D.I.Y. Wednesday: Striped Wreath

What’s the lesson we learn from this D.I.Y.? Wreaths certainly aren’t just for Christmas! Adorn your door or wall space with this gorgeous decoration, designed to bring color and cheer to you and your guests all year long.

D.I.Y. Striped Wreath

Striped Wreath

D.I.Y. Striped Wreath

What you’ll need: Dividers from a Vera Bradley Agenda, tape, a ruler (not pictured), scissors and cardboard cut into a donut shape. (The overall width of the wreath can vary, but should not be wider than 3 inches, from the edge of the inner hole to the outer edge of the wreath.)

D.I.Y. Striped Wreath2. Onto each of the Agenda divider pages, measure and cut 1-inch strips. The amount of strips you will need will depend on how large your wreath shape is. (For a 10-inch-wide wreath we used around 50-60 strips.)

D.I.Y. Striped Wreath3. Begin wrapping your strips of paper around the wreath. Tape the ends to secure on the backside of the wreath.

D.I.Y. Striped Wreath4. Continue adding strips of paper, overlapping each slightly over the one you placed before it, until you have covered all of the cardboard.

D.I.Y. Striped Wreath5. Cut out the flower designs on some of the extra divider pages. Use your fingers to roll and curl the petals up a bit, and use tape to attach them to the wreath.

D.I.Y. Striped Wreathv6. Use string or ribbon to hang and enjoy!

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6 Responses to D.I.Y. Wednesday: Striped Wreath

  1. Marilyn says:

    So pretty for spring. Love it!


  3. Wanda Andrew says:

    cool love it..

  4. Amanda Wells says:

    Please put the agenda back on your store Vera Bradley…. Because I really want to do some of these projects and I can’t because I never got one last year but I still do want one for this year too… Please do put it back in the store, and love the idea!

  5. Ruth Evens says:

    Love this idea! Think that I am going to give it a try!

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