Make room for Baby

Vera Bradley Baby

Look who’s here!

Bring the best gift to the baby shower or wrap your new arrival in the sweet tones of Lilli Bell and Tutti Frutti. Vera Bradley Baby has arrived, with delightful details and soft surprises to make her first year beautiful.

Shop Vera Bradley Baby online and in stores.

Are you expecting or know someone who is? Comment below and tell us your favorite style from the collection, and we’ll select five entries at random to receive a Bunny and Plush Blanket, in the color of their choice!

Bunny and Plush Blanket

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting and congratulations to our winners: Ruth, Susan, Stephanie B., Sheilah A. and Linda S.!

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568 Responses to Make room for Baby

  1. sarah g says:

    I love, love, love the adorable bunny!

    • My daughter-in-law loves anything Vera Bradley! She is expecting our first grandchild in September and I would love to be able to give her this beautiful gift!

    • Tamara says:

      I LOVE them all! Making a baby selection might be the best idea yet!

    • Leslie Beebe says:

      I’m going to our local store to look at the new baby things i person. My 1st grand baby celebrates her 1st birthday 4/13 & she’s getting Vera baby for her gifts.

    • Miriam Mckown says:

      I love the ruffle bodysuit in tutti frutti!

    • Stephanie says:

      I am expecting my first child in June and was so excited to find out it was going to be a girl! I might have been just as ecstatic to find out that Vera has a new baby line! I love the blanket and the adorable frilly onesie! A definite must have to start my daughter out with her very own Vera collection like her Mom 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    My husband and I JUST found out that we are pregnant with our first child, and we couldn’t be more excited. Yesterday I added all the new Vera baby stuff to my Wish List in Tutti Fruitti, I love the pattern and can’t wait to start buying! I am a hard core Vera Bradley fan, my wedding was based around it. And now the obsession carries on 🙂

  3. Amy O'Connor says:

    The shoes and bath blanket are the sweetest.

  4. anjana says:

    the 3 pc layette set is so bright and beautiful! I love it!

  5. Lydia S. says:

    The Tutti Frutti Bunny is so adorable !

  6. A.A says:

    Love the ruffle babysuit!

  7. Margot says:

    Dress & bloomers or baby socks!

  8. Holly Bruner says:

    Oh my goodness!!! This is so adorable and would be amazing to have!!! I need to go get these!!!

  9. Rebeccca McRee says:

    Va Va Bloom is my favorite. ALso–that bunny pictured above–I WANT!!!
    I love this and hope I win. I have a girlfriend with a new baby and she would love to get some goodies.

  10. Brittany says:

    I love the bunny!

  11. April V. says:

    Love the Mary Jane Flats in Lilli Bell!!!

  12. patricia narmes says:

    new grand
    baby coming. These would be great for whichever we get. love the bunny

  13. Jan Cross says:

    Love the shoes and socks, but the bunny is the best

  14. Beth Sloan says:

    Expexting our first Child after much prayer in October! I love the blanket. So sweet, soft and cuddly 🙂

  15. Kristin says:

    I LOVE the Lilli Bell print-too precious for a baby girl!

  16. Andrea Clark says:

    I love the ruffled Body Suit and the baby socks in Tutti Frutti! I’m going to get them for our little girl when she comes home from the hospital in July! Although, I’d like to buy one of everything – adorable! (: ❤

  17. Melissa Brooks says:

    I am about to have a little girl. So excited about the new baby line!!!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    I’m expecting with our first baby– and so excited for the timing with the new Vera baby line! 🙂 I love the plush blanket…looks so cozy!

  19. Leslie Boys says:

    The ruffle bottom rompers and the bunny!!! Too sweet!

  20. Amy Stroo says:

    The shoes are soooooo adorable. My god-child will be born this summer. I can’t wait to spoil her with VB baby items!

  21. Kara Hefflefinger says:

    I am expecting in September. I don’t know the sex yet, but I think the convertible diaper bag in Tutti Fruitti would be adorable for either!

  22. Monica Clay says:

    They are all so cute and I love the tutti frutti. I don’t have children but can’t wait to buy them for friends.

  23. Amy says:

    I’m in love with the bunny in Tutti Frutti!
    I want my own bag in that print!

  24. Nicole says:

    Tutti Frutti!!!!

  25. april says:

    Goodness, those little socks are my favorite, but the little dress/diaper cover is adorable with the ruffle detail. Adorable and perfect for Easter/spring.

  26. Sarah O. says:

    These are the sweetest pieces ever!! I love the Tutti Frutti! So precious!

  27. Laura M says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Dress and Bloomers set… paired with the Mary Jane’s would be perfection!

  28. Jennifer says:

    I ❤ it all and so will my baby girl!!!

  29. Tracy says:

    I love the colors! Perfect for baby!

  30. Laura S. says:

    The shoes are adorable!

  31. Amanda says:

    I am obsessed with the soft shoes. And the layette set. Honestly, I want it all. LOL

  32. nicole lemmon says:

    wE HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE!?!?!? 🙂 They are all so adorable! But I am LOVING the dress and bloomers for sure! they would make for some ADORABLE pictures!!!!

  33. Michele Oliver says:

    OMG! This is so stinking cute!

  34. Melissa J. says:

    I know a sweet little princess that would love these!!

  35. Lindsay Lauwers says:

    You’re honestly asking me to PICK a FAVORITE?! I’m in love with the tutti frutti, but it’s all good. If there’s a ruffle butt involved, I’m there!

  36. Julia Thomas says:

    I love it! I want one!!!

  37. Andrea Jewell says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti print. I’m expecting my first girl and I can’t wait to get some Vera Bradley baby wear!

  38. Theresa Wigdor says:

    My precious grand baby will be wearing Vera Bradley once she arrives in May… I so can’t wait to buy all of these beautiful baby items… 🙂

  39. CJ-VERA OBSESSED! says:

    Everything is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Just LOVE the Dress and Bloomers! The Ruffle Bodysuit is Darling!! The Mary Jane Shoes,too Sweet!! 🙂

  40. sherri goldman says:

    Love the green bunny…the colors are so soothing and happy…very visually stimulating and comforting for a new mommy and baby..Great job!!!!!!!

  41. Meagen Hood says:

    I love it all! Especially the Lovey Bunny!

  42. Heather says:

    I love everything in this collection! So absolutely adorable!

  43. Camille R. says:

    love the new line of baby clothes! cute, cute ,cute!!!

  44. Courtney Wagoner says:

    I love, the lovey bunny and the plush book.

  45. Jill Conselino says:

    Love the new patterns!! Great for my cousins baby to be!

  46. Elle says:

    I absolutely love the blankets – both the plush and receiving blanket. The entire line is adorable and I would love to send some off to a new little girl who just arrived on Wednesday.

  47. Jess says:

    I love the towel and bunny!

  48. Lauren B. says:

    I love the ruffle bodysuit and hooded towel in Tutti Frutti! I’m so glad you finally have baby clothes as I just had my first little girl in October 🙂

  49. Kimberly Ann Cook says:

    I love all these baby cloths!!! Tutti fruity is awsome!!! My baby will rock this stuff sooo cute

  50. Sarah D says:

    I love the receiving blanket!

  51. sonia says:

    I love love love the layette outfit, ruffle body suit, dress, mary janes and tiny socks!

  52. Brynn Caddell says:

    I love the baby backpack. I just had my second baby girl and this will give me one more free hand! Perfect for waking with stroller!

  53. Georgia says:

    Love the messenger style baby bag and the bloomers… perfect for my best friend expecting her first baby girl in May!

  54. Sarah Y says:

    Super cute! Can’t wait to see VB baby showing up at every baby shower!! It certainly will if I’m in attendance!

  55. Katrina says:

    So precious!!! I love the little dress my little niece would look adorable in it!

  56. Cheryl M says:

    I LOVE them all! We have a few family members having babies and they are all girls! Can’t wait to spoil them with VB!

  57. Jocelyn Fenton says:

    I love the dress! So bright and cute for spring! The bunny is cute for Easter too!!!

  58. Yvette Farrell says:

    Love the Lilli Bell in the bath blanket, bear and dress!

  59. Maria Cabassa says:

    Loveee the Hooded Towel and Bath Mitt!!

  60. Shannon says:

    Can’t pick just one style I love. The Lovey Bunny is too cute, Receiving Blanket is adorable, and the layette set would be a perfect gift for my best friend who is due later this year!

  61. becky says:

    i loooove the ruffle bum onesies

  62. Keara H says:

    I love it all but especially the bunny and Mary Jane shoes. I’ve waited years for this! Everything is adorable!

  63. Andrea Doss says:

    The dresses are absolutely adorable!

  64. I’m a fan of the layette set, and I love the clutch changing pad!

  65. Jen J. says:

    Love the dress and bloomers and the bunny! I just had a little girl last month and can’t wait to get her her own Vera Bradley items!

  66. Kelsey says:

    I love the layette set! So sweet! 🙂

  67. Nikki Luellen says:

    I have a friend who is expecting and she loves the Tutti Frutti pattern!

  68. Sabrina Radke says:

    I adore the tutti frutti! Perfect for both boys and girls in my opinion!

  69. The towels are super cute!

  70. Anne Martin says:

    I love the hooded bath towel and mitt!

  71. Autumn Hooper says:

    Love love the hooded bath towel!

  72. I’m in love with the little booties! Who could resist tiny shoes???

  73. Kim R says:

    LOVE IT!! The bunny and blanket are ToO CuTe!!

  74. Lauren R. says:

    I love it all!! Love the bunny and the blanket along with the piggy bank and I really love the ruffle body suit with the mary jane shoes!! Precious!!

  75. Liz says:

    I love the ruffle bodysuite, but the bunny is so cute too!!

  76. Sidney says:

    I know about 10 people expecting (I am not included)! The receiving blanket is adorable, I love it all! Yay for Vera Bradley baby!

  77. EmilyMarie says:

    I love the ruffle onesie!

  78. emily cabisca says:

    Omg the little hooded towel made my heart melt !! Im expecting twins and this would be adorable along with the bunny for easter pics

  79. Maggie M says:

    Tutti Frutti definitely super cute, would be great for my close friends baby girl:)

  80. glitzychick says:

    love the Lilli Bell bath blanket, bear and dress

  81. Tamara says:

    LOVE, Love , Love Tutti Fruitti!!

  82. April says:

    Love these items !

  83. Kelli says:

    My sister is having a baby and my little niece is so excited. he has been bringing her most cherished stuffed bunny and covering her mama’s belly with her blankie and saying “I yuh yoo”. Pretty darn precious!

  84. Becky Knowles says:

    I love all the collections. The bunny is super adorable.

  85. Amanda Muhlenkamp says:

    I love the blanket and the onesie’s!

  86. Kayla Frye says:

    I LOVE the new baby collection. My favorite pattern is the Lilli Bell. I am expecting a little girl named Audrey in May. I am currently in the hospital on bed rest and had to cancel my baby shower due to my preterm labor. I am a Vera Bradley fanatic and plan to raise my baby girl to love Vera Bradley too. Winning would definitely lift my spirits!

  87. gotspots says:

    I love the blocks! My daughter enjoys blocks at her current age. I love the tutti fruitti color!

  88. Sara Cola says:

    Oh my I LOVE THIS!!! That bunny would be adorable for my little one. And those shoes are AMAZING!!!

  89. Kim says:

    I love the bodysuit. Can’t wait for my niece to arrive so I can make her a Vera Bradley baby! This collection is adorable…so excited it’s finally here!

  90. Mary Claire says:

    The Tutti Frutti dress and bloomers are the cutest!!!

  91. Samantha says:

    I would love the ruffle onesie or plush blanket for my baby that’s on the way!!!

  92. Jennifer says:

    Ohhhh I love all of this!! Makes me want another little one!! I am loving the bath towel and the bunny!! Super cute!!!!

  93. Stephanie P says:

    I love the Dress and Bloomers in Tutti Frutti and the bunny is so cute! Perfect for any little girl!

  94. Melissa Planas says:

    I love love love the onsies with ruffles on the bottom… Every little girl should have ruffles on her bottom and her ankles…

  95. Denise says:

    I would love to give my cousins one week old baby girl a Vera blanket. Love this new line.

  96. I love the Lilli Bell Hooded Towel!!

  97. Kaitlynn Knopp says:

    Tutti Frutti is the most adorable pattern to represent babies.

  98. Brittany says:

    It’s baby season in my family! My stepaunt and stepmom are BOTH pregnant! And my other stepaunt just had a baby a few months ago! The Vera bunny would be a perfect gift for each of them 🙂

  99. Audra says:

    The hooded towel and bath mitt are cute. The bibs are sweet too. LOVE the bunny!

  100. gail king says:

    I have not seen a style I did not care for. For years my daughters and I have loved your patterns and creativity. Thank you so much for what all you offer and now for babies….

  101. morgan says:

    LOVE all of this, would be great for my little girl that’s due in July! 😉

  102. LOVE the fabrics. I placed my order just after midnight for my grandaughter that will be arriving in June. I thought the onsey and bunny would be adorable in an Easter basket for her.

  103. Ronica Smith says:

    Tutti frutti!! Is beautiful and bold!! So in love;)

  104. Natalie Kaelin says:

    I love the hooded towel!!!

  105. Candice Wiesblott says:

    Oh man…I cried. So pretty..yes, I’m expecting..haha..can’t control the emotions.I love love love love the diaper bag with matching blanket.

  106. Tammie says:

    With a new Granddaughter on the way in 4 weeks, this would make an awesome homecoming outfit/gift!!! Adorable!

  107. Jamie Boysha says:

    Absolutly LOVE this! I need to have another baby lol ok maybe find someone having a baby girl:)

  108. Shannon says:

    I love the ruffled body suit and the cute soft shoes!

  109. Kimberly Navarro says:

    Hooded bath towel and the bunny!!! My little one would love them both!!

  110. Melissa C. says:

    I love the bunny in tutti fruitti–it’s so cute!

  111. Dan Clark says:

    My wife is obsessed with all of it. Our little girl will likely be dressed in body suits and dresses in Tutti Fruitti as often as possible, according to her.

  112. Christina Compton says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite! Love the blankets though the best….they look so soft and cuddly….my niece NEEDS it, haha.

  113. Eliza says:

    Those little shoes and the dress and bloomer set are so beautiful!

  114. lindsay haaseth says:

    My daughter would love this!! I already called the Vera Bradley store at Twelve Oaks to make sure they have the dress in her size. She’s gonna look so cute for her first Easter 🙂

  115. Leslie Mesenburgle says:

    I Love The Bunny!

  116. Stacey S says:

    I love the 3 pc. Layette Set and the hooded towels. I love it all!!

  117. Jill says:

    I Love the dress & bloomers!

  118. Patti Kollar says:

    What an awesome gift for a new grandbaby! Bet my D-I-L would love this!

  119. dotmoody says:

    I love the Dress and Bloomers and the adorable bunny & bear in Tutti Frutti.

  120. Michelle P says:

    My sister is soon be be expecting her second child! We are obsessed with Vera and since we are moving from one child to two we have advanced from the diaper bag to using the weekender as a diaper bag! We love all of the fun patterns and cannot wait to buy some Tutti Fruity for the new little one!

  121. Susanna Raley says:

    I love the dress and the ruffled bloomers! Both of the new patterns are great and I have had a hard time deciding which is my favorite. But I must say I love Tutti Fruity because it allows you to get precious baby clothes and accessories for little girls that aren’t pink!!

  122. Elisa says:

    I love it all, I can’t wait to buy it for my new cousin. I have been waiting to buy her new baby gift until this arrived. Going now to get her VB gift!!!

  123. Susie R says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti pattern – especially that bunny.

  124. Erica Bult says:

    Love, love, love the dress and soft Mary Jane shoes! Any of the new diaper bags are great too!

  125. I love the Tutti Frutti pattern especially on the ruffle bodysuit.

  126. Abby Herman says:

    I love them all!! But the bunny is probably my favorite!!

  127. Kat McKerrow says:

    The tiny socks are too cute! And I’m definitely getting myself the Baby Backpack.

  128. Tammy Dycus says:

    Those shoes are adorable!

  129. Kathy P says:

    The plush blanket and receiving blanket are adorable in both Tutti Frutti and Lilli Bell! Both the bunny and bear are sweet too! So fun!

  130. Sarah P. says:

    I Love the 3 piece Layette Set in Tutti Frutti. It’s so cute!

  131. rachel michele says:

    love the bunny!

  132. michelle tripp says:

    oooh the bunny!!!

  133. Donna Boyington says:

    We are expecting a granddaughter any day now(our 1st grandchild) and another grandchild in September and love the baby collection. Love the teddy bear and bunny! All pieces are WONDERFUL!

  134. Karen says:

    I love it all!!!

  135. Elise Tanner says:

    I love the dress and bloomers… so cute!! 🙂

  136. The ruffled bodysuit is just adorable…such a cute idea to come out with a baby line! I have an expectant mother of twins that will be getting two of the lovey bunnies for sure!

  137. Brittany Stout says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Mary Jane Soft shoes in Lilli Bell! These would be perfect for a little photoshoot or to add flair to any outfit! I didn’t think I could love Vera Bradley any more than I already do… Then you came out with the baby line! How wonderful!

  138. Kim says:

    The Tutti Frutti Bunny is precious!!! A Must Have!!

  139. JoDee Rolfe says:

    I love the receiving blankets!! You can never have too many!

  140. Erica says:

    I’m expecting my very first baby to arrive this year and would love the welcome her with the receiving blanket! So cute! 🙂

  141. rachele avery says:

    Those ruffle onesies are so precious!! And the kennys are too cute..I love the new baby line!!

  142. Angie says:

    The Dress, Bloomers and Mary Janes are absolutely cute in any pattern. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

  143. Patricia Poslaiko says:

    my absolute favorite is the tutti frutti ruffle bodysuit! i can’t wait to get it for my niece for when she makes her debut in august!!

  144. dotmoody says:

    I just found out yesterday I am going to have a new grand baby!! My fingers are crossed it’s a girl 🙂 Won’t find out till June

  145. Amanda Cross says:

    my coworker is due in may and is having a little girl. she would love this little bunny and blanket.

  146. Donna Visnich says:

    Too cute and adorable..Granddaughter will love her 1st Easter Basket filled with a Vera Blanket and Bunny!

  147. Jennifer Jones says:

    I love the towel set and the bunny the most! I love the Tutti Frutti theme as my favorite colors as a child were pink and a sea green! This would be great for my 9 month old! I have already started her Vera collection in Priscilla Pink!

  148. Victoria A says:

    Love it all. especially the shoes and towels…so glad vera is making baby. My friend and I share a love of vera and have for years and she is now due for her first baby.. how fitting

  149. Mandi Hines says:

    Love the dress and bloomers!

  150. Sarah says:

    So cute!

  151. Deb k. says:

    How do you choose a fave?! But, I’m in love with the bunny in tutti frutti!!

  152. Kristen Buss says:

    Love the Make a Change Baby Bag!! This would be perfect for a friend who is having her first baby girl!!

  153. Becca Cooper says:

    Love the dress and bloomers and the ruffle bodysuit~

  154. Charlotte McKinley says:

    My new grand daughter would look beautiful in Vera Bradley….love the entire collection! My pick would be Tutti Frutti.

  155. Erika C says:

    Absolutely love the ruffle onesie along with the plush blanket!!! Too cute!

  156. Samantha Cotto says:

    love the bear and blanket set in tutti frutti! Adorable! this is perfect

  157. Karen Parker says:

    that matching blanket and bunny (or bear) are the cutest thing!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  158. Anne King says:

    Love all of the baby items! Thank you.

  159. Andrea Crum says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti print! The Layette set is so adorable! Will be purchasing one for my little bundle of joy!

  160. Dawn Love says:

    I love anything in the tutti frutti! Absolutely adorable!

  161. Stefanie says:

    Love the blanket!! So cute – I think my new little girl is going to need some Vera!

  162. Monique Picazo says:

    I love the tutti frutti collection!! The bunny is adorable!!

  163. Alison says:

    The hooded bath towel would be perfect for my little lady!

  164. Megan Sarber says:

    I love the little ruffled onesie and the dress and bloomers!

  165. Casie says:

    I have been waiting for more baby items and this makes my day. After having three boys and now our baby girl she will be so spoiled. We got our first matching Vera purses before she was even born!!! So excited 🙂

  166. Niesha says:

    The dress is adorable. I love anything in Tutti Frutti!

  167. Blossom says:

    I love the bunny and the blanket! My niece is pregnant, so both would be perfect for her.

  168. Kari says:

    i love the bunny and the blanket in the Lilli Bell color!

  169. Katie Giblin says:

    Oh my goodness. The whole collection too. Cute for. Words to describe. I love it all. My cousin is expecting in July and she iss. Getting the ruffle body suit, blanket and bear in tutti fruitti. I wish there was baby boy stuff as well.

  170. I am in love with the tutti frutti Mary Jane shoes and the ruffle body suits! I have a new niece, and I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw this. Can’t wait to get her in some Vera Bradley Baby!

  171. Elaine Howell says:

    Oh wow it is all fabulous! My daughter is expecting my first grand baby in the fall and she would love all these items! My favorite is Lovey Bunny! This Nana will just have to have one of those!

  172. sandy H says:

    Love, love love Lillibelle!!! Can’t wait to start buying for the new grandbaby!

  173. I love it all! The hooded towel might be my favorite although I’m wishing the bodysuits where around when my babies were still babies. My daughters however have a love affair with blankets so if I bought anything for myself it would be the plush blanket. Running the nursery at my church, I always seem to know SOMEONE who is expecting! 😀

  174. Angelica Brown says:

    I love this!!! Now my little one can share in my Vera obsession!!! I cannot wait to get her in that lilly bell ruffle onesie!!

  175. Kimberly says:

    Changing pad clutch in tutti frutti

  176. Amanda says:

    The backpack baby bag is fantastic!! Wish this was available when I had my little one but I have a very close friend who would aboslutely love to have it!!!

  177. LeAnn Miller says:

    My sister is expecting a little girl in May and she would absolutley love the bunny and blanket!

  178. paula mcgarrell says:

    It is so hard to choose…but I think I will have to go with the tutti frutti…love it… My daughter is do any day considering she has been in labor for a week now…i told her the baby(girl) is waiting for St Patrick’s day which was one of her fathers favorite holidays…my daughter is having a tough time missing her dad, and the baby will be monitored after birth for some type of abnormal growth…so Vera Bradley tutti frutti items would be perfect….Is it available in diaper bags and totes too??? I will keep looking on the website for them…

  179. Amy says:

    My favorite is the hooded towel and bath mitt. So sweet! 🙂

  180. Kristi says:

    I am so in love with the lilli bell style and really adore the bunny and plush blanket. My husband and i are expecting our first child in September and this would make such a great addition to our home. I really love Vera Bradley and when i found out you were coming out with a baby selection, I was So Excited and perfect timeing to our new addition to the family.

  181. Tiffynee Mahurin says:

    Super sad! This makes me want a lil girl so bad. You need more baby boys things.

  182. Mallory says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Tutti Fruitti print! I have a neice on the way whose parents aren’t big into pink so it will be perfect for her. The Ruffle bodysuit is my fave and I will be buying it ASAP for her… Along with several other pieces 🙂

  183. Patty says:

    Love the Tutti Frutti. I’m a sucker for paisley.

  184. Carina H says:

    Hubby & I are expecting out first baby in May … a little girl! I absolutely ADORE the sweet little shoes. She is certainly going to need a pair or two ❤

  185. Sabrina Adams says:

    I love the stuffed bunny! It is absolutely adorable!

  186. Aimee says:

    Everything is beautiful, but I just love the bunny 🙂

  187. says:

    Love, love, love it all!! The bibs are adorable. Our first is due July 3rd. I’m praying it’s a girl so I can deck her out in Vera Bradley lol.

  188. Amanda says:

    The ruffled body suit is definitely my favorite!! 🙂

  189. Patricia A Schmutz says:

    My youngest son’s best friend since they were 5 years old and like a 4th son to me is expecting a little girl in July.. I LOVE the green bunny – he is so adorable.. Would love to be able to give it to Parker when she is born 🙂

  190. Angie says:

    Love my Vera B! I was so excited to see baby item as I recently had a baby girl. I see some of those precious little shoes in her near future 🙂

  191. Elizabeth Hupp says:

    I love the burp cloths! Perfect for my drooling champ and will look great in my diaper bag

  192. Ryann Harper says:

    I’m due April 11th 2013! Just 4 short weeks untill I have a beautiful baby girl! I can’t wait for her to be a little Vera girl!!

  193. jessica dorney says:

    I love the tutti fruiti bunny and the shoes. These babies will be so stylish at such a young age.

  194. Jennifer says:

    The Tutti fruiti is pretty cute!

  195. Danielle says:

    My favorite is the Ruffle onsie in Tutti Frutti!!

  196. Melissa Cole says:

    I am in love with the whole collection! But love the Lilli bell color and the bunny, how cute is that! Also the dresses, oh so cute!!

  197. Anne Mostella says:

    I do know someone who is expecting, and I love the little dress in “Lilli Bell”

  198. Shaquita says:

    My favorite by far is dress and bloomers in Lilli Bell! Too cute! I don’t know if we’re having a by or girl but that outfit will be in the bag!!

  199. Jesica says:

    I love the tutti frutti bunny! It’s the perfect gift for the spring babies all my friends are having!

  200. Angelica Costello says:

    I absolutely love the dress and bloomers set ♥

  201. Danielle Marchessault says:

    The baby Mary Janes could not be cuter, my daughter will be born in 11 days and she will definitely be a vera baby!

  202. Sommer says:

    The dress and bloomers set as well as the Mary Jane shoes are just adorable… So classic! And I’m finding myself quite partial to the Lilly Bell pattern – How cheerful and Springlike!

  203. Stefanie says:

    I am expecting & absolutely love the Va Va Bloom pattern & the bunny is too cute, tgat would look perfect in my babies nursery as the colors I have chosen are very similar! I also love the changing pad since I got a Vera Bag that didn’t come with one!

    • Stefanie says:

      Sorry I meant tutti frutti pattern, I must have had the other stuck in my head because I also love that pattern!

  204. mbethsiegel says:

    Love the dress and microfiber messenger baby bag!

  205. Betty J says:

    I am going to be a great grandmother for the first time and cannot wait to shop for the bunny for the new arrival!

  206. Pat Connor says:

    I love the dress and bloomer.

  207. Amy Sparrow says:

    The bunny is just the cutest thing ever!

  208. Jessica Svitak says:

    I love the Plush Blanket in Tutti Frutti!

  209. As a first time mother of an adorable preemie that is now 8 month old but still wearing wear size 0- 3 months…. and an absolute Vera Bradley NUT, I am thrilled to hear of the introduction of this line! Looking forward to dressing her in fun patterns this spring and hopefully showing her new bunny off in many Facebook photos to my 1400+ friends!!!

  210. Julie hopper says:

    I love tutti frutti! Going to a baby shower in April. The mom to be would love something Vera baby!

  211. Sam Snyder says:

    I went to the baby launch at a local Vera store today, I’m in love with the Tutti Fruttie, especially the ruffle onsie!

  212. Both are so adorable but I LOVE Tutti Frutti and would love to have a bunny and plush blanket for my little KJ!!!!!!!

  213. I absolutely love the ruffle bodysuit in the lilli bell for my cousin who is having a baby girl in May. It makes want to have a baby just to be able to dress them in all the cute items but that is crazy since I am almost 50 so I will just have to buy cute baby gifts.

  214. Chris Braun says:

    I love all of these — so hard to choose! Right now I want to buy the dress & bloomers for a 6-month old and the matching bunny for her 2-year-old sister. Then I need the layette for a baby girl due in June. I know I’ll end up wanting to buy them everything, though! And I can’t decide which color I like better. (For me, I am going to buy a bag in Tutti Fruitti as soon as they come out.)

  215. Tara Thomas says:

    Love the lilli belle bunny!

  216. rachel bucciarelli says:

    I love all the tutti frutti. Especially the bunny!

  217. Michelle McCarty says:

    My sister had her Baby in January. She was the first baby of the New Year at her Hospital. I had a bunny blanket when I was little and I want to get her one too in Tutti Fruitti! Then her Auntie and Her can match!! How fun!

  218. Dianne says:

    Love the bath items… have had a VB obsession since 1990 with the Winnie the Pooh exclusives and this tops them all! Welcome to babies’ worlds, VB!

  219. I love it all! About time. I am soon to be a grandmother and can’t wait to buy Vera Bradley baby things. I love the tutti fruity bunny.

  220. Kim Stewart says:

    Tutti Frutti anything!

  221. Lauren says:

    I love the lilli bell bunny! So cute!

  222. Colleen Waksmundzki says:

    I absolutely love the dress. I had to get it for my daughter for Easter!

  223. Natalie says:

    I love love love that sweet little bunny!

  224. Ellen Holthoff says:

    The bath towel and dress and bloomers are absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to purchase for my baby girl!

  225. Beth Elias says:

    Ruffled bodysuit is so sweet!!

  226. amanda ables says:

    I absolutely LOVE the bunny in the tutti frutti. Simply adorable!

  227. Tammy says:

    My daughter loves the baby bag I got her for a shower gift. I think the new towel is a must have, but need a little boy pattern also. Cutest is the shoes. Love all the new stuff.

  228. Hana Venegas says:

    I love them all! I wish this stuff came out when I was pregnant with my little girl…but my sister is expecting, and I recently got her hooked on VB! Hoping I win something for my future niece!

  229. Angela says:

    I love the lovey bunny and the Mary Jane soft shoes! They are gorgeous!

  230. Leslie Brown says:

    Do I really have to pick?! Everything is absolutely darling! I can’t wait to get my hands on the whole collection.

  231. Rebecca Zey says:

    I love the tutti frutti color pattern and the soft crib shoes are adorable.

  232. Sara Huggard says:

    I looooove all the baby stuff in tutti fruiti!

  233. Lindsey Cox says:

    I love the dress and bloomers! The baby line could not have come at a better time for me! I just had my first child, a girl, in January! I am so thrilled and cannot wait to pick up a few things for my sweet baby girl!

  234. Tracy says:

    Love your color Lilli Bell. I love that you came out with baby items. So wonderful. The blanket looks amazing and so does the cute bunny. Perfect for Easter!

  235. Jennifer says:

    Love the tutti frutti layette.

  236. Angela says:

    the bunny is great! really like the towels as well. how adorable!

  237. Jennifer detore says:

    Just had a baby girl and I am in love with shoes and socks

  238. katie johnson says:

    I love the tutti frutti!! I am expecting twins in august!

  239. Denise Monday says:

    The plush blanket and ruffle romper in Lilli Bell would be my favorite!

  240. Rachel says:

    Expecting baby #2 in September, so don’t know the sex yet, but the Tutti Fruiti pattern for the convertible baby bag would work for either. Love the Tutti Fruiti fabric on everything!

  241. Lynn Jurena says:

    My girls and I have loved everything Vera since they were in school. Now I can’t wait for the tradition to continue onto the newest member of the family. All the color choices are fabulous, but if I had to pick my favorite it would be Lilli Bell!

  242. Peggy grier says:

    Love love all your patterns… Thrilled to see all the adorable baby items.

  243. I love the little dresses! How sweet! I have 2 little girls and can’t wait to get them something from this colletion!

  244. Emily T. says:

    I absolutely adore the mary janes!! I’m a total sucker for shoes!!

  245. Tutti Fruity is such an adorable print. I can’t wait to find out what my first grandbaby will be, but Tutti Fruity will work either way. August I go from Mama to Mimi!

  246. Jackie S. Carl says:

    I love the Dress & Bloomer collection. I love both colors…Lilli Bell and Tutti Frutti.

  247. Sarah V. says:

    Love the dress and bloomers!! If this baby is a girl she will be a VB baby for sure!!

  248. Amy Pirrong says:

    OMG The dress and bloomers in Lilli Bell is GORGEOUS…Pair it with the Mary Janes and what a doll like outfit! Running out this weekend to find it for my 3 months old niece – whos name is Lauren Belle – whats more appropriate than Lilli Bell patterns?

  249. Melissa says:

    Definitely the hooded towel! That picture gives me baby fever! I am emailing it to my husband. 🙂

  250. Brandi Swissler says:

    I LOVE everything but the dress and bunny are super cute!

  251. Pam says:

    Love the convertible baby bag, the 3 piece layette set and of course the bunny! How cute all of your styles and patterns are! So excited for this new line!

  252. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Love the towels and the bunny! My friends just adopted a new baby with Downs Syndrome. They would love these.

  253. Tracey Bowry says:

    I love the tutti frutti pattern in the Lovey Bunny. It is adorable. All of it is so cute!

  254. Jan says:

    I cannot say what item I like the most because I Love them ALL!!! My son and his fiance are expectiong in July and this showing could not have happened at a more perfect time. I guess the layette with the hat would be my favorite. I knew I was in trouble when I viewed the entire line. Cannot wait for Delaney to get here.

  255. Lauren L says:

    I want it all!!! and i don’t even have kids!!! my favorite is the SHOES!!! I will be having a Vera Bradley nursery for sure in the future!!

  256. I love the bunny and hope to have a granddaughter to put the dress on!

  257. Becky P says:

    My sweet month old baby can’t wait to wear the ruffled-bottom onesie in Tutti Fruiti. Although all of the new styles and colors are adorable, that seems to be mom and baby’s favorite!

  258. Jennifer Owen says:

    I love the lovey bunny! so cute

  259. christie says:

    the patterns make for beautiful baby layette. the ruffled bodysuit…i die!

  260. Lori Pesto says:

    Love the towels. I still use my hooded towels I got as baby gifts. I have several friends pregnant that I will be getting gifts for shortly so this would be great for one of them.

  261. Shawn byrne says:

    Since I’m having a new baby girl, I like the lilli bell! Sweet pinks, after all the blues in my home with four big brothers for my princess!

  262. sue knapp says:

    Love the Lilli Bell dress & matchy bloomers & sox – adorable outfit.

  263. I’m expecting triplet girls in May and my little ladies are going to just look darling in Vera Bradley Baby! I love the Mary Janes paired with the dress and bloomers!

  264. Danelle Kern says:

    Love it all especially the towels are shoes simply presh!

  265. Momma Chaos says:

    Oh my gosh!! What isn’t to love?? The bunny especially captures my heart though 🙂

  266. Kathleen says:

    I am planning on heading to my local Vera Bradley store so I can spoil my little girl with some treats from this adorable collection! I love it all – especially the bunny and the dress!

  267. Shauna Grantham says:

    Love the Lilli Bell!! I ordered the Dress and Bloomers set. I cannot wait until it arrives.

  268. Trista H. says:

    My 2nd baby girl is due in April. I can’t wait to dress her in tutti frutti! The ruffled onesies and plush blankets are my favorite items! I have to admit, it’s all adorable though!

  269. Paula says:

    Love the both of them but my favorite would be the bunny!!!!

  270. Melissa L says:

    My favorite is the ruffle bodysuit and the lovey!

  271. scoopstweet says:

    Love Lilli Belle style on the receiving blanket! Just adorable!

  272. Amanda says:

    I love the baby dress and ruffle bloomers in lilli bell! Everything is adorable.

  273. Amanda Parker says:

    I’m expecting my first baby in September! Lilli Bell is my favorite, the bunny and the blanket ate the perfect size for a little one to carry around for years to come! 🙂

  274. Andrea Anderson says:

    Love Love Love the baby shoes and bunny!! sooo sweet! Loving all the colors & patterns too!

  275. Love the Tutti Fruitti onesie with ruffles!

  276. Marla Mitchell says:

    My daughter announced yesterday that she is expecting my TENTH grandchild! She has three beautiful boys and is secretly hoping for a girl. If it is a girl, this Granny has already picked out the cutest Vera Bradley baby outfits and this prize would be a perfect addition to her forthcoming wardrobe!!

  277. Caraline Craft says:

    Expecting a sweet little girl, Emma Rose, in June! My favorite style is the Make a Change diaper bag I just ordered in Tutti Frutti! Love the outfits, shoes, bibs, blankets, and towel set as well! I want it all! 🙂 Thanks, VB for diminishing my paycheck! 🙂

  278. Toni p. says:

    The bunny is super adorable!

  279. Joanne Deutch says:

    The paisley green bunny. So sweet! I’m so glad that you started making baby items, my daughter is having a girl in June, I will buy many things from you!

  280. Eileen says:

    I love the dresses with the bloomers to go underneath!! I’m due with my 1st baby in three weeks!! Hoping its a little girl!!!

  281. Jann says:

    Lilli Bell …well really love them all…. my son sent me a Vera Bradley bag… both my son and his new wife have red hair and blue eyes… they will need all kinds of green stuff for the probably red haired blue eyed baby! 🙂 ❤

  282. Dawn says:

    Dress & Bloomers – too cute!

  283. Allie Henderson says:

    The ruffle bodysuit in tutti frutti is absolutely adorable along with the matching socks!! I would love to get these for my friend who is having her 4th child, and the first girl!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

  284. Liz Candido says:

    I have my Diaperbag that i love and use all the time…cant wait to add more baby items now!!

  285. Lisa Alley says:

    WI’m 4 days past my due date and expecting a baby girl. So winning a gift like this would be amazing! I am in love with the ruffled onesies they are adorable 🙂

  286. Rebecca Ellingsworth says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti bunny and the little Mary Janes!

  287. Sarah K. says:

    One of my best friends just had her baby girl at 3am this morning. She will definitely be a Vera girl just like her Mommy and her “Aunt” Sarah. The tutti frutti is adorable : )

  288. Jennifer Haak says:

    I love it all!! But the dress and bloomers is great!!

  289. Nicole says:

    Love the tutti frutti!!!!

  290. alexis says:

    This is adorable! Absolutely love the bunny!

  291. Melba Jones says:

    I love anything Vera Bradley makes….the baby line is so adorable. I have the right baby to show off this line and it will be a hit.

  292. Melody Creed says:

    I love it all. My baby girl is 15 months old and would look beautiful in the onsies and will give sugars to bunny all day.

  293. Stephanie Kinney says:

    I love tge lillibelle for my daughter Bella. It’s perfect. But I love everything Vera Bradley!,

  294. Lori says:

    I’m expecting my first baby in October, & I am a huge VB fanatic! Live the Lilli Bell print & I will be buying a ruffle bodysuit if I found out it’s a girl! 🙂

  295. Pam Lopez says:

    Tutti Frutti is my favorite style! I love the paisley print and it would look great on my friends new baby girl.

  296. i have two vera diaper bags i use all the time and absolutely love, we are expecting our second daughter in may and can’t wait to get some of the new baby items. i love them all!

  297. riebe says:

    Some sweet friends of mine are having and just had baby girls–I want nothing more than to spoil them all with this beautiful line! Love it all but the Tutti Frutti pattern is just so precious!

  298. Carol Hardage says:

    Love the idea that Vera Bradley is including a baby line! Sure helps when buying shower gifts! Thanks, Carol

  299. Absolutely loving the Dress & Bloomers in Tutti Frutti!

  300. Sarah Vaughn says:

    I love the towels and bunny! So adorable! Vera baby rocks!

  301. Lisa D. says:

    Everything is cute, cute, cute!! I could totally use a new diaper bag;-))

  302. Jana says:

    The new VB Baby line is adorable!

  303. Bronwyn Sternberg says:

    I love the Lilli Bell dress with matching bloomers!

  304. Maria wooton says:

    I love the bunny and blanket and just about everything. Makes me want to have another little one. Thanks 🙂

  305. Katrina says:

    Just found out we are having baby girl #2! Love it all!

  306. Jill Helfrich says:

    I can’t pick just ONE favorite! I love the 3-piece layette set, and the plush blanket! If I win, this will be for the baby my husband and I have been praying for!!! 🙂

  307. Megan says:

    I think the indigo Pop is very pretty and almost serene, a great quality for new Moms! But, I love love love the tutti frutti!!! It is so fresh and fun. Plus mint is very in right now! I know my girlfriends would love that dress and bloomer set, and my favorite is the ruffle body suit, so cute.

  308. sharon e-h says:

    Am a northerner vacationing in florida with cousins and everything we brought is in vera bags!!! Many fun comments about our bags. We are searching for baby vera here for gifts and no one is carrying the baby line….so disappointing…so would love to have a set for my granddaughter…so please enter me in the drawing!!

    • Chris Braun says:

      Sharon, I have always had great experience buying online from when I can’t find something in my local shop. I called my shop this morning and they do have the baby things, but they only have the outfits in 0-3 month size and I want 6-9, so will be doing an online order.

  309. Chris M says:

    I love everything my husband and I are expecting our first child on May 7th she will look adorable ! We love tutti fruitti 🙂

  310. Tosha says:

    Love the tutti frutti bunny 🙂

  311. Kim says:

    I love everything but my favorite is the dress and bloomers! I can’t wait to get this for my baby girl! She is going to look soo cute this summer!

  312. Candas says:

    I adore the Lilli Bell pattern! The bear is so sweet, although so are ALL of the items. I am so excited y’all did a baby launch!

  313. Tiffany says:

    We love the bunny. I have a six month old little angel. She would LOVE it!

  314. Ashley Brandow says:

    I have one of my good friends who is expecting a girl. I would love to give gifts to her from vera baby. I love all colors

  315. Susan J says:

    It is ALL my favorite! LOVE the new “arrivals”!

  316. Adriana Guerra says:

    I would love this for our baby. I have started a Vera collection and this would be a nice way to start hers.

  317. dana f says:

    I am going to a baby shower in May and the 3 pc. Layette Set in Tutti Frutti would be the BEST gift i could give!! all of the items are just adorable and so sweet!! cant wait to get shopping!! New patterns are a WIN this spring!! 🙂

  318. Ashley Ostraff says:

    Tutti fruitti is super cute!

  319. Karen Freeman says:

    Our daughter is having a baby girl in 2 months. I love the tutti fruiti in the dress and bloomers and the green paisley print on the bear and bunny.

  320. Patricia Hamilton says:

    My 7th grandchild was born November, 2012. My daughter loves Vera Bradley and has the Canyon diaper bag. The tutti frutti bunny is so cute. Just love that there is now baby Vera Bradley.

  321. Rachel Bunker says:

    The bunny is precious and who doesn’t love a soft, fuzzy blanket to snuggle up in? We are pregnant with our 3rd child and are desperately hoping for a girl. Maybe if we win this it will help sweeten the deal!

  322. Emily says:

    I LOVE it all, but the ruffle bodysuit and bunny are very sweet!

  323. Misty Sanchez says:

    I have been waiting for Vera Bradley to come out with a baby line for a long time, and now that its finally happening the time has came and gone for my kids to use the products. However I have a little cousin who has a baby girl who would just look adorable in Vera. I can’t wait to shop her around the store.

  324. KathyN says:

    I’m loving the dress and bloomers set in Lilli Bell!!!!

  325. Kelli says:

    I am 7 months pregnant with a little girl we are naming Ava. I would love to be picked to have this for my little girl in the lulli bell. I love it!

  326. Amanda Valenzuela says:

    I love the tutti frutti print and all of the cute products!

  327. alexandrea says:

    I LOVE vera Bradley and love the adorable baby blanket in tutti fruiti I can’t wait to get one for my daughter 🙂

  328. How adorable are these products?! The pacifier pod is a great idea!

  329. Brittnee Boggs says:

    Absolutely in love with the Tutti Frutti print!! This would look adorable on my best friend since childhood’s sweet baby girl!!! ❤ These are a must have for all sweet little girls!! ❤

  330. Lindsey Bramlett says:

    Our whole family LOVES Vera Bradley! We were so excited to hear about the baby collection. My 8 month old daughter would look so good wearing the Tutty Fruity! I can’t wait to get to the store and shop for her! 🙂

  331. Angela M says:

    I think the new baby line is adorable! My husband has been wanting another baby for a while now, and I promise this line is so cute it makes me cave. I also have several friends expecting. Gifting Vera baby would not only make a beautiful and unique gift, it would also start their baby our right. Hehe!

  332. Carolyn says:

    Dress and Bloomers in Tutti Frutti is too adorable! I love ruffle butts!! 🙂

  333. Kristin says:

    Love the Tutti Frutti for this expecting mommie 🙂

  334. Kristen says:

    Love the little dress and bloomers!

  335. Michelle Kennamer Dream Come True says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Awwwwe, how precious and ever SO adorable!!! 🙂 Yes, I know of a VERY sweet & ever SO precious baby girl and baby boy that this mommy would be EXTREMELY grateful, if chosen 🙂 I am SO proud you are carrying baby items now 🙂 The WHOLE collection is absolutely VERY beautiful and I want one of everything you carry 🙂 ~ My ULTIMATE favorites are: Make a Change~Tutti Frutti and also, Provencal, I love, love, love both of them a lot!! Thank You SO much for this VERY lovely opportunity and good luck to all 🙂 Have a SUPER BLESSED day to everyone!! Been a HUGE fan of Vera Bradley for MANY years now & STILL loving it!! With Many Thanks, Michelle ❤ ❤ ❤

  336. Heather Curtis says:

    That blanket looks super soft and that bunny is a adorable
    I love Vera Bradley

  337. Evelyn says:

    love the ruffle bodysuit and the layette set so adorable for baby wish they had it in other colers too
    but will still by the book for all my mom to be friends!!!!

  338. I am in love with the ruffled body suit in Tutti Frutti! I am due any day now with my 3rd and have had Vera baby bags for the other two and can’t wait to get to the store to buy my third her diaper bag.

  339. I love the towel and bunny! ❤

  340. Tiffany McSherry says:

    I love it all but the bunny is adorable!

  341. Lauren Engels says:

    My sister-in-law is due in August, and she’s having a baby girl! I love all of the prints in new Vera Bradley baby line, but the Tutti Frutti is my favorite. The Dress and Bloomers, 3-Piece Layette Set and Mary Jane Soft Shoes are the most precious baby gifts I have ever seen. I want to buy them all for her!!!

  342. Janelle says:

    I love the Dress and Bloomers set and the bunny lovey. So cute!

  343. Whitney says:

    I absolutely love the hooded towels! The trim is precious and they look so soft!

  344. Jackie says:

    I’m expecting! I’m in love with the tutti frutti pattern! Thinking about getting one of the new diaper bag styles, even though my old V.B. diaper bag is still in perfect condition. Love the backpack style!

  345. Katie Gurksnis says:

    I love the little dresses and the bear is just adorable.

  346. Melissa Hagood says:

    We are expecting #3 and are soo excited. I LOVE all things Vera! Love the ruffled onesies and the cute bunny in Tutti Frutti.

  347. Lori Staifer says:

    I am expecting Aug. 12 and I just LOVE this new baby line from Vera! I especially think the ruffle bodysuit is too cute! Both colors are beautiful as well!

  348. the ruffled body suit is so adorable, but the dress and bloomers with the little shoes would be a wonderful Easter outfit. So many ooh’s and ahh’s!

  349. Courtney may says:

    Love!love! This collection too cute!!!!;) expecting my second child in oct and super excited!!

  350. Andrea says:

    Love the Backpack Baby Bag in Tutti Frutti might have to get that for my niece that’s due in July 😀

  351. says:

    Hope to have another grandbaby soon so I can purchase some VB baby stuff!

  352. Kristen D says:

    I absolutely adore the dress and Mary Jane shoes. The blanket is amazing too! I want it all!

  353. Lynda B says:

    I can just see my granddaughter in that dress with those shoes!!! I like the bunny and the bank because they will forever be in her room.

  354. Desiree says:

    i love the tutti frutti colors! wow

  355. Rebecca Thomas says:

    My favorites are the ruffle onsie and the bear!

  356. I am due with my 2nd child in August and I’m definetly getting a Vera Bradley Diaper Bag this time. Can’t wait to pick it out!

  357. Teresa Young says:

    I want that piggie bank for myself! (: I just wish that it came in Tutti Frutti!

  358. MoriahN says:

    Two of my wonderful friends are expecting! A plush blanket and a bunny would be perfect for them! : )

  359. Kate Schondek says:

    The bunny is so very sweet! It’s terribly hard to choose a favorite, but that Bunny is definitely perfect.

  360. Tiffany Morris says:

    The entire baby line is ADORABLE!! But, I love the ruffle body suit and Mary Jane soft shoes in Tutti Frutti. 🙂

  361. Larynn Shaffer says:

    I absolutely LOVE the three piece layette set! Absolutely adorable! Can’t wait to add to my Vera collection for my little now.

  362. Meg Munson says:

    I love both designs but the Lilli Bell. My daughter reaches for it every time I have it pulled up on the computer. And with a first birthday coming up, I may just need to find a way to get her a dress and bloomers.

  363. Beth Schulmeister says:

    I Love the backpack baby bag! Plum Crazy!! So pretty!

  364. Jennifer kovell says:

    I just love Vera Bradley and have enjoyed the updates if this beautiful baby line. I can’t wait to put my little one in something!

  365. Lauren B. says:

    I love the ruffled bodysuit in Tutti Frutti! So cute!

  366. Christine Moenke says:

    I am totally a Vera Bradley fan. i love your colors and your patterns. I am always thrilled to see new products.

  367. Katie says:

    My sister just found out she was pregnant after several doctors told her it would never happen! We are so excited for this miracle baby and I love ALL the styles- especially the plush blanket, the receiving blanket, & the hooded towel. If its a girl, she will definitely have the dress and bloomers, as well as the adorable mary jane shoes!

  368. Zayne walters says:

    I live the dress and bloomers. Actually, the entire line!

  369. Ashley H says:

    My youngest daughter is 3 weeks old and I will definitely be purchasing some Vera baby items for her!! Some of my favorites are the dress with bloomers and the shoes!!!

  370. krystal says:

    Vera Bradley baby was such a cute idea. I love the 3 pc outfit along with the adorable bunny. We just had our precious little girl and I cant wait to buy her some stuff!!

  371. Diane says:

    I am going to be a first time grandma in May to a sweet little girl. every things is so adorable, I am getting the hooded towel and bath mitt for our beach house, and I cant decide shoes, blanket, or the dress and bloomers for an Easter basket stuffer for Mom. Love it all. I’ve passed around the Oh! Baby brochure in work, you should hear the shrieks of delight and everyone trying to figure who that had to buy some of the items for

  372. Mary Spande says:

    Love the bunny. It would make a great gift for a friend who is expecting her first baby. I already plan to get her a baby bag, the bunny and blanket in the same color would make a great addition.

  373. Gretchen says:

    I am expecting! First baby due in July! My favorite new items are the Receiving Blanket and the Baby Socks!! So Cute!

  374. Ellysa says:

    I love the bunny and blanket!
    My husband and I just had our baby girl! She is our second baby though(lost out first when I was only 7 1/2 months pregnant).
    But we would love to spoil her wih the new baby line!

  375. Lara Kruger says:

    I just love tutti frutti. Paisley is my favorite design. I just became a first time Aunt on February 10th. My sweet little niece Layla Elizabeth was born on that day in Savannah, Georgia. She is a preemie and just made it to 6 lbs. At one month old. Her mother and I are huge Vera Bradley fans and its only fitting for Layla to be one too. Layla would love that cuddly blanket and rabbit. Thank you for your consideration.

  376. I love it all! Especially the pattern in Tutti Frutti – will you be offering bigger sizes eventually?

  377. Amanda says:

    Cute items but sad to see baby boys have been completely left out…

  378. Liza Sontos says:

    Will you come out with more blues and yellows incase I have a baby boy?

  379. Ashley N. says:

    I am expecting my first this August and I am soooo excited that Vera Bradley has come out with a baby line. I’m in heaven!!! I love the ruffled body suit in Tutti Frutti!!

  380. Heather Crites says:

    Our first baby girl is due in July and I’m ecstatic over the new baby line! My favorite is the dress and bloomers!!!

  381. Alicia Schwartz says:

    I just started my third trimester on Tuesday and am in love with these! I especially like the tutti fruiti. I think that there may be some Vera Bradley Baby in my soon to be daughter’s future.

  382. Samantha Drozdowski says:

    I LOVE the Daisy tote! It is too cute!

  383. Sharon says:

    I am in LOVE with tutti frutti!! I’m a photographer and would love to use the hooded towel and the bunny in my newborn and toddler picture sessions!

  384. Carol Coleman says:

    Love the new line for babies.

  385. Rashell Kellerman says:

    My 9 month old LOVES bunnies. I think this collection is adorable!

  386. Stephanie says:

    Love the piggy bank and the dress and bloomers! Either would be fabulous for my 2 little girls.

  387. Niki says:

    Way too excited about the entire baby line!!! Luckily, I have a baby girl now to spoil with it 🙂

  388. Katie W. says:

    I love everything in the collection and am getting a convertible diaper bag, but my favorite is the body suit (especially in Tutti Fruity)– you have to love those ruffles on the bum!

    The baby line was announced right after I found out I was having another girl so I was extra excited about it!

  389. Phoebe Tsai says:

    I love the hooded towel and changing pad clutch!

  390. April Mathers says:

    I could not choose a favorite style…because everything is SUPER cute 🙂 Good thing I have a little baby girl to buy for…I think I may have another addiction, other than just buying the purses!

  391. Sandi Kruszyna says:

    I just purchased 2 of the bunny and purse bundles. So cute! One is for my granddaughter for Easter, and one is for a baby shower gift. I can’t wait to get them!

  392. Erika says:

    I have been waiting for today!!! I am expecting my first child in June, a little girl!! I LOVE the ruffle body suits and the mary jane shoes….really, I love everything! Already have my Vera Bradley baby bag and cannot wait to get some things from the new collection!!!!!!

  393. Melissa says:

    Oh, the bunnies are adorable! I am liking this collection for the little ones 🙂

  394. Jennifer L. says:

    I love the clutch! Say bye bye to my big baby bag! I’m ready to be on be go with just one purse!

  395. Kim McGovern says:

    I love the new baby items – they are adorable and the colors are great.

  396. Amber Szlag says:

    I am really feeling the clothes! Esp the maryjanes! I like this whole line! Can’t wait to see what other surprises you have up your sleeve!

  397. Ivanny Oliva says:

    My one and only baby sister and her husband who is in the navy are expecting their first baby in August this year. She is obsessed with Vera Bradley and is even more crazy over the baby line and Lilli bell Style. She told me her baby will be the Vera Baby like in the advertisements. She said her husband gave her “I married a crazy person, and I’m used to it” Look. 🙂 I’m sure she would be thrilled with the blankie and bunny!

    • Ivanny Oliva says:

      I’d like to add that I haven’t seen her in over a year since got married and moved away. I’m expecting in June and she is due in August so we’re supporting each other from afar. I’m sure she would be thrilled to receive this from me 🙂

  398. Erika V. Huerta says:

    Love the dress, onesie, socks and shoes in Lilli Bell On my way to the store to buy them for my precious girl! Cant wait to see her wearing them she will look beautiful!

  399. Loreen Terroni says:

    I love them all but my favorite is the dress with the matching bloomers!!!

  400. Kimberly Maras says:

    Huge fan of Vera Bradley and we found out yesterday we’re expecting a baby girl in August! Can’t wait to get her, her first Vera Bradley! Love the bunny! 🙂

  401. Karen Skapin says:

    Love the Lilli bell pattern! My 11 month old daughter is named Lilly! Love the baby bags!

    I have a friend expecting a boy in July. Any plans for a boy’s collection?

  402. lenorelane says:

    I love the ruffles! They’re so precious and feminine. I know I’ll have to buy the Dress and Bloomers and the little Mary Janes for my future daughter!

  403. Lisa Moyer says:

    The onesies are adorable!!!

  404. Michelle Mong says:

    I absolutely LOVE everything in the collection! I especially love the bunny and the dress & bloomers in lilli bell! I’ve always had a Vera baby bag and I’d love to deck out my month and a half old daughter in some Vera gear!

  405. lollybrubs says:

    I just found out we are expecting our first child right after you announced that you were launching Vera Bradley Baby. I think it is fate! I think the bunny and the bottle carrier are so sweet I cant wait to get them.

  406. Krissy says:

    Love everything in the new baby line, especially the tutti frutti 🙂

  407. Ivanny Oliva says:

    My one and only baby sister and her husband who is in the navy are expecting their first baby in August this year. She is obsessed with Vera Bradley and is even more crazy over the baby line and Lilli bell Style. She told me her baby will be the Vera Baby like in the advertisements. She said her husband gave her “I married a crazy person, and I’m used to it” Look. I’m sure she would be thrilled with the blankie and bunny!I’d like to add that I haven’t seen her in over a year since got married and moved away. I’m expecting in June and she is due in August so we’re supporting each other from afar. I’m sure she would be thrilled to receive this from me

  408. I love the pacifier pod in Plum Crazy!!! My husband and I are expecting our first child, a boy, in July and I’m so excited about all of the Vera Bradley baby items!

  409. Kristan A. says:

    Welcome to the World, VB Baby! I’m loving everything in the new collection and what perfect timing…my little girl just arrived a few months ago. I’m thinking the plush bunny in Tutti Frutti will be her new fave! All these things are great complements to our VB baby bag.

  410. Donna Lynady says:

    I LOVE the Tutti Fruitti! The Bunny and Blankie would be so sweet for my little Grandbaby Lucy 🙂 So happy to see Vera making a baby line!

  411. Chel-C says:

    I love the hooded towels! And the bunny.

  412. I love the Lilli Bell on everything, but I love the bags in the Dogwood. They’re all gorgeous. I have two sisters expecting this year! One in June and one in July :] It’s going to be a wonderful summer. Any of the Vera Baby collection would make great baby shower gifts.

    PS-Those Mary Jane Shoes are the cutest!

  413. Carlee says:

    Love everything but especially the Lovey Bunny. How adorable!

  414. Bridget says:

    I love the baby shoes, but everything is adorable! A close friend of mine is expecting her first child soon!

  415. Laurie Whitworth says:

    Would LOVE gifting some of my pregnant friends w/ any of these new baby items…LOVE the green and the pink…the shoes are SO cute!

  416. Adrienne says:

    My little girl will be here next week. I think she needs the mary janes. Mommy needs the changing pad clutch in Lilli Bell.

  417. JC says:

    Love the Convertible Baby Bag in Plum Crazy!!!

  418. bethani atwood says:

    I love everything!!!! Especially everything in tutti frutti! Expecting our first baby in may and she is going to rock vera bradley!!!

  419. Jessica F. says:

    I’m in love with everything Tutti Frutti!! The baby line is absolutely adorable. Hope this baby I’m cooking up is a girl so we can deck her out with Vera Bradley!

  420. Stephanie Akins says:

    Perfect timing! Our little girl (a complete surprise- we have 2 boys) is due in 40 days. I absolutely love the Tutti Fruit. The bunny is favorite item but it’s all so adorable!!!!

  421. Lavande says:

    Several of my friends are expecting this year, and I would love to spoil them with some adorable VB Baby!!

  422. Miranda says:

    I love Lilli Bell! I am going to say the dress and bloomers are my favorite! Will be giving it as a baby shower gift this summer!

  423. crystal grissam says:

    Love the tutti frutti print!!!! Hard to choose but the receiving blanket is one of my favorites! Hope you come out with a few prints that are neutral/boy style!!!

    • Lnda Dowdy says:

      My daughter is expecting and due in May. I just love the Lilli Bell!! Sure would love to win for her new baby, Olivia Rae

  424. Emily says:

    I love, Love, LOVE the new VB Baby line!! Both patterns are adorable, but I love the pastels of Tutti Frutti! The Mary Janes are my fav with the blanket right behind!!

  425. Lynette says:

    super cuteness. we are headed out this weekend to the Vera Bradley store at the Phoenix Biltmore- such fun prints.

  426. Ashley M. says:

    I am gonna be an aunt….again , for the 3rd time 🙂 being a huge Vera Bradley fan, I would absolutely love to spoil my niece or nephew…or even the mommy to be!! I know when I had my beautiful babies, I had to carry all their little things in a VB diaper bag ❤ now that Vera Bradley baby has arrived, it's making me want to have another one!!

  427. Lynette says:

    Oh, and I would love to win this adorable item!

  428. Hannah Piontkowski says:

    Mom of 9 month old triplets girls (Olivia, Vivienne and Hope)…Love the ruffeled body suits and dresses with bloomers. The bold vivid colors are beautiful 🙂 Looking forward to getting a few pieces for the girls.

  429. Denise says:

    I love all the pieces in both patterns, but I’d have to say that the towel and bunny in Tutti Frutti are my favorites.

  430. Nicole says:

    I love Vera bags n this new collection! Hoping baby #2 will b a girl to spoil her in Vera.

  431. autumn McCullough says:

    I love the baby blanket one 🙂 I’m due Aug 16 🙂

  432. Linda Stansel says:

    Our Lilly was just born on March 7, 2013 and has her entire room done in pinks and greens and would love this new Lilly Bell pattern after her name!

  433. autumn McCullough says:

    And the diaper bag 🙂

  434. Malia Ropel says:

    Love the baby collection! The bunny in Tutti Fruitti is absolutely adorable.

  435. Ashlee Quilty says:

    I just brought my first born, little girl- Bailey home from the NICU. We are very excited about Vera Baby as we had been piecing together current Vera products to accommodate a baby (lunch box was now a bottle carrier!). I love the plush blanket and the birth announcements!

    • Lisa says:

      I used my Watercolor Lunch Bunch as a bottle carrier for my daughter, as well! It worked great! I also used my large cosmetic case to carry wet items! Vera Bradley’s items are great because they can be used for many different things! Hope your baby girl is doing well!!!

  436. Miranda says:

    I am due at the end of July and can’t decide if I would rather have the Convertible Baby Bag or the Backpack Baby Bag. Oh, the decisions!! But I do know I will be getting it in Tutti Frutti! Adorable! 🙂

  437. Lisa says:

    I just love the Tutti Frutti pattern, and it looks so cute on everything!!! If I have to choose one baby style it would be the ruffled bodysuit/onesie!!!

  438. Jennifer says:

    I love the new Tutti Fruiti pattern!

  439. Kristen says:

    I am expecting a baby girl in less than 7 weeks!! I am obsessed with VB & totally want to add some VB baby to her nursery! My favorites so far are the bunny lovey and the hooded towel! SO adorably cute! 🙂

  440. I love them in Tutti Fruitti, I’m having my first baby this August!

  441. hanna says:

    I like the Mary Jane’s in lilli bell. So cute.

  442. Melissa Svoboda says:

    I love the soft baby shoes in both colors! Not only are they perfect for taking baby out, but they would serve as a gorgeous focal point on display in their room for years to come.

  443. Kelly Miya says:

    I love the receiving blanket in Lilli Bell!

  444. Lexy says:

    Yay Baby! 🙂 I am so happy this collection is here! I really like the Messenger Baby Bag; it is so cute & really functional looking! Thanks for having such a nice giveaway too!

  445. Jaime T. says:

    I love the towels in the Tutti Frutti.

  446. heather c says:

    love love love the shoes in lilli bell!

  447. musiclexy says:

    Yay Baby! 🙂 I am so happy this collection is finally here! I really like the Messenger Baby Bag too; it is really cute & is very functional looking! Thank you for having this great giveaway too!

  448. Shandola says:

    Love this. Would be perfect for my new niece.

  449. Karin says:

    Oh my!!! Everything is darling, but my favorite is the bunny.

  450. Sandy says:

    love the bunny and the baby changing pad clutch!

  451. Rebecca says:

    Love the Bunny! Perfect for my new grandaughter’s Easter basket!!

  452. Lisa Graham says:

    OMG love the new baby line. My “babies” are now 19 and 21 and don’t have babies of their own, yet… but I would love a bunny for myself in Lilli Bell. And I can’t wait for grandbabies to buy Vera goodies for!!!

  453. Amy C. says:

    Adorable! My favorite is the print with the green background. Could work for a boy or girl.

  454. Kelly says:

    The body suits and bibs are darling!!

  455. Megan G says:

    I love the everything in Tutti Frutti!

  456. Lizzie says:

    I am in love with the Mary Jane soft shoes in both of the patterns. The little bows on the shoes are too cute!!

  457. Jenn K says:

    I love it all especially the dress and the tiny socks!

  458. Annie Fullas says:

    Tutti Frutti is by far my favorite!

  459. Shanna says:

    The little Mary Jane shoes are adorable!

  460. Kelley Aronne says:

    I love the baby bag back pack!! I wanted to get a Vera back pack for my first baby arriving in June, but now they make it in the baby line and I NEED it!!!

  461. Lisa Appleby says:

    My 5th baby was finally a girl one year ago …. I absolutely LOVE all of these VB baby items ….. SO sweet! Hope my baby girl gets one or two for Easter 🙂

  462. Kristen Bell says:

    loooove the new baby line!!! I just had my third child in January and know 15 babies due this year!!! cant wait to shop!!!

  463. Carrie says:

    I like the lili bell pattern.

  464. Suzy says:

    Love the dress and bloomers in lilli bell! So sweet

  465. Emerald Brown says:

    I love this set, tutti fruiti paisley:) !!!! My little one would love this soft blanket and bunny!would make for beautiful pictures of my little one and such a sweet memory to keep in the keepsake box when outgrown:)

  466. Allyson says:

    The shoes are so precious! I’m hoping to start a family with my husband soon and I know I will be buying some of these sweet baby items! The clothes are also high on my list but everything is great 🙂

  467. Amy Everpean says:

    Love these little girl dresses, they are so cute!!

  468. Courtney says:

    The bunny is my favorite!

  469. Sarah Scully says:

    Love then bunny in tutti frutti!

  470. Heather E. says:

    We are trying to adopt so we don’t know what gender we will be blessed with, when it happens! I love the Tutti Fruiti Paisley… it could be gender neutral. 🙂

  471. Sarah says:

    You couldn’t time the baby line any better! I think you used to have little girl jumpers? and vests? a long time ago which were also adorable, but they went away before I had any kids. I now have a six month old and am so excited that you now have a baby line. I would love to get the dress with bloomers and the booties to match. So cute! Now, all you need is the hair bands and bows to go with it, or do you already have that too? I am looking forward to the outlet sale in Fort Wayne this Spring. I hope you have some of these items for sale in the tent outside. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this stuff!

  472. Nicholas O says:

    Couple of friends are expecting, and hopefully us soon too. I’m sure any of them would like the bunny, and I know my wife would love it.

  473. Carolyn Miazga says:

    The dress and bloomers in lilli bell are absolutely precious!

  474. nicole says:

    i love this entire collection!!! but the bunny and dress and blanket if i have to pick!!

  475. Elizabeth says:

    Love them all! Love the idea of the stuffed animals!

  476. Karen says:

    I would love to win the bunny!!!

  477. Stephanie says:

    Love everything Vera, I’m pregnant, due in may and I love the onesies!!

  478. Hannah says:

    Love the Mary Jane Soft Shoes, the Bunny, and the Receiving Blanket all in Tutti Frutti!!

  479. Katie Beal says:

    Love Vera Bradley. I love the bunny in Tutti Fruiti. I have a soon to be sixth month old that I plan to turn into a Vera fan.

  480. My favorite pattern is Tutti Frutti and it actually matches our nursery! Our baby girl is due April 19th, and I know if she’s anything like her momma- she will love anything Vera Bradley!!

  481. Caroline says:

    The Lilli Bell onesie is my favorite! My best friend is having a little girl right around Easter and I’d love for her to have this adorable bunny as a Welcome to the World gift 🙂

  482. Joy says:

    My favorite are the onesies! Both patterns are stunning and no doubt a love for any baby designs.

  483. Amanda Steeb says:

    I love the Mary Jane shoes in Tutti Fruiti.

  484. Erica says:

    Love the sleeper set with the hat, they are too cute.

  485. Beverly M says:

    I think the little shoes are the cutest and I love the diaper clutch.

  486. Nicole says:

    My sister is having the first grandchild! She has everything Vera Bradley so these would make a great addition!

  487. Erica Croft says:

    I love the Tutti Frutti pattern!

  488. sheilah alley says:

    I would love either the lilli bell or tutti frutti,they are both beautiful.My new grandaughters basket would be complete if I could add these items to it.I think your new bady line is fantastic.I can’t wait to see what other things you have in store for us.

  489. Whitney says:

    I love the tutti frutti bunny 🙂 too cute!

  490. hazymirage says:

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in September and very excited about the new line! My favorites is the blanket and bunny in tutti frutti, although everything is stunning. We find out in around 4 weeks if its going to be a girl or boy and let me tell you if it’s a girl, watch out!! I am a huge collector of all things Vera and have quite an impressive collection (I think). Next can there be bedding for little girls and linens?! Here’s hoping I win this gift set 🙂 🙂 :). Thank you!!!

  491. Erin Crain says:

    I love the 3 pc layette set in Tutti fruiti!! It’s adorable and of course the pattern is a perfect way to start my little girl out right! Just because she wont yet be able to hold a purse doesn’t mean she can show off her vera love!!

  492. Laura Schank says:

    We just adopted our 2nd baby girl and would love to give her the sweet bunny and blanket! I also adore the bibs and dress in lilli bell 🙂

  493. Claire Alme says:

    My favorite pattern of the new Summer 2013 collection is Tutti Frutti! My absolute favorite item of the new baby collection is the Dress and Bloomers. I know my daughter will love this set of clothes and I can’t wait for great new items from VB!! 🙂

  494. Amy says:

    I love it all! Might have to have another little girl so I can buy the shoes! 😉 Too Cute! I think the Easter Bunny needs to order two bunnies for my little girls’ baskets this year. Love, love, love.

  495. Isabel M. says:

    The soft shoes in Tutti Fruiti are adorable! Love this collection – classy yet soft for such wonderful bundles of joy. The bear and bunny are cute additions for any girl’s room!

  496. Stephanie Barrett says:

    I like the Lilli Bell pattern! I’m having a baby girl next month. I got so excited when I heard Vera Bradley was coming out with a baby line.

  497. Sheila says:

    The backpack baby bag is brilliant with it’s built-in changing station and detachable mat.

  498. Jessica B says:

    I love the layette set- makes me want to have a baby again 😦 Good thing I have lots of pregnant friends 🙂

  499. Rebecca says:

    I may just have to get my nephew and two friends having boys in the next two months some Vera Bradley because I love it all! The dress and bloomers in Lilli Bell are adorable!!

  500. Kyanne says:

    I love the bunny. He looks so snuggly for a nap. And everything with ruffles is so adorable.

  501. Lauren says:

    The changing pad clutch is brilliant! My family owns pretty much every style of Vera design, so it’s only appropriate we welcome new family members in fashion!

  502. Nicole Field says:

    I love the ruffle dress and bloomers! These are so cute! Of course Vera Bradley would have to come out with baby items right about the time we are starting our family! 🙂 My obsession continues…

  503. Jessica says:

    My baby is 5 months old and I can’t wait to see all of these lovely items. I’m especially interested in the baby backpack.

  504. Jamie Kochert says:

    I love the new line! Its adorable!!

  505. susan says:

    I’m expecting a little girl in may. I love everything vera bradley. That’s all i use. My favorite from the baby collection is lilli bell.

  506. Courtney Johnson says:

    I love vera bradley, and i love the new baby line! my favorite is the tutti frutti pattern!

  507. Chris B. says:

    The little bunny is the cutest little thing to have when the kids are young. They have just a little something to hold, but also with the extravagant patterns it keeps their attention.

  508. Amy Solaro-Geraghty says:

    I love the towel. Those type are so nice for little ones.

  509. Judy F. says:

    My cousin is expecting her second baby. My niece is expecting her first baby and it’s a girl! Would love to win the bunny and plush blanket in either color to give as a gift.

  510. Ruth says:

    Love the dress and bloomers in Tutti Frutti and also the Mary Janes! My Goddaughter is due any day and would love these.

  511. Ann Pellegrino says:

    Love, love, love the Lilli Bell pattern! The bunny is adorable! Great collection!

  512. Katie McDannel says:

    Tutti Fruiti is my favorite or the two!

  513. Julie Hass says:

    I love the blankets and dress! I am expecting my first in August after three+ years of trying. So excited to be expecting and really excited that it is happening at a time when Vera Bradley has the baby line! I’ve been using Vera Bradley bags since the 90’s when my family moved to Fort Wayne! 😀 I love the whole baby collection!!

  514. Stephanie Palmieri says:

    Love the dress and bloomers in Lilli Bell, my little Harper Dylan will look sooo cute in them!!!

  515. Velma says:

    Love all of the New baby items…as new first time grandparents I could not wait any longer. So I ordered online last night! Thank you Vera Bradley! 🙂

  516. layna erney says:

    Love, love love the dress & bloomers, the bear and the lovey bunny. They’re all great, it’s hard to pic a favorite! I hope to get some of the collection for my baby girl who’s due in June!

  517. Lindsay N says:

    Ruffle body suit in Lilli Bell!

  518. Sonya J says:

    The shoes are just too cute!

  519. Princess Christy says:

    I love the lovey bunny. Reminds me of something I wore out as a child!

  520. Jill says:

    Love the Tutti Frutti and Lilli Bell both! I love the little dress!

  521. Deborah says:

    My little girl will be two in May but I don’t care…I’m getting her the bunny in Tutti Frutti anyway! Love it!

  522. Kathy L says:

    I’ve had today’s date marked on my calendar for weeks! Could hardly wait to see the baby line up close. The timing was perfect…I’m flying to PA to attend my new granddaughter’s (born 2/19) baptism this weekend. I bought the bodysuit to give as a gift, but I fell in love with everything, especially the booties, socks, bunny and little dress. Adorable! Would love to give her more VB!

  523. Sabrina says:

    Love the convertible baby bag!

  524. Nubia L says:

    So awesome! I’m due April 6 couldn’t believe this was coming out right before she is to be born. But i’m so close she may come earlier, would have been pretty funny had she come today! 🙂 on Vera baby debut day! looking forward to getting her something Vera 🙂

  525. Sparky says:

    Can’t decide between the adorable shoes and the bunny!

  526. rachel c says:

    Love the bunny! Perfect for Easter! Love the blankets too!!!

  527. Marsha Anderson Corns says:

    Love it all

  528. Rio says:

    my favorite is the 3 pc. layette set in tutti frutti. its so cute!!!

  529. Kathleen says:

    Really like the fleece blanket in tutti fruiti and the pacifier holder.

  530. Jana Molnar says:

    My cousin just had a baby. I’d love to win a prize and send to her. She had an adorably baby girl named, “Ria.”

  531. Kim says:

    The bunny is adorable, I am buying it for my 7 year old daughter for Easter.

  532. Amber says:

    Love the bunnies….I am positive my 2 year old needs one! 🙂

  533. Courtney says:

    plush blanket in tutti fruitti is my fav! love it!

  534. Kimberly Marr says:

    I like the baby backpack bag! I used the laptop bag for my first baby but this one would work so much better for my second.

  535. Kim W. says:

    I love all of it! I would give it to my new niece that is coming in June!!

  536. Ashley says:

    I am such a huge fan!!!!! I’m so happy a baby line came out.

  537. Lila Klaus says:

    I think any of the baby bags would make a great gift!

  538. kmorrow2005 says:

    I love the towel and the onsies. I’m due in June for a girl and I am so excited about this baby line!

  539. Valerie Lovato says:

    The bunnies are so cute. =)

  540. Billie says:

    I love everything, I can’t pick just one thing. I can’t wait to see my daughter in Vera though, who is arriving in July!!

  541. Love, love , love them all! Bunny is ADORABLE!

  542. JulieG says:

    Yes. The bunny is so cute. Great gift along with one of your blankets

  543. Andrea Clayton says:

    Love the whole collection but the bunny, bear and book would make a terrific gift!

  544. Liza says:

    Love the bunny, it’s so cute!

  545. Annette Cook says:

    I love the dress and shoes!! We just had our first baby a week ago! She’d look adorable in all of this and will coordinate with our diaper bag. 🙂 our nurse at the hospital told us about the baby collection. So glad she did!

  546. Shelby says:

    The bunny I think will be my new go-to shower gift! A friend of mine is finally expecting after successful in vitro… I think she deserves to have some lovely Vera (she is also a fan) for her precious baby!

  547. Cristina Brown says:

    I LOELOVELOVE the tutti frutti!!!!! My best friend’s mother is having a baby girl in a few weeks and I really want to give her VB presents ❤ the bunny is the most adorable stuffed animal I've ever seen!

  548. Mary Kate says:

    Everything is so so so so so cute!!!! And this is the perfect time because I just found out that my cousin is expecting.

  549. Kathee says:

    Thank you Vera Bradley for the wonderful Grand Prize we won on the opening night of the Vera Bradley Baby line! What a great memory!

  550. Chelsey says:

    I am a Vera addict and was so excited when I saw this entire line. 🙂

  551. Debbie says:

    I love the dress and bloomers set! So precious!

  552. Bethy says:

    I love the bunny in tutti fruiti!

  553. Liz says:

    I Love the dress in Lilli Bell!

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