Katie carries …

Vera Bradley Sales Development Specialist Katie Witmer is getting married! This blushing bride-to-be is planning a gorgeous affair where she’ll say, “I do” under the Lake Tahoe sky this September. What’s more impressive than her plans? How organized she is! We asked Katie to share the contents of her tote so we could see her essentials for pulling off the perfect wedding ceremony …

Katie CarriesA Go Round Tote in Ellie Blue pairs perfectly with Katie’s classic style and offers plenty of pockets for her daily must-haves.

Katie Carries
Katie keeps a Mini Notebook with Pocket in Suzani handy for jotting down all those last-minute messages and details. (It’s all about the details.) She draws inspiration from Pinterest, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and the assistance of her wedding planner.

Swatches, contracts and keepsakes are all conveniently corralled in her official Folkloric Three Ring Binder. Cosmetics and Jo Malone cologne (in Vintage Gardenia) are tucked in this Black Microfiber coin purse, while packages of almonds and Vera Bradley mints offer quick, mobile munching.

Katie always keeps her camera (housed in a Sweetheart Pouch in Hope Garden), Heidi sunglasses in Lemon Parfait and Turn Lock Wallet in Folkloric handy for whatever events unfold.

Will you share my special day?

Talk about adorable, Katie asked each of her bridesmaids to join her in the ceremony by sending them a Cosmetic Clutch in Sand (the color scheme of the wedding, along with other neutral tones), each filled with a hand-written note, a copy of the movie Bridesmaids, a framed picture of their dresses (from Anthropologie) and cookies from Cookie Boy Baked Goods with the date of the wedding frosted on top. Now how could you say, “no” to that?

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18 Responses to Katie carries …

  1. Outfit 31 says:

    That tote is super fab! Luv the accessories too!

  2. Why is the Go Round Tote in that pattern not available on your website?

  3. Amy K. says:

    I have that exact Go Round Tote, I love it in the Ellie Blue, goes with jeans for every day use!

  4. Lindsay Dillon says:

    How fun! I love the tote! (and bride to be is adorable!)

  5. Mom says:

    she is adorable!!

  6. Katie Bates says:

    Good luck, Katie! We have much in common! 1) both named Katie, 2) I also got married in Lake Tahoe!, 3) We both LOVE Vera!! Where is your wedding and reception? We were married at the Riva Grill on the CA side, (small wedding), then we had our reception dinner at the top of Harvey’s. My sister lives there, so that is why we flew from Rochester, NY to Tahoe for our big day! Enjoy!

  7. Danielle says:

    I love it! I use my Vera tote to carry all my wedding essentials in Suzani. When i drive up to Niagara Falls the day before my wedding i plan on carrying the Grand Traveler with all my stuff in Priscilla pink, which happens to be the name of my gown!!! Can’t wait till it comes on out 3/22!!!!

  8. Tannis says:

    So happy for you, Congratulations!
    Miss you
    Tannis 😉

  9. Meredith Hoffmann says:

    This is SO great! Katie – you are glowing! So excited for your wedding this summer! Glad you have a wonderful tote to keep you organized 🙂 xo

  10. Rebecca Kinkhorst says:

    Too cute! I love Vera Bradley!! I have so many it’s out of control! I always use my bags to carry my supplies to my pampered chef shows and I always get comments! And of course I tell them it VB! P.S I wish I had your wedding registry!

  11. sara says:

    cute cute cute!
    and super adorable bride-to-be!!

  12. Deb says:

    Katie, you are too adorable (and so darn organized)!!! XO

  13. sue kelly says:

    Ahh…. Nothing less than perfection! love it

  14. Go Around Tote in this new color not available on website then from where she purchased this?

  15. Sean says:

    So cuteee!! I want this

  16. BarbaraA says:

    I too have and love the Go Round Tote in Ellie Blue! Also a Sweetheart pouch, but in Cupcakes green. You have great taste, Katie! Good luck with all your wedding plans!

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  18. Lauren says:

    I have the Ellie Blue Go round tote as well! I got it in a store, on the release date. I’m a romantic at heart and with my boyfriend talking about getting married (he is proposing in the fall *fingers crossed*), I got a life in progress notebook in Ellie Blue to jot down our favorite pinterest finds and other ideas!

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