Making holiday memories

Holiday Traditions

The sugar cookie cut-outs I’ve decorated since I was 5 and now decorate with my own kids. Switching the bedtime song repertoire to Christmas carols and giving! I choose gifts that give back and contribute to local charities. – Catherine H., Executive Director of Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer

Holiday Traditions

Skiing with my family between Christmas and New Year at Crystal Mountain in Michigan. – Cheri L., VP Indirect Sales

We play “Dirty Santa.” Everyone buys a gift, you wrap it and add things to change the sound, weight or appearance, then draw numbers to determine the order everyone picks. First person unwraps, then the second person can “steal” the gift from the first person or get a new one. If they choose to steal, the person with the stolen gift can steal or get a new gift. Your gift can be stolen 3 times before you get to keep it. – Cassandra C., Shipping Clerk

We always have Stouffer’s Lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner. Over the years I have tried to make my own, but the family keeps requesting Stouffer’s! – Lynn D., 
Sales Consultant

Holiday Traditions

Yearly trips to the Macy’s in downtown Chicago with my parents to see the window displays and giant four-story Christmas tree in The Walnut Room. My parents are gone now, but it’s a tradition I got to resurrect this year with some great Vera Bradley friends. – Thom Q., Facilities Supervisor

On December 5, we read about St. Nick and how he left oranges in the clogs of Dutch children. That night I place my son and daughter’s shoes at the front door. St. Nick leaves fruit in their shoes and a small gift. We creep out in the dark of the early morning in our jammies to see what he has left. We eat our fruit as we play with the gift. – Leslee H., Inventory Planning Analyst

Making a gingerbread house with my brother. – Cheryl B., Sr. Credit and Collections Representative

Decorating our boat for the Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, a 104-year-old tradition that gets better every year. We go out all five nights, rain, hail or shine. Fog is about the only thing that will close the parade down. It’s great fun. – Michele M., Sales Consultant

Holiday Traditions

Finding the pickle! The tradition of the Christmas pickle has unknown origins. Some claim it is an old German tradition, but there is a lot of dispute about this. My Dad hides three pickles and we pair up against each other to find them. The winner gets a prize. – Jennifer F., Executive Assistant

It would have to be putting up the tree while we watch White Christmas and drink eggnog! Meg T., Email Designer

My husband, five sons and I attend Christmas Eve services at church and then come home to a house filled with the aroma of lasagna! We each share what we are thankful for regarding family. Some of are serious and some are quite funny! – Deb G., Retail Jefferson Pointe

Dressing all six of our family dogs up in cute Christmas sweaters. – Amanda M., Career By Design, Product Development

Holiday Traditions

Opening our presents in matching Christmas pajamas on Christmas morning. We also enjoy a nice Christmas brunch that I help my Mom make while everyone else is still sleeping. – Jillian F., Orlando Outlet

Reading The Night Before Christmas aloud each Christmas Eve. We started this tradition when my oldest child was an infant and the children want to continue it still, even though they are now adults. We videotape it each year and someday I will compile it into a single reading so we can see the family grow year by year. – Barb B., Customer Service Representative

When my brother and I were little, my parents would pick one night where we would drive around, listen to Christmas music and look at Christmas lights. I have carried on this tradition with my children but we do it over multiple evenings, sometimes on a whim, and I crank up the music a little louder. – Kristy M., Marketing Account Executive

Buying my 21- and 29-year-old sons a Slinky and some Silly Putty and seeing that look they give me. – Ladonna E., Material Handler

Holiday Traditions

We all wear footed pjs Christmas Eve night. – Sarah K., Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst

Making graham cracker “gingerbread” houses. We all gather at my house and everyone participates. Last year we had a Starbucks and the Titanic! – Jalyn W., Sales Consultant

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3 Responses to Making holiday memories

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  2. Peggy says:

    By Christmas Day we have had the traditional Christmas dinner with my husband’s family. My girls have had another Christmas dinner with inlaws and or friends so we have Feliz Navidad! with fajitas, guacamole, chips and salsa Mexican cornbread, and of course, iced cold Corona!

  3. allison says:

    we do christmas with my grandpapernts the saturday beafore christmas and on christmas me and my brother and sister go to my grandparents and make breakfast for dinner and open preasents and on christmas we make lunch and open preasents first thou!!! 🙂 merry christmas everyone

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