D.I.Y. Wednesday: Birthday Card

Every girl wants to feel special on her birthday. So, imagine the warm fuzzies you’ll pass along with a handmade, mini-garland-adorned, Vera Bradley d.i.y. card! The surprise inside spreads a little extra cheer for all joyous occasions and offers the perfect complement to your well wishes.

D.I.Y. Birthday Card

Birthday Card

D.I.Y. Birthday Card

What you’ll need: A Vera Bradley Note Card, a Pocket Pal in the same color, thread or string, glue and scissors.

D.I.Y. Birthday Card1. Tear out the front or back page of your Pocket Pal. You will need to measure and cut 5 ¾-inch-by-¾-inch squares. If using the Viva la Vera pattern (shown), you can just cut along the lines.

D.I.Y. Birthday Card2. Fold your squares in half, on the diagonal, and cut a piece of string about 11 inches long.

D.I.Y. Birthday Card3. Place glue on the inside of your squares, and fold over the string. Press firmly and let dry.

D.I.Y. Birthday Card4. Tie a knot on each side (between the end and the flag) of the string. Write your message inside the card, towards the center so it falls below your garland. Cut a small slit in the top of the card, about 1/4 inch in from the opening. Slip your string into the slit so that the knot catches on the outside of the card. Trim the excess string.

D.I.Y. Birthday Card5. Send to a loved one in celebration of their special day!

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5 Responses to D.I.Y. Wednesday: Birthday Card

  1. Outfit 31 says:

    Adorable idea! I’m going to use it today on a birthday card that I need to get into the mail!!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Sparky says:

    this is too cute! great way to dress up a notecard!

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  4. Tracy Witherspoon says:

    This is a wonderful item for a card,notecard to send to anyone I love it!

  5. aww what a cute and creative idea! 😀

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