To my Mom …

Recently, we’ve been sharing gift ideas inspired by a handful of familiar female characters; the ones, we feel, are most common yet tough to shop for. As the last-minute Mother’s Day shopping commences, here are a our suggestions for the Mom who loves …

a daylong adventurePictured: Beach Towel, Camera Bag, So Cool Picnic Tote, Loop Keychain and Flip Flops (in Stores only) in Summer Cottage

Shop for these items now at your local Vera Bradley retailer.

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15 Responses to To my Mom …

  1. Shirley Clark says:

    I love VB, but I was so disappointed when getting your email yesterday about the one day sale. The tote that was featured was sold out in every color online. How convenient is that on your end!

  2. Dana says:

    I felt the same way about the sale on the tote. When I got the message everything was sold out!

  3. Laraine Zook says:

    And I thought I was the only one late to the party! Apparently not! Disappointed!

  4. Angela P says:

    I got the email at 9:51 and at 10:05 I saw it and went on and all but 3 colors were sold out already. It was disappointing for sure.

  5. Carol Lowe says:

    I am very disappointed in V. B. to have the tote sold out so fast. I ordered it as soon as it came on line..I have always had more faith in V.B. Apparently there were very few available so why even offer it to us.

  6. dotmoody says:

    I don’t need to tell my daughters what to get me for Mothers Day. They know how much I love my Vera 😀 The excitement is …. which Vera will it be?

  7. dotmoody says:

    Have any of you considered that maybe there were only a limited amount of pleated totes left in the retired patterns, and thats why they went on sale so cheap?? When Vera Bradley has great sales such as that one was, everyone knows they sell out fast!! I didn’t get one either but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. They will be another great sale on another great Item.

  8. verabradleylover says:

    ah,It is so cute!!!!!! But I do not see why you guy are makeing such a big deal their will be more sale agin it is not the end of the world!!!!! 🙂

  9. As a mommy, with a few coins in my pocket, (literally, only a few!) I sure would love another really good sale to celebrate the mom “who likes to get it done herself” (the shopping that is)… give us a good one for the weekend!
    Heather A

  10. Nancy Collier says:

    I too was VERY disappointed that the one day sale tote was sold out so fast when it had just shown up on my email. I was all ready to order 2 when I saw the “sold out” notice. Hoping it will show up again soon for us V.B. lovers.

  11. Cookie Elbling says:

    I was also disappointed that all of the totes were sold out. So, I CALLED the VB customer service and complained long and loud. I know that the tote on sale is discontinued so it is doubly disappointing. I received a $30.00 on-line gift certificate for being disappointed.

  12. DonnaK says:

    My order went through on my favorite bag & Color, and one can imagine how surprised I was when I received a “your bag is out of stock” email, instead of a “Your bag has shipped” email!!!! VERY disappointed to say the least considering this was to be a Mother’s Day Gift!!! I’ve been trying to view this purchase history on ‘My Account’ on their Web Site today, but that part of their website is not working correctly, and my credit card has not been credited!!! I have always been so pleased with Vera Bradley customer service and web orders, however, this has really been terrible and left me displeased!

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