A closer look: Tutti Frutti

Tutti FruttiThis new Summer color is extra special as part of Vera Bradley Baby (available tomorrow). Soothing hues make for a versatile offering that looks beautiful on ladies of every age. Liz shares the story of how Tutti Frutti came to be, and a few tips for wearing it well.

What inspired it …

Anticipating the arrival of Baby, we knew we wanted to incorporate pastel paisleys, simple florals, lacy scalloped edges and soft vintage tones. A combination of pretty pinks, teal and citrus hues on the mint green background lend a perfectly retro flavor.  Don’t worry, this confectionary treat is calorie free.

Tutti Frutti

How to wear it …

Mint green is so new for summer and it looks great in just about anything: swimwear, sheer tops, denim. Adding wardrobe pieces with a dash of pink and some spicier tones will help you carry this pattern right into fall.

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Tutti Frutti board on Pinterest.

Summer 2013 arrives online and in stores Thursday, March 21.

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14 Responses to A closer look: Tutti Frutti

  1. Julie says:

    I remember when mint green was the “in color” when I was in high school in the late 80s!

  2. susan morris says:


  3. Sarah says:

    Now this one I love ! I can’t wait to get something in tutti frutti ! It may become my new fav !

  4. Zoe Breeden says:

    I absolutely love this pattern!

  5. Betony Maiden says:

    this is very spring/summery i love it , now ill have to get me some tutti frutti!!

  6. Angela M says:

    My favorite!

  7. Leslie Beebe says:

    Love this new print. Looks like it might coordinate with the new baby pattern

  8. Amy Jo Rivers says:

    A great choice of colors Vera Bradley!!!!!! Great Spring and Summer colors!! A MUST HAVE

  9. Lisa Allen says:

    absolutely LOVE it!!

  10. spot on VB!!! Paisleys and beautiful colors…my heart flutters!!! Can’t wait!!!

  11. Teresa Young says:

    This is my favorite of the new patterns! (:

  12. Rachel Roberts says:

    I absolutely love this print! Will it be available for non-baby items? I’m a college student and I absolutely love mint, and to incorperate it with Vera Bradley is sheer bliss. Please please make this available for non-baby items!

    • Sparky says:

      From the catalog it looks like you will be able to get the standard VB stuff (totes, handbags, etc) in Tutti Frutti. Oddly, I remember Tutti Frutti ice cream being pink, not mint green.

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