D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day: Fortune Cookies

We know what you’re thinking … A D.I.Y. on Tuesday?! It’s true. Your eyes are not deceiving you. We wrestled with the logistics of sending each of you a dozen red roses, but when it was decided the execution of such a gesture would be too difficult, we opted to surprise our readers with a craft, instead. Use these fabulous Fortune Cookies to share sweet nothings and memorable messages with your special someone. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies What you’ll need: Paper with one side solid, one side patterned (we used Envelopes), a pen or pencil, glue stick, scissors, paper clips, a circle to use as a template, and printed “fortunes” or messages to slip inside the cookies

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies1. Use your template to trace a circle on to your paper and cut out the circle. Fold in half, vertically, pattern side in, pinching a crease only in the middle of the fold.

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies2. Unfold your circle, and re-fold, this time horizontally. Do not crease. Use your finger to push in the middle, on the crease.

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies3. Continue to push in the crease, pulling the corners towards each other to form the fortune cookie shape.

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies4. Apply a small amount of glue on the inside of the creased section and down both interior sides. You want to stop just short of the edge and press the inside of the cookie together.

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies5. Place a paper clip on the inside of the cookie, holding the two sides together while the glue sets, approximately 5 minutes. Remove the clip.

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies6. Slide your message into the cookie and serve up something sweet today!

D.I.Y. Fortune Cookies

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7 Responses to D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day: Fortune Cookies

  1. Leave it to Vera Bradley to make “THE” prettiest fortune cookies I have ever seen. WHat a unique idea. I just love this.. It would also be great for childrens birthday parties at school….

  2. Amy Collins says:

    Such a sweet and awesome idea! Love it! How simple and crafty! And the Vera stationary just puts it over the edge of greatness!!

  3. Laura Little says:

    What a great idea!!!

  4. Sandra says:

    Thanks so much for this idea. My daughter and I made a hundred of these for her 100th day of school project.

  5. Kassidy says:

    These are really cute! I made these for my valentines… But I made them with felt.

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