The solid choice

Classic BlackClassic Black

Sometimes, one color is all you need to make a statement. Particularly when that one color is as rich, luxurious, versatile and sophisticated as Classic Black. We took to Pinterest to share some of the images that inspired us to add additional styles in this solid selection.

Classic Black

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5 Responses to The solid choice

  1. Linda says:

    a little black purse is always nice…as long as it it vera quality why not?..great

  2. dotmoody says:

    personaly I don’t care for the solid color! I’m all about the patterns, I believe the patterns are what make Vera Bradley so unique. 🙂

  3. Terri Carrell says:

    How about a larger black bag with pockets like the Mandy bag?????
    Or navy! I need a solid bag that has pockets inside with room.

  4. Jill Flewitt says:

    Terri, they have the Tote and Vera in microfiber black

  5. Sue Smith says:

    Love my On the Go bag in black. My favorite (for now)!

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