A closer look: Dogwood

DogwoodThe first of our dazzling Winter duo, Dogwood is a neutral knockout with a few brushstrokes of bold color. We asked our Trend Reporter, Liz, to share a bit more of this color’s story.

Winter 2012: Dogwood

What it looks like …

“Dogwood, with its warm range of neutrals and crisp white on a dark-as-night ground, creates a winter floral arrangement of high and low contrast blooms. Accents of mustard and tomato orange deliver a shot of color to the subdued palette, while a stark black and white lattice inside provides definition.”

What inspired it …

“This print is coming from the shine trend, the idea of enjoying something shiny; a glass of champagne, a sparkly dress, glittery holiday party décor. That golden yellow color is trending from the impact of gold.”

How to wear it …

“For an everyday look, I would wear this with a winter white sweater and jeans, maybe paired with a classic black tailored jacket. To take the look to evening, there’s always the little black dress. Think sequins and adding a little bit of bling or luxe to your evening wear.”

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Dogwood board on Pinterest.

Shop Winter online and in stores when it arrives Friday, November 2.

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13 Responses to A closer look: Dogwood

  1. Angela M says:

    I’m loving the Dogwood inspirations on Pinterest. Dogwood also reminds me of my high school colors of black and gold. When I start substitute teaching again I will have to wear dogwood!

  2. dotmoody says:

    At first I really didn’t care for this pattern, but the more I look at it the more I like it! 🙂

    • Shirley Herson says:

      At first sight, I was not sure about the new dogwood pattern, but I also have looked at it more and am liking it a lot more. It is lovely. I do not want a plain color Vera as I like Vera’s for their lovely colors and patterns and they are unusual. I can buy a plain bag any place. I do love my Vera’s.

  3. Amy Bull Smith says:

    I love Vera Bradley. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I have found one store that carries little items.

    Simons Mall just took over Winrock Mall in Albuquerque,N.M.
    Across isABQ Uptown Mall.
    With the renovation of Winrock Mall, from what I hear is going to be the largest two story Target..
    My point is to start a small store front in Winrock. Please contact me as I am a women who Directed the largest fundraiser for White House Black Market at ABQ Uptown in 2010. I also help commercial real estate investors and small businesses.

    Amy Bull Smith
    Albuquerque, N.M

  4. Marty Letourneau says:

    I love the pattern and the colors are gorgeous. The yellow will brighten any winter day. This pattern will easily go with any outfit

  5. Shirley Herson says:

    Personally , I love the dogwood pattern. I am not goning to be so critical of an extra on the blossom. It is a lovely pattern and I would love a bag with this pattern and am sure I will get one eventually. I really love the other one, the English rose pattern. That is gorgeous. I am a big fan of floral patterns. I guess this is because I am a flower person and love to plant flowers and care for them all summer long. So to have them all year is a real blessing to me. Thanks Vera for this. I would prefer that the bags be made in the good old USA, but will not stop buying them because they are not. They are still lovely and a very good quality.

  6. I lov e this color combo. I have many outfits that will go with this color. I would like to purchase this for my cruise in November

    • shirleyherson says:

      I agree Nancy, I would like a big tote in both the new patterns. i do not care for small bags. I need to carry a lot of things and like a large bag. I checked one of my bags and did see the made in China label. I had never taken notice to that before. That will still not stop me from buying Vera’s. I really enjoy them a whole lot and will continue to use them. Thanks Vera for the lovely patterns and the lovely bags and accessories.

      • Anonymous says:

        Shirley, if it doesn’t bother you so much that it’s made in China, then why do you keep posting comments over and over about VB being made in China. Who cares? The company went public and had to delegate it’s manufacturing outside of the U.S. It’s still an American company and does a lot of good things for charities and organization, especially for breast cancer awareness. Why don’t you start posting about the good things VB does instead of focusing on the one negative that it’s not made on our grounds. Silly.

      • Shirley says:

        Sorry, I did not mean to post on bad things. I do not care and I love Vera Bradley Co. I am just trying to say they are great bags, great patterns, wash well and look wonderful. I know they do wonderful things and am a proud owner of many Vera’s and accessories. People keep saying they will not buy them any more and guess I am just saying I will as I like it. Did not mean to offend any one at all.

  7. Sharon says:

    I love the POP of yellow! It’s about time yellow takes a bright center stage.

  8. hailse says:

    love the new pattern perfect for the cold weather!

  9. Kirsten says:

    I live up here in British Columbia where the dogwood is our provincial flower and I personally have 3 native dogwoods in my yard. I have to say that for this pattern, the colours are all wrong. I would have liked to see the colouring more in line with what it actually is (substitute orange for a lime green or red) on a crisper flower, or pick one of the Kousa varieties that is a beautiful shade of pink. If you don’t already, in designing your patterns you ought to work with a botanist.
    While I like many of your designs, I also think that too many of your patterns are just too dated looking. It’s like they jumped out of a 1980’s Laura Ashley catologue and, frankly, those patterns were just not good. It would be nice to see some younger, hipper patterns that appeal to a younger, hipper demographic. Afterall, they are the ones with the disposable income to spend on such novelties and, as one of your investors, I’d like to see a little more upwards action on the market reflected by more exciting designs.
    That said, I wouldn’t own the stock if I didn’t like and see potential in your company.

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