Meet the interns

Vera Bradley truly has a tremendous internship program. Each summer a group of sharp future professionals come into our home offices to spend several weeks observing, contributing and sharing their perspective. It’s a wonderful experience for our team, as well as the students.

With that said, and without further adieu, we present the Vera Bradley summer intern class of 2012:

Ramiz Hatimi

Name: Ramiz Hatimi
College: Graduated from Purdue University, May 2012
Major: Industrial Technology and Industrial Distribution
Interning with: Continuous Improvement
Responsibilities: Assisting in the implementation of Process Improvement activities.
Greatest lesson: You have to take small steps to achieve large goals.
Favorite memory from your internship: Our Summer Picnic.

Katie Ryba

Name: Katie Ryba
College: Senior, Georgetown University
Major: Marketing and International Business
Interning with: Indirect Sales
Responsibilities: Creating a promotional library for the Sales Development Specialist team, updating the Special Offer Redemption Form, and pitching in where needed.
Greatest lesson: There are many more facets to business than I would have ever imagined! I have a better understanding of what it means to be fussy and why it is so important to the Vera Bradley brand.
Favorite memory from your internship: Helping with the From Camp to Campus launch at the Jefferson Pointe Vera Bradley Store in June, and sitting in on the Best Practices meeting with Sales Consultants. (The first time I tried Cookie Cottage is up there too.)
Favorite summer song: Tongue Tied by Grouplove

Morgan Gibbs

Name: Morgan Gibbs
College: Senior, Meredith College
Major: Fashion Merchandising and Design with a Merchandising concentration
Interning with: Visual Merchandising
Responsibilities: Working with our fabric and upholstery vendors and our Visual Merchandising team to keep our stores’ home-like atmosphere up to our “fussy” standards.
Greatest lesson: Just how many people it takes to open one store!
Favorite memory from your internship: It’s so hard to choose one. I have loved getting to see the many different aspects of not only the Visual Merchandising Department but also Vera Bradley as a whole.
Favorite summer song: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Paige Sauder

Name: Paige Sauder
College: Senior, Butler University
Major: Marketing with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising
Interning with: Marketing/Public Relations
Responsibilities: Assisting with event planning, writing press releases for new store openings, managing company business card orders and social media research. I am attending a speed-pitching event in New York City to present holiday gifts to editors, too.
Greatest lesson: Details matter and work can be fun everyday.
Favorite memory from your internship: Going to New York City.
Favorite summer song: Springsteen by Eric Church

Kyle Kulczycki

Name: Kyle Kulczycki
College: Senior, Central Michigan University
Major: Information Systems
Interning with: Information Technology
Responsibilities: Configuring SAP and troubleshoot problems that arise with the system.
Greatest lesson: Learning how to work in an office environment and learning more about SAP.
Favorite memory from your internship: This is a tough one since there are so many memories, but I would have to say my first day when my co-workers showed me my desk. They had laid out a computer monitor from the ‘90s, a cell phone with an extendable antenna and a PalmPilot, and told me that this would be my desk and what I would be working with. Obviously, it was a joke, and then they showed me to where I was actually going to be working.
Favorite summer song: Paradise by Coldplay

Laura DiSanto

Name: Laura DiSanto
College: Graduated from Drexel University, June 2012
Major: Graphic Design
Interning with: Marketing
Responsibilities: Collaborate with the design team to create print pieces for our customers, such as the Fall/Winter Customer Appreciation Card and a postcard for one of our upcoming store events. I also had the chance to work in the photo studio for a day during the Spring 2013 photo shoot.
Greatest lesson: Speak up when there’s something you really want to do. Everyone here at Vera Bradley truly wants us to have the best internship experience possible, so any time there’s a project or task that I find particularly interesting, I volunteer to work on it! I’ve also learned that working at Vera Bradley is just as exciting as I always imagined it would be. The people here are so friendly and Vera Bradley products surround me all day; it’s heavenly.
Favorite memory from your internship: On my fifth day at Vera Bradley, Fort Wayne was hit by a tornado. I’m a total East Coast girl so I had no idea what was going on. It was certainly an interesting way to get acclimated to the Midwest! Everyone at the Design Center just sat in the middle of the building (in the dark) and talked to each other for about an hour. It was actually a great way to meet a lot of new people!
Favorite summer song: Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. Yes, I proudly admit that I’m a “Belieber”.

Louis Kocevar

Name: Louis Kocevar
College: Senior, University of Dayton
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Interning with: Continuous Improvement Department
Responsibilities: Identifying and reducing scrap throughout the manufacturing plant.
Greatest lesson: Other than the names of all the colors, I’ve learned about working as a team through the Kaizen process.
Favorite memory from your internship: Watching the hula-hoop contest during the building picnic.
Favorite summer song: The best song, without a doubt, this summer (and of all time) is Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. But if that song wasn’t around, I’d probably choose Wild Ones by Flo Rida featuring Sia.

Kristie Syring

Name: Kristie Syring
College: Senior, Iowa State University
Major: Apparel Design
Interning with: Product Development
Responsibilities: I am working on updating all carry-over specifications to upload into the flex system. I am also in charge of functional testing.
Greatest lesson: Through all of my projects, I have gained more confidence in myself as a designer. Everyone I have worked with has been so helpful and supportive. I’ve always felt like a part of the team and that my projects matter. Along with learning specifications and the product lifecycle, I have learned about myself. This summer has been a great experience that I will cherish.
Favorite memory from your internship: My favorite memory was attending the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Classic back in June. It was such a great experience to be apart of. Vera Bradley is such an amazing community of people and the Classic is just one great example of that.
Favorite summer song: On My Way by Rusted Root

Interested in an internship? You can browse the opportunities on our Careers site.

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5 Responses to Meet the interns

  1. EILEEN says:


  2. Thanks for sharing your internship program and summer crew with us. It is so nice to see so many enthusiastic and hard working young people. I know their experience with you will be beneficial to them in their future. It is wonderful of you to provide them this opportunity. I love your products and your company!!!!

  3. Lisa Garrett says:

    As a mechanical engineering student and a huge Vera Bradley fan, I was so excited to see that you hire engineering interns! I know where I’ll be applying for next summer!

  4. Judy Simpson says:

    I was so surprised at all the different Majors of the Interns just fantastic to give these Students a chance to get experience at a Great Company. Thank you very much.

  5. Amanda says:

    Nice to see the diversity of your interns and the variety of areas and fields you scout for! Also, a content note — you said “adieu” (French for “goodbye” [literally, “to god”]) but you meant “ado” (Merriam-Webster: time-wasting bother over trivial details; i.e., Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing).

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