Bring in Bed and Bath!

Vera Bradley Bed and BathThe wait is officially over! We’re thrilled to welcome our adorable new Bed and Bath accessories, in three fresh Fall colors. Cover your space in timeless Signature paisleys, plaids and petals, playing among vibrant palettes to suit every personality.

Shop Bed and Bath now, online and in stores, and stay tuned for more Fall styles in Paisley Meets Plaid, Indigo Pop and Va Va Bloom, arriving July 10!

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5 Responses to Bring in Bed and Bath!

  1. Sandy Follen says:

    Saw your new bedding line. Was disappointed in the variety of colors. Indigo Pop is dull & dark and not all girls love pink. Couldn’t you do a blue that is brighter with maybe greens & yellows & maybe a touch, I mean a touch of pink if you have to have pink. My daughter was looking forward to viewing your new line & was disappointed not only in the colors but that a quilt or coverlet was not available. Will not be purchasing as I thought to do.

  2. Gloria H. says:

    I wish the paisley and plaid came in king size. Is that a possibility?

  3. Caitie says:

    Went to the launch party at 8 am today! While I didn’t walk away with a comforter (it wasn’t on my list to buy), I did buy the towels and the iPhone case. I’m so excited that Vera Bradley has gotten on the boat for more dorm decor! While none of these prints will be in my top five favorite, I can’t wait for next summer for some more options hopefully!!

  4. Judy says:

    You are out of the VaVA Bloom on line will there be anymore coming soon? I so want this for my granddaughters college dorm room.

  5. Livi! says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Indigo pop is like my favorite pattern!

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