Holly and Courtney carry …

Holly and CourtneyWe brought in a sister act for this special installment of “Vera Bradley carries …” to illustrate how the Caroline can complement any closet. Public Relations Specialist Holly W. and her sister Courtney might share a family resemblance, but the likenesses are a little less prominent when it comes to their personal style.

While they love spending time together now, growing up, the ladies – born two years apart – dreaded being dressed alike and rarely shared clothes. “Our style has always been different,” Courtney says. “Holly loves dresses, and I go for pants every time.” Holly describes her sister’s wardrobe as, “basic, versatile pieces,” while Courtney characterizes Holly’s as, “lots of bold layers.” She agrees, “I love an exposed zipper or ruffle detail!”

Holly and Courtney carry ...

Holly and Courtney carry ...

For a pair of siblings with such varying styles, the Caroline in two colorways is the perfect solution. Courtney agrees, “I wear mostly dark colors, so I need a pop of color, but Holly wears lots of color, so she has to be more subdued with her accessories.”

Holly and Courtney carry ...Inside Courtney’s Caroline, she keeps a Brush and Pencil case, which holds a writing utensil, lipstick and lip balm, a Loop Keychain, stain remover stick and Clip Zip ID. She likes to keep the latter in her wallet in case she needs something light to grab and go. Holly’s essentials include her phone, a little cash, gum and a Small Cosmetic with lipstick, a pen, lip balm, bobby pins and hair elastics.

Holly and Courtney carry ...One thing both sisters can agree on, is when it comes to a purse, the bigger the better. “Our Mom always carries ‘the brick’ and now we’re just as bad,” Holly says. “We started with such small bags, and they just keep getting bigger!”

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2 Responses to Holly and Courtney carry …

  1. Barbara Boso says:

    What a WONDERFUL display of colors!!! The versitality of the Caroline is second to NONE! I LOVE this bag! 🙂 There are so many ways to coordinate my wardrobe using the colors in this bag alone! Not to mention all the many compliments I will receive as I share it with others as I pass by them!! 🙂 Thank-you again, Vera Bradley for making my life so enjoyable!

  2. dotmoody says:

    Love the leather trim Turn Lock Wallet!. Just put that on my “Must Have” list

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