti! Would love to have a little more for my collection!

  312. Tracy Reeder says:

    Tutti Frutti

  313. Lori says:

    Love being at the beach in the summer, or just in the backyard relaxing, gardening, or grilling!

  314. Maria C. says:

    Wow! I would love to win a wristlet!

  315. K says:

    I think that Sun valley is timeless! It is gorgeous. It reminds me of Greece, and I like that the pattern makes my mind think of vacation!

  316. Kay Betts says:

    I love the Marina Paisley – it will look lovely with the summer denims.

  317. Kristen Caruso says:

    I love love love Vera! I am obsessed with the new colors and can’t wait to buy my new summer bag!

  318. Courtney A. says:

    I would totally love to carry the Lilli Bell collection around. It has tons of my fave color in it, pink! ♥

  319. For me, summer means bright colors and carefree fun and that is exactly what these new patterns are!

  320. pat s says:

    the paisley is perfect!

  321. Renee Cross says:

    LOVE Tutti Frutti!!

  322. Carly R. says:

    Love the colors in Lilli Bell! So bright and cheerful. And the subtle bell shaped flowers are so cute!!

  323. Amy Gallo says:

    Anything Vera is awesome to me! I love Sun Valley as the colours match everthing in my summer wardrobe! Stitching and quilting in the sun is what stands out for me in the summer….love it!!

  324. Debbi Guenel says:

    Love the Mariners Paisley!! Thank goodness I have a birthday next weekend!! 🙂

  325. Erin says:

    I love the hibiscus in Lilli Bell!

  326. Kristine Dezaiffe says:

    Tutti Frutti is my favorite. It just screams summer. I made it my screen saver on my computer. A backpack would look great for trip to Disney.

  327. Pat E. says:

    Camping weekends – bring on summer

  328. Melanie K says:

    I love the Marina Paisley. It reminds me of a day at the beach with the blue water, sand, and colorful umbrellas and sails.

  329. Cassie Ray says:

    Love all except Lilli Bell ! This is a great season of colors in Vera B! Which one to choose? I need to gift one or two

  330. April Leong says:

    Tutti Frutti looks awesome!!! Love it

  331. Cecilia N says:

    Marina Paisley reminds me of the tropical islands..

  332. Mary Polley says:

    Waking up to the smell of fresh cut, bright green grass on an early summer day. That is just one of my favorite things about summer! 🙂

  333. Denelle Gisewhite says:

    I love the colors in tutti fruit. I am having a baby girl in the early summer & the colors are perfect for her room ect. So cheery and bright

  334. Emory says:

    I love the mint color of the tutti frutti!!

  335. Amy Suess says:

    Do I have to choose just one? That’s too hard ! I love both the Marina Paisley and Sun Valley!

  336. Mychaela Black says:

    I love them all! (:

  337. Lynne Jackson says:

    I love the Marina Paisley! The blues with pops of red and yellow. It screams summer fun!

  338. Zara says:

    The interior print on Tutti Frutti is so cute!! I wonder if the Frill line will ever come back…..

  339. Erin L. says:

    I love Sun Valley! It looks perfect for the summer and I really like the tribal look that it has! It’s not “typical” Vera Bradley (not paisley/floral) and I like the change!

  340. Regan Widdifield says:

    Tutti Frutti is my choice! What stands out for me (and all Phoenicians) about summer is the oppressive heat!

  341. Amanda says:

    The different variety of pastel colors and and bold patterns stand out to me this summer. I’m looking forward to getting something inTutti Frutti as the mint color is very in this season.. perfect for spring or summer :).

  342. Robyn Clark says:

    I love the fresh green in tutti fruitti!! It just screams “Summer”.

  343. Christina Ziegelmeier says:

    I love the spring colors of the Tutti Frutti makes me feel warm and ready for summer.

  344. Dawn Shaffer says:

    I truly love each and every pattern! Every pattern creates a different summer feeling. Whether it is a boat ride in the ocean (Marina Paisley), or a summer bike ride to a picnic location (Tutti Frutie). ……while visions of Vera danced in my head:-)

  345. Melanee Lillis says:

    this would be cool

  346. Linda Carreiro says:

    love them all! but for me, and my color choices, lilli bell is the one for this summer!

  347. Felisha Reed says:

    Love them all but Sun Valley got my vote!!!:)

  348. Darla H. says:

    Summer stands out as a time to enjoy flip flops, swimming, Popsicles melting own your arm and laughing children!

  349. Terry says:

    LOVE the Tutti Frutti!!! Perfect pattern for a fun summer!!!

  350. Amber Warren says:

    The colors are beachy and happy! I love the tutti frutti

  351. Sandy M. says:

    I’m hard pressed to choose between Tutti Frutti and Lilli Belle. Both are so beautiful! I tend to like your patterns for Fall and Summer the best!

  352. Katelynn Ranks says:

    I honestly like all of the summer colors!, but of all of them my favorite is the Lilli Bell. Such bright and cheerful colors (:

  353. Teia G. says:

    The tutti frutti pattern would be adorable for my daughter. The colors are beautiful!

  354. Lee E says:

    love the Marina Paisley – will look FABULOUS with denim!

  355. Kristine Ahlskog says:

    love all the colors in Tutti Frutti! Love the light green background!

  356. Julie rosser says:

    Love the tribal sun valley!!!

  357. Joyce Vogel says:

    Sunshine and gardening, flowers and green grass.. I am a summertime girl!!!!

  358. love the colors in tutti fruiti so much summer….refreshing

  359. Rachel F says:

    Marina Paisley is a perfect reminder of summer! Take it with you to pop your outfit during a beach day….or have it with you as a reminder of summer and its vibrance wherever youre going! Stylish, fun, and one of a kind!

  360. jay says:

    they all scream summer to me.

  361. Jodie says:

    I love Tutti Frutti!!! I love paisley patterns, and the colors in Tutti Frutti are so fun!

  362. Christine Searle says:

    Definitely like tutti fruitti the best, that green is one of my favorites and reminds me of summertime . . . limeades on a hot day.

  363. Christina Gorski says:

    I LOVE Tutti Frutti!

  364. Nicole Blechle says:

    I love tutti fruity! It is a great summer color and will look great at the pool!!!

  365. Amanda says:

    What stood out to me was the fact that my husband of all people noticed the Marina Paisley and thought it was nice LOL!


  367. Tricia Kastler says:

    Although Lilli Bell caught my eye immediately, I would be thrilled to have any one of these thrown over my shoulder for my jaunts around town and on the beach. Once again, Vera Bradley has thrilled us with these selections.

  368. Angela M says:

    I can’t get enough Tutti Frutti! All the Summer patterns are cute, but Tutti Frutti is my top. Cheery colors and paisleys are this girls best friend.

  369. Carmen says:

    LILI BELL is an amazing name and sounds like so happy . The colors are wonder to start spring right off then jump into summer. Greens , pinks , and the orange just makes this pattern complete for a summer look.

  370. Heather says:

    I’ve been waiting to fall in love with a Vera pattern as much as I did with Viva la Vera and here it is…Tutti Fruitti! I live in cold (understatement), snowy Minnesota where it’s dreary for so many months of the year so when I finally get to bust out the fun jewelry and bright clothing for the warm months, I need something just as eye catching to go with it and Vera is perfect. The Tutti Fruitti is gorgeous and love love love the colors and paisley prints. This is making me long for summer more than I already am in -20 wind chill today!

  371. Jenni says:

    What stands out to me in summer is time spent with family. Beach trips, cook-outs. It’s all great! 🙂 love tutti frutti!

  372. Madeline says:

    These summer colors almost make me forget that it’s supposed to snow here today!

  373. Dawn Mamon says:

    I love Lilli Bell, the colors would match my summer clothes.

  374. Victoria Perkins says:

    Tutti frutti because it reminds me a lot of the ocean and very summer like! Can’t wait!

  375. joyce says:

    marina paisley not only hints to a nautical feel, but it’s also patriotic!

  376. Janell says:

    The green of the tutti fruity pattern screams summer to me. I love Vera Bradley designs!

  377. Julie S says:

    Love Sun Valley. Can’t wait for the warm weather and relaxing by the pool!

  378. Jaimie Burson says:

    I love summer because I get to spend so much time with my family!!! Who would want to carry around Vera in tutti frutti while you are with them?!! Love it!

  379. Amber says:

    Love Tutti Frutti – the mint green is beautiful! Can’t wait to get my new Two Way Tote in that pattern!

  380. Katie says:

    I loooove Tutti Frutti!! One of my all time favorites!

  381. Jaimie Burson says:

    Wouldn’t. Whoops

  382. Lynn Boatright says:

    I love the Lilli Belle….. it is so summery…..

  383. Maria r says:

    I love going to the beach for summer!

  384. Hannah Witherite says:

    Absolutely love the new colors! I am so ready for summer, I’ll need to buy a new item for summer!

  385. Stefanie says:

    Marina paisley!! Gorgeous!!

  386. Tonia Arnall says:

    I had a hard time deciding between Tutti Frutti, and Marina Paisley. Since I had to pick one I finely decided on the Paisly. They are both perfect for summer.

  387. Carlee says:

    Sun valley! love the geometric shapes!

  388. Amy Speidrl says:

    Love, love, love the Tutti Frutti it reminds me of all the fun things of summer.

  389. Lori O'Dell says:

    Tutti Fruiti looks so fresh and airy and PERFECT for summertime!!

  390. Leah Brumbaugh says:

    My daughter fell in love with tutti frutti and I have been waiting for this day to order her one for her birthday!!

  391. I LOVE Tutti Frutti. I love the bright colors and the name just screams summer!!

  392. Sarah Ziegler says:

    I love the mint green and pinks in tutti fruity. It’s so fresh and summery.

  393. The Tutti Frutti just makes me feel summer – which takes quite a bit since we still have snow on the ground here. The colors are all pretty, but Tutti Frutti makes me feel warm and makes me smile.

  394. kristie campbell says:

    I love the tutti fruity….it reminds me of why I love the summer..the bright colors and the bright sun and having fun with it all!!!! love it:)

  395. Krystal says:

    Love the green in Tutti Frutti!

  396. Harmon says:

    Tutti Frutti would look GREAT at the beach. Definitely going to be my go to colour this summer.

  397. Tutti Frutti is great- I love summer time, such great times and memories come with this time of year. Hope I win, this would be wonderful.

  398. vanity h. says:

    Bright patterns and colors love it all!

  399. Emily says:

    I love tutti fruiti. The seafoam green is a great neutral color to carry my son’s things around and it’s such a fun summer color!!!

  400. Emma says:

    I love all the bright colors of summer! After the dark, dreary winters it’s nice to see such radiant shades.

  401. RachelMS says:

    It’s so hard to choose – all four are absolutely gorgeous! One of each, maybe?! 😉

  402. Tiffany Varnam says:

    I love the Lillie Bell. I love Vera an haven’t bought a new flavor in some time.

  403. Tina Nolen says:

    Tutti Fruity!!! My son’s wedding will be the standout event of my summer!

  404. Tutti Frutti is fabulous! I love the color combination on that pattern.

  405. Elise says:

    Fell in love with Tutti Frutti when I checked out the baby line last week! Simply beautiful!

  406. Britni says:

    I think Lilli Belle is going to be a favorite this summer but i personally like sun valley, it really is growing on me! It’s different and unique, and will look great with jeans!!

  407. Debbie Bryan says:

    I love them all! Can’t decide which one to purchase!

  408. Angela says:

    tutti frutti is a perfect summer color! beautiful!

  409. Amy says:

    I love the fun colors in the Tutti Fruiti!

  410. Melissa LoCicero says:

    Marina Paisley I love the colors and of course all the paisley 🙂

  411. Rebecca Thomas says:

    I think I like the Marina Paisley best! It just looks like it would go with anything!

  412. Celeste B. says:

    I like the Marina Paisley.

  413. Lindsey Cretens says:

    I love Sun Valley….classic and fun!

  414. Kathy says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti in the bags, but the Marina Paisley on the scarves! Beautiful!

  415. Mendi M says:

    Love the cool color in tutti frutti! It will be perfect for me to carry from spring into summer!

  416. Algal says:

    I love Tutti Frutti and Lilli Belle they are both just so cute and I love the patterns and colors!!!And I can not wait to see them in person!!! 😀

  417. Jada McGill says:

    Sun Valley is by far my favorite. It’s so different from the usual patterns that you see from Vera Bradley, so I’m glad that they are finally branching out like this.

  418. Brit B says:

    I love tutti Frutti! The colors are just perfect for summer 🙂

  419. Brenda Antonacci says:

    Loving the Lilli Bell pattern! The pink and orange combo is one of my new faves. I enjoy wearing the colors together and making scrapbook pages for my little girls newest albums.

  420. Ingrid Wiederehecker says:

    Lilli Bell colors bring the warm from Summer!! And the white background is pure Sun light!!! It inspires me to go wild and “carpe diem”!!!!

  421. Karen A says:

    Definitely Tutti Frutti, I luv Paisleys! 🙂

  422. Laurie says:

    Sun Valley! Love the design pattern and blue and green colors. The green with the orange inside reminds me of olives. I love olives! 😉

  423. Lynn says:

    So pretty! Hard to choose! Hmmmm, I think Lilli Bell.

  424. Jessi Burrow says:

    They are all beautiful! Marina Paisley is my favorite though. I just love all the designs that have ever come from the VB line!!!

  425. Liz says:

    I love Lilli Bell! I love the warmth and colors of summer. I will be planning my wedding this summer! I am very excited for that 🙂

  426. Amy C. says:

    Tutti Frutti is my favorite. I love to wear gray and this would work great.

  427. i love all of them , but tutti frutti just makes me think of warmer days and ice cones and ice cream. love all vera bradley products .

  428. Mary says:

    While longing for the cold and the snow to be gone, these awesome colors are exactly what I need.

  429. heather says:

    Love tutti fruiti!

  430. Elle says:

    I adore Sun Valley! It’s like you made it just for me – the colors, the pattern, the style – and I’m an Idaho girl to boot!

  431. Lisa says:

    Already ordered Mom on the Go in Tutti Fruiti!

  432. Vikki barker says:

    Love Lilli Bell!

  433. Summer coming means a beach trip to FL with the family and enjoying watching the little grands play in the water. I sure love that Tutti Fruiti! It would look good on the beach!

  434. Paige Carter says:

    I like the Sun Valley and Tutti Fruiti….looking forward to getting a new piece or two in these new patterns!

  435. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    I like the red, white and blue of the Marina Paisley – perfect for summer!

  436. beth dimond says:

    I love the one with the dark background.

  437. Melissa says:

    I love the lili bell! Perfect spring colors!!

  438. Nicole says:

    Tutti Frutti is totally my favorite and just the colors and patterns just scream summer!! ❤

  439. Cyrille Kearns says:

    Love Lilli Belle

  440. Julie says:

    Fantastic summer colors! Just what we needed in the midst of this crummy Chicago weather. Love that Marina Paisley-nice job Vera Bradley!

  441. Lori Vance says:

    I love all the colors in the Marina Paisley…of course I like them all but the Marian Paisley is a favorite!!!

  442. Diane says:

    Oh Tutti! You shouldn’t have. Tut-tut

  443. Kelli Hesse says:

    Love the Tutti Frutti!

  444. Judy says:

    It was so hard to choose a favorite! I love Lilli Bell but also love Tutti Fruitti! I love them all actually! ❤

  445. Connie Mahalak says:

    Very hard to choose – I love all of them! But, I think Marina Paisley would be my favorite!

  446. Melissa Bailey says:

    Tutti Fruiti!! Love it!

  447. i like the marine paisley

  448. Sharon Crandall says:

    I like Sun Valley.

  449. Brenda Stevens says:

    I love anything with a turquoise/blue combination……..love the Marina Paisley!

  450. I can’t decide, Tutti Fruiti or Lilli Bell. Both will be great for summer.

  451. Theresa says:

    Difficult choice, but if I had to choose, I would pick Sun Valley!

  452. Diane says:

    I love pink and orange so Lilli Bell is my favorite!

  453. Julied says:

    I’m drawn to Tutti Frutti, ytoo 🙂

  454. Deanna says:

    I love the Tutti Futti and the Marina Paisley. So excited to go buy a new Vera (or 2)!!!

  455. Laura Culafic says:

    Tutti Fruitti just screams hello summer is here!! What a fun color for summer 2013!!

  456. Cindy B says:

    Tutti Fruiti is bright and fun.

  457. Gloria Steimel says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti! It looks like spring and is fun to say too!

  458. I am in love with Marina Paisley, but Lilli Bell is also calling my name!!

  459. Lori Ann Wong says:

    I like the Lili Bell

  460. Brianna says:

    I love the Sun Valley Print and the Pushlock Wristlet!! So cute!!!

  461. Laura Lee says:

    I love the Marina Paisley print. It reminds me of being ocean side and strolling on the pier at sunset. 🙂

  462. Lynn says:

    LOVE the bright colors & cheeriness of Marina Paisley! The colors remind me of SUMMER!!

  463. Kelly says:

    Love the Lili bell! Perfect colors for the summer 🙂

  464. Liz Hall says:

    I love Lilli Bell! I am having a baby girl in a month and love all the baby things in that color, and love that it’s something I would carry, too. I need a diaper bag! 🙂

  465. Carol Martin says:

    Love tutti fruiti! The mint green background makes the other colors pop!

  466. Jessica says:

    I always enjoy when vb brings out new colors/ products 🙂 I enjoy all the new colors tutti frutti is my #1. I always am enjoying the vb baby line 🙂 you guys are doing amazing things! So excited for what’s to come!!!

  467. Dana Boccadutre says:

    Lili Bell is my favorite of the collection! It has all my favorite summer colors !

  468. Meghan Dillie says:

    You make it such a difficult decision, but I love the Lilli Bell and the Tutti Fruiti the most! If I could have it my way, I would choose them both!

  469. Ashley d says:

    I absolutely love tutti frutti. But marina paisley is a close second!

  470. Rebecca Schnell says:

    I am liking the sun valley! Makes me want to sing mmmmm motorboatin!

  471. Sarah McKee says:

    tutti fruitti!! what a fun pattern.

  472. Therese Wilmoth says:

    Love lilli bell! Those are my favorite happy colors!

  473. Rose S. says:

    Lilli Bell is absolutely beautiful!

  474. Summer for me is about grilling out, reading as many books as possible, spending time with family and enjoying the slower pace that comes with some much needed time off.

  475. Hard to choose….Iike them all!!

  476. Ashley Steiner says:

    Tutti Frutti is my pick! The colors and paisley pattern remind me of past favorite patterns. I can’t wait to bring this fun pattern with me to the beach!

  477. Amy Williams says:

    I love summer for the sunshine, flip flops and sitting on patios!

  478. Crystal Dunn says:

    I love the Sun Valley because I wear a lot of black and white in the summer! Love it!

  479. Sara Holm says:

    Growing my own garden stands out to me.

  480. Celyna says:

    Tutti Frutti is a pink lover’s summer dream!

  481. Paula says:

    I love the Lilli Bell.

  482. Sandi Kruszyna says:

    As a matter of fact, I just bought a pushlock wristlet in Tutti Fruiti! I just thought the style was adorable, and looks practical as well.

  483. A Glendening says:

    I am loving sun valley, for some reason it is the least liked ???? I love it anyway 🙂

  484. Sarah K. says:

    I want to get a purse in Tutti Fruitti! Love it!

  485. Maeve Shaughnessy says:

    I love Tutti Frutti because of the mint green background. But Marina Paisley is beatiful with the fun nautical colors!

  486. Aunt Marti says:

    I had a hard time deciding between Tutti Frutti and Sun Valley. But since summer to me means going home to Idaho, Sun Valley wins!

  487. Becky says:

    The Lilli Bell reminds me of what my flowers should look like when I glance at them out the window. I can’t wait for some weather to help get my flowers started.

  488. Lila Klaus says:

    I love going to dance intensives in the summer. I really want a new dance bag in tutti frutti!

  489. dotmoody says:

    mine is Tutti Frutti

  490. Tammy nelson says:

    I love the tutti fruiti…always have wanted a wristlet and have looked at them so many times but didn’t have the money to buy one. Love Vera Bradley :))

  491. Traci N says:

    Love the spring colors…makes me think of warmer weather ahead!

  492. Elizabeth J. says:

    I think for my favorite I would have to go with the Lilli Bell! So cute and soo pink! But I love them all.

  493. Tutti Fruitti is my fave =] Looks like sherbet to me, Yum!

  494. Debbie says:

    Maybe the Marina Paisley.

  495. Rosie says:

    I love the vibrant colors in the Lilli Bell! Pinks and reds just say summer to me!

  496. Patricia Small says:

    Tutti Frutti is my new want. Love the colors.

  497. Teresa Knox says:

    Summer is such a warm and happy time full of activity and the tutti frutti is perfect just like summer

  498. CJ-VERA OBSESSED! says:

    I think Tutti Frutti Screams Summer!! The colors remind me of Sunsets & Rainbow Sherbert!! 🙂

  499. Angela Dockett says:

    Sun Valley is beautiful! I can’t wait to pick some up!!!

  500. Sonya J says:

    I love the new packing cubes! I’m ordering myself a couple today for an upcoming trip.

  501. Cheryl H. says:

    Summer is so warm here in So. Calif. that I really enjoy the cool morning walks with our dog.
    Love the new colors!

  502. karen a says:

    Love the size of the Sun Valley and also the pop of red

  503. Kirsten says:

    Summer for me is about being at the cabin with my whole (extended) family. There’s nothing better!

  504. Kaylee Dayton says:

    I really like the lili bell color. It would go best with the things in my wardrobe.

  505. ingrid obrien says:

    Love them all!!!

  506. Katie says:

    I love Lilli Belle!

  507. Ashley N. Bohmer says:

    “Marina Paisley” has won my heart this summer, with it’s perfect combination of warm and cool tones and a splash of yellow for fun, it will match my entire summer wardrobe.

  508. Aurora says:

    Tutti Frutti looks as delicious as candy! I can’t wait for it to come out in leather trim.

  509. Kristi Livigston says:

    Summer is baseball in Chicago, Go Cubbies!! I always have my favorite (of the moment) VB bag in hand 🙂

  510. Tracy Belakovich says:

    What stands out for me in summer is the lush green grass, bright colors of blooming flowers adding to the beauty of the season, and fun in the sun! Lilli Bell is all of those wrapped up in one. The green, pink and orange just scream summer. Lilly Bell is an instant mood lifter!

  511. EmilyA says:

    Loving the tutti frutti! So bright and vibrant.. I especially love the pink and green together!

  512. Asli N. says:

    I love them all but Tutti Frutti caught my eye with that refreshing mint background.

  513. Bridget Ashby says:

    Tutti Frutti, all-a-rooti !!! Sounds like Summer to me!!!

  514. Charlene says:

    Tutti Frutti is def my fave with Lilli Bell a close second! Tutti Frutti is so bright and cheery – screams FUN!

  515. Kristen says:

    I love the minty color in the Tutti Frutti! I makes me wanna go to a tropical island somewhere! However, I love Vera Stuff in general!

  516. Sharlene says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti. It reminds me of a warm summer day at a summer cottage.

  517. Lynn Hedgecock says:

    I actually like Sun Valley – the red really pops in the pattern.

  518. Christina H. says:

    I am crazy for Vera Bradley! I would love to head into Summer 2013 with one of my favorite patterns yet, Tutti Frutti!! Perfect color combination!

  519. Sarah Mann says:

    I love Tutti Fruiti!!! Love teal and pink!

  520. Terri Sawyer says:

    I loved them all!!! It was really hard to choose just one!! 😉

  521. Michelle says:

    I love Tutti Frutti. So colorful and totally a summer color

  522. Sharon Dietrich says:

    Sun Valley is my favorite, the Navy is classic summer, and the orange is so summery!!

  523. Brittany C says:

    The best part of summer is that there is morse time to share with friends and to gather with family. More memories are to be created no matter where you are. Being outside at the beach or any place is the best feeling especially when spending it with the ones that matter most to you.

  524. Nicholas O says:

    My wife would love sun valley, so me too.

  525. Alesha Kay says:

    My husband is a teacher. I love summer because he is able to spend more time with us!!!

    Alesha Kay

  526. Jennifer says:

    Summer is for being a lizard–lounging in the pool and soaking up the sun. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🙂

  527. Heidi Blair says:

    Lilli Bell is my favorite. It reminds me of my Mother’s garden. She loved (passed away in 2005) working in her garden and it always made me and everyone else smile.

  528. Gabrielle Laxamana says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tutti Frutti!! My favorite color for the past few weeks now has been mint/sea foam green, so I was ecstatic to see that Vera Bradley had a new design with that color as its base! So happy!!

  529. Caitie says:

    I love the tutti fruity. very me.

  530. Linda says:

    Love sun valley

  531. Ally says:

    I love Tutti Frutti!! So cute!

  532. Kim says:

    Love the Marina Paisley – the blues remind me of beautiful ocean waters, and the bright colors of the blooms of summer. Can’t wait to see them all in person!

  533. Anyone would do for my Forida trip!

  534. Ivanny Oliva says:

    Marina Paisley is the best for this summer! And Summer Time means Family time!! By the beach or just hanging around doing a b-b-q it’s always the best time to gather up our loved ones and catch up!

  535. Stacie says:

    Loving them all, but I think Marina is the best… The blues with the white background makes me want be near water 🙂

  536. They are all beautiful…

  537. Carolyn C A Rerick says:

    I like the reds and blues in Marina Paisley. It’s different from others I own.

  538. Deb says:

    Bright, sunshiny colors – that’s summer!

  539. I voted for the Lilli Bell

  540. Nancy Howard says:

    I like the warm summer colors of Lilli Bell.

  541. Marloe Jordan says:

    Tutti Fruity is super cute!!!

  542. Melissa C. says:

    I love Sun Valley–it’s totally nautical inspired which is totally me!

  543. susan paisley says:

    Tutti fruity and since my last name is Paisley it’s appropriate.

  544. Dawn says:

    ❤ ❤ tutti frutti is a spring/summer color for sure! Love brights colors which are FUN!!! Can't wait to buy something in this pattern soon!!

  545. Sue T. says:

    I love all of them but my favorite is Lilli Bell!

  546. claire whitehead says:

    I love Sun Valley! I can see myself grabbing a mini hipster in that for sure!

  547. Robbie-Lynn Mwangi says:

    I can always pick a favorite from a new set of designs but this time they are all so prettty it is hard to decide. I love the pattern and colors of Lili Bell, Tuti Fruti is a great pattern and the colors are so sweet. I think Marina Paisly is my most favorite becasue I wear blue and turquoise all the time but I love the boldness of Sun Valley. Great Job this season!

  548. Terri Henley says:

    I love the pattern Tutti Fruity. It is super cute.

  549. MaryAnne Williams says:

    Tutti Frutti all the way!

  550. Tracey says:

    Love the blues in Marina Paisley!

  551. Mary Long says:

    Marina Paisley ~ definintely! To me summer is July 4th ~ so the red, whites & blues really boast that feeling!

  552. Sara says:

    Love the color in marina paisley!!

  553. Courtney G. says:

    Love love love the Tutti Fruitti! I cant wait for it to come out!

  554. Bev Feltt says:

    Tutti Frutti is too, too cutie! I love all the colors that spell SUMMER…my favorite time of year!

  555. Linda R. says:

    I love the tutti fruitti pattern!

  556. Emily Samuels says:

    I love the lilli bell! Such a great color combo!

  557. Stella Balding says:

    Very hard to pick a favorite this season, but I do love Marina Paisley!

  558. Jess B. says:

    Marina Paisley makes me want to ride around on a sailboat all day!

  559. Lisa Berry says:

    Love the shapes of the flowers and the feminine colors in Lilli Bell. Now to figure out which style to buy it in….

  560. Donna Jones says:

    Love the Marina Paisley! It has all my favorite colors!

  561. Jennie says:

    Love the tutti frutti and its soft colors!

  562. Dixie K. says:

    Marina Paisley makes me think of blues skies and blue ocean-Love it!

  563. Juli Parker says:

    Tutti Fruitii truly does invoke all that is summer. The colors and patterns make one feel like they are at the beach or walking the boardwalk. I would be thrilled to own a weekender in this color as well as the wallet you are giving away!

  564. Linda Buell says:

    I love Sun Valley. It is the best looking of the new colors.

  565. CAS says:

    I would choose Marina Paisley out of the new patterns. It is nautical looking, and reminds me of summer. Tutti Frutti reminds me of the 80s….

  566. Staci says:

    Love the Marina and the tutti! Going shopping tomorrow and cant wait!

  567. Jean says:

    Tutti frutti – it’s a happy color riot harkening spring

  568. Laura says:

    Love this new Lilli Bell color.

  569. Mel says:

    I am loving Lilli Bell. It’s such a clean and bright fabric that just screams summer. Another reason I love Lilli Bell is because of the name. Lillian and Isabel were the names of 2 of my great grandmothers. They were known as Lillie and Bell. 🙂

  570. Linda Foster says:

    I’m a “pink” girl so Lilli Bell is my favorite. I normally don’t like green much but I do really like the Tutti Frutti background color!

  571. Annmarie says:

    I love the hipsters in sun valley!! Sooo cute!

  572. Ann Engelberth says:

    The Lilli Bell looks so summery to me! It would look great with a red swimsuit.

  573. Teresa Pendleton says:

    I love the pattern Tutti Frutti. It’s a great pattern for moms as well as for their babies. As a mom of four the new push lock wristlet will be wonderful to have to run errands.

  574. Sarah says:

    My new favorites are Sun Valley & Marina Paisley!!! Both are very summery with their bright colors!

  575. Alexis says:

    tutti fruitti! makes me want to go to the beach! like now!

  576. Jenifer Burris says:

    I love Tutti Frutti!! Such a great new pattern and it just looks so fresh and alive! Plus, with it being used for the new baby line, you can get matching items for mommy and baby girl!

  577. Tracy V. says:

    Love Tutti Fruitti & I think I’m also falling for Lilli Bell! I’m really excited to go check them out in person and to see the Pushlock Wristlet. Can’t wait for the leather trimmed items to come out in the summer colors. Tutti Frutti with the green leather looks AMAZING!!

  578. Laura Jaskulski says:

    I love the new colors…Tutti Fruitti is the best! Can’t wait for temps to actually start feeling summery…but these new summer color patterns sure do help!!

  579. Tessa Hall says:

    I am loving all the colors in Tutti Frutti!!! It definitely excites me for Summer to be here!! Mint green is one of my favorite colors on trend this season!!

  580. I personally LOVE the Sun Valley! I love navy blue, and the brighter colors really stand out and give it a tribal look! Love it!

  581. Andrea Plucinki says:

    Love Marina Paisley! would love to be boating too!

  582. Andrea Marxen says:

    They are all cute, but SUN VALLEY really catches my eye!

  583. Lerin says:

    I love all of the colors in Tutti Fruitti!

  584. Sheri Rogers says:

    TUTTI FRUTTI must have for a summer of fun walking the sand oh my yes!

  585. Jenn Hanna says:

    I love Tutti Frutti, but Marina Paisley could be my favorite too. Can’t wait to see them in person!

  586. Leah says:

    My favorite thing about summer is eating dinners outside with my friends at my favorite cafe!

  587. Tanveer says:

    Loving Sun Valley!

  588. Tutti fruity is my favorite! Love the mint background. So excited for the new patterns and colors!

  589. Kim Scholzcarol says:

    Something about Sun Valley seems to scream “Wake up! Summer is here!” I love the vibrant colors, especially the bursts of orange. It reminds me of when the Tiger Lillies are blooming wild all over at the peak of the season.

  590. Ashleigh says:

    At first, I wasn’t completely sold on any if if the prints when I saw the previews. But after seeing the prints in person, wow!!! I love, love, love Lilli Bell! I’ve already bought one piece in it and plan on buying at least one more!

  591. Tiffany says:

    i really like tutti frutti, BUT SUN VALLEY has to be my favorite.. right now at least 🙂

  592. Heidi Zook says:

    Love the green paisley!

  593. Rebecca says:

    Marina Paisley and Sun Valley are my favorites.

  594. Vickie Barton says:

    Tutti Frutti-gotta have for the Summer!!! Love those colors….

  595. Carolla Ault says:

    I am partial to Tutti Frutti and Lilli Bell. They are both terrific for summer.

  596. skb7ed says:

    Recently I have been a little disappointed in the colors, but the ones for this summer look great! I think Sun Valley is my favorite.

  597. Mary s says:

    I love the marina paisley!!

  598. Meg says:

    I love the mint green color of the Tutti Fruiti.

  599. Katrina says:

    I love the bright colors!!! Marina paisley can go with anything this summer!

  600. Kate says:

    Tutti frutti makes m so happy! The color is unlike any other one Vera has made yet! Love it!

  601. Madi says:

    I am in love with Sun Valley for summer! It would look absolutely gorgeous with my spring and summer wardrobe!!

  602. LindsyB says:

    Marina Paisley is my favorite for this season and I love the new pushlock wristlet style!

  603. Laura says:

    The lilli bell pattern makes me want to go to the beach!

  604. I love Marina Paisley! The nautical feel is very summery!

  605. Nancy Bell says:

    Love the Tutti Frutti! I would love a carry on bag to take on a 2 week missions trip overseas this summer 🙂

  606. onecraftymom says:

    Marina Paisley, I’m a sucker for paisley.

  607. Anna Slagle says:

    LOVE the teals & pinks in Tutti Frutti! 😉

  608. Courtney says:

    I adore Tutti Frutti and Sun Valley, but I think I like Sun Valley so much because it’s so different! Sun valley has such a classy-casual look. I love it!

  609. Susan Kelley says:

    I like the colors of Lilli Bell. This is perfect for summer.

  610. Patsy Boyd Homer says:

    I love the Sun Valley. Looks great for summer.

  611. Ruby Joseph says:

    Tutti Fruitti would make me feel so cheery!

  612. dana richmond says:

    love the sun valley great colors for the Caymans

  613. Brianna Leonard says:

    really hard decision between tutti frutti and sun valleyy, but i’m gonna go ahead and say Sun Valley is my aboslute fave!

  614. Meghan Barnes says:

    My favorite pattern is Tutti Frutti! It just makes me want to go to the beach with all its beautiful colors 🙂 I also really like Lilli Bell. I love the little pink flowers with green accent color. It’s such a sweet color!

  615. Dianna M says:

    Summer to visit with my mom stands out as a highlight of my year! That includes a visit to the Lazy Gator to get Vera Bradley accessories!

  616. It's Me Em :) says:

    I love tutti fruitti! cute, pretty & fun. Second place is lilly belle, pretty pink flowers with orange and girly 🙂

  617. I really like Sun Valley — pick me, pick me!

  618. Emlyn says:

    Love Tutti Frutti! The lime, lemon, and melon colors make me crave rainbow sherbet…

  619. Judy F. says:

    I really like all four patterns this time which is unusual for me. Tutti Fruitti is standing out the most for me though. Since Emerald is the color of 2013 I like that green is represented well in these new patterns.

  620. Bec W says:

    Lilli Bell…so cheery!

  621. Donna Powell says:

    I LOVE paisley anything and I adore summertime!!! Would love to sport any of these purses this summer!

  622. Nicole booth says:

    I love summer! The beach, forth of July! That’s why I like marina paisley

  623. Ann says:

    Love Tutti Frutti! I can see this being a staple of my summer wardrobe when we hit almost every fair, festival and fireworks show!

  624. Ruth Vrbensky says:

    I love being with my family; swimming, bar b-q’s on the patio, impromptu gatherings with friends or just watching butterflies flit about the gardens. That is summer for me. Heaven it is!!

  625. Katie Gurksnis says:

    I love tutti frutti. It’s so bright and happy

  626. Darah nelson says:

    The summer colors are pretty .
    Tuiit fruit is one of my fav. For the summer
    I love them all. I try. To get a new color almost
    Every time they come .

  627. Emily says:

    I love Tutti Frutti!!! It reminds me of the beach or a carnival, it also has some of this seasons hit colors!

  628. Darah nelson says:

    Love all the new color this season

  629. Karin says:

    I adore Sun Valley. I love it in the traveling pieces and can’t wait to purchase. I’m actually headed to the Vera Bradley store right now.

  630. Donna Leonard says:

    I always liked the term “summer dark” and the Sun Valley fits perfectly! Nothing llike a colorful bag on a hot, summer day!

  631. It was a tough choice, but I’d have to say Marina Paisley.

  632. Shannon says:

    I love the Maria Paisley pattern. It is the cutest!!!

  633. Debbie says:

    I love Lilli Bell!

  634. Rosemary Brooks says:

    Love the Marina Paisley, just the colors I like.

  635. Joy says:

    I have found a new love for paisley patterns. I think marina paisley has become one of my favorite combination of color and patterns. I’d love a new wristlets or cross body bag in the new collection!!!

  636. I’m ready to step out of the box this Summer and wear some neon colored pieces! I have a very up-beat personality but my fashion sense lacks that quality.

  637. Sabrina Radke says:

    For summer I love the bright purples and fun prints that jazz up the warm weather!

  638. Lisa says:

    I love Tutti Frutti with the paisley pattern and mint green background! It just screams summer, beach, and fun! I can’t wait to add it to my collection! Thanks, Vera Bradley for some beautiful and fun summer patterns!!!

  639. Kathy says:

    Love the tutti frutti colors!

  640. Lisa says:

    I am actually really loving the colors in Marina Paisley! They would go perfectly with all my summer clothes, even my sporty stuff!

  641. Theresa J says:

    Love the green and the other summer colors in Tutti Fruiti!

  642. Rayna says:

    Tutti Frutti has all the spring/summer colors I love!

  643. Lori says:

    I love the colors of Lilli Belle. I love the paisleys of Tutti Frutti

  644. Donna says:

    Lilli Bell is my new favorite especially for the new baby items.

  645. jennifer says:

    Tutti frutti is super cute for summer.

  646. emilyharns@att.net says:

    Tutti Frutti is adorable! It’s the perfect combination of hip seafoam with pretty pastels for summer time!

  647. Leah Alejandro says:

    The red sun detail in Sun Valley is beautiful! I love that it’s got a classic black and white base. Goes with everything!

  648. Jill Rickards says:

    I love all the patterns, but I especially love Tutti Fruiti. I will def. be purchasing a bag in that pattern. What stands out for me in the summer is swimming in our pool with my family and friends. I am also looking forward to a week at the beach in NC with my family and some or my favorite Vera Bradley bags and accessories.

  649. Peggy Nickelson says:

    Tutti frutti is a fresh new look. I am ready to go shopping.

  650. LAURIE says:

    I have a hard time choosing between Lilli Bell and Tutti Frutti — maybe I need both?

  651. Jen says:

    Love the Marina Paisley, reminds me of all the days the kids and I will be at the beach over the summer 🙂

  652. lynn whiting says:

    I like the marina paisley, number one: love the colors in it. number two: the pattern is new an unique.

  653. Melissa Seiter says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti. I love the colors. It goes with pretty much of my Spring and Summer clothes. And it would be perfect for me.

  654. Elizabeth says:

    I’m loving mint green for summer, so Tutti Frutti is perfect!

  655. Kristen Perrine says:

    Sun Valley is the perfect accessory for a day in the sand or exploring the Grand Canyon! absolutely love the tribal inspired vibe…its definitely inspiring me to do some traveling this summer [with my Vera tote of course 😉 ]

  656. Kristen k says:

    The push lock wristlet is awesome!

  657. Charlotte says:

    I like the new new color schemes,but I can not pull myself away from the very berry paisley pattern. I so love it. I have so many of the office pieces.
    Have you ever thought about turning your designs into a paper craft line? It would be spectacular for so many 3D projects.

  658. Linda S. says:

    Thank you Vera for all the wonderful colors and styles. My top choice in this round is Sun Valley!!

  659. Monica D. says:

    I love ALL of the summer patterns. I want something in all of them.

  660. Catherine A Kennedy says:

    I love Tutti Frutti–great summer colors!

  661. Kim W. says:

    Love all the patterns but Tutti Frutti is my favorite. Love the colors and I think they are the perfect colors for summer!

  662. Shawn byrne says:

    “Red” screams summer for me! Nice and bright!

  663. Cindy Luoma says:

    Marina paisley is my favorite! I would love to have one of everything in it!

  664. Jillian says:

    I can’t wait for the cases of fresh summer fruit to roll in. There’s nothing like a sun ripe peach or fresh corn!

  665. Carole Jordan says:

    What stands out about summer to me is how laid back it gets around our house. I love having more downtime. By the end of August I am ready for schedules & structure though!

  666. Elenora V. says:

    Love the marina paisley pattern! It makes me think of summer vacations and blue waters.

  667. Aubrey H. says:

    I love the mint background in Tutti Frutti! That is my favorite color for this season…so cheerful!

  668. Michelle G. says:

    I love Lilli Bell! So bright & summery! My one yr old daughter is getting the little bunny in Lilli Bell for Easter! I might have to pick up a tote for myself!

  669. Dena says:

    Love the colors in Marina Paisley. Sun valley looks better in person.

  670. Tracy says:

    My favorite of these is the Marina Paisley. The color scheme is nautical while the paisley adds a twist!

  671. Tracy says:

    I love love love love tutti frutti! Did I mention that I LOVE the tutti frutti?

  672. Catherine Hill says:

    I am in love with sun valley!!!!

  673. musiclexy says:

    I love Marina Paisley! 🙂 And when it comes to summer, feeling the sun on my face while relaxing on a sandy beach is the best. ❤

  674. Pam Grantham says:

    Tutti Frutti just captures the colors of summer…..I can see myself sporting a Tutti Frutti bag on Mackinac Island this summer!

  675. alexis says:

    the colors in tutti frutti are perfect for summer! love it!

  676. Lindsay G says:

    Obviously, I’ll end up with something in each color. Initially, my favorite was Tutti Frutti, but it fell out of favor when it was integrated into the baby line. Now, I’m caught between Marina Paisley and Sun Valley. Tough Call, but it looks like it might be a Sun Valley Two-Way Tote.

  677. Kara says:

    Love Marina Paisley and Sun Valley!

  678. Lauren Sickle says:

    What stands out for me in summer is bright colors and warm weather.

  679. Sally says:

    I love the tutti frutti! It’s great for spring and summer.

  680. Barb Richards says:

    I love the Sun Valley because it reminds me of the Mayans and that they were wrong about the world ending! (Not that I ever believed it would…)

  681. Wallis says:

    I will be getting something in both Marina Paisley AND Sun Valley. I love them both.

  682. Debby Foreman says:

    Who wouldn’t love all of the brightness!!

  683. Chris B. says:

    The latest colors are so creative. My favorite is no doubt the sun valley pattern. It is complex but yet so simple. It would work with an array of outfits and styles. Thank you Vera Bradley!!!!

  684. Erin says:

    Tutti Frutti for day and Sun Valley for night! It’s going to be a great summer!!

  685. Kayla says:

    Tutti Fruiti is one of my favorite patterns in a long time! I love the mint green color and you can never go wrong with paisley print!!!

  686. Denise says:

    I love Tutti Frutti, and I’m excited to see the new Pushlock Wristlet. It’s definitely on my wish list!!

  687. Joyce Harrell says:

    I love the bright, vibrant colors of summer

  688. Beth R. says:

    After a long winter, Marina Paisley is perfect for summer!

  689. Linda Kelsie McAulay says:

    The Tutti Frutti reminds me of the water at the beach! Which is my favorite part of summer! Its so fun and bright!

  690. Kelly F says:

    Tutti frutti is really cute! One of my favorite patterns ever! WANT.

  691. Gina says:

    Love the feeling of the warm summer breeze flowing through my hair while the warmth of the sun kisses my skin

  692. asha says:

    I really LOVE Tutti Frutti!

  693. Mary Hamilton says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Tutti Frutti!!! Very few greens in Vera! Must have for my collection!!!!

  694. Tutti Frutti! ❤ I'm very excited about this refreshing print and color!

  695. Michelle says:

    I think that all of these colors and patterns represent summer really well, so ready for spring like weather to arrive!!

  696. Jennifer Keener says:

    I love Vera – Getting geared up to attend the outlet sale in April. It’s soo EXCITING! The Marina Paisley is so refreshing and makes me excited for warmer weather

  697. Tutti frutti is adorbs. Can’t wait to see it in person–looks minty fresh!

  698. Reba Sanders says:

    Tutti Fruitti reminds me of pistachios, I love the green. Very spring like color.

  699. Elaine Watson says:

    I like Sun Valley. Brings to mind the warm colors of the southwest.

  700. Laila Machado says:

    Sun Valley is great! I love this pattern because it breaks away from the “floral girly” that most of the other patterns have. Sun Valley has more of a tribal feel which is young and different, it reaches out to a larger audience! Fun in the SUN VALLEY!

  701. Maritza Gould says:

    Tutti Frutti is definitely my favorite. I think it truly stands out in the collection. It screams Spring! It will go great with my Spring wardrobe. Happy Spring! love Vera Bradley Spring Collection.

  702. Nancy Schueneman says:

    Love them all but Marine Paisley is refreshing and would be a new palette to my wardrobe.

  703. Green has been my favorite color since I was a little girl. All of my Vera Bradley bags, totes, wallets, duffels, etcetera have green as a major color with the exception of the Camellia luggage tote and wallet I received for my birthday last year.

  704. Paula Fabik says:

    Tutti Frutti looks cool and refreshing colors for summer. The colors just pop to say summer is here!

  705. Tutti Frutti and lime sherbert! Yum!

  706. Nancy Reed says:

    Sun Valley is great! To say and see!

  707. Brendalu says:

    I want two wristlets for the summer. One in Tutti Frutti to go with me to the beach and outdoor concerts, craft show, etc. The other one for my 4th of July celebrations will be the Marina Paisley. That will give me jut enough “POP” I need for the fireworks!

  708. Kimberly Umberger says:

    Tutti Frutti! It’s so different from anything I have! LOVE IT! YAY VERA SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  709. Dawn Raleigh says:

    I am “hit and miss” with some of the new styles of late, but I must say I like all of these!

  710. Valerie J. Bayko says:

    I must admit I always have a hard time picking out just one VERA BRADLEY designer bags.
    The colors are so colorful and the designs are so unique…..love them all!!

  711. Alicia says:

    Tutti Frutti really stands out for summer! I love the mint and pink together, gorgeous combination!

  712. Debbie says:

    I love the Tutti Fruitti with Marina Paisley coming in a close second! Nice colors for all of my summer outings. Disappointed in the Sun Valley. I like the colors but the pattern is ugly!

  713. Maria Maxwell says:

    The sun valley tote really jumped out at me, and I have learned over the years to go with my first reaction with Veras….they are all so pretty, sometimes it’s hard to decide….so now, I go with my “love at first sight!”

  714. Bridget says:

    Lilli Bell!

  715. Kara says:

    I love the new print Lillie bell not only is it perfect for summer but its name reminds me of my sweet little dachshund Lilly bug:) she’s just as gorgeous as this print and I can’t wait to spend all summer carrying around my new bag in Lillie bell and spending time with my sweet Lilly bug as well.

  716. Lizzie says:

    I love the Sun Valley and Marina Paisley pattern. I am so happy with Vera Bradley for making these patterns!!

  717. camille says:

    I would really love the new wristlet in marina paisley! its so pretty and perfect for summer! Tutti Frutti is a close second!

  718. Kathy Holladay says:

    Never met a Vera I didn’t like! 🙂

  719. Robin Gandy Harsh says:

    There’s usually one pattern that stands out for me each season, making my buying decisions fairly easy. But today I seriously can’t decide!

  720. Teresa Young says:

    Tutti Frutti is my favorite! The mint green matches my car! (:

  721. Mickey M. says:

    Want them all!!! But the Marina Paisley really screams summer to me! The new pushlock wristlet is a fabulous addition!

  722. lisa says:

    I live in Ohio……It’s cold…..really cold these prints make me feel like spring and summer will get here!!!

  723. Jackie says:

    Summertime…relaxing at the pool, which of course means its time for a super cute new Vera bag to load all my kids’ towels and toys into! Love the Tutti Fruity!

  724. Lillie Belle is my favorite, just screams summer, fun in the sun, beach dates, and pool nights

  725. Corinne says:

    Lilli Bell for me…so feminine

  726. Elizabeth says:

    I love Tutti Fruitti and Sun Valley!! They’re both so pretty! Thanks Vera!

  727. Tammy C. says:

    Love the reds in Sun Valley and Marina Paisley! So cute and fun for summer.

  728. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    Summertime brings the wild green parrots to our neighborhood. I love the sound they make when they roost in our trees.

  729. Kylie says:

    I love the colors of Lilli Bell!

  730. Deborah says:

    Sun Valley is my pattern of choice at the moment. It reminds me of visiting my grandkids which I look forward to every summer 🙂

  731. Leslie Beebe says:

    I’m loving the paisleys in tutti frutti & marina paisley. The colors in marina paisley are bright & colorful while the tutti frutti is more soft. I got the tutti frutti for my grand daughter for her 1st birthday in the bunny & bag combo. Of course I love all the new colors..

  732. Alyson Baker says:

    I love the new bright colors of sun valley the best for me but I got my daughter the tutti frutti for her 1st birthday

  733. LorieR says:

    Love Tutti Frutti to go with all the mint & coral that is in stores now.

  734. Donna B. says:

    Love Love Love the Tutti Frutti !! ❤

  735. Tara S. says:

    the new colors are so bright and beautiful! I absolutely love tutti frutti!

  736. Julie says:

    Marina Paisley is my favorite !!! It screams summer !!!

  737. Liza says:

    Love Tutti Frutti and Lilli Bell for summer!

  738. ann says:

    I love the sun valley – it says travel….I love the tutti fruti – it says Vacation!!! I love the baby booties…they are adorable…and I truly LOVE and adore the new tablet cross body!

  739. Karen Krause says:

    Love the Lilli Bell. May have to go and get myself a birthday present in the Lilli Bell pattern.

  740. Kathleen says:

    Sun Valley is perfect for this cold weather!

  741. Rebecca says:

    I love the Sun Valley because it is more neutral and will go with anything. My second favorite is Tutti Frutti.

  742. Carole S says:

    I revel in the sunlight and being outdoors. I enjoy entertaining, even if it’s a simple dinner dining al fresco with good friends and good conversation. After the cold and darkness of winter, ti’s great to be outdoors and enjoying beautiful gardens, warmth, light, and friendships.

  743. Becky Bruner says:

    I love the pink one! I am looking forward to having a small garden for the first time!

  744. Susan says:

    My fave is Sun Valley. It seems like such a transitional color that I could use year round, whether strolling along the beach in my bare feet or shuffling through the snow (like today) in my warm winter boots.

  745. crosshouse says:

    I’m super cold-natured, so I love being guaranteed that I can warm up if I just step outside! It’s usually still too cold inside for me (brr, AC!), but outside, I can thaw out just fine!

  746. Jinna says:

    I love marina paisley!
    Got the Glenna bag…sooo need this wristlet to go with it!

  747. Suzanne Demetriades says:

    Love the deep orange in Sun Valley and the inside pattern!

  748. Marci says:

    Sun Valley is my favorite summer pattern. It is bold, yet very functional.

  749. Karen S. says:

    I love Lilli-bell! Don’t know if I’m influenced by the fact that my almost 1 year old is named Lilly! 🙂

  750. sarah lee pow says:

    Love the summer patterns!

  751. Dee says:

    I love the Paisley Marina, I am a “mature” woman in my late 60’s and I always feel YOUNG when I carry my colorful Vera bags. Thank you for giving us endless patterns to pick from.

  752. Edessa says:

    I like Tutti Fruiti!!

  753. Mary says:

    tutti fruiti my fav!!!!!!!

  754. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely love the crisp, white background of Lilli Bell. It would be gorgeous in the summer!

  755. Tim says:

    Great colors for summer.

  756. I love the new colors!! I love the hipster pictured above!! 🙂

  757. Valerie G. says:

    Tutti frutti is definitely the best summer color to come along in a very long time!! Love the colors and the paisleys.

  758. Emilia says:

    I love Tutti Frutti! So colorful and summery! It makes want to go on vacation!

  759. Jill says:

    I originally loved Tutti Fruttti, but I think that the Marina Paisley is really growing on me!! 🙂

  760. Jennifer says:

    My daughter is getting married in June! I am thinking Marina Paisley cosmetic bags for her and the bridesmaids.

  761. Kim Thomas says:

    Tutti Fruiti just stood out to me. It spoke summer!!!!

  762. Sparky says:

    Out of all of them, I think Lilli Bell is the most summery!

  763. Diane Kleemann says:

    Relaxing by the pool

  764. Kim Gates says:

    I love all the patterns! This is the best selection ever!!!!! I helped my favorite store put it all out last night and it was so much fun going through everything! My problem is I want it all!!!! I’m going to have to say the Sun Valley is my favorite. I am a BIG Auburn fan and this pattern just screams WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  765. Tracie says:

    Tutti Frutti looks really fun and yummy, can you describe a pattern as yummy? I have been really looking at the pastels this year, plus that means I can get my husband to wear a pink shirt to match me!
    Team Vera!

  766. Lindsay N says:

    What stands out about summer to me is I can still feel the childhood excitement about summer break from school – even though I do not get that now as an adult. Summer is just plain exciting.

  767. Gretchen Rudd says:

    My VB LARGE tote is a MUST have. I take it everywhere with me in the summer with everyone’s “stuff” in it

  768. sharon says:

    I love the tutti frutti the soft pale green is perfect for summer.

  769. Maria Dumas says:

    Lilli Bell

  770. Georgia Wilson says:

    Every time I get a new pattern I always get comments from strangers saying, “I really love that purse!” Im certain Marina Paisley will really stand out this summer and turn a lot of heads!

  771. Leslie says:

    Lilli Bell is adorable. It makes me think of summer just looking at it!

  772. Maria says:

    Love the marine paisley. Perfect for summer

  773. Jen Morgan says:

    The flowers in lilli bell are so pretty and cheerful they make me feel like spring is here even though we still have snow! The motif reminds me of one if my faves folkloric! Love it!

  774. Marsha says:

    Love all the color selections. You’ve covered every pallet!

  775. Deb says:

    Lilli Belle – the reds remind me of bright cheerful geraniums in summer!

  776. Donna Moss says:

    I love the array of colors!

  777. Cheryl says:

    Love the mint green color of the Tutti Fruitti!

  778. Rio says:

    I love tutti frutti and sun valley. They remind me of picnics and the beach during summer.

  779. Sherry says:

    Tutti Fruitti is the standout!!

  780. Bethy says:

    A pop of citrine is perfect for summer! I love the sun valley, and I can’t wait to carry my Glenna in that pattern this spring and summer!

  781. Elizabeth Olguin says:

    Lilli belle!!! It is sweet and boho at the same time! Love! 🙂

  782. Candice says:

    I love tutti fruitti! It has great colors that are very in this summer, like mint green! It would also go great with the mint green shirts my sorority just purchased. 🙂

  783. Marina Pinzon says:

    I really love the new Marina Paisley because it has the perfect colors for the summer this year. Summer has the best times for me. Everyday is a new adventure even if I’m at home. Thanks for all the new colors. They are AMAZING!!

    P. S. My name is Marina! Coincidence?

  784. anhnguyenrx13 says:

    Sun Valley! Reminds me of OKC Thunder basketball..Thunder Up!!!

  785. Susan Stephens says:

    Tutti Frutti is a very unique paisley (inviting green background) and the Marina Paisley beckons the days of blue waters! Love Vera and Summer!!

  786. Kristen says:

    Summer = sun and beach time to me!

  787. Trudy B. says:

    I think Marina Paisley is my favorite. But Tutti-Frutti is a close second.

  788. angel n.. says:

    Can’t wait for summer and for Tutti Frutti!

  789. Karen says:

    Though the temps outside give me a chill,
    The new colors are such a thrill!
    There is not one that I do not adore,
    If I had enough money, I would order more!,

  790. Tonya says:

    Definitely Tutti-Frutti. I love the bright, bold colors. They remind me of summer vacations!

  791. Janeane Bostic-Metzel says:

    The wristlet has ALWAYS been my favorite piece, especially for summer! Now it is even better. With the new features and poppy colors, this is sure to be a huge hit this season!

  792. Madeline says:

    Lilli Bell for sure. I love the fresh whites, oranges, and pinks. It reminds me a little of Tea Garden, which was my favorite pattern in Winter 2011. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  793. Erin LeCrone says:

    Soooo many colors…how to decide! I bet I can though!

  794. Ellen S says:

    Tutti Frutti stands out for me for Summer. The bright colors go right along with the Summer pinks and greens I see everywhere.

  795. Elizabeth says:

    I love Tutti Frutti! It is so feminine and light and subtly colorful. Soft green and pink are one of my absolute favorite color combinations. I wish they would make a bangle in this pattern. I love their bangles.

  796. Jaime T. says:

    What stands out for me in the summer is the Tutti Frutti colors – bright and beautiful like the sun and sky!

  797. Tiffany says:

    Tutti Frutti is my fav -so bright and colorful !

  798. Megan P says:

    Lilli Bell will be the perfect summer color to take on the road! I plan to go on several summer getaways and those adorable pink flowers on a Hipster will make the perfect travel partner! Only thing that could make it better is winning a new Wristlet 😉

  799. Holly says:

    I really like both Tutti Fruiti and Marina Paisley. Both colors reflect the colors of spring and summer. New beginnings…new Vera Bradley colors.

  800. Megan says:

    Tutti frutti is awesome!!

  801. Pat Smith says:

    I love the paisley. The colors are so summery!!

  802. Kirsten says:

    Tutti Frutti is going to be the pattern and color scheme for my summer, it has all the bright colors that scream summer! Can’t wait to buy all kinds of goodies in this pattern (:

  803. Mary Kate says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lilli Bell

  804. Tutti Frutti is adorable for weekend fun in the sun, while Sun Valley is like the professional side of fun summer patterns, totally okay for office luncheons!

  805. Robyn says:

    I like the retro style of Lilli Bell

  806. Shelby says:

    I will for sure be picking up a bag in Tutti Frutti! I think this might be my new favorite summer color 😀

  807. Cindy Howell says:


  808. Catherine W. says:

    I really like Marina Paisley! And then comes Tutti Frutti! I love the colors in all the prints!

  809. Courtney says:

    Love the tutti frutti!

  810. Haley.E says:

    Tutti Frutti is my favorite, I think just because I like to say the name!

  811. Gina.E says:

    Love Tutti Frutti, the aqua and pink together is a great combination.

  812. Caitlyn Tieri says:

    The mint green in Tuttie Frutti reminds me of the mint icecream I used to eat when I visited the shore every summer. I love the nostalgia that comes from the memories and the patterns that Vera has created to inspire more!

  813. tammy says:

    love tutti fruitti!

  814. Lisa G says:

    I like Lilli Belle the best! It is super cute!

  815. Costello clan says:

    Tutti Frutti is sweet

    Sent from my iPad

  816. Marina Paisley is what summer is all about!
    The colors say it all. Warmth of the sun.
    Fun day at the marina and on the water.
    This is the perfect color for everyone’s summer.
    Love it!

  817. Robin Moody says:

    I love tutti frutti. It is beautiful.

  818. Julia Cianflone says:

    I love summer and Tutti Frutti and Marina Paisley are the patterns that show it!!!!!!!! I’m going to Disney World and Daytona Beach in two months and I wanted to get the mailbag in one of those patterns to show off my love of Vera Bradley, fun colors, and summer!!! 😉

  819. I adore the Tutti Frutti. Summer pastels and paisley…what more could a girl want? An inspiration for spring…we here in Wisconsin are still forced to enjoy the clean winter white so come on let’s get all tutti frutti out there!

  820. Anjanette says:

    I just love Tutti Frutti!
    I love paisley, and my new favorite color is mint! Tutti Frutti has a mix of it all! I just love it ;D

  821. Lori Egleston says:

    I want them all !!!!
    Paisley is so pretty.

  822. Joan Hannes says:

    Marina paisley is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

  823. Laura says:

    I would love a Pushlock Wristlet in Midnight Blues!

  824. Leiden says:

    Love Sun Valley! A great pattern for my fave summer holiday: 4th of July! 🙂

  825. Libby says:

    Love tutti frutti for sure

  826. Martha says:

    I love the crisp cool blue of Marina Paisley

  827. Heather says:

    Tutti Frutti is so fresh for summer!

  828. Claire S. says:

    I am drawn to the marina paisley! It has fresh, cool colors that is great for the summer.

  829. Jasmine Jordan says:

    I my gosh… I love sun valley. The art looks like Native American interpretation of Spring!!

  830. Lori T says:

    Warm days, wearing shorts and carrying a bright VB purse.

  831. marlys bridgeman says:

    marine paisley is fresh and beautiful! is patriotic, but with the bit of yellow/orangey red makes it a winner, because it is not strictly red white and blue. it is just pretty and different from past colors! and would compliment many color schemes for clothing this summer and spring. and it is fresh to not have any flowers, i love your flowers, but sometimes a girl doesnt want flowers on her purse all the time! marine paisley all the way, for the USA!!!!!

  832. Mykenna Hickey says:

    I just love Tutti Frutti and Sun Valley! They make me smile whenever I look at them. The colors are bright and fun. I love all the new styles, especially the travel cubes. I can’t wait to get a Pushlock Wristlet. This is by far the most functional “update” to the Wristlet.

  833. Rosanne Harrison says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti color! Mint is the perfect color for spring and summertime.

  834. Amy Ricabal says:

    Tutti frutti! LOVE the colors! It is soo inspiring!

  835. Yuki says:

    I think Tutti frutti is my favorite. Especially the mint green color and the beautiful paisley!

  836. Nicole Dean says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tutti Frutti!!! There is just something about that mint and beautiful bright pink paisley that I just can’t get enough of. I love it on all of my favorites from Vera and its just super adorable on the new baby’s line.

  837. Jenny says:

    Tutti Frutti is my fave! It reminds me of my favorite summer sandals….which I cannot wait to break out for the year!

  838. Lisa says:

    I love lilli belle

  839. Christine Brandman says:

    Tutti Frutti is my favorite! Love that color green!

  840. Nicole Heuser says:

    I’m obsessed with tutti frutti! Putting a minty twist into any pattern is fine by me!! I’ve always been a Vera freak, thanks to my great grandmother and grandmother, but this pattern took it too a whole new level for me! My friend and I went to st. Matthews mall the other day in Louisville, ky and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t realize that it was the 22nd already and the new colors were available in stores already. I gawked at the window view of the tutti frutti floor set for a solid 60 seconds as if I wasn’t able to just walk in lol. It looked to perfect in the elegant Vera bradley store window view 🙂

  841. Samantha says:

    I love Lilli bell!! Ordered several pieces in it!! If I was picked to win I would get a tutti frutti wristlet though since I ordered it already in Lilli bell:)
    Soooo excited for the fall colors!!

  842. Sabrina Dunn says:

    I love the Marina Paisley!!! Those are perfect summer colors! So excited to get my order!

  843. Janice says:

    Tutti fruitti is my new favorite color. I just got the plum crazy as a Valentine’s gift and now I want the tutti frutti.

  844. Brittney says:

    I love all the new summer colors!! they are so bright and just perfect!!

  845. Kristine Chu says:

    I am digging the sun valley pattern! So vibrant!!

  846. Lydia Strain says:

    Marina Paisley is so pretty !!!!

  847. Molly says:

    What stands out to me about summer is how relaxed everyone else. People are more lax about what they wear and seem to be in less of a hurry. Maybe it is from all of the extra vitamin D they are getting from the sun?

  848. nanette says:

    Sunshine, bright colors, ice sold sweet tea, sandals….can’t wait! Luv the new colors too!

  849. Nicolette says:

    Tutti Frutti goes along with the mint trend which I have been obsessed with since it has started. I also like the contrasting paisley print, the colors are fresh.

  850. doris says:

    the crayon brights of Marina Paisley are soooooo summer

  851. Fran Tretera says:

    Love Marina paisley. Perfect for Summer

  852. Becky says:

    Vera is great, I love the new Paisleys!

  853. Deborah Ferguson Stuart says:

    The Marina Paisley is gorgeous! After a LONG winter, the beautiful pattern makes me smile and I can hardly wait to get outside!

  854. Stacie Lucas says:

    I voted for my “favorite” at random…I seriously can’t decide which is my favorite!

  855. Christine McDonald says:

    Love Lilli Bell!

  856. Jennifer Quackenbush says:

    I picked up a tote in Lilli Bell, would love to have a matching wristlet!

  857. Clarice says:

    Love Vera! Marina Paisley and Sun Valley are my favorites! I Love the blues!!

  858. Tammy Moore says:

    Love the Lilli Bell!! Warm summer days, feet in the sand and cool ice tea in my hand! Love Vera and love Lilli Bell!!

  859. emilynoelle96@gmail.com says:

    Tutti Frutti describes summer perfectly!

  860. Sharon Creel says:

    I love the Lilli Bell, My daughters favorite color is pink and it makes me think of her!

  861. Jennifer Hause says:

    Tutti Frutti is the perfect combination of Mint and pops of color. Exceptional Spring time feel. Adds charm to any collection.

  862. Brittany L. H. says:

    The Pushlock Wristlet is the one new style on my wish (or is that really want/need) list 😉 It would be an awesome update to my Wristlet. Love the hardware and front pocket. Tutti Frutti is the best summer pattern as I love paisleys!

  863. Crystal C. says:

    I love the Lilli Bell pattern! Perfect for the summer! The pretty pinks makes it easy to match any outfit.

  864. Jill says:

    Love the Tutti Frutti pattern in the pushlock wristlet.

  865. Alexis says:

    All of these colors are great for spring! Tutti Frutti is my favorite!!

  866. Courtney says:

    I think the paisleys in tutti frutti are sooooo cute and the colors in Lili belle are adorable! I think these are some of my favorite prints!! Good job Vera Bradley!!!! 🙂

  867. Laura Ann says:

    The Tutti Frutti reminds me of a delicious fruit smoothie!

  868. Laura Camplejohn says:

    I loooooooooveee the color combo in Sun valley!

  869. Laura U says:

    LOVE the colors in Lilli Bell!

  870. Heather Schafer says:

    I am infatuated with Marina Paisley! It has that nautical crisp look with the blues and white, but has that zest kick to it with the red and lime green. It reminds me of sailboating in the tropics with palm trees and red flowers all over the beach.

  871. Toni says:

    Love the Tutti Fruitti.

  872. Gina says:

    I love Tutti Fruitti
    It is the perfect everyday pattern!

  873. I like Tutti Fruitti. I have just started getting Vera items, I love them.

  874. theheady5 says:

    I love the new Tutti Frutti!!!!

  875. Jennifer Roessler says:

    I got my first Vera Bradley crossbody purse yesterday! I got the Hipster in Tutti Frutti…I LOVE IT! The light green and pink makes the design perfect for spring and summer!
    My vote is 100% Tutti Frutti!

  876. Sheila Kinzer says:

    I’m so happy with the great quality of Vera products! I love flowers! The flowers in lilli bell are super, I love the contrast of the colors. So realistic! Lilli Bell looks like my Grandmothers greenhouse full of orchids,the colors are perfect! What a great pattern for any season!

  877. Lynn Slosson says:

    I think that Tutti Frutti is a great summer color. Very cool looking.

  878. Felicia B. says:

    Sun Valley & Marina Paisley!

  879. Susan says:

    I love how marina paisley uses bright, fun colors to incorporate sailing and the beach into these adorable summer patterns!

  880. anne says:

    Tutti Futti all the colors of summer in one Cheerful pattern!!!!!! Yay Summer!

  881. lauren oliveira says:

    I love marina paisley, reminds me of beach days and sand between your toes, ahh summer needs to get here fast!

  882. Anjali T says:

    Sun Valley has a amazing contemporary look that’s perfect for a rocking summer 2013!!!!

  883. Olivia Harrell says:

    I love tutti frutti! The mint green color is really in right now and I love the pinks and paisleys as well! 🙂

  884. mahmuda hussain says:

    Tutti fruttti is so adorable ilove the color combo and the pretty minty blue

  885. Lily h says:

    Tutti frutti is cute but i lovvvveeee Lilli bell its so CUTE

  886. Mary Mendoza says:

    Love the colors of Lilli bell..cute name to!

  887. Lisa Klink says:

    The beach stands out to me in the summer and I can’t wait to travel to the Bahamas with my tutti frutti bags!!!!

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  889. Loving all the pinks and mint green of Tutti Frutti!

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  891. Anastasia Poulos says:

    I love the Marine Paisley because I am a beach bum at heart and that pattern would go great with anything I take to the beach this summer 🙂

  892. Alexis says:

    Tutti Frutti!! So adorable

  893. Emma says:

    Sun Valley is my favorite color of all!! Already got it in a purse!!!

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