Something to celebrate in December

Our downloadable calendar of events and noteworthy holidays shows you the “special” in every day.

December Calendar

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7 Responses to Something to celebrate in December

  1. Deezee says:

    And there’s my birthday on the 25th! (Thanks, Vera, for the birthday gift card! : )

  2. I see what is on the 10th! I hope it’s good!

  3. Angela M says:

    I love these calendars!

  4. allison says:

    ya,I love these!!!!!

  5. Elizabeth C. says:

    Love December- my grandma’s and my birthday month!

  6. really cute idea! my mom’s, both grandma’s, and my birthday are all in december 🙂 we sure would like some vera!

  7. alovesherdoggie says:

    I absolutely love these calendars. First off, they’re cute. And secondly, they have me so organized lol. I used to write daily to-do lists and they were helpful for that current day, but sometimes I have things to do on days in advanced, but I don’t write to do lists for the future. I read how someone uses these VB calendars as their desktop background and thought that was such a great idea.
    I decided to take a screen shot of the calendar, edit it in Paint, and write mini to do lists in the following boxes! Now I can finally see the things I have to do for the days in advance. (Yes I realize I could have just bought a weekly or montly planner, but oh well. I like this idea better). Keep doing these VB! Their cute and convenient! ;D Thanks!

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