Packing for: 48 hours in Austin

pack it up

The blog team recently flew to the great state of Texas for a conference and, let’s face it, a little fun, in Austin. Lucky for our traveling trio, the Summer 2013 line is packed with adorable, functional Travel Accessories that made flying the friendly skies a little more enjoyable.

New styles for Summer
1. Travel Pouch Duo – While you could use these bags for just about anything, we placed the larger drawstring in the bottom of our luggage to hold dirty clothes throughout the trip and stored a pair of shoes in the smaller style to save them from scuffs en route.

2. Medium Packing cube – Foldable, lined and easy to pack, this accessory is ideal for larger toiletries or essentials, and clothes.

3. Small Packing Cube – Complete with a wipeable lining, this cube is great for cosmetics, small toiletries and jewelry.

4. Garment Bag – Since this longtime offering is now longer than ever, we were able to tuck a few evening outfits neatly inside and secure everything beautifully with the ribbon ties.

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15 Responses to Packing for: 48 hours in Austin

  1. Sabrina Radke says:

    ❤ them all!

  2. Angela M says:

    The Plum Crazy luggage is to die for! I love the travel bags.

  3. Serena W says:

    love this post! perfect for a roadtrip too!

  4. Celyna says:

    Thanks for making packing fun!

  5. maria says:

    i love them all

  6. I need this whole set! In a few months, I’ll be packing for Plano TX for 48 hours!

  7. Maria C. says:

    I really love the packing cubes, and the plane & auto designs are so cute!

  8. Charlotte says:


  9. Meg says:

    Love them! I’m thinking of buying them for my weekend trip in October… but will they fit in the Grand Traveler?

  10. Barb E. says:

    Packing can be fun!!

  11. ginny says:

    i would love to see the Tutti Frutti in rolling luggage 🙂

  12. Amanda says:

    Are any of these made in the USA? My daughters really want the new luggage, but I’ll only buy if it’s from the USA.

    • Nancy Howard says:

      Agree. It’s best to buy things made in the USA. But there are lots of things that aren’t made here anymore, sad to say. I was on Amtrak in Washington state last year. You should see the railcars leaving there – loaded with merchandise made in China – car after car after car…… How long can we keep sending money to China without getting back an equal amount? People here without jobs can’t buy things, even things made in China. Someday it’s all going to crumble. I worry about my children and grandchildren.

  13. allison s :) says:

    I love this stuff it is so cute and stylish and so convenient!!!! I love Vera Bradley and please make the bedding like the comforter and luggage in the new colors they are so cute!!! 😀

  14. Jan says:

    Love this organized way to pack. Which sized spinner did you use? I would assume the hanging bag was your carry on?

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