Style this bag: Bridesmaids

The mission: The request was twofold: 1) Choose a style that makes a great bridesmaid gift, and 2) Create a complete bridal party look with a favorite Vera Bradley color in mind.

Accomplished by: Sales Development Specialist Katie Witmer

You might recall a post, published not so long ago, in which we all got to see what “Katie carries …” and take a peek inside her impressive planning portfolio. Now, with her September 2, Lake Tahoe ceremony right around the corner, we wanted to catch up with her for a second round of wedding fun.

While her own nuptials – and her six bridesmaids – will be a sea of neutral, earthy tones, she went for a brighter look for our purposes. “I actually got some of my inspiration for this bridesmaid ensemble from what I wore to my first bridal shower in Carmel, California,” she said. “The dress was yellow and I loved how it popped against my Summer Cottage bag. I’ve always found yellow to be a hard shade to accessorize, but it works so well paired with this pattern and gets me so excited for the warmer months! It’s bright and cheerful, and I think it looks great in photos, too.”

Style this bag: Bridesmaids (Katie)

Katie’s advice for those preparing for their own big day: “I would suggest pausing to just take it all in and appreciate the love of your friends, family and significant other. It’s very humbling knowing all of these people care and love you enough to be just as excited to celebrate as you are.”

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One Response to Style this bag: Bridesmaids

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Summer Cottage print- it’s one of my favorites! It’s so pretty and summery.

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