Pretty and packed

Being surrounded by luggage and travel accessories all day has its advantages. These Vera Bradley staff members (and master travelers) share their advice on summer packing strategies and techniques.

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“Store sunscreen in a (1) Ditty Bag. It’s always packed and ready to grab and the plastic lining keeps the mess to a minimum.” – Jennifer F., Executive Assistant

“I always put extra (2) Luggage Tags on the kids’ backpacks at the airport. You never know if they will leave it somewhere. But the (3) Hanging Organizer is my favorite. You just hang it in the bathroom and all of your necessities are right there! And I always, always pack an empty (4) duffel. It folds up nicely and allows you to bring home acquired goodies.” – Cheri L., VP, Indirect Sales

“The (5) Garment Bag! I pack for my boyfriend and myself, and we often have weddings and other events out of town. I feel like I live out of a bag. Not only does the Garment Bag save me from having wrinkled clothing, but it saves me the hassle of having to hang it back up again if we don’t wear it. (Confession: I’m a slight over packer.)” – Rachel F., Product Development Assistant

“I come from a family of campers and have always used the clear, (6) transparent makeup cosmetics for First Aid kits; one for the car and one for my backpack.  You can see and grab just what you need when you need it!” – Karen W., Customer Service Representative

“I like to use the Double Kiss Coin Purse to hold my daughter’s tiny hairbands. It’s small enough to toss in my handbag or into a tote for a day at the beach. I also like to use the Hanging Organizer as an art supply tote. The different compartments can organize colored pencils, crayons, markers and other craft items. Perfect for a long road trip!” – Kristy M., Marketing Account Executive

“My advice for traveling with little ones is simple: There’s no such thing as over packing! If you think you might need it, you probably will.  For car travel, I start by packing “just in case” items for the ride.  I use the (8) Get Carried Away Tote and stuff it full of toys, books, snacks, movies, diapers, wipes, etc. to be sure he has things to keep him happy (and us sane).  I pack a Cooler with juice and snacks. In addition, I use the (7) Large Cosmetic for his soap, toothbrush, children’s pain reliever, a thermometer and anything else I might need while we’re away. Finally, our Baby Bag. On a long car trip, we might have to make some stops, so I can just grab that bag and go. For me, I pack the Large Duffel, Miller Bag and Hanging Organizer. Like I said, if I don’t pack it, I’ll need it!” – Amy H., Recruiting Specialist

“The Tote is my favorite for little ones. I can use it as a diaper bag and fill it with wipes, books and a sippy cup without feeling like I have a lot to carry. The Large Duffel is a favorite travel bag. Since we have a lot of family members (seven total), we can make it fit no matter how packed the car is and, if it’s too crowded, it becomes an oversized pillow.”  – Becky M., Recruiting Manager

“We actually have packing down to somewhat of a science.  My wife and I each get a 28” piece of Rolling Luggage to start and pack ourselves.  Next, all the kids’ clothes are layered in; she typically gets two kids in with her things and I get one. (Women’s clothing is usually smaller than men’s and takes up less room.) Next up, shoes.  We usually pack a Large Duffel with all of the shoes and cosmetic bags. My wife combines all the kids’ toothbrushes in with hers and I have a small kit I take along. A separate cosmetic holds all the medication we might need (asthma inhaler, pain reliever, sunscreen, etc). Then there’s the snack bag, usually a Tote or Get Carried Away Tote and maybe a small Cooler with healthy juice boxes and water. Don’t forget the electronics! Each one of the kids has a backpack with their own ‘entertainment’.”  – Gregory J., Retail Visual Merchandising Manager

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11 Responses to Pretty and packed

  1. Outfit 31 says:

    Luv that I can get a matching ditty bag to go with the sarong I want for the pool and beach!!! Now I just need the flip flops. Hopefully those will come out in the same pattern next!!!

  2. mamalish says:

    Lots of great ideas for packing! Personally I love the hanging organizer, but then again I love so many of the pieces it’s hard to say which is my favorite!

  3. Abbie says:

    Thank you for the idea of luggage tags on the kids backpacks! I’d never have thought of that!

  4. cookiemomma says:

    I just LOVE Vera Bradley and splurge whenever I get the chance (which is not often since I have 3 kids in private school).

  5. Sean says:

    Packing in Vera Bradley travel items makes packing a lot more fun. I myself have a large and medium duffle and I LOVE them. Now I need one in island blooms. 🙂

  6. linda carson says:

    sure wish you would make the pill box again i love mine and would love to buy them for gifts

  7. mary m says:

    I find that I can travel with 2 get carried away totes. One has all of my electronic gajets plus my hipster purse, medium cosmetic bag, double eye glass holder. The other has my clothing. Since the airlines allow two carry-ons, this works out well. If either bag gets refused at the gate, I let them take the bag with the clothing and keep my electronics bag.

  8. shirley cohen says:

    I use double kiss to carry 4 pairs of earings…perfect…
    I use the baby bag for water aerobics class….I put my water bottles on the sides…If anything drips inside it’s no problem….I live on a boat in the summer so Get Carried Away is perfect to take up to the yacht club shower….The Villager is great on the boat because it zips and I feel secure that nothing will fall out….

  9. Delia says:

    I use my old 100 handbag that have been worn to embarrassment and use them to pack shoes in so they don’t get the clothes dirty. Makes me feel organized. You can get a lot of flip flops in the 100 handbag and have pockets for stockings or socks. If I reverse the handbag you don’t even see the holes in the bag if it bothers you.

  10. Nancy says:

    I use the see through plastic pencil case made to be put in three ring binders for my makeup.You can see what you have from the outside and to clean it -wipe and go!

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