A brush with glitter

Our Winter colors pair beautifully with the darker shades of nail color we’re seeing trend right now. We hand-picked some rich polish options from essie that inspire us for occasions that call for a little glitz, those that don’t, and those where it’s fun to try a little bit of both.

Polished: English Rose

Polished: Dogwood

Polished: Ribbons

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6 Responses to A brush with glitter

  1. Susie says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I really like Ribbons pattern and the Midnight cami and stroke of brilliance. I wish Ribbons pattern came in the small backpack style. I understand the style has been retired but it really is a wonderful piece! I am very proud to carry my Vera Bradley!

  2. LIZ says:

    I really like all the new VB patterns but I totally detest those dark nail colors I don’t care if they are trendy! I don’t make myself a slave to trends.

  3. Honestly im very disapointed in the new fall colors.They are all starting to look alike..in the last 2-3 seasons i have seen pretty much the same designs and colors are all looking the same. Their has not been anything to get excited over as well as prints too..I was happy to see the new frame bag online but any store that carries vb has not had it and i was told it wasnt real leather? I think 180.00 for a fabric bag with no leather is way overpriced and i am so dissppointed to first not being able to see it and second to hear its plastic..so im not buying any vb bags in the forseable future.sorry but i speak the truth from myself as well as other woman i have spoken too as well.vb designs and colors are all starting to look alike.thankyou carrir

  4. allison says:

    have to buy these colors and try right away!!!! 🙂 great idea for christmas!!!!! 😀

  5. Angela M says:


  6. shirley nolan says:

    I have called and called to have this stopped, and to start receiving the one announcing wk end specials, and I was told last time I would start getting them in a wk or two.  I have not recived one.  Please, please start sending to me.  Thanks,


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