Amanda carries …

Amanda carries ...For many of us, the start of a new year means aspirations of a healthier, more organized routine. We strive to eat better, get fit, lose weight and manage stress, among other things. At Vera Bradley, we have a little help keeping these goals in sight, thanks to our Wellness Committee and team members like Human Resources Consultant Amanda H.

Amanda carries ...The mother of Faith, 8 months, and Luke, 4, aids in programs like Virgin HealthMiles (a pedometer program), half marathon sponsorship and the Corporate Challenge (a competition involving various team sports) for employees.

Amanda carries ...

<img src= alt="Amanda carries ..." width="520" height="833" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-10060" />As a working mom with two busy little ones, Amanda has learned that having a plan is key to squeezing in a great workout. “I try to stay active during Luke’s soccer practice,” she shares. “But really, I think it’s about teamwork. My husband pitches in so I can hit a spinning class on the way home from work or early Saturday morning.”

Amanda carries ...

Her workout bag of choice is the popular Small Duffel, which she packs with gym essentials: dry shampoo, a hair straightener, Colorful Hair Elastics and a headband, Ear Buds and her phone. She gets a little lift from listening to the workout station on Pandora, particularly when her favorite song, “Let it Rock,” by Kevin Rudolf comes on.

“This bag is the perfect size for a change of clothes, shoes and a cosmetic. I grab my water tumbler and off I go!” Amanda suggests comfortable capri pants for spinning and plenty of layers for cold winter runs.

Her fitness goal for 2013: Run a half marathon.

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One Response to Amanda carries …

  1. dotmoody says:

    That is the perfect gym bag! Don’t forget the Ditty bag!! I like to put sweaty clothes in the ditty bag 🙂

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