Tricia carries …

Tricia Carries ...

A short time from now, we’ll be gathering with loved ones to greet 2013 with a smile, a lot of optimism and, hopefully, the perfect outfit. When it comes to outstanding style at social gatherings, we asked Visual Designer Tricia R. to share her secrets.

Tricia Carries ...

“I think my philosophy is to always try to incorporate sparkle or a pop of color,” she offers. “I like to mix higher-end and lower-end pieces, as well as silver, gold and rose gold jewelry.” Tricia favors a small crossbody like the Little Black Bag so she can wear it all night without distraction. And inside? “I have to have hand lotion, lip balm, lip liner and lipstick, breath mints and perfume.”

Tricia Carries ...

As for those cute-as-can-be curls … “I hairspray all over, then using a 1 ¾” barrel curling iron, I take a section and start curling close to the root, away from face.  I hold the top of my hair in the iron for about 3 – 4 seconds before I move the iron down to curl the rest of the section. Once it’s all curled, I shake the curls out just a bit. I also like to do a quick bun by pulling my hair into a high ponytail and then wrapping and pinning pieces.”

For Tricia, finding confidence in your outfit is about balance and dressing for your body type. “If I’m wearing something with a dramatic neckline, I won’t do a necklace; just earrings and maybe a bracelet. Also, I’m pretty short, so I’m mindful of that. A style that looks amazing on someone tall might look like it’s swallowing me! Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns to stretch your wardrobe or change the look of an outfit with accessories. It can be intimidating, but it’s so cute.”

Tricia Carries ...

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