A closer look: Marina Paisley

Marina PaisleyIt’s that time again! As the excitement around the arrival of Summer 2013 builds, we’re exploring our four fresh colors one by one, with the help of Liz, Vera Bradley’s Trend Reporter. Our first new arrival, Marina Paisley, is a seaworthy standout that screams, “Color ahoy!” Liz shares a bit more …

What inspired it …

Our vision was a pool of paisleys swirling in a strong nautical palette. This idea was realized in denim blue, crimson, turquoise and a daring yellow, to add a playful touch to the sophisticated print.

Marina Paisley

How to wear it …

This season, vintage statement scarves and paisleys are two major players. The summer nautical colors, including Marina Paisley, are fresh and preppy, but also very classic, and are a must for your warm-weather wardrobe. We see a great pair of boat shoes in your future!

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Marina Paisley board on Pinterest.

Summer 2013 arrives online and in stores Thursday, March 21.

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8 Responses to A closer look: Marina Paisley

  1. Kathy Laub says:

    I think this is the prettiest pattern yet! I just fell in love with this, so pretty for spring and summer!

  2. Theresa Crow says:

    Love this pattern…has my three fav colors: turquoise, rich blue and a strawberry red! The yellow adds just the right bit of bright. Now to decide what to purchase in this pattern…hmmmm

  3. Alyson Baker says:

    Very bright & cheerful. Looks brighter on a white background. great summer look

  4. Leslie Beebe says:

    Loving the paisley. such a bright colorful summer print

  5. Kat says:

    I think its not the best i usually love vera but this looks like a knock off and cheap.. Hope the other summer patterns are better

  6. Betony Maiden says:

    i really love this, the colors are fun, freash, and bright and the pattern is playful, thanks vera for another great pattern

  7. Sparky says:

    The inside pattern is pretty, reminds me of Mediterranean White.

  8. Meg says:

    Ive been waiting for months for this pattern! By far my favorite so far. Love it!

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