Twinkle and Dogwood on display

Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012The annual Fort Wayne Festival of Trees, held this year from November 21 – 28 at Historic Embassy Theatre, is a showcase of seasonal glimmer and artistry.

For the ninth consecutive year, Sr. Art Director Jennifer R. helped create Vera Bradley’s entry, a festive interpretation of a pleasing Winter color. “This year was all about sparkle and shine, so Dogwood was a really easy pick for the tree,” Jennifer said.

“[Marketing Account Executive] Elise, [Sr. Director of Marketing] Andy and I all added elements from the pattern we really like. Elise found some darling little birdies and we even had a craft day to sparkle up some birdhouses that became ornaments. Andy composed a little holiday jingle and had a speaker playing from inside the tree. I usually try to sketch the topper and how all the little pieces should come together. Everyone had their little touch.”

Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012

Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012

It took the trio, from start to finish, about 4 hours to perfect the statuesque submission. “It was a 9-foot tree so the ladder added a little time.” In the end, 14 birds, 6 birdhouses, 4 large dogwood flowers, 25 – 30 small dogwood flowers, 10 snowball ornaments, 6 snowflake ornaments, 2 rolls of sparkly mesh ribbon and roughly 800 lights adorned the display.

Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012Vera Bradley, Festival of Trees 2012

Bring this holiday look home.

According to Jennifer, when decorating for the holidays, “Don’t be afraid to play around with colors and textures. I usually think I buy too much but realize that I didn’t. I’ve learned to pay attention to the view of the tree from all angles. Think about the size of the decorations, too. Don’t buy all things in the same size or it can look too uniform. Find a few exaggerated items to add a bit of whimsy. You can really play with the dimension of the tree when you add special elements to the inside of the tree as well as the outside. And the more sparkle the better! Oh, and a great topper tells the story.”

The most important thing is to stay in the spirit of the season. “Be playful with it and pick things that make you happy. Find about 5 – 7 different items (including ribbon, ornaments, sparkly touches) that work well together and go for it. Turn up your favorite holiday music, have a festive drink on hand and have fun!”

For your tree:

Festival of Trees, get the look

1. Classic White Christmas Tree,, 2. Copper Sparkle Holly Leaf Spray,, 3. D.I.Y. Paper Dogwood Flowers,, 4. Deco Mesh,, 5. Winter White Snowflake Ornament, , 6. Bird Clip Ornament Set,, 7. White Glitter Ball Ornament,

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11 Responses to Twinkle and Dogwood on display

  1. allison says:

    That is amazing!!!!!!!I wish I could do that!! 🙂

  2. Ellen Graham says:

    Completely elegant ! This is the most beautiful tree ever ! I’m inspired.

  3. dotmoody says:

    Each year I look forward to seeing the Vera Bradley Christmas tree. Each year it is so beautiful!!

  4. Judy Stout says:

    The tree is beautiful.

  5. Kelly W. says:

    Elegant and full of whimsy! This is just beautiful!

  6. Eileen Marchese says:

    Beautifully decorated tree. It is so pure looking. Love it.

  7. Deezee says:

    Now if I could only get MINE to look like that! (Minus the music, though, as I have the crackling fireplace with music DVD!)

  8. Angela M says:


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