The pitter-patter of something new

We're expecting ...

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7 Responses to The pitter-patter of something new

  1. dotmoody says:

    So Precious, maybe I will have a granddaughter some day 🙂

  2. are they going to offer the patterns in non-baby items too??

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  4. dotmoody says:

    Every baby shower I have gone too in the past few months have all been BOYS!! It’s hard to find a Vera Bradley item for boys 😦 The two showers this past weekend I got them both a Rhythm & Blues Miller bag. Now that the new baby line is coming out, I wish Vera Bradley would make PLAID bags in BOY colors!! Java Blue was the PERFECT pattern for boys!!

  5. Christina Wooten says:

    Where are the boys blankets? Are they going to have baby boy blankets/ bunnies? I really would love to have one.

    Thanks Christina

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