Keen on 2013 [get organized]

If your New Year’s resolution was to clear out the clutter, this collection of styles is just what you need this January.

Get Organized

1. Get Carried Away Tote If you have a bit more to transport throughout the day, this style has plenty of pockets for packing perfection.

2. Kiss ‘n Snap Wallet A double kisslock hidden within a vintage silhouette is an ideal petite option for pocket-sized organization.

3. Forget-Me-Nots Jot down a little note and stick it where you won’t forget it!

4. Drawer Organizer Set This box is built to sort tiny essentials, from your bathroom drawer to your closet to your desk at the office.

5. Keep it Up Organizer Put your baubles on display to a) avoid tangles and b) make quick work of selecting the ideal accessory at a glance.

6. Cosmetic Trio One of our favorites, this style serves up order in small, medium and large varieties.

7. Fabric Journal Wrapped in beautiful color, these pages fit into your purse, allowing you to reflect on the day or jot down reminders on a whim.

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9 Responses to Keen on 2013 [get organized]

  1. Angela M says:

    I got a Kiss n Snap wallet yesterday and I absolutely love it! Definitely my new favorite wallet.

  2. Reblogged this on Things that sparkle, Things that shine and commented:
    While I’m against those whose rooms like like Vera threw up all over the place, nothing makes you look more put together than having all your organizational furniture matching. I’ve always said that a clean, cute room is a happy room, so sort of kills both birds with one (or ten) worthwhile purchases.

  3. allison says:

    wow i need this stuff!!! 🙂

  4. dotmoody says:

    The only items I don’t have listed above is the fabric jurnal and the drawer organizer! I just got the kiss n snap wallet and keep It up organizer yesterday. I LOVE the “keep it up” 🙂

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I have the Cosmetic Trio in Island Blooms that I got for a gift- I love all the different sizes and I love that one of the cosmetics features the inside lining of the pattern! I love the inside of Island Blooms!

  6. MarthaC107 says:

    #5 would be great for my daughters jewelry.

  7. Amira K. says:

    LOVE vera bradley and it never fails to surprise me every time they come with new stuff.


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