Just in time for Mother’s Day …

We’re releasing a handful of precious pieces you, your Mother, or any of the special women in your life will adore. These styles cater to an array of interests and make great gifts for the season.
new for mom1. Visor | 2. Apron and Child’s Apron | 3. A Mother’s Story | 4. Tall Tote | 5. Cosmetic Trio | 6. Shopper Tote | 7. Scarf | 8. Clear Lotion Bag | 9. Crossbody Baby Bag

Shop these styles online and in stores

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6 Responses to Just in time for Mother’s Day …

  1. alis says:

    is there any way i can win this

    • Helen says:

      There’s a VB contest about Mothers going on right now, but you need to have a Facebook account to enter. 😦 Sad face only because I don’t have an account there. Check out the Vera Bradley Facebook page if you’re interested.

  2. alis says:

    please can i win this stuf

  3. emma says:

    love it! hope i get it for mothers day.hit hit

  4. jocelynnn says:

    hay sorry for the poor spelling my sister got a hold of my computer.I love this stuff it is so cool and i think every mother diserves at least one of these beautiful things.

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