Style these accessories: Bedroom

The mission: Incorporate new Bed and Bath accessories into a bedroom for the fashionable female.

Accomplished by: Visual Merchandising Creative Manager Janielle G.

There’s been a lot of buzz around our offices surrounding the recent launch of our colorful Bed and Bath accessories, and we’re so thrilled to finally be sharing the excitement with you!

To highlight these handsome additions, we asked our professional room prettifier Janielle to show how these essentials can take a vanilla space and transform it into a vibrant dwelling for studying, snoozing and just hanging out with great girlfriends.

Style these accessories: Bedroom
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3 Responses to Style these accessories: Bedroom

  1. vera bradley lover says:

    cute!!!!!!I love it

  2. Pat Cotton says:

    Love the accessories! They will look fantastic with the new quilts!

  3. Livi says:


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