Our first pinning party!

Pinning PartyIn celebration of Vera Bradley Baby due March 14, we’re having a pinning party with Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio and a handful of her favorite fellow bloggers! Help us create a Pinterest board live by contributing the must-have items you brought in your bag when you had your baby.

Here’s how you can participate …

If you were helping your best girlfriend pack her overnight bag, what would you suggest she carry? When the party begins, you can make recommendations by: 1) Visiting the Vera Bradley Facebook page and leaving a comment or link under our pinning party post, 2) Tweeting @verabradley with #vbpinparty, or 3) Commenting on this blog post.

Then head over to our “Vera Bradley Baby Pinning Party” board on Pinterest and watch as our stylish hostesses build a board full of your and our other party guests’ great ideas.

Be sure to follow along and comment on your favorite pins for the chance to win surprise prizes from Vera Bradley Baby!

Hosted by
Vera Bradley


Kim Stoegbauer, The TomKat Studio

Kim Stoegbauer
Party Stylist/Founder, The TomKat Studio

Along with a few of her fabulous friends …

Tara Wilson, Tara Wilson Events

Tara Wilson
Tara Wilson Events

Kelly Lyden, The Party Dress

Kelly Lyden
The Party Dress

Stephanie Frazier Grimm, Couture Parties

Stephanie Frazier Grimm
Couture Parties

Melisa Fluhr & Pam Ginocchio, Project Nursery

Melisa Fluhr & Pam Ginocchio
Project Nursery

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29 Responses to Our first pinning party!

  1. Mari C. says:

    I would suggest diapers in a cute diaper caddy, lots of wipes, an extra change of clothes, plenty of socks for baby, various sizes of Ziploc bags, extra blouse/shirt for mom/dad, lots of burp clothes, at least one towel, hand sanitizer, Tide wipes for parent’s clothing (in case of accidents), Clorox wipes (for wiping down baby changing stations,) small jacket or sweater for baby, cap or knit hat for baby, and small first aid kit with bandaids, Ibuprofen, small thermometer.

  2. Jessica Howard says:

    gas drops, diapers, hand sanitizer, extra outfit, wipes, tylenol, changing pad, lots of pockets, thermometer, small blanket, burp cloth or bib, pacifier.

  3. Lauren T. says:

    Here’s a list of items I would tell my best girlfriend to pack:

    * Tylenol or Advil
    * scent free non toxic hand wipes
    *nail clippers/ nail file (for sharp snags that might cut baby)
    *Huggies Natural Care baby wipes unscented- (they have proven to be the most gentle)
    *sensitive newborn diapers
    * a Swaddler to keep baby cozy and feeling safe
    *socks and mittens, and a loose hat all 100% cotton
    * a loose non- Velcro bib
    *a BPA free peadiatric pacifier
    *Vera Bradley Coming home outfit

  4. I like a bag that has lots of plastic lined pockets for bottles, lotion, sani wipes, burp clothes, liquid tylenol or advil, and any precription meds. I always had lots of diapers and 2 extra sets of clothes, including a jacket with hood and heavy blanket( I live in Montana). I would also like a bag that I could match up to a small duffle for me, for my extra tops, towels, and first aid kit.

  5. Danielle M says:

    I’d tell her to pack baby wipes, diapers, diaper cream and baby powder, burp cloths (at least 2), bibs, travel changing pad, formula, bottles, bottled water, snacks, pacifier (2 also), change of clothes, baby sunscreen if you’ll be outside and a hat, a few little toys and/or a board book. If its going to be a long day out I’d also include: baby food (depending on age), baby plate spoon and fork and a pair of pjs. Tissues, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes are also a must along with any medications the baby may be taking at the time.

  6. Pat says:

    I’d pack the Vera Bradley (VB) Changing Pad Clutch, the VB Lovey Bunny, the VB receiving blanket, the VB Baby Bottle Caddy, the VB socks, the VB Ruffle Body Suit, the VB Pacifier Pod, the VB Bunny and Bear Book, the VB 3 Piece Layette Set, the VB Bib Set, the VB Bunny or the VB Bear, the VB dress and bloomers (my great niece is expected in April). I’d put them all in the VB Convertible Baby Bag. Where possible, the pattern of choice would be Ribbons, to aid in the fight against Breast Cancer.

  7. reese22 says:

    A few Aio cloth diapers, cloth wipes, a diddy bag, California baby diaper spray, toy for baby, teether such as Sophie, bib, spoon and baby food jar, baby food pouch, water bottle for you, blanket/nursing cover and a shopping cart cover.

  8. Tessa says:

    I would first get a really cute designed Vera Bradley diaper bag then start filling it with diapers, wipes, extra outfit, diaper cream, toys, bottle of water, sippy cup with water and snacks for you and the child.

  9. Karen S. says:

    As a mom of an 11 month old, I think I finally have this figured out! I have two diaper bags – one larger one I keep in the car, and my VB Mom’s Day Out for going around town!

    In my Mom’s Day Out I keep – diapers/wipes, changing pad (a small one that I can fold up and carry in either bag), tissues, extra outfit (you never know when you might need it!), baby tylenol, gas drops (needed these a lot when little one was younger), extra socks (she never keeps socks on!), toys/teethers, small pack of snacks (I like the yogurt melts that don’t need refrigeration), tissues, boogie wipes, pacifier wipes (not just for pacifiers! good for anything that goes in baby’s mouth to chew on), VB Smartphone wristlet, VB lanyard (I wear the lanyard at times when I have my hands full!)

    The bigger bag has extra diapers/wipes, diaper rash cream, more toys/teethers, more snacks, tissues, napkins, and nursing cover.

    Oh how I wish I’d bought a VB baby bag! I love the new collection already!

  10. Robin Black says:

    I love all the suggestions- I would pack:
    Rash Ointment
    Back of packet of formula for emergencies
    **Water bottle for Mom, ESP if she’s nursing
    Baby Advil/tylenol for baby; teething tablets if baby is teething
    Burp Cloths, swaddling type blankets
    Extra outfit/onesies, a pair of jammies in case you’re out later than you thought- just put baby in jammas before you head home
    Depending on babies age, snacks for baby or teethers
    Snacks for Mom
    Extra $20 for emergency cash (tucked in a Vera Zip ID of course!)

  11. mary says:

    Burp cloths, extra clothes, extra formula, diapers, pacifier , gas drohaps, bottles, hand Sanitizer, extra shirt for me, and cash

  12. Lynette says:

    For an overnite bag for a soon-to-be new mom: 2 receiving blankets (one tutti frutti and one lilli bell), a nightgown and robe to match the blankets for her, and a generous gift card to verabradley.com for new mom to do some online shopping for some new baby favorites! All of this packed in coordinating travel pouch duo! That way the new pictures to be taken will all perfectly match and my best friend can focus on being the gorgeous new mom that she will be! I would also include some cozy socks for her to wear and some overnight essentials packed into a large cosmetic bag, of course in either tutti frutti or lilli bell. It was fun to think of what to pack…. I think I will do this for my bestie….she deserves it! Thanks for inspiration!

  13. JoDee Rolfe says:

    A purse/pouch to hold pacifiers so they stay clean and are not falling to the bottom of the bag!

  14. Jenny says:

    A cute VB diaper bag, newborn outfit, hat, booties, blanket & pacifiers. Then for mom a cute robe, outfit, makeup, comfy socks, and a few layered pieces to keep warm!

  15. Becca says:

    For mommy, some lip balm, camera and hand lotion. For baby, a cute going home outfit for photos, baby lotion, baby wipes.

  16. CP says:

    A good camera! 🙂

  17. ChristineW says:

    Every baby needs a JuteBaby Teether Toy to go with her adorable Vera Bradley!

  18. 1st of all congratulations Vera,

    my #vbpinparty reco:
    lots of diapers (a diaper cake would be perfect and look nice at the hodpital),
    an Evian waterspray,
    baby wipes,
    lots of cute baby outfits,
    a nightgown and its deshabille, a VB Coming home outfit, some pads for the bra,
    a lovely pacifier and holder,
    a VB changing bag or a Cath Kidson one. And of course her make-up bag!

  19. Julianne Johnson says:

    I made sure to bring a night gown and slippers. I packed some snacks for my husband and he appreciated it.

  20. jolynne says:

    My most important thing to have when having a baby is cute swaddling blankets. The Aden and Anais bamboo are the softest, my favorite!

  21. April says:

    For mommy, the Vera in plum petals, camera, extra batteries, sweats, extra T-shirts, lotion and for baby…outfit for going home, wipes, pacifier and a cute hat for photos.

  22. Rio says:

    you must definitely carry,at all times, #1 diapers, wipes, a couple extra outfits for the baby, a change of shirt for the mom, an extra pair of cute and cozy shoes for the baby, baby’s favorite banklet, and baby food.

  23. Misty Buchanan says:

    My musts are the Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads – these are a MUST for nursing moms. Lots of nursing pads, and a great nursing tank. A camera, of course. And for when you are home, the Fisher Price Rock and Play.

  24. Stacy says:

    My own feminine pads! The hospitals are huge! And flip flops are a must!

  25. Betony Maiden says:

    For Baby:
    3 newborn diapers (your most likely going straight home after the hospital and they provide diapers)
    Sensitive wipes
    baby mitts
    first outfit of your choice
    light blanket
    baby hat
    All the rest can be added once your home and depending on where you go and how long you’ll be.
    A nice diaper bag that comes with comfortable straps, and plenty of pocket space.
    Also look for a small bottle bag that keeps bottles warm/cool , ive never found a good insulated bag for this and have always thought about making my own lol, Vera Bradley now theres an idea youd be the envy of moms with newborns everywhere.

    For my friend to pack
    Comfortable yoga/sweat pants . jeans wont be comfortable right away
    long loose tshirts
    some undies
    a very secure bra
    comfy socks and shoes
    a comfy nightgown or pj top and bottom
    lip gloss
    her own shampoo and conditioner
    a nice facial wash
    hair ties
    light jacket
    a towel from home
    a pillow from home
    and her own pads

    (i had 3 c sections and stayed in the hospital for 4 days each time so if your only going to be going home the next day just take comfy stuff

  26. Judy Geedman says:

    as a gift the vera baby bag is a must have. I like to give a cosmetic case to hold all babies lotions,a lunch box to hold milk filled baby bottles to keep them from spoiling and a wallet/cell phone case because once a baby bag is carried, why carry a purse also!!!!

  27. Tammy says:

    a strap wallet to the diaper bag would be awesome

  28. Courtney Stewart says:

    Ok…Ive read most of these replies and make sure you dont forget your baby book AND an acid free ink pad in case the hospital doesnt have ink to achieve those immediate 1st baby footprints / handprints for you! Once I delivered mine I realized the hospital didn’t do those anymore!!! Oh my goodness! Since I desperately wanted to experience THAT 1st moment at the hospital….of achieving those 1st baby prints in the baby book they searched the ENTIRE hospital for “me.” Thankfully they found one….but if thats important to “you” then dont forget your baby book AND some ink!

  29. Maxwell says:

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