We’re quite taken with Tech around here. Since we want you to feel pretty and plugged in, we will be giving away five popular Tech styles, each day this week (Monday – Friday).#vbtech

Be sure to follow @verabradley on Twitter and watch for #vbtech for more on how you can enter.

No purchase necessary. Official Terms and Conditions.

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51 Responses to #vbtech

    • Wendy Meehan says:

      I always have my iPhone and my iPad in tow- for showing it off- Vera’s the only way to go- Always matching with fresh changing looks- and a laptop bag for my college books. Love + Fashion = Vera

  1. Melissa J. says:

    Yay for giveaways!

  2. Erika says:

    Yay! I have the iphone case already and love it!

  3. Irasema Zarate-Saldana says:

    Love our Vera’s! Enjoy the giveaways…….Happy Monday thru Friday!

  4. Cathy Bradford says:

    Cannot wait! I will be there!

  5. Pat Dotson says:

    Love that my phone can now match my bag, wallet, makeup bag, keys and everything else! Love the new blue and of course ribbons!

  6. Juli says:

    I don’t twitter, is there any other way to enter???

  7. Emily says:

    I don’t twitter either, any other way to enter?

  8. Jenny Baker says:

    Hope I win! Love all of them

  9. Munira Bhanpurawala says:

    How do you enter

  10. Kaylan C. says:

    They’re convenient, reliable, & of course adorable! ! :-):-)

  11. Karie Ingles says:

    @luvdayotes love vb! Love all the new colors! Can’t wait to go shopping!

  12. Love Vera! I receive so many compliments on my bags. They are like sunshine on a rainy day!

  13. Courtney says:

    I looove all Vera Bradley, but the tech cases are so stylish AND convenient. It makes gadgets look good while keeping them safe. I don’t have anything for my iphone yet. Something for it in midnight blues would be a wonderful addition to my VB family!

  14. Got rid of all my bags and now am exclusively VB: bought the new midnite blues and would love to add this to my collection!

  15. Alyssa Brown says:

    Love the new spring colors. I would love something to keep my new iPhone 5 safe!

  16. Katrina M. says:

    I love Vera! I have so much but I do not have anything for my phone yet. I would love to have a case in midnight blues. I would love to add this to my collection of purses.

  17. RJ says:

    Loving VB stuff.love to have a tech giveaway..im sure ill love it#VBtech

  18. Jenny Baker says:

    I love all the the wonderful tech cases and bags so convenient for your devices and the colors beautiful!

  19. Amanda Atkins says:

    Midnight Blues is my new favorite color! And to have it on my iphone would truly be clutch. I would be the envy of everyone! Praising Vera Bradley for coming out with some of the best patterns yet! Obsessing and collecting since I could remember. Would LOVE to add the phone case to my historical collection.

  20. Deidre says:

    I don’t want to follow VB, or anyone else for that matter, on Twitter. How do I enter?

  21. Laura B. says:

    Love the new spring colors — especially Midnight Blues. Would love to get one for my iPad.

  22. allison s :) says:

    i love it i just wish that i had a twitter 🙂

  23. Lori Witman says:

    Love this!

  24. Would love to win and give to my daughter

  25. Gail Starr says:

    Would love to win it.

  26. I use a tech case to store my camera battery charger and extra battery. And, I can attach it to the camera with the strap, works great! I would love to try the new tablet hipster…in Midnight Blues.

  27. Kristen Gilliard says:

    #vbtech A tablet hipster in Jazzy Blooms would be like a little piece of early Spring heaven. My iPad and I would be tickled pink.

  28. Alexis Hotz says:

    I’ve had my eye on the tablet hipster ever since the new spring patterns came out! It is absolutely perfect to take just about anywhere! I’m in love with it (and jazzy blooms!)

  29. Madison Moore says:

    love my #vbtech iphone case. it matches my purse, scarf, headband, and gloves!!

  30. Judy O'Dwyer says:

    I like the newest – ipad tech case

  31. Karie Ingles says:

    Omg! I SO would LOVE to win one the VBtech case for my ipad so everyone I see would be envious! 🙂

  32. Kathy says:

    Love Vera, great styles and material!!

  33. Alexis says:

    Va va bloom is probably my all time favorite Vera Bradley pattern! I don’t know if its the great clolors or just the overall versatility of the pattern but I can’t get enough of it! The case would be the final piece of the puzzle for me!!

  34. Ann Pellegrino says:

    LOVE Pinterest! Highly addictive, wonderful app!

  35. Kathy says:

    Looking forward to the 2013 VB Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, In. Hopefully we can make the trip!!

  36. kathy goldberg says:

    i would just love to be the hippest and coolest mom at the elementary school!

  37. I think I missed something, trying to enter watching my twitter account. Have a great weekend!

  38. Cheryl scheckel says:


  39. Karie Ingles says:

    Like totally! Would be so freakin’ awesome! Heck yea! 🙂 Ladies must backpack in style!! Plus my all black class back pack needs some R&R while I use GO Wild!

  40. nsblady says:

    My mom loves her lunch bag I bought her for Christmas.

  41. Laura B. says:

    I would love a laptop backpack in a new color. My other laptop bag is so old that it is from 2009–purple punch.

  42. Denise S. says:

    All the new spring colors are amazing! Absolutely beautiful, I love them all.

  43. Wynter Smith says:

    I would love a laptop backpack, I’m in college and it would be very stylish and easier to carry everything around!!!!

  44. jamie says:

    really nice

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