New Fall colors just around the bend

The changing climate ushers in a fresh bouquet of rich autumn palettes, arriving just in time for the switching of the seasons. Yes, with a great deal of excitement, Vera Bradley is all set to welcome a trio of new Fall offerings: Canyon, Provençal and Portobello Road!

These colors will officially arrive online and in stores Thursday, August 30.

Until then, Fall desktop downloads offer a dose of pretty new patterns perfect for brightening your background.

Desktop Download: Provencal
Desktop Download: Portobello Road
Desktop Download: Canyon
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615 Responses to New Fall colors just around the bend

  1. emme27 says:

    It is difficult to see properly but what I do see is disapointing….

    • Sue says:

      Canyon is my favorite pattern

    • marianne says:

      how do i down load for a back ground

      • Jessie Henning says:

        Save it as a picture then apply it as wall paper

      • Christine Leppert says:

        Don’t click on “downloads” in the sentence. Click on the pic you like and then save.

      • Kelly Mom says:

        Right click on the pattern you like and save it as a picture on your computer. Then change your desktop settings to use this as background! 🙂

      • Lee says:

        Click the pattern, right click to save image (I suggest saving it to your desktop so you can find it), find the saved image, right click it and save as background.

    • Andrea says:

      I agree! I do not like the new fall colors! They lack color and are totally depressing!

      • CC says:

        I don’t like them either:(

      • Sherry says:

        I am a little disappointed as well! I like provencical, however I do not care for the main background color! I was looking for a little more pop of color for the Fall.

      • Dawn says:

        I agree these patterns look old what happened to young vibrant colors?????

      • Laura Cole says:

        Portobello Road

      • sindi says:

        I totally agree very disappointing. I was hoping for more purples and blues. Pinks. Something different from what they have had before. I hope they come out with some more fall colors because I am a huge fan!

      • Heidi says:

        Not “WOW”ed for Autumn…sadly! Provencal was a close one, but I may just wait for Winter prints! 😦

      • Vicki says:

        Fall colors are great. Fall colors should be less on brightness just as flowers are less vibrant.

      • Karen says:

        I agree…no patterns I would buy 😦

      • Katherine says:

        I don’t like them either

      • Melissa says:

        Well, isn’t Va va bloom, indago pop, and paisley meets plaid fall paterns? I’m sure they are. Just get something in one of those patterns. Or wait till the winter patterns come out.

      • Landra says:

        Definitely agree, I’m very disappointed!

      • linda bell says:

        i want red and black……. RED……..

      • Vera-lover-for-life says:

        Agreed as well, I enjoy seeing colorful, cheerful patterns that are modern and stylish. However these patterns feel a bit dull, and boring. I think I will wait for the new winter patterns if I want a new bag because I’m not falling in love with any of these patterns like I hoped would. One thing I know for sure is that I hope they don’t make anymore patterns like these.

      • Daniela says:

        me too. I think that there all depressing. there needs to be more color.

      • Holly says:

        Hey guys I just saw them in better color than the video, a photo shoot VB posted on fb. The colors are much better than they are represented here, but I am sure they still won’t hit most people’s fancy, as they are all a bit blah to me still, but I can appreciate the true vibrancy of color now, and the canyon is actually not that bad.

    • Rozy says:

      Talk about washed out, they look like the bags that people have had for yrs. & just won’t let go of them

    • Cindy says:

      Im excited for the new fall colors. Love all three!

      • Pat Dixon says:

        I agree with most of the negative replys no bold lively colors. We need the rockem sockem colors during the fall and winter time, not pretty floral colors we see all spring and summer. Perk up the color please!

        Pat from central, P

      • judy h. says:

        Me too! I find the Fall colors pretty and naturally muted for Autumn. I thought the summer colors this year were disappointing, but I thinking I’m gonna like that Portobello Road.

      • Tracie says:

        I have to agree with you, Cindy, I love all three!

      • Vera-lover-for-life says:


    • Marie says:

      I do not like any of the three Fall colors! At least on-line, they look rather ugly. It iS quite disappointing!

    • Barbara Middleton says:

      I totally agree. I look forward to each new collection. There must be at least 25 Vera items from a suitcase to an eyeglass holder with many handbags in between that I own. I will not be adding any of these prints. They are not in the least “eye catching”….very ho, hum.

    • Diane says:

      I really like Canyon. But I would like to see a Navy pattern (white/grey?) or solid for winter.

      • Terry E Domzalski says:

        I agree the only pretty one is Canyon. I would like to see some rust colors and falls colors. Reds, oranages, yellows and rust together.

    • Barbara Smith says:

      I am hoping they look better in person.

      • Julie Lester says:

        Totally agree! I’m hoping this will be one season they ALL look better in person than in the picture!

      • Kim says:

        That holds true for all of Vera in my opinion. In person the patterns look different.

      • Kristen says:

        I saw them in Dillards last week and they are not any better. Really sad, used to love Vera now I just want to run away from it. Who is picking the ugly prints?

    • ellie says:

      from what little I can see I think canyon will be great for fall

    • Trudy says:

      I agree, very disappointed in the colors. I will not be purchasing any of these colors.

      • Teresa says:

        I agree. These are not the beautiful rich colors I associate with Fall or Vera. Very drab for any season. Will not be buying these.

      • Vera-lover-for-life says:

        Wish they could do something kind of warm and inviting, yet still reminds me of fall! You know like apple cider, or leaves on a tree in fall or something. Here’s a suggestion to the Vera Bradley pattern creators, use some reds, and oranges… like the colors of the leaves on the trees when there just starting to change, and you could name one pattern… “Falling” in love”. Just a suggestion.

    • Debi Hotmar says:

      I agree with some of the other comments, a little disappointed in the new fall selection. If I had to pick one I think I like Canyon the best of the three though.

      • Mary says:

        I am also extremely disappointed in the last 3 sets of colors that have come out:( I have been purchasing Vera for 25 years and this is the first time I have not bought any of the last three sets of colors that have been shown.
        Please get back to classics, reds, blacks, etc. Colors are very boring….

    • laroquea says:

      Provencal!!! I’ve been waiting for it…..

      • Plez says:

        Totally agree! The above background makes me think it is more mustard than I anticipated but still sooo excited!

    • I agree. I’m ued to brighter colors, don’t care for these! Sorry!

    • Donna68 says:

      I have to agree with emme27. I don’t really like any of the new patterns or colors that you have selected so I am disappointed with the new fall colors. If anything, the brown is the best one. If I were the designers looking to select fall colors, I would have selected something that had more of a harvest color and look. And, I would have selected something that would apply to Jewish people for Hanukah presents and Christians for Christmas presents.

    • marjorie ash says:


    • Kathy Wright says:

      Love the Canyon!! really looks like fall!!

    • Teresa says:

      I agree, some even make me thing of past patterns.

    • Betty says:

      Agree, won’t be making any fall purchases in these patterns. Come on VB, is this the best you could do ?

    • Kathy Roberts says:

      Canyon is my favorite!

    • Kelly says:

      I really like the new colors. I am really looking forward to buying a new bag for Fall!!

    • pearl says:

      Yuk. Not loving the new pattern.

    • says:

      I have LOVED VB for years…. But the last couple of years, I have not made a purchase because I haven’t liked any of the patterns they keep coming up with, which makes me very sad. Every new season I think this is going to be the season that I will like the new patterns, but yet again, I was left disappointed. = (

    • Leslie Beebe says:

      Especially like canyon & provencal. Love previewing the new colors

    • Kristy Taylor says:

      Portobello Road is my favorite…..sometimes muted colors can be more sophisticated looking, especially for us older fans of Vera. Although I love the bright patterns too. It’s nice to see something different.

    • Sherry says:

      Ya I was disapointed also ;-(

    • Elaine says:

      I’m totally dissappointed that VB is not made in America anymore 😦 sad since we need jobs in the USA!!!

      • says:

        Actually around 94 styles are still made in America today. Vera Bradley runs the factory in china that produces the products.

    • Nancy Bryant says:

      I don’t like any of them enough to buy.

    • Jasmine says:

      I too miss the older, smaller, more refined patterns and colors….awfully tired of the bad 70’s wacky oversized prints. For those of us who lived through the 70’s, I think the prints back then were better than this reworked spin on 70’s, although it really wasn’t a great decade for design in the first place. Why do we have to revisit it?

      These fall selections are so drab. I like the idea of the Provencal, but the colors are awful…would have been prettier in different colors. Mustard looks good on few people.

      PLEASE bring back some of the prettier colors and patterns. Love the idea of bringing back some of the best selling oldies. Please have something for the more sophisticated customer, lately everything looks so preteen-ish.

      My personal color faves are lavenders, blues, sages, spruces, navies, off whites, blue greens (NOT the chartreuses/limes/yellow greens that seem to have found their way into almost every new pattern lately) I realize every customer has their own preferred color palette, so maybe the line could eventually have something for everyone. There hasn’t been something for me in ages.

      It does seem to be a common denominator in these posts to have more options for the more mature customer. Thanks!

    • Diana says:

      Not all that impressed. The colors seem dark and drab compared to what I am used to seeing. Oh well, guess I will wait til Spring.

    • Jen says:

      Yuck….will not be buying these three colors..very disappointing!

  2. Njea Mitchell says:

    I’ve been waiting for the Provencal it will go really cute with my yellow VW beetle!

  3. As I shopped the web sale this morning, I spotted the ‘Wristlet’ in Canyon and rushed straight over to the blog, knowing the new color details would be available here. Next stop: Preview the ‘Laura’ tote in Canyon back at the main website. It will be mine, oh yes! ‘Provencal’ will inspire some holiday gifts this year, too, as the eye-catching color palette is a perfect match for a beloved family member’s tastes.

  4. Angel says:

    Canyon is the best!

  5. Linda says:

    Wow, those are not attractive patterns to me at all.

  6. Marlene says:

    none of them thrill me

  7. Jilanne says:

    I am a little disappointed in these colors as well. They definitely look better on the color swatches above than the actual bags. But if I had to pick from the three, I’d say the Portobello Road has some potential.

  8. Carroll V. Weisenberg says:

    I would LOVE to see a Vera Bradley in solid black … with all the outside and inside pockets … I have a beautiful black and white .. but for winter a solid black would be aweson … thank you for your attention to this …

    • Carole says:

      DItto to what Carroll said. We need more solids with the organizational pockets. These new patterns don’t do much for me.

      • Elizabeth O'Bannon says:

        I think the sam thing that you need some solid color purses. Think about doing some solid colors. there are two many wild colors. Thanks

      • Pat Cotton says:

        I still say we need a solid white bag for summer! PLEASE

      • Lori says:

        I agree with you. I would LOVE to see more solid color bags with fav is “on the go”. .. would be more apt to buy several different colors..

    • Melissa says:

      On the website, check under “Collection” and click ” Vera Vera.” They’re all solid colors.

      • Shelley says:

        But those are microfiber, aren’t they? It would be nice to have a washable solid color fabric. Or even one that is mostly solid with minor embellishment. I love vb, but it’s hard to find clothing in my wardrobe to suit all those loud patterns.

    • Mare Winter says:

      Amen to that! I would LOVE an On the Go in solid black! Sometimes, when I’m wearing prints, a Suzani (or whatever) bag just doesn’t make it! Please, Vera Bradley?! I’ll bet you would see a LOT of them!

    • Linda says:

      Yes, I would like to see solids also. White for summer, and Black for winter at least, in the same styles available now. My fav. is On The Go

    • Campbell says:

      there are solid black vera bags. check online

    • Pat says:

      Carroll, they do sell a black set. I have it in the bowling bag style.

    • Angela says:

      They have a Microfiber line. Next week they are releasing some of their most popular styles in the microfiber colors.

  9. Suraiya Ali says:

    I don’t know ! I love all of them ahh !

  10. sweetaloma says:

    Provencal! That one is a hit in my book =]’

  11. Sandy Manning says:

    Provencal is beautiful. The brown one is nice too. I don’t love the other so much.

  12. panfusine says:

    Canyon… Love at first sight!

  13. Caressa says:

    Portobello road has my vote!

  14. Ruth says:

    Provencal is the best! All the fall colors are there!

  15. Bunny Laade says:

    OMG….Portobello Road is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. pamnwv says:

    Love the provencal and canyon!

  17. Shelly Deans says:

    I can’t choose between Provencal and Canyon! Guess I’m going to have to get both! 🙂

  18. Renea Tutt says:

    I’m excited about Provencal, I’m excited to get a new bag in this pattern. I love the cheerful colors!

  19. Rosanna says:

    Love the Provençal. Warm, rich colors — beautiful!

  20. Bets says:

    Bring back Chanticleer, classy

  21. vicki maynes says:

    I won’t be buying any of these.

  22. Joan says:

    I’m not taken with any of the new patterns, especially with the horrible lighting on the video. I do wish more of your purses and totes had outside pockets with zippers or even without, that will fit the larger I phones.

  23. Holly says:

    I agree, I don’t really like any of them.. 😦

  24. Carol says:

    Not a fan of any of them, sorry. Was looking forward to a new brown combo for fall, canyon doesn’t do it.

  25. Joni says:

    None of the new patterns are that great. Canyon would be the best out of the three. I guess I’ll hope that my old favorite gets put on sale.

  26. Linda says:

    LOVE Canyon!

  27. Lisa Warden says:

    Not thrilled with them, but I would say out of all of them I would be most likely to purchase a Canyon. 🙂

  28. Fluffysquirrel says:

    I miss the vintage patterns like Black Walnut—THAT was a GREAT Fall pattern. Also Pettitpoint, just to name a couple. The Owl print was fun. These are just…’eh’. Just more variations of the same thing.

  29. Melissa says:

    Not liking any of them 😦 Why do all of the patterns have to be so busy?

  30. N Jane Savina says:

    Jane: Portobello and Canyon are definitely on my wish list and will be purchasing the accessories to go with them. I always buy the matching accessories to match my handbag! Vera you are the best by far!!!!!!!

  31. Jennifer Fry says:

    I haven’t been happy with any of the prints for a couple of years now. I thought I was going to really meet paisley meets plaid, or plaid meets paisley, or whatever it is. But once I got a bag in it and was carrying regularly, I realized I really didn’t like it.

  32. Carol says:

    Provenical (Brown) is the one I like the best for Fall.

  33. holly says:

    I like canyon. I’m relieved that there is something that i like. It’s been a while.

  34. Alicia says:

    Whoa. That yellow in Provencal is not even close to a pretty yellow. In my opinion, yellow is probably one of the hardest colors to work with. Canyon and Portobello Road are very nice though. I like the subdued colors.

  35. Anne Rohr says:

    None of these new patterns really appeal to me.

    • Mary Utich says:

      I like all of them! Can’t decide which one of them I like the best! Vera Bradley patterns are always good- great selection of colors, patterns, and I am always excited to see them.

  36. Sabrina says:

    Love Portobello Road. So pretty, calm, and relaxing. Hoping to get several new pieces in this color.

  37. Laurinda says:

    I think Vera has done overkill! It was better when new patterns came out only twice a year!

  38. Rita Bell says:


  39. Natalie Eubanks says:

    Provencal is totally my favorite! I’m much more excited about these colors that the summer ones! Provencal is so elegant! love it.

  40. Suzanne says:

    Thumbs down. Have not bought a bag in almost two years. Did like the summer cottage print- but my mother in law bought everything in the print, so nothing to buy.

  41. emme27 says:

    sorry… I need a bigger photo and I feel badly now I said that.

  42. Not a fan of the new colors but Canyon is my Fav!

  43. Regina says:

    I like Canyon… nice for fall

  44. allis says:

    Provençal is so so so cute and I can not wate for some contest to win this stuf

  45. Sandy says:

    Fall colors are my favorite! Love all three! I too am a Volkswagen fan, and always consider which would look good with my Bug or Bus 🙂

  46. I am disappointed, once again, with the soon to be released patterns as has been the case over the last 1.5-2 years. I’ve seen some possible up and coming patterns for winter/spring and I’m getting a little excited about Vera Bradley again. Fingers crossed!

  47. I like the Canyon print. Best one I’ve seen recently.

  48. Bonnie K Dengler says:

    With pass patterns I didn’t think I’d like….then when I see them “for real” and can feel them….they’re mine! Looking forward to my personal connection with the new patterns….

  49. Michelle says:

    I have many many Vera tote bags, travel bags, backpacks, and purses. I prefer the old colors and not the trendy patterns. What is going on? I don’t think you want to appeal to us middle aged women who have bought Vera Bradley for years. We are the ones who have the money to buy not the young college girls. If you really want to appeal to college girls give them a separate style and colors like the Frill. Bring back the trusted colors, patterns and ideas that your loyal, older fans enjoy.

    • Joy says:

      agree totally!

    • I agree, Michelle. I also prefer the older patterns (Windsor Navy, Mesa Red, Blue Rhapsody) but I’ve been on college campuses and there are plenty of Vera sightings. Vera needs to figure out how to cater to all by releasing some trendy and some classic!

    • Beckie says:

      So agree! Think you need to get some new designers. For the price, the designs are not there to justify.

    • Joni says:

      I agree. Most of the patterns are too bright and won’t “match” most clothes that I wear. They appeal to the younger girls. We need colors and prints that are more subtle for middle aged women.

    • Lu says:

      i agree with this. Trendy in a younger era is ok, but more traditional is what many professionals would like. I have everything in Emily and was looking to update, but have found nothing Ilike formy travelitems. Have several urses, but even they are from 1.5 yrs and older. I keep hoping, but so far nothing. Have been onthe web site and just went thru 2 stores in 2 different states and nothing worked. When I buy a purse I buy all the acessories too.

    • Gean says:

      I agree with Michelle. Also, not crazy about the new Fall patterns.

    • pam west says:

      i agree with you michelle, i love the older patterns..the ones that put vera on the map, i haven’t been thrilled in the last 2-3 years..get back to your roots vera…they are all starting to look the same only brighter or duller colors..not impressed with the patterns, i do like the brown only if the pattern was about a red without funky other colors with it?

    • Vera gal or former Vera gal? says:

      so agree Michelle! The patterns and colors have been ugly (except I do love teh cottage summer print). All the ‘mod’ huge prints must be for only tweens and teens, as they don’t appeal to us. And the fall colors are so dirty and worn out looking, yuk! Just where are these designers getting their ideas? And they’re expanding in Japan, I can about guarantee these patterns won’t be a hit there!

  50. Joy says:

    none of them!

  51. Cindy says:

    I’m not impressed with any of the new fall colors. I’m really disappointed in them!!!

  52. Pammy says:

    Nope, not a winner in the bunch. Would love to see darker greens, not sage or lime tones. Navy whirlybird and green cupcake were faves. Sometimes the function is more important than the color or print, but aren’t fun if the color isn’t good.

  53. Angela says:

    I am really loving Canyon and Portobello Road. I see that some don’t like these patterns – I felt the same way about the Summer colors. So, this is a good redemption of colors for me.

  54. Carrol says:

    Unimpressed. Why not some of the beautiful vibrant fall colors?

  55. Heidi Bostic says:

    I am loving the look of canyon:0)

  56. Amy says:

    Can’t say this is my favorite palette of Vera Bradley colors, but Canyon definitely fits my southwest style.

  57. Kristie says:

    Love Canyon gotta have it!

  58. Rachel says:

    Provencal, Canyon, can’t decide! They are all so darn beautiful!

  59. Rebecca says:

    I love all three, but Provencal may be my favorite.

  60. Robin says:

    Sorry, but none of the new colors appeal to the 4 ladies in my house

  61. Suz says:

    I look forward to the new colors every season but these are too dull for my taste. Hoping the next ones will be more appealing. Symphony in Hue has been my #1 favorite but I have a lot of Vera Bradley items. I will keep watching for something better to come along.

  62. Nicole says:

    Canyon!!! Yay, finally a brown!!!

  63. Bridgette says:

    Provençal is my choice

  64. Abigail207 says:

    I haven’t really liked any on the Vera colors lately. I am into the more sophisticated patterns like Imperial toile. Many of the new color seem to appeal to the youth!


  66. Marianne says:

    Love the new patterns! I will be shopping for a Canyon bag!

  67. Claudia says:

    Disappointing colors. Too blah!

  68. Elaine Mortensn says:

    New colors and patterns are always fun,something for everyone.

  69. Catie says:

    I was in the store today and saw 4 patterns I’ve never seen before – none of these. Why are there always so many new patterns? I was actually relieved that I didn’t like any of the four in the store. Good grief.

  70. Dianne Haerr says:

    Portobello Road!!! love it! hadn’t planned on a new fall bag but ummm I think that was crazy talk.

  71. Lisa Abbey says:

    Hey Liz! I love the Provencal, I have a makeup bag in it from the preview release and I love it! I will for sure be getting more pieces in this wonderful bright sunny pattern.
    See you soon!

  72. Pat says:

    I can’t say I really love any of these – very diasppointed.

  73. says:

    I love the Canyon. I think it maybe time for a new bag!

  74. Lesley says:

    Provencal is my favorite – I’ve been waiting anxiously for this print to come out!!!

  75. Colleen says:

    Will order my fall bag in Canyon!

  76. Rebecca Barhite says:

    Provencal! 🙂

  77. Mary says:

    NONE of these. We need something that looks like winter. I hope the colors get more intense, not like these!

  78. Jill says:

    I think this is the first time I didn’t like ANY!! Sorry!! they’re all just dull. If you wanted to stick with a fall theme, maybe more vibrant fall colors? everyone LOVES Vera because you’re not afraid of the vibrant colors!! Also, please bring back the DSLR Camera bag!! I didn’t know it was only for a limited time… I thought this was going to be an ongoing part of the collection. PLEASE!!

  79. mary says:

    An all Black Villager or Laura tote would be fabulous. Need more solid colors in the styles already available.. Not thrilled with these new Fall prints. Kinda loosing the appeal for patterns anyways.

  80. Lee Zoller says:

    I would love the wristlet in solid black!

  81. Kerrysinger says:

    Think Vera is def way too far into comic book college girl cute. Sophistication in print and color seems to be a thing of the past. Please rethink. These kids will grow up and I’ll not be buying. These 3 new ones just teen-agery and blah.

  82. Cheryl says:

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see them in person. Right now the new colors don’t knock my socks off.

  83. Anie says:

    I love the Canyon!! It’s perfect for Fall.

  84. Gayl says:

    Not enamored with any of these…

  85. Keren Rose says:

    Provencal for sure, it’ll be great with this Autumn’s bright colors trend. 🙂

  86. Karin Muserallo says:

    These new colors don’t thrill me. Instead of ” inventing ” new patterns, why don’t you try bringing back some of those old favorite patterns in new silhouettes?

  87. Angela says:

    Disappointed with the color choices! I won’t be a taker on any of these.

  88. Jessi Alford says:

    LOVE Provençal! Definitely my favorite out of the three

  89. Saunya says:

    I don’t care for any of the new colors.

  90. Tina M. says:

    While I have to be honest in saying that none of these three patterns strikes my fancy, it also reminds me why I love Vera. There is always something for everybody at one time or another and since I loved the first three patterns that were released for fall and others did not, I hope that they find something in the new patterns to like. And my husband always appreciates a new release that I am not in love with as well…good for the budget. 🙂

  91. New colors don’t really impress me. Also, would like to see some smaller prints, bold colors are nice but I look for purses I can wear with more than one or two outfits. I really really wish I had some of the much older prints with black in them.

  92. Linda Weeks Thompson says:

    Not really crazy about the new colors!!!!!!!!!

  93. Pam says:

    All are ugly! Very disappointing

  94. goingtolose says:

    Not thrilling. Sorry Vera! I have a lot of the “on the go” bags (perhaps 20 or so?) and I will not be buying any of the three prints. I love the bold colors. All three are kind of just…bland.

  95. Grace says:

    I don’t care for any of those patterns either please try to make more colorful ones becasue these are for old ladies

  96. Megan P says:

    Loving Provencal! I bought a Hipster at the preview and have worn it almost every day since! I can’t wait to purchase another style in this adorable color!

  97. Debbie says:

    They are very dull. Not a fan.

  98. Bonnie says:

    I am not happy with any of these new patterns. I like smaller prints. These colors are totally wrong for me.

  99. Kim says:

    Disappointing 😏

  100. Lacie Anderson says:

    Those colors are old lady like. Do not like at all. Lacking style.

  101. Lynda Sink says:

    All are lovely – I can’t pick a favorite – so do I get all three?

  102. Lynda Miller says:

    I just couldn’t be more disappointed in the new fall colors. Where is something with a Black background. I was forced to buy Suzani in the Mandy for Fall when one of the sales associates showed me the new colors last week. And please, please, please when are you going to just have the SOLID COLORS in the traditional purses. Why won’t you make all of your bags in SOLIDS???????

  103. Kim says:

    Not my favorite Lacking pop.

  104. Dianne says:

    Well I wont have to worry about adding to my VB collection dont like them at all.

  105. Cindy says:

    I’m excited about the fall colors… Love all three!

  106. Dolores Anderson says:

    Finally, a pattern that is not full of white or pastels-Canyon is for me!

  107. Donna says:

    Provencal most definitely. I was in the beautiful south of France recently, and these colors bring back the subtle feel of the area.

  108. Stephanie says:

    Not loving any of these. Provencal would be my pick I think. I think these patterns were geared more toward the older fans. The upcoming winter patterns are even worse. Being 24 I guess I would fall into the younger catagory so many people are talking about but, we “young” women spend alot of veras too. With all the patterns Vera has I think there is more than enough for everyone to find one they love. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE!

  109. Debbie says:

    I think that they are all very pretty!

  110. Heather A says:

    Wow, I was not going to respond, but…. after reading the above comments, I had to chime in- it does seem that Vera “listens” to us. I am sorry, but I too am super disappointed in the new colors – and have been for a while. This is totally my opinion — and WAY more info than the average gal wants to know 🙂 — but, starting this past spring 2011, things just seemed to get odd, as far as Colors and WHEN the Colors came out. IMHO: Camellia is beautiful, but would have been more fitting last winter 2010. Island Blooms is a lovely design, but really does not suit Vera Bradley – it’s too chunky and graphic for the softness and quilting. It doesn’t really say Spring either — it would seem more at home in the summer and swapped with Priscilla Pink, much cuter in Spring. Summer Cottage is OK, a little old fashioned for me, Doodle Daisy is super cute, Lime’s Up has the same issue as Island Blooms. Va Va Bloom is very cute, but it almost has too much color going on – I had the same problem with Suzani, even though it’s lovely – I can’t see it having a long run. So, with Fall 2012, Provencal seems nice- but, as Liz says – it’s got that French summer feel – not FALL USA! Indigo Blue and the upcoming Portobello Road are just off, Canyon is way too dated (80s), and what I have seen of Winter 2012 is really the worst– the big roses and florals look like 80s bedding. Even the Foundation print is very dated looking. Please Vera! Get back on track – or limit the amount of new patterns as mentioned in previous posts. I like the anticipation – and fewer, more curated patterns means a better defined, unique collection. And while I’m throwin’ ya under the bus (LOL) I may as well go all the way and say PLEASE GO BACK TO MADE IN THE USA! USA! USA!

    • Katie says:

      I have to agree with Heather A, these Vera prints are getting weird I love Vera Bradley but these new patterns I’m not in love with. It all started back in Winter 2011 collection, suzani made no sense and it came out of nowhere. Then spring 2012 one of the worst collections ever, Rosie posies and island blooms are terrible prints. Camellia isn’t that bad! Summer 2012 I was amazed by the happy colors and designs in this collections! But canyon ,portobello road and provençal are ugly

    • Erin says:

      I totally agree with you on the USA topic. Bring it back here and away from China!!!

  111. Debby Berger says:

    portabello is ok, but none thrill me

  112. Brenda Grigg says:

    My daughter and I are HUGE Very Bradley fans. I like to look at the new patterns but we lean more toward the classics. Please bring Baroque in your house line. My daughter wants to decorate her room in Baroque more than you know!

  113. Shana says:

    These all really do look like faded bags that women have been carrying around for years. I am a college student/newly wed, and I do love a fun bright print(like others have said apply to college students), but sophisticated patterns that will match more than one outfit would be Very appreciated. I HATE to not match and can only use some of my Vera bags with certain outfits, which is Incredibly inconvenient. If I can’t take them with me everywhere, I loss interest in purchasing them.

  114. 5gehlings says:

    Saw this in store sample book & have already Pre-ordered Canyon tote

  115. Julie says:

    I am also less than excited about these new colors. Was hoping for something more mature or had depth to it for fall, instead of “teen” or “back to college” look. Would love to see something as lovely as Symphony in Hue again, that one hasn’t been beat yet by any color since.

  116. candy says:

    Canon ….love it

  117. \ says:

    I think Canyon is my favorite pattern

  118. Mary says:

    Count me out – not impressed at all.

  119. LAHarrt says:

    Sorry, don’t like any of these. As alot of others have said, they are all washed out. Why is it that spring/summer get bright vibrant colors & fall/winter get blah nothing colors???? Extremely disappointed.

  120. Heather A says:

    Wow, I was not going to respond, but…. after reading the above comments, I had to chime in- it does seem that Vera “listens” to us. I am sorry, but I too am super disappointed in the new colors – and have been for a while. This is totally my opinion — and WAY more info than the average gal wants to know 🙂 — but, starting this past spring 2011, things just seemed to get odd, as far as Colors and WHEN the Colors came out. IMHO: Camellia is beautiful, but would have been more fitting last winter 2010. Island Blooms is a lovely design, but really does not suit Vera Bradley – it’s too chunky and graphic for the softness and quilting. It doesn’t really say Spring either — it would seem more at home in the summer and swapped with Priscilla Pink, much cuter in Spring. Summer Cottage is OK, a little old fashioned for me, Doodle Daisy is super cute, Lime’s Up has the same issue as Island Blooms. Va Va Bloom is very cute, but it almost has too much color going on – I had the same problem with Suzani, even though it’s lovely – I can’t see it having a long run. So, with Fall 2012, Provencal seems nice- but, as Liz says – it’s got that French summer feel – not FALL USA! Indigo Blue and the upcoming Portobello Road are just off, Canyon is way too dated (80s), and what I have seen of Winter 2012 is really the worst– the big roses and florals look like 80s bedding. Even the Foundation print is very dated looking. Please Vera! Get back on track – or limit the amount of new patterns as mentioned in previous posts. I like the anticipation – and fewer, more curated patterns means a better defined, unique collection.

  121. Courtney says:

    Canyon is the only one that does anything for me right now. I had seen a preview of other patterns I was excited about but just realized they are the winter patterns, not fall. But to me they look more perfect for fall than these do, and knowing they are the winter colors disappoints me. I really wanted a dark rich pattern for winter (like Symphony In Hue or Blue Rhapsody). And I was excited about getting the one called Dogwood for fall. Phooey. I do like Canyon though.

  122. Patricia Palys says:

    I’m hoping these designs look nicer in person. I’m a little disappointed.

  123. Marie says:

    These are the most ugliest colors and patterns. Start getting creative again.

  124. Sandy says:

    None of them catch my eye enough to purchase. But I DO appreciate your trying to come up with new patterns and colors on a regular basis. My all-time favorite is the New Hope (retired now several years); black with splashes of lily of the valley and green/pink ribbon accents.

  125. Heather A says:

    should learn patience– I’m not so upset that I had to post twice!

  126. Robbie says:

    I tend to like the Fall patterns! Maybe because my Birthday is late September, and I’m usually treating myself to some VB. I like Provençal the best from what I can see! It’s different than anything that I have already! Hope the iPhone case comes in this pattern!

  127. Vicki says:

    Not impressed with any of the patters way to dull and boring!!!

  128. Amy says:

    I like provincal and canyon (both have brown leanings), but the other one is really washed out. I really like the brighter colors better.

  129. Lynn says:

    Love Canyon and will buy Portabello.

  130. says:


  131. Katherine says:

    These are the most drab of colors. We need something that can be more versatile like Symphony in Hue. Tell me what color tone of person can easily where the mustard yellow, drab gray or the dark brown? I am a blonde with fair skin and can not where these colors. Guess I will have to wait another season to get a new bag. 😦

  132. Ellie James says:

    Love the fall patterns, especially Canyon!

  133. paige bennett says:

    what a disappointment- I do not like any of these new colors

  134. Antoinette says:

    Don’t like bags with linings, they always rip. Check out website, and correct me if I am wrong.

  135. Carol says:

    They are ugly.

  136. Paige says:

    I hate Canyon… I don’t like Provencal, but I love Portobello Road!!! Okay i will admit that Provencal is okay, but please Canyon really I would puke all over my bag if i had that pattern…

  137. Kathy says:

    I love the canyon and it’s “old ” feel. I would love to sport that look next!

  138. Jan Boggs says:

    I am not wild about any of these colors! I agree with one of the earlier posts that twice a year would be plenty for new patterns!!

  139. Mary Ann says:

    Definetly “Canyon” !

  140. Becky says:

    Canyon is terrific. I live in London, England but we have a home in AZ. I use all the bright vibrant colors in the US, however, feel much more comfortable with the darker ones in London (the English are a little more subdued). I can’t wait to buy lots of Canyon items to show off in London. The only place you see Vera Bradley is in Heathrow airport so I get a lot of attention with mine in the city. Thanks for the great designs.

  141. Reenie says:

    guess ill be saving money this fall, none of them are attractive sorry

  142. Lori says:

    I didn’t really like any of them 😦

  143. Valerie says:

    Soft and subtle colors … very nice! Portobello Road is beautiful!

  144. Lacey says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that was disappointed with the fall colors. The Canyon pattern is okay, but if I buy a Vera this fall, I will buy an old pattern.

    • Lacey says:

      no, I just watched the video again, and I don’t like any of them, not even Canyon. I wouldn’t buy any of those patterns.

  145. Debbie says:

    I really don’t like any of them but if I had to pick one it would be canyon. Please bring back something like symphany in hue. It’s dark it’s bright it’s perfect!

  146. Carla bradley says:

    I only Like the canyon…..the other two patterns dont look very “fallish”. Seems like a ton of the comments were negative…..wonder if VB will take that into consideration????

  147. Not my cup of tea. Guess I’ll have to wait til next season.

  148. Krissy says:

    Not very fond of any of these 😦 They don’t really appeal to me. Don’t worry though VB, I won’t give up on you! I agree with Lacey..If I buy any this fall, it will be an older pattern.

  149. patebooks says:

    ok but not great; Provencal has possibilities, and love the name Portobello Road. I don’t do brown, but that’s just me. Last pattern I loved was classy Camellia. Lots of compliments.

  150. Helen says:

    Provencal! The brighter the better.

  151. Michelle Montalbano says:

    Only “Canyon” even made me look close. These patterns aren’t very exciting.

  152. Julie Grygiel says:

    I’m not impressed by the new colors for fall; itseems like a lost opportunity to capitalize on the rich jewel tones that will be big this year!

  153. JOANNE says:

    All are UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Cheryle Verish says:

    Definitely Canyon. Like it a lot, don’t adore it, but it’s nice. Vera Bradley needs more browns!

  155. Campbell says:

    boring and blah

  156. Sharie says:

    Love Canyon – will buy it, probably Portebello Road also……………..

  157. Linda Brovont says:

    Really not my colors 😦 too drab, I like the bright colors 😉

  158. Lisa P says:

    I much prefer the older patterns with the small prints in classic colors. I am tired of prints that appeal to elementary school students (that are in the ads). There are grown women who purchase these too. I’m vegetarian so VB bags are what I carry all the time as they do not have leather. I do like the solid microfiber too. But all in all, I’m glad that I have plenty of vintage VB from the 1980s and 1990s inherited from my mom and mother-in-law. I love the new styles of bags but better prints please. If you want to appeal to the young, please also have some for adults.

  159. Judy says:

    Like the Canyon

  160. Kay says:

    Love them!!
    Beautiful combo’s can’t wait to get all three!

  161. Kat Robertson says:

    For the first time, I do not like any of the new patterns for fall. It will save me money, at least since I usually love, love, love, Vera Bradley patterns.

  162. patti g says:

    like portebello road

  163. Sheri says:

    Like Provencal and Canyon. Not sure which is more to my liking. We need to have some more colorful patterns, not all so somber.

  164. Marianne says:

    The new fall colors ARE depressing and not cute or stylish at all.. even though everyone has basically already mention it, but still. Maybe Vera Bradley is experiencing inspiration block at the moment

  165. Lynne says:

    I won’t be buying any of these. I was really hoping for Indigo Pop in a fall color pallet (reds, oranges, etc.).

  166. Teri Haye says:

    I’ve had a lot of angst since Java Blue was discontinued. I think Canyon may be just what I was waiting for. It doesn’t look like it has any blue with the brown, but I think it looks great! Can’t wait until Aug 30!

  167. vb fan says:

    dissapointed and yuk!

  168. Tamara says:

    I have the provincial in the go round tote and I love it. My friend bought it for me when they were testing the colors and had them in a few stores. The colors at the top of this page do not do it justice! I get tons of compliments on it and can’t wait to buy more items in this color!

  169. Bev Rocks says:

    I like Canyon and Provencal a lot. I have been thinking I need a new Vera for fall, and I love that Provencal has some fall colors, but it’s still vibrant. I love the patterns that feature a lot of bold colors. For those of you not so excited about these patterns, the previews that I’ve seen by way of their marketing surveys have some cool surprises for their winter line. So cheer up. You can’t please everybody all the time. There have been a couple of season I wasn’t too excited about, and I just waited and bought a bag later in a season I did like.

  170. barbara callahan says:

    How about some nice autumn colors with leaves…..beige, rust, olive green, reds, golds….I would not buy any of these new items…….SOLIDS, IN THE QUILTED STYLE, THAT IS WHAT WE NEED….YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE SOLID WITH EVERY SEASONAL COLLECTION.

  171. Erin L says:

    Provençal, but they are all cute.

  172. Heidi says:

    Saw these earlier on the site whie perusing the sale — they’re already showing up but not orderable. Love having some earth tones in the mix.

  173. Cheryl Alsman says:

    LOVE hate vibrant Provencal,
    Really like Canyon, great pattern and fall color,
    Portobella ‘mod’ just not my thing.

  174. corinne says:

    Love them all!!!

  175. lynnc0x says:

    I’m fairly certain I’ll want to own one or more pieces of Canyon. Pastels– bright or pale– are not my friends. I prefer patterns like Slate Blooms, Baroque and Indigo Pop (I applaud the suggestion of offering that in a fall palette though I suppose you’d have to change the name!) Of course, that’s one woman’s preference. I appreciate your effort to offer a little something for everyone in your product line.

  176. Tasha says:

    They look a lot better in real life (the video) the pictures provided don’t give them any justice.

  177. They are beautiful! I can’t wait to see them in the form of purses, weekenders and all of my other favorites!

  178. Celine says:

    I will wait for something in navy.

  179. Kat says:

    Im in love with canyon and I also like the Provençal!!!!

  180. Therese smyers says:

    Wow I am very sad to see no colors that stand out. I am always proud to carry my Vera bags as I get so many complimnets. I guess I will skip these ones and wait for the Winter or Spring collection. Sorry to say whoever chose these colors must been having a bad day 😦

  181. Misty Carter says:

    My comments never matter to you guys, but here I go again. Out of the 3-Portebello Road is my favorite. I haven’t been too thrilled with any colors lately. I feel you need to do more research on how your customer’s feel. You’ve got alot of competition-and some have a wider range of style and color. The price is better too. Check out some of “Thirty One” styles. I do love that you help with Breast Cancer!!!!! I think you should go outside Pasley and Floral. You should also consider color selection for each season-even prints. Maybe plaids for fall and winter-fall pretty earthy greens, sky blue, pumpkin orange and browns-or winter-maybe red, white, silver-snowy plaid for winter. What about leaves or polka dots-think outside the box… Getting boring-like someone is running out of idea’s.
    Thanks! Misty

  182. jean-marie says:

    I would agree…. disappointing and flat.. Of the three, the provencal is the only one that hold any remote interest

  183. Linda says:

    These colors are really dull. At least I will save a lot of money this Fall. Not interested in any of them.

  184. Odie says:

    My fav was Portobello Road. Purple!

  185. Andrea says:

    I can’t say I love any of them, but of the three I like Provencal best. Canyon could work well with some fall outfits. I don’t like Portabello Road at all. I don’t like the design, and the color seems all wrong for fall.

    Your spokeswoman, Liz, is sweet, but she has an annoying lisp. As a former speech teacher, I wonder why she was selected to be featured in a speaking role. I’ve begun to think that perhaps young women today think it’s “cute” to appear immature.

    • Kristen says:

      I am a relatively “young” woman being 26 and I never comment on blogs, ever, but I had to say that no I don’t think being “immature” is “cute.” Nor do I think lisps are cute or that they make one immature, and I don’t think anyone with a lisp thinks so either being that I had one for the first 8 years of my life, until I was fortunate enough to find a good speech therapist. Some people cannot correct their speech and have to make do with what they have. I actually applaud Liz for overcoming what is a difficult thing to deal with and up until now had never heard anyone mention her lisp before.

  186. Claire says:

    The pictures are not so clear. I wish VB would have better pictures and include more pictures and information about pocket size and other details. Some of us do not live near a VB store and it is hard to have to travel 70+ miles to see products.

  187. Ruth VanderLaan says:

    I’m not really loving these colors. If I had to pick one it would be Portobello Road. I think it’s funny that with all the kids clothes this fall going back to neon brights that these would be the patterns Vera B. would choose. Probably will not sell too many backpacks or school bags to the younger generation!

  188. Jennifer says:

    Where are the jewel tones???? Plum, peacock, cherry red, emerald green, mustard these are my go to fall shades and the o lt one that comes close is provençal. The spring summer colors were GREAT, hopefully there will be some prettier prints to come.

  189. Theresa Recchia says:

    I really like the yellow of Provençal. I recently went to France and now I will be reminded of the great time I had.

  190. Ronda says:

    I love them all!

  191. Jo says:

    Fall has so many beautiful colors. I do not see any in the above.

  192. Melissa keys says:

    Love Provençal great fall color combination

  193. Heidi says:

    Sadly, there is no WOW!! Autumn has such rich colors and these 😦 Provencal is probably the prettiest, but I may just wait Autumn and out and see what comes next!

  194. Amy says:

    I love them! I love color but this last year or so Vera patterns have just been too “loud” to me and I have only been buying older colors. Lovely patterns, sophisticated colors. Not the same old fall leaf colors. Can’t wait to get something new!!

  195. Laurie says:

    I LOVE the Provencal and have been waiting for it to show up in the stores!!! It matches all the colors that I wear and the pattern is awesome 🙂

  196. judy whittinghill says:

    I’m disappointed also with the fall colors. There are solid black purses, brown and navy blue on

  197. Jennie says:

    The new colors won’t do a thing for me. I agree about offering some solid colors with all the pockets. A rich brown or a beautiful deep orange for fall, maybe a dark grey with a hint of a black pattern. Regular fabric, not the microfiber. Brighten it up with a colorful inside. I love VB and have a bunch, but I won’t be adding these. Thanks for asking!

  198. Vanesia says:

    CANYON! great for fall, the others aren’t

  199. Laura Thomasson says:

    It’s unusual for me not to like any Vera Prints, but these new Fall Colors are HORRIBLE…….soooooo DRAB….what a phenominal disappointment

  200. Joni says:

    I like the brown one the best, but I’m not really a brown person. A pattern with mostly black would be nice. Maybe that is why I like the Baroque pattern.

  201. Kim Ford says:

    Canyon is soooooo pretty:) that’s my favorite.

  202. Meaghan says:

    Very disappointed… These look horrible and so drab.

  203. Kerry Klingner says:

    I can’t wait to get a Provencal Vera & Wristlet!! I think the colors are beautiful for fall!!

  204. Stephanie says:

    I am loving Portobello Road! Definitely getting a nice big tote in that color :).

  205. Angela Fain says:

    Provençal is awesome! The colors are right on trend with what is in for Fall. Good job!

  206. Tracey Talbert says:

    Sorry, VB I am not over the top with any of the fall patterns. As a Vera junky I think I will pass on this round.

  207. Heather says:

    POrtobello road …………….love

  208. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t really care for any of these patterns- I miss the older patterns like my favorites Mediterranean White and Daisy Daisy. I wish Vera would bring back some of the retired patterns – maybe they could do a survey on this website and bring back the most popular retired patterns in a limited edition? That would be great!

    • Angela M says:

      I think that is an awesome idea! I would love to have some of the new purse styles in some of my favorite retired patterns.

  209. I love the Canyon, I have really started to like brown, the new black !!!!

  210. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL! I think all three patterns and their colors are gorgeous! It’s about time some of my favorite colors have arrived and are blended together! I love, Grays, Browns, light Purples, blues, Good choice Vera Bradley for this Fall! I think Canyon is my favorite, especially because I love The American West! Love Love Love them all!

  211. Denise McClendon says:

    Provencal is my favorite. The yellow will brighten any dreary fall day. I am not influenced by negative commentors. I actually go by what I like, and I will probably the other two, when I see them physically.

  212. Alexa says:

    Yes I totally agree that the colors can be depressing.but on the bright side it is good the are depressing because they can be good for funerals because they don’t have to be happy. Here is a tip not all Vera Bradley colors are happy!

  213. Kathy says:

    I really like all of them-perfect fall colors. if i had to choose just one it would be provencal.

  214. Kristen says:

    Not too happy with the prints—boring and blah

  215. Jan says:

    I’m not crazy about any of them. I have a large collection of Vera handbags, but none of these patterns are even tempting.

  216. Misty Carter says:

    One more-comment..How about stripes. You don’t see these flowers in the Fall and Winter. If you have sesonal patterns, which you do, try doing something more in the season. I live in a college town and I do notice the girls with their “Vera’s”, but I also know-their Mom’s usually buy them-think more of a wider age selection.

  217. Cristiana Myers says:

    I was so looking forward to this new release, but these colors are not doing it for me!! Patterns ok but colors no! Sorry!

  218. Diane Gargus says:

    So hoping for like yellow finch bird color wirh black or navy accents- or really retro colors that POP – something real BRIGHT for the dull , bleak weather to come to us snow states.
    Just haven’t been to crazy for the colors last few introductions and I am a middle age person who likes BRIGHT.

    • Misty Carter says:

      All these comments are so what I’m feeling. Maybe Vera needs to ask their customer’s what they’d like to see-or do a contest for the best idea. Looking like they need our help….

  219. Beth says:

    If I had to pick one, I would say I like Provencal the best, but none of these patterns makes me want to run right out and buy a fall bag!! They are not exciting at all.

  220. Joan says:

    I love the canyon. I also loved Java and wish it would return.

  221. Joan says:

    Boring colors, bring back bright colors. Of the 3, Provençal would be the only one that I might buy.

  222. Sheryl says:

    Imperial Toile was the color that got me hooked on VB, so of course I love Canyon, too. Thanks for adding another “brown” bag, they are so versatile for a casual wardrobe.

  223. Lisa says:

    Really? That’s it? Such a disappointment after the really upbeat, colorful and fun summer patterns this year. I won’t be running out to get anything in these prints any time soon – and my teenage daughter didn’t even believe that they were Vera Bradley Patterns!

  224. I am reading alot of negative feedbacks, WHICH I DO NOT AGREE ON!! I love the fact that the colors are not sooo bright! Each of these FALL PATTERNS ARE BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY!! I LOVE THEM!!! ONE OF EACH PLEASE!!!

  225. Doris Trotter says:

    Would love a southwestern but brown canyon doesn’t do it and I don’t care for the other two either. Sorry.

  226. Gertrude Girr says:

    Canyon design is great. As a 75 year old, I still love Vera. I own every piece of Botanica that was made. I also love classic black. I think Canyon is a nice controlled pattern, and you have had very few of those lately. It just isn’t my color way.
    I must say I am enjoying introducing my granddaughter to Vera. She loves the splashies.
    Won’t you please reconsider my idea of a series of state flowers?

  227. Brianne says:

    I love these fall colors! Please fellow VB customers, be kind! You may not love these fall colors, but that is why we have other seasons. Personally, I love VB’s choice of fall inspired colors! If you aren’t happy with the colors just wait a season or two. Vera never disappoints.

  228. Janice says:

    Well, now that you asked…I am disappointed…they are not “with it” colors…especially since it is fall. I can think of so many “fall inspired” colors that would look quite vibrant as Vera Bradley prints. Well now I can breathe a sigh of relief…there is finally a Vera Bradley season of prints that I dont “must have”…time to take advantage of all the sales on other prints on VB website.

  229. Cathy K. says:

    I like Canyon – a good brown for the season!

  230. Candice Douglass says:

    One Word…… BORING 😦

  231. my daughter loves the portobello road, because of the lavander, thats all she sees, but I do not think I will be buying this fall. I will wait. I chose plum petals for this fall, not sure how old it is. I think it will hold me until spring. Vera has to appeal to many. I am just not of the many, this fall. If I had to choose I would like provencal. Canyon is not the rave I see….

  232. Mlr says:

    Not wowed by any of the fall patterns.

  233. Beth Schaefer says:

    I am in LOVE!!!! I think the colors of the Provencal are so IN! The Canyon is so warm and exciting! Great Job on choices for Fall!

    • Janet DeWilde says:

      I don’t like any of the new colors. I was looking for something in fall colors. Rust, moss green, gold along those lines. I won’t be buying for me or my granddaughters for a long time.

  234. MJ says:

    I like Provençal and Portobello Road. But I’m not in love with tem now that I’ve gottena better look and I though there would have been more of a selection to choose from than just 3 for fall.

  235. Deb says:

    Not impressed with the Fall colors. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Canyon. I don’t think I will order any of these.

  236. Marilyn Mittelstadt says:

    None of the new colors really move me. I agree with Doris ….. I’d like to see a Southwestern design.

  237. Hilary says:

    I personally love the new fall patterns. Some of you have said they are lacking a “pop” of color, but I think they all have vibrant fall colors. The provencal has the mustard background with the terra cotta orange accent. The canyon also has complimentary colors of blue and orange accents. The fall patterns of indigo pop and va va bloom have the more obvious “pop” that I’m sure are appealing, but these new fall patterns have the true, natural colors of fall.
    I also like the vintage look of all the patterns. Many have said they aren’t current looking or up to date, but if anyone keeps up with the fashion world, vintage is trendy and making a comeback.

  238. Cristin says:

    I have to say that I love all three! Looking forward to a new Metropolitan and Rachel for the Fall!

  239. Paula Schoppe says:


  240. Donna Rapkin says:

    I’m not particularly fond of any of these new colors. I thought maybe Provencal but it’s got too much yellow. Portobello Road would have been better with something other than gray as the background. I think I’ll give my Suzani from last winter a good wash and hope it doesn’t shrink!

  241. Pat says:

    love Provencal, but for Summer, not fall. I will buy it next!

  242. Summer Rose says:

    Disappointing! Dull, old fashion, too muted, uninspiring…won’t be buying and this is coming from a huge VB fan! Would have loved to have had some lovely bright colors….fall has such a gorgeous color pallet. VB go back to the drawing board!

  243. Terri B says:

    TERRIBLE colors. I will not be shopping for any of those. Drab, no life. Definately anything I would think hardly anyone would want. Bright and youthful is the call of the day

  244. Rose says:

    I won!t buy any of these colors.

  245. danikaanna says:

    I do not like these colors…:( they are to dull:(
    SO SAD!!!:'(

  246. Cindy says:

    So surprised at all the negative comments. I love the new patterns! I love the bright colors too (and I am a mother of college & high school aged girls) but I am happy to see some more “neutral” patterns also. My girls love the bright patterns and the new fall patterns — we are all excited about them. I do believe they span the ages and there always seems to be something for everyone. Thank you!

  247. Junebug says:

    I love provincial 😉

  248. Becky Dennis says:

    Personally… I still prefer the reds, blues, green and yellow… Bright vivid colors

  249. Kathy C. says:

    Not impressed with these at all!

  250. Becky Dennis says:

    wish the deco daisy wasn’t going to be retired… I love the bright red…

    also like bright colors of summer cottage…

  251. Lisa says:

    I like canyon the best

  252. Suzanne Epperson says:

    Not real impressed, I was hoping for plums, cranberry, bright greens, browns, mochas and sapphire blues. The new color palette is a little drab!!

  253. Susan says:

    Canyon!! I’ve been waiting for a nice brown for a looong time! Finally!!!

  254. Renae says:

    I love all of these!! Very classy colors. Like others, I’ve been waiting for a fun brown for a while now. This reminds me of Kensington which is my all-time favorite pattern from years back. All of these patterns seem more subdued than the most recent releases which I’m very pleased to see. Great release!!

  255. Very disappointing:( they are all a bit to muted for my tast, I prefer bright, lively vibrant colors and patterns. Oh well, until next time.

  256. Molly says:

    Not impressed at all! I ALWAYS look forward to buying Vera each season, definitely not happy. The colors are very drab, dated and not up to Vera’s standards!

  257. nickigary says:

    Reblogged this on nickigary's Blog and commented:
    I don’t think they r very pleasing. So very drab looking. I would love to see something without flowers. Females are loving Vera’s bags & techs why can’t males enjoy them as well?

  258. Megan says:

    I really love Provencal! I’ve been waiting for something like this for SO long! It’s my new fave VB color. I’ll have to get a new Hobo in it when it officially comes out.

  259. Karen Pavlakis says:

    I didn’t like any of them! There is always at least one that I like. They are very dull and boring.

  260. Karla says:

    I have been waiting for a pattern with a brown background…really like Canyon! 🙂

  261. Suzanne says:

    I like the portobello road one, but that’s it.

  262. Ella says:

    I love the quality of your products but what if you abandon the flowers, etc and do a more simple batik fabric pattern.

  263. Tess Bowman says:

    My favorite Fall color is Deco Daisy. I know it’s not “new”, but I’m in love with the red/white/black combo.

  264. Dorothy Van Vliet says:

    I love the Canyon..Wonderful fall color!!!!!!!!!

  265. Jeanne says:

    I do like Canyon only. An earlier comment mentioned bringing back the “Owl” print. I loved Night Owl and would love to see it return.

  266. Marcie Posey says:

    I LOVE Canyon and Provençal!

  267. Kathie says:

    More color please 🙂

  268. Andrea Blake says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Vera Bradley, but I am not impressed with these patterns. They are too much like those of the past. I was really hoping to see punch of colors something really different. The Provençal looks too much like the Barcelona…the portobello road looks like a muted watercolors. I am aware that these colors are thought of possibly years earlier; however, some of these like stated before are just to similar and I personally am not going to purchase something that looks like something I already have. Maybe next season there will be an opportunity to look at VB again for the innovative patterns which brought me to this company in the first place.

  269. Shanna says:

    I really like the new patterns, it’s too bad others don’t! To me fall is about muted colors. I can’t decide but I think Canyon might be the best.

  270. Ruthie says:

    I think Vera Bradley needs to slow down on the new patterns. I have only gotten one piece of the summer colors and already they are out with 3 more patterns. Its just too much – too fast. I ‘ m not in love with any of the fall colors – they just look washed out to me.

  271. Shelley J says:

    Love Provençal!! Was thinking about getting a new weekend bag, but just hadn’t found my print yet! I think that now has changed! 🙂 and ladies, the prints look MUCH better in the picture that was sent via email. The video does not do them justice. 🙂 now, with only some cool weather to go with my *future* new weekend bag!

  272. Contessa says:

    I would like to have some safari type prints. If you look in the stores you various styles of clothing in leopard, cheetah, zebra, etc. I remember once you had a pattern with zebra’s on them. What happened? I also remember when you would have Christmas patterns available. Those were always nice, especially for gifts.

  273. corinne says:

    i think they are all gorgeous….love them all….but my favorite is provencal.

  274. anne says:

    Was hoping for more lively vibrant, deep full-bodied colors for fall. In my humble opinion, these look like colors which would be more flattering for spring. Just a thought…..

  275. EILEEN THOMAS says:

    Not feeling any of them…..;(

  276. sgiovenco says:

    The actual designs are pretty but I am not a big fan of browns and all them have brown… I wish there were more jewel;tones, deep purple, blues and greens, rich reds and golds, that sort of thing. Those would be great fall colors.

  277. Ilene Rutan says:

    Very disappointed in the fall choices. Hope my bags from last year hold up. The old colors are much richer. Also seriously miss the angle tote style. Have three patterns in that style and the style is super comfortable.

  278. BARBARA says:


  279. Julie says:

    I agree with the majority – not really impressed with any of them. Will need to wait to see them in the store 😦

  280. Rayshel says:

    Not crazy about the new colors.

  281. Cherri says:

    Must say I won’t be buying any of these. They are boring and lack appeal for me. The colors are too muted and muddy. I like more true hues.

  282. Karen says:

    The colors seem very toned down… The desktop downloads look much nicer. I didn’t expect there to be more fall colors. I like Paisley Meets Plaid, Indigo Pop and Va Va Bloom (is that what it’s called?).

  283. Cindy says:

    Kind of surprised by the choice of colors. They feel dated (not retro). They don’t align with any fall color themes currently in the market that I can see and they are so washed out and faded looking. Not appealing at all. Not even interested in trying to pick out the best of the three. I am so glad I am not tempted to purchase any of these colors!

  284. MIchelle A.T. says:

    The designs are nice…have to see in person, not loving them. Portobello Road & canyon are ok.

  285. Maribeth says:

    NOT a fan 😦 Disappointing.

  286. jennifer says:

    portobello road. reminds me of water color. my favorite

  287. Angela says:

    I’m so sad at all the negativity. I love the new colors.

    • Jan Clark says:

      I like the Canyon, but wish for something more in black; dark reds; maybe something in Forest Green or golds.

  288. Lauren says:

    I’m not impressed AT ALL with the new fall prints. I definitely won’t be buying anything Vera Bradley this fall. The colors look faded, and almost like something my 80 year old grandmother would carry.:( Please have awesome winter colors! Maybe include hot pinks?

  289. Sarah says:

    Loving the Portobello Road!

  290. cathy says:

    I love them all

  291. janet p says:

    i like Portoello Road

  292. Julie says:

    I really love fall leaves and fall colors, orange, brown, green, burnt red etc.
    I’d like to see a bag with warm fall leaves and colors. How about that for next year?

  293. Kim Guillen says:

    The new Fall colors are not very fall-ish. The Canyon one is, but the other two are definitely not.

  294. Vicki says:

    canyon looks like it will be my next pattern!

  295. Sabine says:

    I dint like any if the patterns they all stink

  296. Jan G. says:

    I always try to withhold opinion until I see them in person; I think Provencal and Portobello Road will be great when you have them in your hands… I like the softer shades from what I can see.

  297. Janna Davis says:

    I love Portobello Road! Need it in a new tote!

  298. Cherie Westover says:

    I like Canyon…love the brown shades, different than what I have already…although I still love the colors that Pop! Then again, I also like Portobello Road…it is Mod, and coming from England…Portobello Road is a favorite place.

  299. Kristen Knight says:


  300. Peggy Brehm says:

    When I heard Canyon as print I was excited but that brown is not what I think of when I think of canyons. I was hoping more for a rust or paprika color. If I buy any it would probably be the Canyon but I don’t like the other 2 at all.

  301. Anita says:

    Portobello road is definitely my favorite. I was able to get it in the grand traveler and hipster earlier this summer when it was in the store for a preview time. Can’t wait to get it in the new mailbag style!

  302. KB says:

    VB what are you doing? I am a big fan and I’m glad to see the new colors are not as bright and busy as the last 3 colors, but what happened? The newer patterns look kind of similar to older patterns VB used to have (Portobello Road=Plum Petals, but without the brown background & more pastel colors and Canyon=Slate Blooms, but with less blue) I wondered why VB only had 3 colors instead of 4 when they came out with Paisley Meets Plaid, Indigo Pop, and Vava Bloom, but now there are MORE colors for fall? Portobello Road and Canyon are my favorite of the three, but overall it’s very disappointing. VB is coming out with so many new colors, it’s overwhelming. I’m one that that likes to be “matchy matchy” with the patterns I choose and I’m really displeased with how quickly the colors are being discontinued. Plum Petals and Tea Garden were some of my favorites and now you barely see them anymore. VB please keep the patterns around longer! I love Summer Cottage but I was saddened to see it is not made in any of the school supplies (or the bedding), since it was a summer pattern. I’ll be sad if that one is discontinued soon too. Wow. I love VB, but I agree that things were better when fewer patterns were made each year. Many of my favorites are being discontinued! Overall, I’m disappointed.

    • Sandra D says:

      I totally agree that VB is discontinuing patterns too quickly. To me, that signals a problem with sales. Some patterns must not be selling well. Perhaps more time should be invested in creating interesting, more vibrant patterns, instead of cranking out ones that don’t sell. All of the negative posts for Fall, 2012, patterns indicate that these new patterns won’t be around for very long either. I won’t miss them.

  303. I was hoping for some better colors this fall…the only one that is kind of okay is the Provençal but I don’t like the yellowish green background color. And that brown color looks old & faded out.

  304. Georgia Rasmussen says:

    Portobello Road by a mile, and I am not very mod…just love the colors!

  305. Shelli says:

    I love the Portobello Road. Not really Fall colors, but I like it.

  306. dotmoody says:

    CANYON, without a doubt is my favorite!!

  307. Heather A says:

    I am sorry, but I too am super disappointed in the new colors – and have been for a while. This is totally my opinion — and WAY more info than the average gal wants to know 🙂 — but, starting this past spring 2011, things just seemed to get odd, as far as Colors and WHEN the Colors came out. IMHO: Camellia is beautiful, but would have been more fitting last winter 2010. Island Blooms is a lovely design, but really does not suit Vera Bradley – it’s too chunky and graphic for the softness and quilting. It doesn’t really say Spring either — it would seem more at home in the summer and swapped with Priscilla Pink, much cuter in Spring. Summer Cottage is OK, a little old fashioned for me, Doodle Daisy is super cute, Lime’s Up has the same issue as Island Blooms. Va Va Bloom is very cute, but it almost has too much color going on – I had the same problem with Suzani, even though it’s lovely – I can’t see it having a long run. So, with Fall 2012, Provencal seems nice- but, as Liz says – it’s got that French summer feel – not FALL USA!

  308. Heather A says:

    Portobello Road is just off, Canyon is way too dated (80s), and what I have seen of Winter 2012 is really the worst– the big roses and florals look like 80s bedding. Even the Foundation print is very dated looking. Limit the amount of new patterns as mentioned in previous posts. I like the anticipation – and fewer, more curated patterns means a better defined, unique collection. And while I’m throwin’ ya under the bus (LOL) I may as well go all the way and say PLEASE GO BACK TO MADE IN THE USA! USA! USA!

  309. Sparky says:

    Not really excited about these, the patterns are too dull. Will wait for winter colors.

  310. Jess D says:

    I love the Provencal — probably one of my favorite patterns in many seasons — I can’t wait to buy some pieces in it!

  311. Lindsey says:

    Bring back blue rhapsody or something similar. Also love totally turq, bali gold and blue.. there have been tons of pretty colors, but these are not them.. Ugh ….

  312. Allison Kate says:

    Very excited for Provencal and Portabello Road. I like the the more mature prints – the ones in the last release seemed very juvenile. Perfect for some customers, I’m sure, but these new ones are much better suited to my tastes. So excited for the 30th!

  313. Myra Rivers Dorey says:

    Provencal, more pink bright colors like Lilly Pullitzer!

  314. Anne Manzo says:

    Not impressed. Won’t be purchasing anything in these patterns.

  315. Mary Lou says:

    Not impressed with these at all. They look tired and dated.

  316. Julanne says:

    Sadly, I find all three disappointing. I won’t be buying this fall!!

  317. Tracy says:

    I love portabella road 🙂

  318. Anna B says:

    I didn’t like the spring colors this year and I don’t like the Fall ones either. They need to listen to consumers and give us what we want and clearly, from reading these comments–the latest offerings are NOT it.

  319. Beautiful fall inspired colors but…. the color of the train in the background drastically changes their look and is killing the sale. Who was in charge of this Liz on Location video? Vera corporate needs to hire me.

  320. MEME says:

    i too am very disappointed with the new Fall colors! I don’t like any of them! In previous years, each new season brought vivid and vibrant colors but lately……sad to say the colors have been either washed out or just plain boring. Please bring back BOLD, VIBRANT AND BEAUTIFUL!

  321. Helen Semethy says:

    I am not impressed with the prints. Very dull. Bring back things that can be
    used with classic clothes. The Night and Day was great and the pieces have
    gone to Europe and back with me many times. Have given that pattern many
    times to friends. Hard to get all the pieces any more to match. Would like
    to see a bag on wheels in Night and Day.
    I for one will not be buying any of the new patterns.

  322. Jo Beacham says:

    LOVE all of them, good to see more modern designs. How about some black overnight travel bags for those that must have black luggage?

  323. Denise M says:

    Although yellows are not my first choice for colors I choose, I think I really like Provencal. I hope it looks at least this good, if not better, in person! I’ll probably get (if anything) something small, like a wristlet. I do not care for the others. If you’re really disappointed in these colors, you’ll have to wait until the Spring 2013 releases – some gorgeous patterns there! I’ll be saving up for a hipster in Midnight Blues. . .

  324. Nancy Nickle says:

    These color’s are to dark for Vera Bradley. Could she possibly rethink this? I would not be purchasing any of them. Maybe go with fall colors, yellows, and greens, light brown, and light orange.

  325. Kathy H says:

    I’m disappointed. Love Symphony in Hue. None of these will work for me.

  326. Sandra E says:

    They always look better in person than online. I think I like the provencal.

  327. Jen Morgan says:

    I love Provencal – very nice and bright, incorporating the reds, yellows, and oranges of fall!

  328. Veva Cooper says:

    Almost bought a second Suzani last week, but, decided to wait and see the new colors…….. Should have gone ahead and bought it….. Not liking the new colors so much….. They might be okay if you like vintage stuff, but, that’s not me……. Better luck next time!! Hope the winter collection is better than this!!

  329. elizabeth byrnes says:

    I’m not a fan of the fall colors. It’s very disappointing. I guess Portobello Road is okay but I don’t think I’ll be buying any of the new fall patterns this time. I am crossing my fingers that the new breast cancer pattern is a good one for this year.

  330. Tiffany says:

    My favorite has got to be portabello road and Provençal. I like the more colorful ones, as the brown doesn’t seem like something Vera would make, though it does go along with the traditional fall colors.

  331. Carolyn says:

    I’m disappointed, as well. The new colors seem to lack the “spark” that has always drawn my attention to a Vera bag. I hope they look better when you physically are able to see them!

  332. Shelby says:

    I guess I get to save some money this fall. Very disappointing.

  333. Carole says:

    The fall colors just don’t do anything for me. I think the Canyon is really drab. There just isn’t enough vibrant colors for fall in these choices. I will not be purchasing any of these designs for my Vera collection.

  334. Charlene S says:

    My mom wants more of a purse shape. Sweet Pleat that was offered on QVC only. Please place that purse in your regular line or similar to that shape. Bring back purses not so many college totes. Provencal is my daughter’s favorite.

  335. Terri says:

    Not impressed. I think solid colors for fall with a print inside, still keeping the pockets of courses

  336. Julie says:

    So NOT excited…hoping they look better in person, because these are just blah… disappointed VB:-(….you’ve had pretty browns and golds….but these seemed washed out, old and boring….guess I’ll be saving money this fall

  337. Ginger Starrett says:

    Partial to the Purple and Gray going into the winter months. So Portobello Road.

  338. Susan says:

    Sorry to disappoint. Not an age thing.I’m 53, three daughters:30, 27, 20, granddaughter 11, sister 68. Nobody is crazy about the new fall colors.

  339. Lisa says:

    I am new to VB and fell in love with all the colors from summer. I do like the new colors but there is always something for someone! I agree with the comment earlier and stay on top of the sales for previous colors. I still love my VB!

  340. kathy says:

    i like the portobello but I think its more of a spring-summer print.the rest are awful………….. why not do a plaid or a stripe or a faux suede for fall and winter..prints can only go with so much

  341. Sharmin says:

    I love the Provencal.

  342. KD says:

    Meh. I’m underwhelmed.
    I really wish VB would focus less on constant new releases and discontinuations, and put more effort or oomph or something into designing.
    I’m feeling like I’m ready to give up on my VB habit and it kind of bums me out.

  343. rose says:

    Portobello gets my vote !!! Beautiful

  344. Yuck, sorry Vera no Fall colors for me…..where is the zip. Usually one pattern is high bold color. The yellow looks like a summer color to me.

  345. No need to send me advertisements. I found the samples very disappointing. These three fabrics are dull and I can’t imagine having any fall clothes that would work well them.

  346. Roni says:

    One word…… “YUCK”!! 😦

  347. Truly not impressed. Maybe in person they’ll look better.

  348. Annette Rizzo says:

    Definitely Provencal. It’s just beautiful.

  349. Hope Mitchell says:

    I liked all three but since I am not a “neutral”, my favorite was Provencal, then Portobella. The colors in either of these would go with many things in my wardrobe.

  350. Jessica NYC says:

    I wish Vera Bradley would go back in the days were she would have at least one paisley pattern. I don’t feel very upper east side anymore with her new collections. They all look so cheap and lackluster. I just ordered new things from Pottery Barn with my monogram. All Vera Bradley things look like you can buy them at Walmart now. Sorry but I’m not spending money like that for this quality.

  351. Cindy s says:

    Yuck! Do not like any of them! Really disappointed 😦

  352. Maureen says:

    I have to say…I don’t know who is doing the designing, but everything over the past three or so years is very disappointing. It started with the year of the Cupcakes Pink and Green…patterns started looking either generic, out of style or teenie bopper. What happened to the Sherbert, Petal Pink, Nantucket Navy, Medallion, Frankly Scarlet (my ABSOLUTE and ONLY favorite). Twice a year I hope to see the pop, pizazz, mixed with classic design. That doesn’t exist anymore! Come on folks…make nicer patterns!

  353. Maggie says:

    They should do a “Vera Vote Back” and take all their retired colors and have people vote back their top four choices for their Winter collection. Colors like: Pink Elephants, Petal Pink, Capri Melon, Greenfields, Mesa Red, Tavern on the Green, Americana Red, Butterfly Gardens, Blue Toile, Anastasia, Mod Floral Pink, Mod Floral Blue, Citrus, Forest, Animal Kingdom, Sherbert, Latte, Bees, Hope Toile, Indigo, Blue Holiday.

    • julie anderson says:

      I really agree with Maggie. Do a one time, or holiday, retired colors comeback. Maybe do four colors one time and as a holiday treat, two colors. My first VB was Emily, a great blue and I still have the duffel and glasses case Dad gave me. But my favorite tote is Vera in Mesa Red even though I have bought it in several other colors. I also agree that the color changing blitz gone zingy started about two years ago even though I continued to buy. I appreciate paisley prints bests.

  354. Kelly Wentling says:

    I’m enjoying seeing the new patterns. I can’t wait to go into the store and see them for myself. Nothing like close up to tell which pattern you like the best. Vera never disappoints me and change is good. Seems right on trend with colors too!

  355. Kelly Wentling says:

    Forgot to post that Canyon is my favorite! Just love the bandana feel and earthy brown color. Great color for Autumn.

  356. Courtney says:

    I love the Provençal!!! I can’t wait to see it in person! I’ll be at Vera on August 30!!! Yellows are really in this year and I love it in Provençal!

  357. Nicole says:

    I love portobello road.. but I agree I would like to see more burnt orange and brown leafy patterns. Still though… pretty.

  358. Patty says:

    Idk cuz its kinda disappointing compared to the spring patterns

  359. julie anderson says:

    Canyon is my favorite, but I do like all three. Thank you for coming out with a brown! Would you kindly do a Christmas print? Perhaps just in a shopper’s bag, that would nice.

  360. Sally says:

    Canyon is really beautiful, very Fall!

  361. Liz says:

    I am so disappointed in the fall patterns. Dull and boring! Bring back a pattern like Botanica. Dark background with bright floral. These look like they belong in the dollar store line up, I will be keeping my money this time.

  362. Daisy says:

    I love the Provencal!!!

  363. Laura Phipps says:

    I am not in love with any of the three new choices. Maybe next season.

  364. Pam says:

    I think Canyon is great – very wearable.

  365. Rosagitta Podrovsky says:

    My friends and I all love Symphony in Hue — why not bring it back instead of phasing it out. I would have purchased a wheeled duffel had it been available.

  366. SecretSister says:

    I like the Provencal and saw it at a sneak peak back in April. The print is vibrant while still having many of the warmer colors often associated with Fall.

  367. Design team STILL on holiday? I pity the guys and gals who have to sew hundreds of bags in these colors.

  368. Wow, everybody is so negative! I’d like to see a better picture of PROVENCAL, to see what tone that yellow really is. The still photo and the video show two totally different intensities. But to be honest, VB has NEVER beaten my all-time favorite, Chanticleer. People still stop me and ask me where I got them—and that must have been 15 years ago. I’ve tried to stick to a similar color family—black, white and red, but Deco Daisy is on its way out, or IS out. There\’s no longer a red that goes with my Red Leaf and Chanticleer, so I guess I’ll either skip it completely or just buy one or two pieces on sale.
    I do agree that the darks with brights are probably the best, so I love Versailles and Suzani. I agree that we always need a paisley, but there are 3 paisley colors on SALE. And I haven’t seen the Breast Cancer Pattern that someone mentioned. I also agree that Symphony in Hue was WONDERFUL. So if anybody wants my opinion, here is my list of the patterns which should NOT be discontinued! There’s something here for just about everybody who posted!

    Summer Cottage (not fall, but my all-time favorite summery print)
    Va Va Bloom (the most MOD of all, for those who were alive then)
    Safari Sunset (lovely for purple people and desert folks, IMHO)
    Deco Daisy (so clever and the houndstooth lining ROCKS!)
    Viva La Vera (marvelous bright colors on a WHITE background)
    Blue Lagoon (should satisfy ANY blue lover, IMHO)
    English Meadow (totally summery, but should be retained. Monet’s kitchen!)
    Night and Day (perfect for monochrome, any season)
    Poppy Fields (ANOTHER brilliant print on a black background!!! Almost gone!)
    Versailles (the ne plus ultra, in my opinion. Most elegant pattern)
    Call me Coral (for the PAISLEY lovers–and such a great color!)
    Make me Blush (another terrific bright print on a WHITE background)
    Simply Violet (Hard to get any more purple, OR more paisley!!)
    Symphony in Hue (fantastic dark brights, on black. Perfect. Also almost gone)
    Suzani (another black with brights, but more fall-ish brights)l
    Blue Rhapsody .(another black with brights, this time bright BLUES and green)
    NEVER let it be said that I am not opinionated.

  369. Karen Cabana says:

    This will be the first season in a very long time that I do not buy one of the new patterns. Very dissapointed.

  370. ABCmrs says:

    I’m sorry so many fans aren’t loving the Fall colors. I think they are great. I personally appreciate the more “mature” look (and I’m only 26!) The Summer colors were a little too juvenile for me to want to carry as a purse, so I appreciate that the Fall colors are geared toward a different part of your fanbase.

    All that said, I first saw Provencal when I was in Fort Wayne for the Outlet sale, and I fell in love. I’ve been waiting very impatiently for its debut, and my Christmas list will likely be FULL of Provencal goodies.

  371. Wanda says:

    Vera’s ….. fall colors need orange and garnet.

  372. Sunlover says:

    Agree with ABCmrs…finally a season that is not geared to high school or college age “girls”. I love canyon and the more mature patterns also. I am sure they will look so much better in person, as pictures never do them justice!!! Thanks Vera for gearing back to something a 54 year old would want to carry!!

  373. Joni says:

    Symphony in Hue and Happy Snails seem more “fall-ish” to me.

  374. mel says:

    like the portobello road best….the other 2 not so much…

  375. Patti says:

    I do not like the colors either. Was expecting more fall like colors. Canyon is the best, now that is a fall color. Since plaid is big, why not some of that in for fall. Oranges, darker yellows, green. These are way to light for fall. Sorry Vera bradley you missed the boat on this group!

  376. Linda says:

    All of these Falls patterns are more of what I have been looking for. I agree that lately the paterns are more for the high school/college girls. I am in my 40’s now and would like to carry a pattern that is a little bit more sophistocated. I am looking forward to seeing all three patterns in person and plan on grabbing the Provencal and Portabllo Road in some sort of bag to tote my stuff around.

  377. Laura says:

    Disappointed 😦 I didn’t like anything in the last batch, not loving these, and the summer preview was awful! What’s happening to my Vera? I have be a fan for soooo many years! I think they need to start listening to the customers opinions more. It seems like in the past they did that with surveys and such. I would also rather be able to see a picture of the new colors instead of having to watch Liz and listen to her annoying voice!

  378. Laurie says:

    I have been waiting and waiting for Portabello Road. I think it is beautiful! After watching the Liz on Location segment, I’m anxious to see Provencal in person. Even though I cannot afford buying Vera Bradley very often, I always enjoy the excitement of the new patterns coming out!

  379. Kris says:

    I’m a huge Vera fan but I’m really hoping that they are prettier in person because this is disappointing 😦

  380. Taylor says:

    They are all right, but not any nice colorful fun colors. I was hoping for something nice a colorful after seeing what a beautiful job done on the new patterns like limes up, doodle daisy, and other ones. Im very disapointed. 😦

  381. dakotacheryl says:

    I’ve been waiting for a pattern like Canyon YIPPEE !!! And Provencal is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it there are new styles of bags to go with these new patterns.

  382. Megan says:

    Extremely disappointed in these colors. Pretty boring if you ask me. These colors are definitely aimed for the older crowd.

  383. Joni says:

    I did notice on the website that they have 3 solid colors to choose from now. I’m really loving the wine, chili pepper, and black choices.

  384. I feel alittle disappointed in the colors and patterns lately. I agree that the patterns for the last few seasons have been geared to the younger college crowds. But us older people spend lots of money also. Would really loved to see the lovely fall colors oranges reds deep yellows cocoa brown. Just my opinion butt none of these please. Will save my money and hope for some new frosty colors for winter. Use my symphony in hue again this fall.

  385. Provencal just rocks my world!! Can’t wait to get it!!!

  386. allis says:

    Canyon is so cute and I ♥ it so much

  387. tablowers says:

    I love floral prints! Just not these new colors. I was hoping for more paisley and plaid for the fall. I know they came out with paisley meet plaid… but pink, Really? Where are the deep, rich, vibrant colors of green, orange, yellow, blue and reds. My daughters love VB too but they’re not floral girls. Think out of the box VB!

  388. Lisa says:

    Not thrilled about any of the 3…hopefully the provencal will prove prettier in person!

  389. Doris says:

    It looks like a not so good Fall for Vera Bradley!!! Provencal is okay (but remember most people don’t even know how to type a Ç, ç (c-cedilla in Spanish, cedilha in Portuguese, or cédille in French) which is a Latin script letter let alone pronounce it correctly…and you don’t even have it correct in most of the copy or dialogue on your web page. Nevetheless, I just can’t embrace Portobello because the flat background color is too much like the mushroom. Canyon blah is more like a remnant or something you might find post summer fires in the Western region of the US. Overall, disappointing since your purses, totes, and accessories are rather pricey!

  390. Sue Rapone says:

    As with all the other comments, nothing to write home about, or to spend the cash on considering the prices of some items. Personally, there are so many patterns out there to start with that are still popular, and sooo much prettier to mix and match with. Oh to bland for “Fall” inspired prints ! Can’t picture myself buying anything for 3 daughters this Christmas Season !!!

  391. Jessica says:

    I like the provencal but I’m not in love… I enjoyed the back to campus colors more than these fall colors!

  392. Sam says:

    I am very disappointed in all of them. They are all fugly!!!

  393. Emma says:

    Not entirely impressed by what I see but maybe they look better on certain products. Or perhaps they’ll grow on me. They don’t seem very fally to me though. Curious as to why there’s only three patterns? Aren’t there usually four?

  394. lucy7 says:

    Not impressed at all!! You seem to be missing the mark lately Vera Bradley very dissapointing.

  395. Denise says:

    I like these colors….I especially like Provencal. I think the yellow background on the pattern is warm and inviting.

  396. My sister has been dying to have Vera come out with some fall colors. I’ll definitely be sharing this with her.

  397. Pat says:

    Provencal is for me.

  398. Mirette says:

    Umm well heres the thing teenagers love Vera Bradley… I am one but these colors won’t appeal to them… Better luck next season… Very disappointed .

  399. Karen says:

    Not impressed…..very dull – they don’t remind me of autumn at all

  400. alison says:

    Love Fall and love these backgrounds. Thanks!

  401. Tamara says:

    A total disappointment. What happened to the more vibrant colors! Did they fall asleep when thinking up these. Hopefully they will wake up in time for winter.

  402. Lynne says:

    Really like Provençal or Canyon!!

    • Rozy says:

      Recently they released a pattern called Indigo which is very fall like. I love it, bought several pieces. Want more………….!!!

  403. marla says:

    the samples above are not as bright as the actual fabrics. i googled for actual photos of the new fabrics, and found this one:
    the provencal pattern is very bright – can’t get brighter than that yellow background with every possible other color in there too!

  404. De says:

    Sorry, not crazy about any of them 😦

  405. GwynsMamaw says:

    Provencal!!! I’ve been waiting for it…..
    It matches my Miata!!

  406. Arirootie says:

    My favorite is Portobello Road. I like the understated elegance of this pattern (which reminds me of Camellia). The purple gives it some spark, but not too much, which is what Autumn should be.

  407. Sharon says:

    I don’t like ANY of them. Very washed out looking. VERY disappointed 😦

  408. Lori says:

    The online and brochure pictures are usually not a true representation of the “real colors,” but these patterns and color choices become less attractive each season.

    • Lori says:

      Also, when is Vera Bradley going to make a cross-body bag that doesn’t have the extra handles for women who need to carry more than a slim wallet and a few other small essentials?

      Seems that your company is catering to the tweens, teens, and very young adults who don’t have to carry their husband’s wallet or their children’s stuff.

  409. Phyllis says:

    I don’t care for these colors at all! I really liked the summer colors but 2 of these designs are drab and the other although is bright – it is much toooooooooo yellow for me.

  410. ektekar says:

    Totally agree! I’m hoping this will be one season they ALL look better in person than in the picture!

  411. Deb says:

    It’s nice to see a few subdued colors/designs in the Vera Bradley line. Sometimes you want something with just a little less POP! :0)

  412. Arlene says:

    What is wrong with solids for the winter months? IN the north, with winter gear….flowers and prnts just do not work. Chocolate, tan, navy, black . burgundy, forest green……………all would work up North. We go back to the wild colors in the spring!!! Heavy down jackets and florals …no way!

    • Susan says:

      I also agree with the solid idea for us northerners(Pa.) I like the burgundy and forest green. And sage. How about color blocking? I’m starting to think Portabello Road would go with last years fall jacket that I just can’t give up…….starting to collect coats like I do shoes and purses!

  413. Katherine says:

    I thought maybe maroon would be incorporated since that’s a huge fall color. Or maybe a bag in more of a baroque pattern since that’s really in. I do kind of like Provencal…probably won’t make any purchases of those this fall, though.

  414. brandy says:

    disappointed big time. want to see rich colors, jeweled navy, red, jade, orange and something NOT flowery!!

  415. I don’t want SOLIDS; then it looks like “thirtyone” Vera Bradley is unique; can’t say I’m disappointed; but; not as excited as would have liked; the one point I do agree is not too FALL feeling with the colors; maybe Canyon cause its brown; but a little yellow orange into it would have been nice; with maybe a little turq or navy……….have faith!!

  416. Jude says:

    My favorite is the Canyon pattern. I’m glad that the company has come out with some more muted colors. There are lots of brights from other seasons to choose from if these don’t appeal to you. I like having options.

  417. Nancy says:

    One word – DRAB!! These patterns are just ugly. Provencal has potential (I’ll have to see what that background color looks like in person) but Canyon and Portobello road are definite no’s. How disappointing!

    I usually find at least one new pattern every season and try to get an item – no matter how small – in each. I really don’t see myself buying any of these new patterns. I guess the good news is I’ll save some money for (hopefully) prettier patterns next season.

  418. Rachel says:

    I thought Va Va Bloom, Indigo Pop, and Paisley Meets Plaid were the fall colors??? Why is there more now??? And there should be one with red, yellow, orange, and a light brown to represent the leaves falling. But there okay, i’ll probablly get atleast something in one of the patterns.

  419. Shannon says:

    As others before me, I’m disappointed in the patterns for this season. The last 2 seasons were so overwhelming that it makes this season look too dull. I’ve been so disappointed with the last couple of seasons, that I was really looking forward to adding something new to my Vera collection this season. Better luck next time…

  420. Nichole says:

    wow, so sorry to hear about the disappointed people but myself, i love them, my favorite is the provencal. my fiance is ordering me baby bag, chain purse, and gallery wallet for my birthday coming up, they should be here at home with me come sept 1st or so 🙂 va va bloom is my second favorite… for now

  421. 808pooh says:

    Not too thrilled with these 3 new releases…i hope winter 2012 comes real quick and there will be better designs.

  422. Ellen says:

    Portabello Road is very similar to Watercolor, though the muted colors are more appropriate for fall. The bandanna print Canyon is nothing new – look at Barcelona! Provencal seems very Vera – this color palette suits fall while the pattern keeps the new print very contemporary. While these prints were travel inspired, hopefully the next batch of autumn prints will be nature inspired!

  423. Alex says:

    Portobello Road 🙂

  424. jess says:

    canyon is not bad, but the other ones just blend in, it looks like something my grandma would wear. what a let down vera, bring it back to your peacock days…

  425. Tina says:

    I like Canyon! Very Excited!

  426. toni says:

    I like Canyon the best. Real fall colours. This has my vote.

  427. Sheri says:

    These Fall colors are such a huge disappointment. As a big Vera Bradley fan, I was expecting much more. These look like the older style patterns from when I did not like Vera Bradley products because they looked too “Grandma-ish.”

    If I were to guess, I’d say these will end up in the “Retired” or “50%” bin rather quickly. I could have designed patterns better than this. Hey VB, are you looking to hire someone with a fresh look?

  428. Susan W says:

    Well. well…… I LIKE the new patterns!! I like all three of them. HOWEVER, I do agree with KB that VB is changing them around way too quickly. ( Bad marketing move Vera) I cannot afford to buy say 2 new patterns a year and then get a few accessories to match. WAAAYYYYY to much money! And when you retire them so quickly, it makes you feel like you are already out of trend.

    As for the bright colors, I was looking for browns and yellows. Who wants bright, loud prints all the time. Some of the last ones have looked like “teeny bopper” colors to me. ( And no, I’m not an old lady) Would have liked something in rust too.

  429. Felicia says:

    Provencal is my new favorite fall color!

  430. Camille says:

    I’m excited! The main thing I love about Vera Bradley is that everything is so different. I don’t always want to carry lime green, purple, bright blue, and hot pink bags. Now i have the option to get neutral looking bags in browns and creams 🙂 I am soooo happy! I love basically every color and will definitely get something in each color! Being able to have so many different color options for bags allows the bags to match more with what I’m wearing.
    In my opinion, this fall collection says: July tenth release was the fun part of fall (more back to school), and August 30th release is the mellow, changing of the actual season colors. These new fall colors look sophisticated and chic and the inside prints are getting better and better, definitely not old looking! LOVE these patterns and the winter and spring ones to come! 🙂 Keep it up Vera!

  431. Whitney says:

    Wow, to the negative comments. Wasn’t expecting those. I am excited to see some muted colors actually. Been hoping for them. I love the strength and resilience of Vera Bradley bags. I especially love the Vera and Villager bag styles as I am a mother of three small kids and need all of the awesome pockets and space. However, I am not so much a fan of the bright and bold prints. I wanted something more basic to be used with more of my wardrobe and “blend in” better. Although the last few installments of new prints have not been my thing, I am very impressed am super excited about the Canyon and Provencal prints. They are my new favorites!

  432. debi says:

    I’m loving the new canyon design. finally a design that is vintage, like the designs i remember from my youthful days…

  433. Nicole says:

    I will probably buy Canyon, however, not wowed. With that said, my first ever Vera Bradley order was “Viva la Vera” and I let it sit for a month before I carried it because I thought it was just too bright, then I got so many compliments I was totally hooked! Approaching 15 bags now, and I don’t think it has even been 2 years! Can’t beat the quality and the selection!

  434. Erin says:

    I think I have around 50 products of vera and absolutely love them all! I am never disappointed. I am pleased with the new pattern but portobello road is my favorite … Autumn is a duel season and u need duel colors, I hope some of vera bradley fans would agree upon it… I am looking forward for the winter styles… maybe bring back the old patterns with a little twist…

  435. carmom says:

    I am sadly not wowed and disappointed, where are the great colors??

  436. Arirootie says:

    I am a muted color gal; but I love all Vera patterns and colors regardless. It’s great to have a variety and its great that Vera is also thinking of her customers who like the classic/understated color pallete. Keep in mind ladies, Vera came out with 6 patterns this Fall. Now that is what I call dedicated!

  437. Chelsie says:

    Very Disappinted these new fall patterns lack color and are not very eye catching. As Vera Bradely fans we buy the bags and accessories because they are fun and unique not bland! When you buy a Vera Bradely bag you want it to pop out not blend in??? These fall patterns look like the knock off vera bradley from other retailers? I hope winter is better!!!!!!!!

  438. Jen morris says:

    They are all awful!! Baby poop yellow. OLD OLD looking Southwest print and boring portebello

  439. Pam says:

    Would love to see the Vera tote in solid black microfiber. Need something in that large size that goes with everything.

  440. SecretSister says:

    I like Provencal and will buy this one. Currently, I like to bold colors or patterns with meaning. I have Ellie Blue in the Grand Traveler, Hipster, wristlet, and Metropolitan. I have Va Va Bloom in the large duffel, Grand Traveler, hipster, and soon to be adding the new Weekender. Lime’s Up in a mini hanging organizer and Book bag are most recent purchases.

    I saw the Spring 2013 colors and purchased a large cosmetic bag in Midnight Blues and will be adding the animal print (Go Wild) also in the Spring.

  441. karen says:

    Sorry, but I’m also very disappointed in these 3 new colors. They are too dull and drab, and look old. I would have preferred a dark rich pattern, like Blue Rhapsody, which is my favorite. I also loved Mod Floral Blue and the Night & Day colors.

    That would be great if they WOULD BRING BACK SOME OF THE OLD PATTERNS THAT WERE POPULAR, with some fresh new updates.

  442. Deb says:

    Would love to see some of the patterned styles in just a solid colored quilted fabric. I would buy tons of those.

  443. Chris says:

    Sorry to say, but I don’t like any of the new colors.

  444. Janette says:

    This Spring I decided to wait for Summer, this Summer i decided to wait for Fall, now I will wait for Winter- three seasons, not one I really liked so far – 2012 could be a total bust. They should do a holiday (Christmas) pattern each year.

  445. kim says:

    Yuck! I have so many Vera bags and I buy them constantly have to match all outfits. But these are terrible. Look like old lady colors.

    • Lori says:

      LOL, which works for those of us who are in fact old fave is Provencal, however, which seems to me to be fairly perky.

  446. KarenRL says:

    A lot of negative here but I LOVE 2 of the new colors for fall. I am glad to see colors/patterns that don’t say “to young” or “old lady” for me. I realize that this is my own personal opinion just as are the others opinions for others.

  447. deanakh says:

    I love these patterns! the three that came out most recently were incredibly juvenile and tacky. These are perfect for fall and I cant wait to see them in person!

  448. Donna C says:

    Like the Provencal with Portobello Road a close second. Canyon is not so hot.
    My favorites continue with best loved and bought: Symphony in Hue, with Suzani in second place. Have never bought as yet, but I do like Summer Cottage and Safari Sunset also. But that’s it, out of all the color choices, these would be top 5 or 6. I just hope you never retire Symphony in Hue! I’d get every piece I could in that color.

  449. Mary says:

    I am disappointed in these colors, but I did see another color at the Vera Store that looks tempting. Not sure of the name but has a greyish background with oranges and pinks in it. Think that might be my next new bag, just got the Paisley meets Plaid, LOVE IT !!!!

  450. Victoria says:

    Anxious to get a Provencal photo board for my daughter’s bedroom. It will match perfectly. Hoping a bed spread is on it’s way soon, too. Hint, hint!

  451. Lori says:

    I LOVE Provencal. I live in Hawaii, and was afraid that all of the “fall” colors would be about autumn leaves, etc. We continue to have our resort weather year-round, and I am delighted that Provencal will fit right in with that. It actually incorporates the colors of my purse accessories, so I can just drop them right into the new bag. Fabulous! It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of the universe, but sometimes, as a special ed teacher, the only thing that goes as planned is that my tote and pocketbook and the little bag for my inhaler and phone (for playground duty) all coordinate and make me smile. Thanks, Vera!

  452. Laura says:

    I like all three. I agree that sometimes they look better in person. Also, I have discovered that occasionally I initially don’t like a pattern, but change my mind the more I see it. That happened on suzani. It’s become one of my favorites.

  453. Mardi Lee Snyder says:

    Portobello Road is what catches my eye. I love the purples and lavenders, more please!

  454. Emily says:

    My Mom and I were hoping for a black and white print. Come on Vera!

  455. tami says:

    I realize some people seem disappointed with the tone of these colors. But I love every season Vera does, some more than others. There are colors that I think I don’t like and then later realize they are the ones that seem to keep catching my eye. I am a “veraholic” so I one of all three!! Keep ’em coming!!!

  456. Emily says:

    Love the Provençal!!!!!! 🙂

  457. Connie Litrenta says:

    I only like Canyon. The other colors don’t even look like Fall. Not crazy about them

  458. Mara says:

    I love these colors…. lately the Vera patterns have looked a little immature with all the bright pop-art patterns. I’m surprised you guys like the super bright little girl looking stuff (?) This is a nice change!

  459. Liz says:

    I love the new fall colors. I cannot wait to purchase. I have it on my calender August 30th .

    • Bailey3 says:

      I definitely agree that the colors can look very different in person – usually brighter or more “lively”. Anyway, I love Canyon and plan to add that to my collection. While the others don’t do anything for me, that could change once I see them “up close”. It’s happened before. A computer screen just doesn’t do these colors justice sometimes. Can’t wait for the 30th!

  460. MGW says:

    Have to say these designs are the least of my favorites as well.

  461. Lauren says:

    Meh…. Not impressed. Waiting for winter prints. Probably a good thing, saves me money!

  462. Camille says:

    Portobello road is my favorite! I can’t wait for the fall colors!

  463. Megan says:

    Sadly don’t like any. Not sure why some of these colors were even put together. They really work against each other. Maybe winter will be better? Less is sometimes more and much more elegant.

  464. Joyce says:

    Sad to say but blahhhhhh once again. Get with the times please! Get new stylists. As my husband says, they are frumpy!

  465. Latissa says:

    Wow… totally dissapointing!

  466. Sarah says:

    I work in a boutique that sells Vera Bradley. We actually just got all the product in for the launch Thursday. The colors are AMAZING. This picture really doesn’t do them justice. The yellow pattern (Provencal) is vibrant and beautiful. The brown pattern (Canyon) is subdued yes, but remember this is a FALL pattern. There are nice oranges and blues in it too, making it less “dull” as some had commented here. The gray pattern (Portobello Road) is classy, with big flowers and varying colors to offset each other. I promise you all, just WAIT until you see them in person. Truly this picture doesn’t do justice.

  467. Tammy Emery says:

    Don’t like…..What happen Vera? I will have to wait too for Winter colors. Hope they are better BUT IF I had to choose ONE, it would be Canyon just because it has a touch of Orange in it which is my favorite color :}

  468. Sharon says:

    Love Canyon I can see that in my future!

  469. Marcia says:

    I love Provencal and Canyon – great fall colors and unique to the history of VB color schemes. Will visit my local store tomorrow!

  470. Barbara says:

    I tried Portobello as a wallpaper but it is too blurry. Anyone know how to fix this?

  471. Jody says:

    I love the new Provencal!

  472. Emily says:

    I almost never fall in love at first sight with any purse. The more and more I look at these, the more and more I like them. Canyon and Provencal are my two faves, but I like the pastel purple in the Portabella Road, also.

  473. Brittany says:

    Not really liking any of the patterns. Would love to see a red/khaki/black combo or maybe hot pink and navy blue for Fall. Hoping winter looks more promising!

  474. Melissa says:

    I am disappointed in all three of these new fall patterns. My vision isn’t 20/20 but their buyer must be totally blind when he/she selected these prints. I expect fall patterns to capture the essence of autumn, not lull me to sleep with patterns/colors that look/inspire nothing related to the season at all!

  475. Patty Goodman says:

    Also tired of the 70’s look in the prints! Fall fabrics should be more fallish!!
    Bring back Symphony in Hue—all time favorite. Try it in fall colors!!

  476. Your style is so unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this page.

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