Style this bag: Bridesmaids

The mission: The request was twofold: 1) Choose a style that makes a great bridesmaid gift, and 2) Create a complete bridal party look with a favorite Vera Bradley color in mind.

Accomplished by: Merchandise Planner Samantha Eaves

For the final installment of our Style this bag: Bridesmaids series, we asked Samantha to impart her sophisticated-yet-modern fashion sense, by sharing her vision for a memorable bridal party ensemble.

This bride-to-be is planning to say, “I do,” on December 27, 2013, in Findlay, Ohio, after her fiancé completes his Master of Physicians Assistant degree. Her six bridal attendants will don elements of the ceremony’s color scheme – Tiffany Blue and raspberry – and each girl will receive a “Vera Bradley Survival Kit,” complete with a Large Duffel, Large Cosmetic and Flip Flops.

When it came to a look for Inside Stitch, this lady knew she wanted lime. “Lime’s Up is my absolute favorite Summer 2012 color! It has an awesome pop of turquoise, which reminds me of the palette I’m using in my own wedding. Although it’s bright, I also see it as very sophisticated when paired with a classic black dress.” Samantha accented the ensemble with fun, turquoise jewelry, and the end result is a traditional look set off with modern accents.

Style this bag: Bridesmaids (Samantha)

Her piece of advice for brides-to-be: Enjoy every minute of planning and preparation with the ones you love the most. Take advantage of these moments that you will always cherish!

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2 Responses to Style this bag: Bridesmaids

  1. Allison says:

    so cute!!!!!!!

  2. Wedding DJs says:

    To cool!!!….. must admire the choice of collection….. very much perfect to Create a complete bridal party look with a favorite Vera Bradley color in mind.

    Wedding DJs

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