Style this bag: Mother v. Daughter

The mission: Show how a mother-daughter duo accessorizes the same style, in this case the Go Round Tote in Lime’s Up.

Accomplished by: E-Commerce Marketing Manager Sarah Seifert and her daughter, Sierra.

We’re moving into the official shopping season for Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13), and we got to thinking about style, the truest form of self expression, as it passes on through the generations. Given the same bag, how would the ensemble vary from mother to daughter? We didn’t have to venture too far to find a pair of gals willing to share their personal preferences and participate in our little fashion experiment.

E-Commerce Marketing Manager Sarah Seifert came to Fort Wayne from Boulder, Colorado, and always looks adorable in her laidback west coast style.

Sarah’s Style

Her daughter, Sierra, is currently a student at the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington. A strutting example of modern-meets-retro fashion, Sierra is fine-tuning her closet as she prepares to move to the Financial District in New York City for a summer internship at Marie Claire magazine.

Sierra’ Style

The Go Round Tote’s versatility makes it an obvious choice for both ladies, who use the style to take them through their busy days; class, work, sorority life, meetings, volleyball and, of course, stops at the nearest cupcake shop.  “Knowing we’re carrying the same style, even in the same color, is such a bright, fun way to feel connected even though we’re living in different cities,” Sarah says. “We’ll always share our home-grown love for Vera Bradley.”

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2 Responses to Style this bag: Mother v. Daughter

  1. jamey says:


  2. SunnyC says:

    This feature made me rethink Lime’s Up. Thanks for showing us How patterns work with different styles and for different ages. I loved this!

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