London bound

We have officially come down with Team U.S.A. fever! Britni, our Information Technology Business Analyst, is preparing to hop the pond and take in the sights and awe-inspiring displays of superb athleticism at the games in London.

But, before she can jet off to the United Kingdom, there is some serious packing on the agenda. This special globetrotting gal offered us an exclusive peek inside her suitcase.

London bound

For more on Britni’s international adventure, follow @verabradley on twitter and watch for photos of our styles (and Britni, of course) starting this Friday, August 3, #vbbritni and #olympics. Will her U.S.A.-inspired color combinations pop up at a heated beach volleyball showdown? Perhaps the London Eye? There’s only one way to find out …

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5 Responses to London bound

  1. I would much rather the clothing be red, white, and blue

  2. Elaine Gough says:

    I see red pans, red, white and blue jacket, white shoes, flag ‘star” earrings, etc etc. They are holding true to colors but not FLAG ITEMS. I have a jacket that I bought years ago that has a sleeve of dark bue with white stars, one sleeve of red and white stripes and the body is flag in a patch look. I paid $150 for it and the first time I wore it, LOVINGLY, dopey people made nasty comments So, you see, dopey people will always tear you down, no matter how much patriotism you try to show.

  3. Jennifer von Essen says:

    Where do we get the jacket and shirt at?

    • allis says:

      go to the picture and click on it and it will give you a link to a store that you can buy it from sorry this took a long time

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