Jenna carries …

Jenna carries ...

Location Planning Analyst Jenna R. lives out of her bag. A commuter from Bryan, Ohio, nearly an hour from our home office in Fort Wayne, Indiana, she spends a great deal of time on the road.

“I throw everything in my bag,” she says. “I always have tons of snacks, extra clothes and accessories, cosmetics, my laptop in a Laptop Sleeve …” Which bag is up to the task of holding all these daily essentials? For Jenna, the spacious Vera in Va Va Bloom fits the bill.

Jenna carries ...

“I love this color! Pink is my favorite, and it’s paired with turquoise, which is really on trend right now.” In regards to coordinating her adorable office style with the bold colors, “I like a nice complimentary contrast,” she says, “I don’t go for a shade-for-shade match.” A comfortable, chic sandal heel completes her colorful work ensemble.

Jenna carries ...

Jenna also favors the Essentials Cosmetic as a complement to the sizable Vera. “It has such great compartments, and they’re lined so it’s really easy to clean.” Logging so many miles is much more enjoyable with the perfect copilot.

If you, like Jenna, enjoy the Vera, you’re in luck! In honor of our namesake’s birthday, the Vera is at a special price, just $68 (reg. $86), in all available colors online, in Vera Bradley Stores and at participating retailers, through Thursday, August 9!

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17 Responses to Jenna carries …

  1. Gillian Blake says:

    I LOVE her pants! great color

  2. terrilabeau says:

    Why don’t you make slippers anymore my favorite Vera item from a few years ago !!!!

  3. emme27 says:

    Love her outfit and I agree, everything goes into the bag.. I use mine to hid goodies for the grandkids… they know when I arrive there is somthing in that tote for them. It is such fun to rummage through and find their surprises.
    Vera is not just for the younger crowd.

  4. allison says:

    so cute I have to get that bag and clothes like hers

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I have the Vera bag in the pattern Mediterranean White. I use it for school and it’s great! I love it! ❤

  6. addy says:

    I love that pattern

  7. Yvonne says:

    I have 3 Vera’s and buying a 4th tomorrow with my birthday coupon so it’s bring the price to 48.00!! SWEET!!!!

  8. emme27 says:

    Addy, perhaps I should ask my husband to vacation in Opry Mills…lol It really is a necessary trip otherwise I will never get to fill up all the totes Ihave already. Going on vacation, I get to bring them all loaded up with necessary junk. lol Now I am buying VB’s for gifts. Turning friends and family into VB fans as well.

  9. Susan says:

    ooooohhhhhh!!!!!! I want Vera slippers! PLEASE!!

    • emme27 says:

      Susan, what a wonderful idea. I got my grandaughter Mocha Rouge duffle bag for her overnights with little girlfriends, how cute to have slippers to match.. PLEASE do in kids sizes also … because I want a pair as well.

  10. Denise McClendon says:

    I love Va Va Bloom, I will use this bag with matching smartphone wristlet all winter. So Bright and Pretty.

  11. Ann says:

    I know I’m not supposed to be envious,, but I don’t even have one of these bags yet. It is something I guess I consider a “want” not a “need” and for right now, I’ll just enjoy looking and seeing the ones I get my granddaughters. 😉

  12. mamalish says:

    I know I am not supposed to be envious, but I don’t even have ONE of Vera Bradley bags! Right now they are a “want” instead of a “need” so I will enjoy looking at bags on this sight and enjoying buying bags for my granddaughters.

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