My Father taught me …

This Sunday is all about Dad. With these great guys in mind, we asked folks around the office to fill in the blank: “My Father taught me ________.”

“To smile; it’s the boldest statement you can make without saying a word. To give without expectations. And that cooking is the best way to get people together, so always keep a full refrigerator.” – Kelly A., Global Sourcing Manager

“How to be the best parent I can be just by being the greatest example for me!” – Anna Lisa D.,
 Sales Consultant

“Faith, hard work and a bit of common sense will get you through most things in life.” – Debra B., Prospect Sales Coordinator

“Laughter brings a family closer.”Donna W.,
 Sales Operations Manager

“Hard work pays off, and you don’t get something for nothing.” – Lori K., Manufacturing Supervisor

“To always be responsible, trustworthy and never give up. He is my hero!” – Mercedes S., Sales Consultant

“That having good penmanship is important.”Bobbi K., 
Training Manager

“You cannot be everything to everybody. To be successful in business you should provide two of these three things: A high-quality product, a spectacular service or a cheap price. I have always followed his lead by selecting the first two and have been as successful as he was!” – Deb C., 
Sales Consultant

“Honesty, integrity and to appreciate life and family. Favorite quote growing up: ‘People pay me $300 an hour to listen to my advice and you kids get it for free.’ Now, I am glad I had that advice. – Angela B., 
Sales Consultant

“He taught me to work hard and to never waste away your vacation time. It’s all about making great memories.” – Bob T., Material Handler

“Respect. Treat others how you would like to be treated.” – Amy J., 
Customer Service Representative

“If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.”Cheri L.,
 VP, Indirect Sales

“To win with humility and lose with grace.” – Mike V., Chief Information Officer

“That it doesn’t cost anything to be nice to people!”Mary Austin J., 
Sales Consultant

“Laughter is always appropriate and should be an added ingredient in any occasion. If you take yourself too seriously, you won’t get far in this world.” – Catherine H.,
 Executive Director of Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer

“To be independent and follow my own path. He encouraged me to create ambitious career goals and not be held back by anyone’s ideas of what I could or should do. He guides me without steering and is very supportive.” – Honore A., 
Director, IT Channel Systems

“That it’s okay to move beyond your boundaries to follow your dreams.”Amanda H., 
Human Resources Consultant

“To treat all people equally, and with kindness, respect and dignity.” – Kerry R.,
 Sales Consultant

“Go to work with a smile and be careful going up the ladder because you have to come back down at some point.” – Ed D.,
 Facilities Technician

“Hard work builds a solid reputation.” – Christina V., Store Manager

“The value in rolling down the car windows and singing along with Bob Seger.”Kristy M., Marketing Account Executive

“How to appreciate the finer things in life – art, books, music, culture, and a glass of fine wine.” – Ana M., Copy Proofreader

“Good, better, best, never let it rest – ‘til the good is better and the better is best.” – Stefanie C., 
Corporate Training Specialist

“The importance of staying active and happy. He just bought a unicycle! He says it’s to improve his balance, but I know he thinks it is pretty fun, too.” – Libby B., Web Merchandise Coordinator

What wonderful lessons did your Father teach you?

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16 Responses to My Father taught me …

  1. Dee says:

    The important things in life: God, family, and health!

  2. Judy says:

    In 1975, when I was learning to drive, my dad taught me how to change the oil and a tire. He told me I did both as well as my two older brothers, and that was true for all areas of life. Dad told me to never allow anyone to convince me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl.

  3. Katherine L says:

    My father taught me the same thing. If your going to do it right, do it right the 1st time and put forth the best effort you can. I have one daughter and my husband and I have passed it down to our daughter.

  4. Angela L. says:

    My Dad taught me to be self confidant and to not wait for things to come to me…go and get them! He also taught us to have a sense of humor about ourselves and to laugh, hard and often as a family. We have wonderful family stories that I’m so glad to share with my children.

  5. Melissa says:

    My dad taught me the joyous sounds of music. My sister and I would sing a long with my dad as he played the guitar. Sweet memories!

  6. Nancy Wilson says:

    My dad taught me to work hard. He worked a full time job and worked odd jobs at night and I remember someone paying him with a new washer. He didn’t like accepting money. I look up to him for showing me what working hard is about, it’s about the accomplishment and not the money and things we buy ourselves. He lost his job at 48 due to the downfall of the market crash he never complained about not having certain things. I am proud to be his daughter.

  7. Megan Feist says:

    My dad taught me who the person was that I wanted to become. After 3 painful hard years of suffering from lymphoma cancer we lost him. At age 60, he was the most kind hearted (and stubborn) man I have ever met, and his hugs melted my whole world. I could only hope that I am half the person he was. I am now graduating from nursing school as a LPN in Dec of 2012 I wish he could be here to see me get pinned but I know in my heart he will be watching me. I know he would be proud of me.

  8. Allison says:

    my dad thought me how to never give up and always finish whan I start even if it do not turn out right the first time!!!!!!!I love you dad!!!!!!!1

  9. Karen says:

    always smile and be polite, do what makes you happy, live as big as you can, and ALWAYS root for the new york yankees 🙂

  10. Sheri says:

    My Dad passed away last November and I miss him ever so much. He taught me so many things that I would run out of room trying to list them all. But here are a few: “IF you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”. Be persistent and never give up; you are resillient; you can do anything you set your mind to if you try hard and learn all you can. Love and Miss you Daddy, Happy Father’s Day.

  11. Allison says:

    My Father taught me to never say can’t and also to never give up and always try your hardest even when you think that you can’t do it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. Rachel McCurdy says:

    My father taught me to love myself, And no matter how weird or strange or different I was. That it was okay to be that way and that there is always someone out there stranger and weirder then you. And that being normal and part of the “norm” isn’t always the best road in life. But at he same time to strive for excellence and be the best person I can be. And that I can accomplish anything i put my mind too.

  15. Jen says:

    “You are first and foremost a lady.”

  16. Patty Durant says:

    My Dad adopted me at age one and loved me every day since. He is always proud of me and that has helped me through many things. I will always be thankful I got the privilege of having him be my Dad!

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