Let’s hear it for the bridal party

bridal partyOver the years, we have loved hearing stories and receiving pictures from brides who incorporated their favorite Vera Bradley colors into their big day. For those approaching their nuptials, we have three things for you to get excited about:

1. We added a Bridesmaids category! We now feature a separate category for popular bridal party gifts on verabradley.com

2. We’re giving away gifts! Comment below for a chance to win Vera Bradley gifts for your bridal party. We will randomly select one lucky lady to receive up to 10 of the style of her choice, in the color of her choice. Please comment by Monday, February 13.

3. We’re pinning up a storm! Vera Bradley is now on Pinterest and we can’t wait for you to follow our boards, including bridal inspiration pins. (What’s Pinterest? Find out!)

OK, so four things to get excited about … You’re getting married!

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting, and congratulations to the winner!

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568 Responses to Let’s hear it for the bridal party

  1. Mari says:

    The style picked for the Bridal Party section are really cute and practical accessories or gifts for bridesmaids. Some great ideas I will incorporate. Thanks Vera Bradley!!!

    • Michelle says:

      I am getting married in August.I had been searching for a gift idea and was so pleased when I got this email.What’s a grwwidea for my flower girls as well as my bridesmaids and me too.Your always run around at the last minute looking for a bag or clutch to put your must haves in!- ‘

    • molly says:

      I love vera bradley and i bring my vera very where i go…. and with every where i go i where diffrent colors and all the veras match

    • Heather K says:

      The other day, my mother and I were brainstorming for the perfect bridal party gift. Which, of course, we immediately thought Vera Bradley! The timing of this email could not be more perfect. I am thrilled to have another excuse to go into Vera to investigate all of the new spring patterns! I am equally excited to share one of my favorite things with my friends. Thanks Vera!

    • Rachael says:

      I will be getting married feb 19th, so excited. going to check out the bridal section now!

    • Rhonda says:

      I would love to give Vera bags! Great idea : )

    • sarah says:

      I love Vera Bradley, I am getting married on September 1, 2012. I am very excited and winning vera bradley for me and my girls would be awesome!!

  2. Amy K. says:

    I’m already married, but I went out and bought the clutch wallet in Camellia because of the picture of the bride holding it in the catalog!

  3. Blossom says:

    Also already married, but I love Vera Bradley products!

  4. Rebecca Eddy says:

    I love the idea of giving my bridesmaids Vera! My wedding is on June 23rd and these styles would be perfect gifts!

  5. Carolyn Fodel says:

    Also already married, but wouldn’t it be a blast to be able to gift some of your best girls something?

  6. I can’t wait to see more Pinterest boards – they are definitely going to help when I’m planning!

  7. Kathy says:

    Would love these for book club ladies!

  8. Jaime Taylor says:

    Love the expanding ways to incorporate VB into every aspect of life! Would love to win these!

  9. Mary Long says:

    These are adorable & a perfect shed that heavy, giant purse of Winter!! Thanks for the wonderful assortment!

  10. Sandy Smith says:

    Such great ideas for a wedding. I would never have thought to use those accessories at a wedding but after seeing them I love the look!

  11. Vanessa Suzi says:

    I have been waiting for the perfect pattern to give to my bridesmaids. The Spring collection didn’t disappoint! Camellia is amazingly understated and beautiful. I’d love to pamper my best friends on my big day in July!

  12. Mel says:

    I eloped so we didn’t have a bridal party. If I would have had a wedding, Vera would have been a huge part of the day. I hope the next time I’m a bridesmaid they use Vera. πŸ™‚

  13. Megan Eiser says:

    Cannot WAIT to pick out accessories that match each of my bridesmaids personalities, the variety Vera offers makes that easy and so fun!!

  14. Jen Servello says:

    I am getting married in October and have been debating what the best style would be to give to my bridesmaids!! So excited to see the seperate catagory for Bridesmaids! Love them all!!

  15. Lori says:

    Oh this is a wonderful opportunity to give my favorite girls in the world a beautiful gift! Thanks Vera Bradley

  16. Kelly Wentling says:

    I love your photo here of the bridal party with these styles and this pattern. Classic and elegant in every way! So happy to hear you are on pinterest now. Will check that out!

  17. The clutch in Very Berry Paisley would be a lovely gift for my bridesmaids as my colors are plum & champagne.

  18. Erin H says:

    Well I am not the bride but I am MOH. I know all of us girls LOVE Vera Bradley! The bride’s last name is also Bradley, so there is fun connection πŸ™‚

  19. Trina says:

    Vera Bradley items would be the ultimate bridal party gifts…my daughter is getting married this year so I will have to remind her of this…thanks Vera!

  20. Kristin says:

    I would love to win, what a great bridesmaid gift and wedding accessory!

  21. Holly says:

    I was already planning on getting vera totes for my bridesmaids but if i could win them that would be even better!

  22. Marisa says:

    The Rhythm and Blues color would be perfect for my something blue!

  23. Hannah says:

    I love te idea of VB wedding gifts! Especially since my colors for my wedding since my colors are the pattern rhythm & blues!

  24. Virginia says:

    Fun and practical! Just loving it….

  25. Bethany LeCain says:

    What a wonderful idea! I would love to win this for may daughter to share. πŸ™‚

  26. Heather Johnson says:

    So many adorable ideas for our bridesmaids! Each bridesmaid is unique so finding a gift to fit each one will be easy with so many choices!

  27. kayla schmid says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Vera Bradley!!!!!!! I am getting married in September 2012 and this would be a perfect gift for my ladies!! Thanks for the beautiful designs!

  28. Sarah Einsidler says:

    I have been a Vera fan for quite some time and chose my wedding colors partially because of my love for the retired Cambridge pattern. A beatifiul bag on my girls arms would complete their look!

  29. Kate Syburg says:

    Amazing selection! A must have for me and my girls! πŸ™‚ Getting married in July 2012 and these will be perfect!

  30. Lauren West says:

    I love Vers Bradley! I think these would be perfect gifts for my bridesmaids! I can’t wait to get married in June!!

  31. Ashley says:

    Love Vera Bradley and so do all my lovely bridesmaids! Getting married in April and would love to share the new prints with my wonderful ladies!!

  32. Jennifer Doyle says:

    I received a Vera Bradley bag when I was a Maid of Honor two years ago. I would LOVE to do the same for my bridesmaids this October :O)

  33. Christine says:

    My girls would LOVE to get some Vera goodies! Love the new category!

  34. Nichole says:

    Vera Bradley is awesome for all ages. Bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls.
    A cute small purse would be perfect for the flower girl to
    throw rose petals from.

  35. Tami Meis says:

    What a great idea for bridal party gifts! I am definitely considering getting something Vera Bradley for my bridesmaids!

  36. Ashley F. says:

    The plum petals pattern would complement my bridesmaids vintage-earthy dresses and they would be so stylish all year round. I know all my important girls would love to be surprised with some Vera goodies at my wedding in May.

  37. Christina Burrell says:

    Both your pinterest boards and the giveaway sound so exciting!

  38. Gillin Daley says:

    The first thing I thought about when I got engaged was I wanted to give my bridal party a Vera Bradley bag. Watercolor will go perfectly with my May country wedding. I can’t wait to give them to my girls.

  39. Heather says:

    So excited to see this new addition. As a bride I am looking for bridal hostess gifts and bridesmaids gifts! Love it!

  40. Jody Laderach says:

    I love Vera Bradley! I am the grooms mother and I am planning on having a bridal shower for my soon to be daughter-in-law. My plan is to give the girls cosmetic bags for a shower gift and also the three little flower girls matching Caitlyn bags. I am so excited to see this bridal collection and all the new patterns, keep them coming ’cause us girls like to change our bags often. Their wedding is 8-4-12.

  41. Ashley says:

    I love the styles chosen for the bridal section. I am getting married in May and they would be perfect for all of my girls.

  42. Shari Conroy says:

    Vera Bradley Bags for the bridal party is AMAZING… I love how it is such a practical gift for all ages. Its a gift that they can actually use and LOVE IT !! My friends and I love the collections. Go Vera Bradley ❀

  43. Valerie says:

    What a great idea for bridesmaids’ gifts, with so many selections and price ranges! I think the umbrella (just in case), wristlets, and cosmetic bags in the wedding colors
    (Ellie Blue) would be a welcome gift and could also be used on the big day by the girls! I also love the new color Camellia!

  44. Katie G says:

    Omg! I would love to get my bridesmaids Vera Bradley bags for their gift!! I’m getting married August 4th. I love it all!! πŸ™‚

  45. Sarah says:

    I am so excited for this new line! I have already been looking for gifts for my Bridesmaids for our wedding on June 9th and have even set up a trip with several of my co-workers to head to Fort Wayne for the outlet sale!! Vera accessories are perfect for bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, and so many more!! So excited for June!

  46. Lisa Nace says:

    I am so excited about the bridal selections!! I am getting married July 21, 2012, and this would be the best idea as a thank you gift for my girls and the mothers! They know how much of a Vera Bradley enthusiast I am!! So perfect!

  47. Megan says:

    I love the idea of having Vera Bradley being part of my big day!! I am getting married in June and what better way to celebrate then looking chic with Vera!

  48. Kristie says:

    These are exactly what I was looking for! All of my bridesmaids love love love Vera Bradley!! Wedding is in October!

  49. Regan says:

    My bridesmaids would LOVE this!

  50. Kristen Knight says:

    I would love to give my bridesmaids Vera! The first time I saw Tea Garden I knew I wanted my wedding to be in those colors!

  51. I have been a Vera fan for a long time now and this would be the perfect addition to giving away gifts to my bridesmaids! I am getting married at the end of May and there could not be a better way to celebrate my special day!

  52. Lu Colby says:

    I just love Vera Bradley designs! So of couse I incorporated the beautiful patterns in my wedding theme! My wedding is set for July 2nd, 2012 so it will look perfect!

  53. These are great!!! I have been looking for something to show appreciation to my Bridesmaids and I think that I have found a way!!!!

  54. ksnash14 says:

    So glad to have found you on Pinterest!!

    It would mean so much to me to be able to give my Bridesmaids Vera Bradley bags! I have been planning to do that anyway, but if I won, I could afford to fill them with goodies!!

  55. Cydney says:

    I love the bridesmaids section ideas! Vera Bradley is my favorite brand by far and I would love to incorporate Vera with my bridal party πŸ™‚ They would absolutely love it πŸ™‚

  56. Liz Moser says:

    Vera Bradley bridal? Could y’all read my mind anymore? You have managed to create all the things I’ve ever wanted handbag, luggage, accessory wise and now bridal! I am stoked! My bridesmaids would look lovely carrying something Vera Bradley with them! You guys are awesome, keep up the excellent work πŸ™‚

  57. Misty Kelley says:

    I absolutely LOVE the fact y’all added a Bridesmaid section! I have been looking at the site and in stores for a while now trying to decide which Vera Bradley style I want to get for my girls. Such a thoughtful, nice and classy gift! Nothing says ‘Thank You’ like a gift from Vera Bradley!

  58. Kim says:

    Everything a bride wants to give her bridesmaids! Love πŸ˜‰

  59. Hollie Gibson says:

    I’m getting married in less than 3 months and couldn’t be more excited! My girls would love getting gifts in their favorite patterns!

  60. Kristin Sarver says:

    What an amazing opportunity!! My bridesmaids and I all LOVE Vera Bradley and have been purchasing the new designs together for as long as I can remember…! What an amazing gift his would be for them from me πŸ™‚ Please consider this poor graduate student planning a weeds in at the same time a perfect candidate!! Sincerely, A lifelong Vera lover!!

  61. Emily says:

    Our wedding colors are gray and purple. I’m planning on getting my bridesmaids something in Watercolor. πŸ™‚

  62. Rachae says:

    It would be nice to win this on behalf of my best friend who is getting married in May! It would help cut some of her costs and hey what are bridesmaides for if not to help out in anyway that they can!

  63. Stefanie says:

    Love this and so would my bridesmaids!!

  64. Mary says:

    Getting married this 4th of July weekend! Vera Bradley is the PERFECT bridal party gift. Something that ANY girl would love and be able to use all the time. I know my favorite girls would be beyond happy. So glad you’re on Pinterest!

  65. Toshia auxier says:

    I have been collecting Vera Bradley bags of all sorts for the last 5 years. In the last few years I have gotten my bridesmaids attached as well. I think this would make an amazing gift to get for them in fact it’s what I was planning to get them before I saw this. Giving my girls something I know they would love for all the hard work they have put in would just be amazing. I think all the styles under the bridesmaid section are amazing. In fact I own half of them.

  66. Carmen B. says:

    I love the new Bridesmaids category! I’m getting married in August and the Deco Daisy print would go great with our color scheme. AND, Pinterest & Vera Bradley together…talk about the perfect pair!

  67. Emilia Wiedemann says:

    A Vera Bradley inspired wedding, is my dream day coming true! I was already looking into some appreciation gifts for my ladies, I am sure I found it. I cannot wait!

  68. Vicky says:

    I’m a huge fan of Vera Bradley bags! I’d be estatic to give my bridesmaids gifts by her. It really is the perfect gift, useful and practical and not the usual bag that says “bridesmaid.” Bridal party gifts are always difficult to decide on and I never thought of giving them Vera, everytime they use the bag or wristlet it will always be connected to the wedding day. Love, love this idea!

  69. Meredith says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Vera Bradley and all the patterns and styles! I am getting married on Oct. 6th and would so love to have these as their gifts and also one for my mom!!!! πŸ™‚

  70. Stephanie says:

    I am getting married this March and I would love to be able to give my girls gifts in their favorite colors!

  71. Emily says:

    I LOVE Vera Bags!! I already have a few and I think they would be perfect gifts for bridesmaids!! I’m a bridesmaid this July and I would LOVE to get that as my gift!!

  72. Brittney Jones says:

    I love that I can now mix my love for Vera Bradley and Pinterest! I’ve been a Vera Bradley girl for a very long time and I can not think of a better way to show my girls love during my wedding then by giving Vera Bradley gifts!!

  73. Amy Y. says:

    All of my girls are HUGE Vera Bradley fans, I’d love to surprise them with a tote for our St. Patrick’s Day beach wedding!

  74. Andrea says:

    This would be the perfect bridesmaid gift for my May wedding!!!

  75. Kayla says:

    I would have never thought about Vera for my bridesmaids! Such a great idea. Thanks Vera! πŸ™‚

  76. Stephanie says:

    I am getting married on September 1st of this year, and I was already planning on getting my bridesmaids Vera Bradley purses as gifts. The purses would be a practical gift that I know all of my bridesmaids would love and use. With all of the different styles I would be able to choose a different purse for each girl to fit their personality.

  77. Kim says:

    Vera Bradley is the perfect bridesmaid gift – I’ve gotten pieces so many times as a bridesmaid and am happy to reciproacte now that I am a bride!

  78. Elise Embrick says:

    Would love to have Vera Bradley bridesmaids gifts for my June wedding!

  79. Carmen says:

    I’m getting married September 8th & LOVE Vera Bradley! These styles would be perfect for bridal party presents!

  80. Hilary says:

    I love the Vera Bradley bridal stuff… so cute! The Camellia is totally perfect for the black and white themed wedding my cousin is having next September. We both love Vera!!

  81. Debbie says:

    I would love to give all my daughter’s bridesmaids the carry it all wristlet so they can carry their phones, id’s etc. The floral nightingale pattern would be perfect since her wedding is in the fall and her color is purple! They have all been wanting the Vera Bradley “carry it all” since the “all in one” was just too small for the smartphones they all have. This would be just the PERFECT gift.

  82. Lisa says:

    Absolutely love Vera! Would love to incorporate this into my wedding!

  83. Casey Ogden says:

    My mom, sisters and I ALL have many different styles of Vera Bradley bags. We LOVE them! I am getting married in September of this year and i know that they would love to get another bag! The styles are so cute! The other bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid and the flower girls would love them too! We are a Vera family:o) They would make a perfect gift and I could put the other things I got for them in the bags!!!

  84. Ashley says:

    I’m getting married in October and really would like to give wristlets to my bridesmaids!! Perfect for carrying their keys/phones during the wedding πŸ™‚

  85. lisa mcfarland says:

    I love these – gorgeous

  86. Kristen C. says:

    What a great giveaway; what bride wouldn’t want to pamper her girls? My colors are navy and copper so I think Ellie Blue would be nice … but I also love Camellia!

  87. Sarah Z. says:

    Great idea to give Vera Bradley to members of the wedding party. πŸ™‚

  88. Wanda says:

    What a wonderful idea! I have never met a female who doesn’t love VB from little girls who would be the flower girls to older women such as the mother of the bride/groom. Keep on creating and thinking of these great tips! By the way, I am typing with my keyboard on my VB desktop planner and to my right is my VB mousepad. Love the VB!

  89. Jill says:

    I would love to gift my girls with Vera gifts!! We all have carried our favorite Vera Bradley bags over the years, but I would love for us all to have matching bags!!

  90. heather says:

    I love the vera bradley bridal collection. My girls would love to get this as a gift come june 30 of this year!

  91. Suzie Martin says:

    Awesome….this is a great addition to the Vera Bradley line. Thanks.

  92. This is such a great category to have on here now! Great, practical gifts for my bridesmaids…can’t wait to pick them out!

  93. Margie Garcia says:

    Love the Camellia line. I just bought the crossbody purse and love it! I would love to give some to my friends in my wedding!

  94. Kelly Carter says:

    My bridesmaid would love another Vera Bradley bag. We’re all in love with the colors and patterns πŸ™‚

  95. deezee says:

    Camellia is a GREAT choice for bridesmaids’ gifts: neutral, yet floral, sophisticated yet charming.

  96. Loran Merlo says:

    there are so many wonderful prints I would have such a hard time picking just one for my briadal party! It’s a challenge I am ready to take on!!

  97. Madeline says:

    I’m getting married in May!! I’m so excited πŸ™‚ It would be amazing to give my bridesmaids some Vera!! I love all my Vera stuff!

  98. Meagan says:

    Those are perfect bridesmaid gifts! I love anything Vera!

  99. Katie Powell says:

    I am getting Married April 28th, and I have already bought my bridesmaids lots of vera bradley stuff! I can’t wait for them to open it! I love Vera Bradley because it last forever and they make pratical things I use everyday! I would love to win and be able to give even more of the wonderful products to the girls I love most πŸ™‚ Also I could use more Vera for my honeymoon to Antigua!! I love VERA BRADLEY ❀

  100. Katie Mccrary says:

    I’m getting married April 27th and i would do anything to have my bridesmaids get the best wedding gift ever which of course would be Vera!!

  101. Veronica says:

    I’ve always planned on giving my bridal party Vera gifts!! I asked my maid of honor last night and gave her a boysenberry tote (that’s my wedding colors) and notebook to help her get organized!

  102. Ellisse says:

    This is a great gift! My wedding is August 4, 2012 and this would be perfect!!!!!

  103. Meghan M. says:

    I’m getting married Nov. 2 and this would be a dream come true!!!!

  104. Teresa C says:

    Love the bridal collection, would be great for my daughters wedding party in May 2012 !!

  105. Jennifer says:

    I love Vera and so do all my bridesmaids. What a great idea for my June wedding.

  106. Elizabeth says:

    Vera is great for any occasion but a perfect bridal party gift!

  107. Danielle says:

    Omg! The bridal party collection is by far so smart! I’m getting married in 2013 and now deffinitly plan on doing this. It’s adorable, I can not wait πŸ™‚

  108. Carley says:

    I am having a June destination wedding and would LOVE to give my bridesmaids some Vera Bradley to travel with :). PICK ME!

  109. Sarah Jones says:

    I have been buying Vera Bradley for years and am getting married May 4. So what would be better gifts for my beautiful bridesmaids than Vera Bradley . ❀

  110. Hope says:

    I love Vera Bradly, great idea to add a bridesmaid section!!!

  111. Stella Shank says:

    Love Vera Bradley! How special to say thanks with love to all of your bridesmaids…
    They can think about your special day every time they use it!
    PS Pick me …LOL

  112. Diane says:

    Super cute ideas for the bridal party! Classy, yet adorable!

  113. Mary Lynsey says:

    I would love for my bridal party to have Vera!! My wedding is December 15th, and I know they would love such a fab gift!

  114. Katie N. says:

    I would love to give my bridesmaids makeup bags filled with makeup for the day and clutches! It would be the perfect edition to the wedding (and save me some money since I’m paying for the wedding on my own). Love love love the bridesmaids section on the website AND the pinterest board! I’m totally pinterest obessed and the Vera board was a great addition!

  115. Jennie Boyd says:

    I love the new patterns, and what a great give away!

  116. Emilie says:

    My bridesmaids and I all love Vera Bradley! I am getting married NYE of this year! woohoo!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to take my vera luggage on my honeymoon! πŸ™‚

  117. Kristen says:

    I love the idea of giving my bridesmaids Vera Bradley. I just purchased tote bags to give them with essentials for the wedding day and would love to give them something Vera Bradley to go with their bags!!!!!!!!

  118. Jacquee says:

    I love Vera. I’ve been a huge fan for years and I am hoping to incorporate Vera as my bridal party gifts for my wedding. Summer wedding + Vera Umbrellas = cute wedding photos πŸ™‚ I think its a great idea to add a section for Bridesmaids. Its such a great way to incorporate fun colors in a tasteful way!

  119. Aimee says:

    My whole bridal party loves Vera Bradley items. The bridal party items are super cute! Hoepfully, I can win some great items for my favorite girls!

  120. Amanda says:

    I just got engaged on Saturday, and I am very excited about planning my wedding. I love Vera Bradley and can’t wait to give my bridesmaids something from the collection.

  121. Cassie Willis says:

    My bridesmaids would love Vera Bradley! It is such a great idea! I have a Vera obsession!

  122. Zara says:

    I am in two wedding parties this summer, and I would love to gift one of the brides with these items if I won!

  123. Rachel says:

    What a great idea to give Vera Bradley gifts to bridesmaids! Also, the Pinterest site is awesome! πŸ™‚

  124. Maria C. says:

    Ten items – this has to be the best giveaway ever!!

  125. Rachelle Taylor says:

    Great idea, I have a niece getting married and she would love your bags!

  126. Hannah says:

    What a neat idea! I can’t wait to get married to give my bridesmaids a Very Bradley gift!

  127. Beth Berrelli says:

    Very very cute! My girls and I all love Vera Bradley do love the idea of the bags as gifts for them would be such an awesome gift!!

  128. Megan Knowles says:

    I would love to give my bridesmaids these gifts! I love all things Vera and think these are very neat! Wedding is June 14th πŸ™‚

  129. Lauren says:

    I’m getting married on May 19th, me and my maids all love Vera! I’m planning on getting them some VB, but I can’t choose!

  130. Michelle Short says:

    I am already dreaming about what I would give my bridesmaids!
    Love, love, love Vera!

  131. Laura A says:

    Vera just got better! I think the cosmetics bags are perfect for the day-of preparations and there is a perfect pattern to match their dresses!

  132. Julie says:

    Love Vera Bradley . . . my son is getting married and as the Mother of the Groom I’d love to share VB with all the wedding party! Now that’s LOVE!

  133. Mary Kate says:

    I am so estatic! I would love to give my bridesmaids Vera Bradley items, as I am the one who introduced them all to the wonderful world of Vera (which they all love now too)! The East West Tote would be a perfect match to take on our Trolley with all the essentials for day. 131 days to go! -not that I am counting or anything πŸ˜‰

  134. Amy D says:

    I love Vera Bradley!! I have been dreaming about getting Vera products for my bridesmaids for months and months. I am getting married September 29th….hopefully I can save up enough to spoil my maid of honor and 6 bridesmaids.

  135. Andrea Passaretti says:

    My bridesmaids will only be more beautiful carrying your products.

  136. Julia Rankin says:

    Ooh, this is fantastic! I’m sure the ladies in my bridal party would LOVE to receive a new piece of Vera! April 14th (my wedding day) will be here before I know it! YAY! If I were to win I don’t know which I would choose because I really like so many different patterns…too many choices (but that’s a good thing)! Thanks for the offer!!!

  137. Jessica Scruggs says:

    As a bridesmaid before and now i’d love to receive one of these gifts!!!

  138. Cindy Walters says:

    I’m married, but would love them to give to friends, family or Church friends. Love the new patterns.

  139. Kaitlin O'Connor says:

    I LOVE all the styles they picked for this new section. I’m getting married in the fall and was looking for the perfect gift idea. Thanks for helping me find it!!

  140. Breanne says:

    I am looking for ideas for my bridesmaids gifts and I think anything Vera would be an excellent gift! My wedding is on June 23, 2012. It is coming fast too! I am super excited about marrying my best friend and having the best girlfriends surrounding me. What a better way to show them that they are appreciated then to “gift them up” with some Vera Bradley! Yay!

  141. Alie says:

    Love the new bridesmaids catagory and that you’re now on Pinterest! I’m getting married in May, as a both my sisters incorporated Vera Bradley into their weddings, I’d love to do the same!

  142. Kaylee says:

    I’m not even engaged yet (crossing my fingers for this year) but I love Vera so I would love giving my girls a Vera gift!

  143. leslie schudel says:

    I’m getting married this year in ‘Vera Bradley Country’ aka Angola, In and would love to give my bridesmaids something with local flair!

  144. Tracie says:

    What a great idea – the duffle bag or cosmetic bag would be great gifts for bridemaids – My daughters is getting married in November and VB is the perfect gift idea!

  145. Ashley Rock says:

    I love the idea that you now are catering to brides, and giving great options as ideas for gifts. My wedding is in September, and I have been putting together a list of ideas for gifts to purchase for my bridesmaids as they all have different tastes, and needs. I own multiple products, and designs from Vera Bradley, and love each, and everyone. I hope to share my love for a great product with my bridesmaids while sharing a momentous occasion with them.This new collection of gift ideas has made making decisions for gifts a lot easier thanks so much πŸ™‚

  146. Marisa Mazany says:

    I have been looking for gifts for my bridesmaids and this sounds perfect! Our wedding is August 11, 2012 (this year!) and it is getting close so I am getting extremely excited! This is a wonderful idea for Vera!!!

  147. Candace says:

    Love all the Vera Bradley designs… I am getting married October 26, 2013 and would love to have some of these items to give my matron of honor, bridemaids and flower girls. I plan on ordering some to give as gifts also!!

  148. Melissa Morrissette says:

    My wedding isn’t until December and I was so excited to incorporate Vera, that I already purchased Vera Christmas stockings for my bridal party. I have them stored away and I can’t wait to fill them up and see the girls’ reactions!

  149. Jill says:

    Getting married on 4/13/13 and you have some great gifts options for my fashionable bridesmaids!

  150. Donna Edrington says:

    These would be perfect for my daughter – she is planning her wedding for the near future – what a prize to win! – Love Vera products!!

  151. Kara Walsh says:

    I was already thinking about getting my bridal party Vera Bradley bags and then I saw this website and will most definitely be doing this idea! It’s such a cute way to say thanks to my bridesmaids plus it’s something they will get great use out of! I love your pinterest boards!!

  152. Taylor Krzywicki says:

    I’m getting married in May and I think matching Vera umbrellas might not only be needed but would also be a super cute photo opportunity!

  153. Alyssa Sara says:

    My wedding is in September, and my bridesmaids would absolutely love Vera gifts. Such a great idea! I also love the fact that Vera is making an appearance on Pinterest, such a great way to keep organized with wedding planning!

  154. Dot says:

    I’m also married! My niece is getting married this summer. She is thinking about getting her bridesmaids the Lg Cosmetic or the Essentials Cosmetic Bag. Either one will be a great gift.

  155. Casey Fischer says:

    There is nothing like Vera Bradley to show a girl how much you love them! πŸ™‚

  156. Kristin L says:

    Would love to be able to give a Vera Bradley bag to my bridesmaids! What a great giveaway!

  157. I’m getting married on October 27th and would love to gift my girls with the Clutch Wallet in Plum Petals… it not only features the colors of the wedding, but incorporates a few from my sorority, as well! And since several of my maids are sisters, it’s perfect!

  158. Katie says:

    Oooo la la VERA! I know all of my bridesmaids would adore a luxurious piece of Vera and what a perfect way to thank them for being a part of your special day. Every design is the perfect compliment to any bridesmaid ensemble!!!

  159. Renee says:

    What a great idea for bridesmaid gifts!! My bridesmaids are big Vera Bradley fans, too, they would love ANY gift from here.

  160. Britttany W says:

    Love these and this idea for the Bridal Party! Thanks Vera Bradley!

  161. Christina Stevens says:

    Would love to win this for my bridesmaids!! What a great gift to give them πŸ™‚

  162. Jackie T says:

    I’m getting married this fall and would love to share my fondness of Vera Bradley with my favorite girls!

  163. Ashley C. Hale says:

    I am a good ole Southern Bride who loves Vera Bradley!!! I always love shopping for the new patterns. I am marrying my BEST friend, Alex on June 2nd this year :))). I would love to “honor” my bridesmaids and Jr. Bridesmaids with beautiful gifts from Vera Bradley so that they too can experience the joy that I do when I purchase a new pattern! Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  164. Jennifer Fischer says:

    This is such a great idea! My mom just sent me this link because I am having my wedding in Vermont next summer so all of my bridesmaids will be traveling. I think it would be great to get them something special to use for the wedding weekend!

  165. Kylee B says:

    I am getting married this summer and would love to give a beautiful and fun Vera Bradley bag to my bridesmaids! They would absolutely love it!!

  166. Brittany says:

    My wedding date is May 26 2012. All my girls love vera! Can’t wait to check out this new section on the website!!!

  167. Jessica says:

    i had already decided to get my BM’s opera wallets as a cute gift. love that there is now a bridesmaid category!

  168. Jenna Criswell says:

    I love love love Vera Bradley! I have tons of stuff already and my favorite is the wristlet! My wedding is April this year, country style and giving a cosmetic bag or duffel bags to my bridesmaids/ flower girls/mother would be totally awesome! I know they would get just as much use of it as I do with mine! We love Vera! ❀

  169. Jennine says:

    This great news and I can’t wait to check out the website. I wanted to get my bridesmaids wristlets as gifts! πŸ™‚

  170. Beth says:

    Vera is the the best! There is a pattern and a style to fit every girl and every need. The products are of the highest quality. The bridal party would feel special and appreciated with any gift from Vera. I just can’t say enough!

  171. JenS says:

    These are definitely ideas that I will be incorporating πŸ˜‰

  172. Aris Allen says:

    My fiance and I chose to have a wedding in the Adirondacks with our families. The process as everyone knows is long and sometimes stressful. One of the least stressful tasks to decide on was what we wanted the bridesmaids to be carring at the wedding. Vera Bradley bags and purses are so classy and will fit in perfectly with our wedding.
    I personally have 4 vera bags and use them ALL the time.
    Thanks for awesome products

  173. Shelby Gresh says:

    My wedding is October 20,2012. Two of my best friends are my bridesmaids and all three of us LOVE our Vera products. Nothing could be a better gift for them then a Vera Bradley product. Providing them with a high quality gift that they’ll love is what I hope to do. Thanks Vera for great products πŸ˜€

  174. Lisa M Lowe says:

    My daughter is having a quinceanera in April and I would to give these young ladies something cute to include in our traditions.. She may not be a bride but it’s a special day for her becoming a young women

  175. Sara Shirley says:

    The bridesmaid category is genius! The patterns are very cute – my wedding isn’t until June 2013, but I already know my bridesmaids will bet getting Vera as bridal gifts!

  176. Angela F. says:

    So much fun! I have received Vera for being a bridesmaid and I still have that bag! Wouldn’t it be great to spread the love? Incorporating VB into a wedding is a fantastic way to give pops of color.

  177. Kendra says:

    Im getting married this June and had always thought it would look awesome to get my bridal party a Vera Bradley bag to put their stuff in for the day!

  178. Jacky says:

    I’m getting married September 2012 and I love Vera Bradley! I want to get my bridal party gifts from VB. The patters are just beautiful!

  179. Katie Rusk says:

    Being a Hoosier and having lived in Fort Wayne, Vera Bradley products make me very proud of my state! These gorgeous, durable fashion accessories or statements are proof that there’s more than corn in Indiana! I would be more than thrilled to present these pieces as gifts to my fellow Hoosier bridesmaids before my October wedding!

  180. Liz H says:

    Id love to win my bridal party some items!! My fiance and I have been saving up to pay for this wedding, but have forgotten about gifts for our bridal party.

    Im not sure if the Twirly Bird Pink pattern is part of the Bridesmaid collection, but thats the pattern Id like to choose. One of my bridesmaid’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, and my other bridesmaid’s father is suffering from a rare blood cancer. This would be perfect because a wedding is a celebration about life and this would be the perfect gift for these very special girls.

  181. Kim M. says:

    Vera is a perfect, no-fail gift for any occasion and especially lovely for bridal party gifts!

  182. Vickie C says:

    These would be great! Hope to win this for my future Daughter in law.

  183. My future Daughter-in-Law loves Vera Bradley and so Do I.

    She is getting Married May 26, 2012. CAN’T WAIT…..

  184. Diana says:

    I absolutely love Vera Bradley and have been working to figure out a way to incorporate it into my wedding somehow! I absolutely love the idea of giving it as gifts to my bridal party! πŸ™‚

  185. Alyssa DeBruine says:

    As an avid fan, I’ve known forever that I would one day gift Vera to my bridesmaids. Now that I’m engaged, it’s so exciting to see that Vera is making it even easier to make that wish come true!

    So excited about the website additions, and can’t wait to start seeing Vera on Pinterest!

    Love this brand!

  186. Kayla Flowers says:

    I am getting married June 2nd 2012!!! I can not wait for the day to be here!!! I love everything Vera Bradley, and so do the girls in my wedding. We have been told we look like a walking Vera Bradley Add! I would love to be able to give my girls Vera Bradley because I know how much they love it!

  187. Susie says:

    Have been getting tons of Vera for the girl’s softball silent auction – Would love to win some to really help them out!

  188. Katie Corcoran says:

    I am having a lunch to invite my girls to be in the bridal party of my wedding and would love to be able to give them Vera bags as their gift! It is the perfect present.

  189. Tamara says:

    My wedding in May, Vera Bradley, AND pinterest?!? 3 of my favorite things!!!!

  190. Ashley Rechkemmer says:

    My wedding is on June 21, 2012 in Destin, Florida. My bridal party, my family, and I will all be traveling from various parts of the United States to Destin for the wedding. Vera has the best selection of travel accessories ever, and they are both adorable and functional. Thank you Vera for all that you offer, including your ideas for bridal party gifts!

  191. Helga says:

    Great gift idea! Thanks, Vera.

  192. Heather Pritchett says:

    This is such a creative idea for brides to use as wedding gifts for their bridesmaids! Afterall, what girl doesnt love Vera Bradley? Plus this is something you know your girls would truly use again. Win or not i will surely consider something like this for my bridesmaids for my wedding in September because with all the different pattern choices your sure to find something that each of the girls can use to express theirself!

  193. Jessica says:

    Adorable stuff and a variety of colors to fit any season! Excited to give my bridesmaids cute gifts!

  194. Alexandra says:

    I love the idea of getting my girls a little Vera for helping me plan the big day! It’s something I know they will use over and over and will be a reminder of such a happy celebration!

  195. Annie M says:

    My sister and I love Vera Bradley! She’s getting married this November and I’m hoping she’ll look at this and sees what she should get me and the other bridesmaids. πŸ™‚ I’m surprised they didn’t think of this sooner!

  196. Micah says:

    I absolutely love Vera bags. I’m getting married in a few months and I wanted to get my girls something Vera! I have so many styles and patterns and they never get old! I hope to get all my girls something Vera because its something stylish that everyone loves and can’t get enough of!

  197. Christy says:

    LOVE the Carry It All wristlet! Would be a perfect bridesmaid gift for the girls in my wedding colors! Very practical!

  198. Lindsay Lewis says:

    I’m getting married in December and would love to give my girls Vera as a gift. They all know I’m a huge Vera fan and this would be perfect.

  199. Ellen says:

    I’ve already considered doing these as my gifts for my wedding! I am so pumped, I need to decide which colors I like best!

  200. Christina says:

    I’m getting the tote bags for my bridesmaids. I’m gonna fill it with all kinds of cute gifts. They are going to love it. You can’t go wrong with Vera Bradley

  201. Laura says:

    The perfect gift for the ladies that will stand by my side and the final touch to our Kauai beach wedding next April. I love the new styles and patterns. Vera never disappoints! I cannot thank you enough!

  202. Laura Bauer says:

    I’m getting married 6/8/12 and can’t think of anything better than to have to girls in the wedding party and the special ladies (mother of the bride and groom & Grandma) walking around the days before, during and after the wedding all carrying our matching Vera bags! What a sight and the best gift ever since we
    all LOVE VB!!!! My first name is Laura so the Laura style bag would be pretty cool too πŸ™‚

  203. Stacy says:

    What better way to honor those women who are with us through thick and thin on the biggest day of our lives! Thank you for the opportunity to even participate for the chance to give such an amazing gift to the wonderful wome in my life! We are celebrating our love on 10/20!

  204. Patti says:

    I am getting married on September 29th. My ceremony and cocktail hour will be held in beautiful outdoor gardens. This line us the perfect blend if casual sophistication for a bridal party. So excited to have found the perfect accessories for my bridal party!

  205. Elizabeth Altherr says:

    I think this would be a great gift for my bridesmaids. I am on a tight budget but i think that if i could win this it would be a great surprise to my bridesmaids. I love Vera Bradley. I go to the outlet sale every year. I LOVE VERA BRADLEY!!!!

  206. kendra says:

    Im getting married April 14 2012 and thinking about getting my bridesmaid gifts from vera bradley. We have been saving for the wedding and this would be great if i could win my girls gifts.

  207. Jennifer Harrison says:

    I love love love your Bridal Party collection! What do I choose – so many beautiful choices! Thank you!

  208. Patchouly says:

    I’m getting married in May and would LOVE to give Vera Bradley as bridesmaid gifts!!!

  209. Jennie Sabatini says:

    Thank you Vera Bradley for making a bridesmaid section and for this giveaway! My June 9, 2012 wedding has 10 girls. I knew I wanted to get them something Vera Bradley and now the bridesmaids section will make that a little easier.

  210. Kathy says:

    I Love Vera Bradley! I have two getting married. One this year and another in 2013. So excited!! Know they would Love the opportunity to give their bridesmaids a piece of Vera Bradley!

  211. Michelle W. says:

    Im getting married in July and have recently fallen in love with Vera Bradley! The majority of my bridal party are also fans and the addition of the bridal party selection was genius! I Was actually opting out of giving my bridal party gifts because of finances, but this has sparked a new interest. Thank you!!

  212. Danielle says:

    I just got on pinterest last night, so that’s awesome. MUST PIN ALL THE THINGS!

  213. scrapperdeb says:

    Wonderful gifts. I’d love to be included to win.

  214. Brianne says:

    I LOVE vera bradley and I’m marrying the love of my life on 10/27/12! Vera Bradley gifts are a great bridesmaid idea – thank you!!

  215. Deanna says:

    I love Vera Bradley! Perfect gifts for bridesmaids! All my girls love the styles!!

  216. Megan Foster says:

    I’m getting married and I was thinking of giving Vera bags to my bridesmaids and flowergirls!! You read my mind, perfect timing!!!

  217. Sarah G. says:

    Great idea! I know many bridesmaids will love you for it! πŸ™‚

  218. Brittany says:

    Two of the things that I love most in life–my girls and Vera Bradley combined! So excited to get married this July to the love of my life–and to share it all with the most meaningful women in my life. And to make it all even more exciting would be to add some Vera Bradley into the party! How cute would my girls look walking down the aisle with an adorable clutch or pretty Vera pattern to compliment their dresses!? Thanks, Vera Bradley for adding bridesmaids as an easy to access section of your website πŸ™‚

  219. Rebekah says:

    I’m getting married September 2012. And already know I want to get my girls umbrellas from VB, and get our pictures taken with them outside (hopefully it’s not raining). I love Vera Bradley products, they make for the best gifts and they are practical.

  220. Samantha says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley!

  221. Ashley Ridgway says:

    I feel in love with everything Vera Bradley my freshman year of college. Now that I am planning my wedding i would not consider any gift other than something Vera for my girls!

  222. Emory says:

    Love the idea of using Vera for my bridal party gifts. My colors are blue and yellow so there are some good options to match my color theme.

  223. Holly C says:

    My Vera Bradley pattern holds a special place in my heart, as that was the first gift my fiance gave me — “just because.” This is a wonderful idea. Of course I want Vera as a part of our special day!

  224. Kimberly Smith says:

    Not getting married until the fall of 2013, but hey, it’s never too early to start planning, right?! Vera Bradley gifts for my bridal party would be amazing!

  225. Mallory says:

    I know all of my girls would LOVE to receive some Vera! I would be so excited to be able to treat them to something so pretty and perfect for my big day.

  226. Christi says:

    I am actually getting married May of this year, and always though giving Vera Bradly as bridal party gifts was such a great idea. I absolutely love Vera Bradly. I have quite a few purses in different styles and colors. This would be wonderful to win.

  227. Katie Durham says:

    I think this would be a great gift for my bridesmaids. I am getting married in August and have been racking my brain as to what to get my girls as bridesmaids gift. I am on a tight budget but really want to be able to give them something nice. My colors are blue and yellow and think it would be so cute to get them something in Ellie Blue. I love vera bradley and so do they!

  228. Abbi says:

    My wedding is in May, here in lovely Arizona. I’m a bride on a budget, and I want to be able to give my girls something really nice. Two of them are coming in the night before from California after they take their college finals! I want to put together a nice gift bag for them to show my gratitude, but unfortunately, it’s not really in the budget. If I win, I would love to give each of my 5 girls a medium cosmetic bag in Happy Snails. I would fill it with wedding day necessities, sweet treats and a thank you note. How cute would that be?

  229. Julie Stein says:

    The wedding is June 9th, a Miller bag sits ready to gather all the wedding day preparation needs but oh what fun to provide the bridesmaids with a Vera gift!

  230. Lindsay says:

    I just found out about a month ago that I will be in one of my great friend’s wedding! I would love to be able to have a little bit of new Vera to tie us girls together on this special day of hers! The wedding is in April and I cannot wait to get all three of us a new little something!

  231. Kristin Z. says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win. We’re getting married in October and was already thinking of doing a little something Vera for my bridesmaids, winning this giveway would be perfect!

  232. Mandee Sargent says:

    I am getting married this summer and I absolutely love the idea of Vera Bradley for the ladies in my wedding! It is such a practice idea, and super cute in top of that.

  233. Sarah says:

    Just got engaged a few months ago. Winning Vera Bradley bridal party gifts would be great way to really kick off the planning for my wedding.

  234. Jessica says:

    this is great! love that Vera has a Bridal Section now and the they are on PINTREST!!!

  235. Madeline D. says:

    I am not getting married but would love to give my best friends hipsters in multiple Vera Bradley colors!!!!!

  236. Aimee says:

    My wedding is in May and my wedding colors were actually inspired by the English Meadow pattern! I am using a ton of Vera Bradley touches. My bridesmaids are carrying Travel Envelopes and groomsmen are wearing English Meadow pocket squares. I will (of course) be gifting Vera Bradley as well!

  237. Lauren Gabriel says:

    This is SO funny! I was actually just on the Vera Bradley site this morning browsing through some patterns in thoughts that I would LOVE to give the girls in my bridal party Vera Bradley products as a gift. Not a half hour later, I received this email. I am so excited to be planning my wedding and would LOVE LOVE LOVE Vera products to accent everything!

  238. Stephanie says:

    I am getting married April 28th and my MOH would love a Vera bag as her bridesmaid gift! We have been collecting Vera Bradley bags and accessories for many many years! My MOH is my younger sister, and she has always been “borrowing” my VB for every occasion, so it would only be appropriate to give her a new one of her own to commererate this special milestone in our lives.

  239. Sarah Cool says:

    This would be amazing! I’m currently planning on getting Vera Bradley umbrellas for the wedding party (in case of rain for our May wedding!) and matching bags would be fabulous! What a generous giveaway! πŸ™‚

  240. Lauren says:

    I love Vera Bradley! I would love to give my girls such a great gift from Vera Bradley. It would be their favorite gift because it would be from Vera Bradley!

  241. Josie says:

    I just love Vera Bradley! My collection seems to just keep growing and growing! My wedding is in 3 months and I would LOVE to show my girls some LOVE by giving them all a special gift by Vera Bradley!

  242. Aubrey says:

    MY GIRLS WOULD LOVE THEM SOME VERA! πŸ™‚ Planning to head to the 2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale but winning would be MORE AWESOME!

  243. Alexandria Carlson says:

    I’ve already bought my bridal party ID holders for their gifts! I wanted something practical, and since we’re all in college, I thought ID holders would be perfect! Any thing from Vera Bradley would be an awesome gift though!

  244. Helen says:

    What a great idea to gift Vera to my bridesmaids! Getting married next summer!

  245. Carrie says:

    Matching Vera bags would make great bridesmaid gifts for my girls in June! What a great idea!

  246. Tara Lane says:

    A really neat keep sake at a very affordable price

  247. Elizabeth May says:

    i got engaged new years day to my best friend and couldn’t be any happier with my girls who are going to be my “maids”
    we are planning a precious little ranch wedding full of bright fun fall colors and yummy cakes and food made by my loving family.
    I would love to bless my girls just as they have blessed me in my life. Just as God has blessed me with them as my support through everything I want to do.

  248. Amy May says:

    I’m getting married in August and I was already planning on loading up my bridesmaids with Vera goodies to match our navy blue wedding!!!

  249. It is so coincidental that you came out with this bridal section now because I was just thinking of writing to you to ask if it was possible to come up with a Bridal line. I can’t imagine not having Vera Bradley accessories and handbags at my wedding & for my bridal party. I live & breath Vera! I would so much love to win this for my wedding. I am a truly devoted and loyal buyer of your products. That would be spectacular if I could win. Please pick me! πŸ™‚

  250. Colleen says:

    My fiancΓ© and I got engaged last April, but we’re not getting married until 10/23/15 so we can finish school. Because it’s such a long engagement, my bridesmaids and I (and my fiancΓ©’s groomsmen) try to do something wedding-themed every once in a while to keep the excitement going!

  251. Emily L. says:

    I’m getting married and March and can’t think of a gift better than Vera Bradley. Many of my girls are already Vera lovers, but it would be great to add something new to their collection!

  252. Dani Dietz says:

    Love the bridesmaid stuff!! And I now follow all of your boards on Pintrest! Love it!

  253. Bridgette Jewell says:

    Getting Vera Bradley bags for my bridesmaids is a great idea. I will def have to keep this in mind. I will be looking for the perfect gifts.

  254. Brittani says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley, I have a purse, wallet and tablet case. Im getting married in September and love the idea of giving my bridesmaids a little something from VB!!

  255. Anne T says:

    My October wedding needs just this sort of ‘pick me up’. I can just picture these florals making a debut at our ‘greenhouse’ wedding.

  256. Amanda says:

    Vera’s new bridal collection is awesome! My cousin is getting married next year and not only would Vera Bradleys look great for the wedding party but also the guest attending!

  257. Margaret says:

    What an awesome pop of color for any wedding!

  258. Sindhu says:

    A beautiful idea!

  259. Catherine Taylor says:

    My future mother-in-law actually introduced me to Vera Bradley. It was a very pleasant surprise! I love that there are so many options and accessories, and with an abundance of styles and colors to choose from, there really is something for every woman! I have already recommended Vera to my friends and family, and I know the women involved in my upcoming wedding would go absolutely gaga over receiving anything Vera!

  260. Elizabeth Powell says:

    I love this idea! My fiance says I’m addicted to Vera, but it’s not hard to be, you know? I’d really love to give these to my bridesmaids!

  261. Laura Husni says:

    How exciting!! My wedding is in May this year and I LOVE Vera bags!!! I have a great collection at home and would love to win these for my bridesmaids…they would love them!!!

  262. Karen says:

    i would love to give my bridesmaids some vera, what a great gift! my wedding colors are very similar to floral nightingale, so it would look amazing to see them holding something in that pattern in pictures πŸ™‚ by the way…LOVE your pinboards!

  263. Kayla says:

    Bridal party gifts are super CUTE!!

  264. Katherine says:

    Sadly, I am already married so I guess I can’t win this contest. LOL! But I love my husband and I love Vera Bradley, so maybe that;s good enough!! LOL!!!!

  265. LeighAnn Galinsky says:

    I live the idea of giving all of my girls Vera as a gift, although I’m not getting married till next year I know all of my girls would love the idea too! And what girl doesn’t like getting a new purse!

  266. Crystal Sivilay says:

    I’ve come to a point that I realized that I have a majority of the bags I could ever wanted. But then I have discovered that it really is the perfect gift to give to my bridal party! It’s trendy and practical. Different styles to fit every personality. LOVE!

  267. Brandi says:

    I would LOVE to have this to share with my girls! I have lovely gifts already but may not be able to hold back from getting more! Love the girls sharing my day 6/23/2012.

  268. Jacqueline Bailey says:

    I love this idea for my bridesmaids! What a fun pop of color for a June wedding!

  269. Lavande says:

    I would LOVE to give my bridal party new Vera bags, especially the Sophie! The question is – in what color?! I ❀ Vera!!

  270. Beth says:

    This is such a great idea! I am a HUGE Vera fan and have been for some time. I’m a teacher, and I always have at least 3 Vera items on me (or with me) at all times. My students even made up a game about it! I will be getting married this summer and would LOVE to have a chance to win. My bridal party would look so cute walking down the aisle with all different patterns. Maybe I could even get the men to wear Vera pattern ties!

  271. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been thinking about giving my bridesmaids Vera Bradley gifts but I’m on a tight budget. Can’t beat free!

  272. Kerri J says:

    I would LOVE to have a very Vera bridal party!!!

  273. Tiffany says:

    My bridal party consists of just the Grooms mother and my Mom, they have been the most influential people in my life and I honestly could not have a better soon to be mother in law. It would be nice to give them each something from the Vera Bradley collection, as I love all every one of their products myself. Its tough to find the perfect gift to say thank you and I think this one would be a big hit.

  274. Crystal says:

    I can’t believe I found this contest! I am so happy to see it. I was actually going to purchase Vera Bradley wristlets for all of my bridesmaids. It would be great to win these! Please pick me! I love VERA and so do all of my girls πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  275. Vera Bradley accessories would make the perfect gifts for my bridesmaids!

  276. Kate Clancy says:

    This is such a great idea- and perfect timing since I’m looking at getting bridesmaid gifts soon!

  277. Coletta says:

    I love vera Bradley. I’m getting married in September and plan on getting my bridesmaid all Vera Bradley gifts. The colors and patterns are all so beautiful.

  278. Natalie Miknaitis says:

    I am from New england where Vera is very popular and I have always taken it for granted owning many of your products. I am presently attending Loyola In Chicago and vera is just catching on here. I am getting married in July and have several bridesmaids from chicago would love to be able to give them one of these bags they are very attractive and would be a special gift

  279. Sarah Kaiser says:

    My FiancΓ© and I got engaged November 2010 and our wedding is this June! It’s been a long engagement, but we were waiting on me to graduate from Nursing school, which I am proud to announce is happening this May! Our wedding colors are black and yellow and since yellow bird is long gone I started to seriously consider changing my wedding colors to something that Vera had because I had always envisioned giving my girls Vera as their gifts, and like most brides I wanted it to match our colors scheme. Low and behold I saw the Limes Up print being tested at our Fort Wayne store and I feel head over heels in love. I bought all 3 Get carried away totes for my girls and I am eagerly awaiting the Launch in March so I can get 4 more bags. So far I just have the bag but I would love to fill it with more Vera, however wedding funds are starting to really add up. I am SO THRILLED to see what’s in store on Pinterest and Your new Bridesmaid category! This is genius!

  280. Erica Wurst says:

    Looks great, such a cute idea.

  281. Vera Bradley bags would be the perfect gift for my bridesmaids, my mom, and soon to be mother in law!

  282. Allison DiLoreto says:

    Never thought to buy bags for all the girls that would go along with the colors of the dresses. I am doing black and white so the purses would be great! I am excited to start looking

  283. Jessica Bloom says:

    Love the idea of giving these gifts to my bridesmaids!

  284. ANDREA WYATT says:


  285. Jen C. says:

    Ellie Blue is perfect for the colors of our wedding!! My bridesmaids deserve nothing but the best for how amazing they are, and I know a Vera gift will help show my appreciation for them!

  286. Monica says:

    I love Vera Bradley and I picked out the perfect design for my bridal party. I would love to be able to give these as gifts!

  287. Sharon says:

    My son’s fiancee will love this idea!!

  288. Emily Harper says:

    A small purse or makeup bag would be a perfect keepsake gift to give to the girls in my wedding to thank them for being part of our big day!

  289. Megan Guntrum says:

    Vera Bradley has been my complete obsession ever since I started college. And it would be amazing now that I’m engaged to show my bridesmaids how much it can be enjoyed. My favorite pattern is floral nightingale, but for my bridesmaid I would like to get them Island Blooms which is my second favorite!

  290. Renee France says:

    As a bride to be I am very excited that you now have a bridal section. Your colors and patterns are so beautiful they always put a smile on my face.

  291. What a fantastic idea! I love it and would love to give these to my bridesmaids!!

  292. Stephanie says:

    I love the new Bridesmaid category! I love the idea of getting my bridal party something from Vera. Maybe I’ll even consider getting an item for guests at my wedding!

  293. Allie Lewis says:

    I have always loved VB and will getting my bridesmaids something from there. It would be great to get them for free!

  294. Amanda says:

    I would love these for my bridal party!

  295. jennifer says:

    Will definitely be getting Vera for my bridesmaids. The new category is a great idea!!

  296. Megan Knowles says:

    I would love to win Vera bridesmaids gifts!! I love all things Vera and thag would be SO neat! My fiancΓ© and I are getting married June 14th!!

  297. Samantha Kinley says:

    The Bridesmaid gift selections are cute and affordable. There is a wide variety of bags and accessories that would make excellent gifts for bridesmaids!

  298. Natasha Campbell says:

    I would love to be able to give my bridesmaids the gift of Vera Bradley!! So glad you made a seperate catagory just for them!!

  299. Sparky says:

    Hey VB, what a great idea to have a category for bridesmaid gifts! There have been at least two postings on inside stitch about brides who gave their attendants VB gifts. I think one was tote bags and the other was umbrellas. Can you repost the links?

  300. Helen says:

    Exciting times ahead. Vera Bradley makes any day happier, even weddings.

  301. Jessica N. says:

    I love the idea of giving Vera Bradley gifts to bridesmaids! I hope to do just that for my August 2013 wedding.

  302. Alex says:

    Would love to have a chance at winning some VB bags for my bridal party! My wedding is November 10th!

  303. Kathleen says:

    I will be getting married this September & I had already planned on getting my bridesmaids Vera Bradley bags as part of their gift! Love Vera Bradley!!

  304. Ashley y says:

    June 16th 2012!!!!!!!

  305. Nichole says:

    Vera Bradley gifts would be perfect for my Bridesmaids! Everyone in my party loves Vera Bradley including myself! Our wedding is in June. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  306. Melissa says:

    I love Vera Bradley stuff! I already have a couple wallets, and I’m planning on buying more! My sister is getting married in August, and I have already mentioned the idea of giving VB bags to the wedding party! Great idea to now have a category for such a wonderful event!

  307. Cady says:

    WOW! I love all the ideas for my Bridesmaids! I love my VB collection and I know my girls will too!

  308. Kellie Melson says:

    I am the MOTB and just discussed giving VB to the bridesmaids! My daughter is getting married on May 19th and would love to gift these to her maids!!!

  309. Danielle says:

    what a fun idea! My girls would love this πŸ™‚

  310. Sally INgram says:

    For bride’s maids or the Bride herself Vera bradley is a great choice.

  311. Jennifer m says:

    Getting married August 10, 2012! I have already been considering giving some VB as gifts! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Half of my bridal party and the mothers already have a growing collection but would love to give something so useful.

  312. Elise says:

    Vera Bradely has always been an awesome choice for bridesmaids gifts! I know my future bridesmaids would love to receive this kind of gift!

  313. Jennifer Pearce says:

    I love Vera Bradley! Many years ago my grandmother introduced me to the fabulous designs of VB and I haven’t stopped buying them since. Im getting married October 12th 2012 and would love for my girls to have these bags!

  314. AJB says:

    I can see the patterns that have pink or purple colors going well with a lot of spring/summer bridesmaid dresses.

  315. Tracy Jablonski says:

    Whoot Whoot ! My girls are just going to love the idea of getting Vera’s (thats what we call them) for their gifts .Thanks for the idea

  316. Yavonne Gleim says:

    When you think of buying your bridesmaids something special, all sorts of ideas fly in your mind. You want something that will mean alot, last forever…a Vera Bradley Bag would be the perfect gift! Thank you Vera Bradley for making such a great product, I’m addicted (and so are my bridesmaids!!)

  317. Kayla Creitz says:

    I am a college senior recently engaged to marry my high school sweetheart on January 4, 2013. My bridesmaids and I are all in love with Vera. They are going to adore the new Bridesmaids Category! I might have to get myself an early wedding gift.

  318. WOW! I love all the ideas for my Bridesmaids! I am getting married in October, and I have already mentioned the idea of giving VB bags to the wedding party! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  319. Mollie Stock says:

    Vera, you NEVER disappoint! Love all the new ideas you constantly come up with and all the beautiful patterns! I’m getting married in October and am definitely going to check this out in detail!

  320. Amanda E. says:

    Watercolor inspired my wedding theme! Silver, purple and blue are our colors and each bridesmaid will get a watercolor towel, flip flips and handbag. I love Vera Bradley and hope my bridesmaids will do the same!

  321. Theresa Male says:

    What a wonderful give away, and such a perfect gift. My daughter is getting married Sept 29 and has 10 bridesmaids! She has been looking to give the girls Vera as a Bridesmaid’s gift! Cant wait to look at your pintrest! Yeah!

  322. Sara H. says:

    I love that you’re always coming up with new ideas! I’m getting married on the beach in October and would LOVE to give my bridesmaids Vera Bradley bags to carry around their beach stuff all week! Thanks for the great ideas πŸ™‚

  323. Gina says:

    I have been looking for my bridal party gifts for a few weeks now and then I got this e-mail. It had to be a sign!

  324. Allegra says:

    What an excellent idea – those are some lucky bridesmaids!!

  325. Rachel says:

    With so many color options, Vera Bradley would be perfect for wedding accessories for almost any color theme! The lively patterns always brighten my day and would add such a nice little flair of attitude to our wedding. The gift section really saves time for researching bridal party gift. Best of all, I can pin my ideas to my wedding page on pinterest now!

  326. Sarah P says:

    I am not married, but I would still love some free Vera!

  327. Heather says:

    What an awesome idea! A great gift that is truly personal πŸ™‚ Everyone knows how much I love my Veras so this will be a gift that they can enjoy and remind then of my Hunny and I’s special day!

  328. Bailey says:

    Yay for Vera Bradley! Once you get your first vera bradley item youre hooked! Thank you for making and selling amazing products!

  329. Rachel S says:

    I am getting married in July! I’ve been looking for something for my bridesmaids, these would be perfect!

  330. Kelly says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a good gift for my girls, I can’t believe I didn’t consider this idea earlier for them. The bags would be great for the day of with all the little things they will need to get ready and all.

  331. Christina Carley says:

    I am absolutely in love with my new Suzani go round tote – a pattern that would be absolutely beautiful to give to my bridesmaids as a thank you for all of their help and support in my wedding planning!!

  332. Mandy Watson says:

    How exciting! Large or small a gift from Vera Bradley always makes a Big statement! This August, I will say “I do”, and if I gift bridesmaids with a Vera Bradley keepsake they will say ” I love it!”

  333. Jenna says:

    I was so excited when I saw this! I have been looking for the PERFECT gift to give to my bridesmaids! What better way to thank them for all of their love and support than by giving them some AMAZING Vera Bradley pieces! The Weekender bag would be so perfect for them to pack all of their weekend wedding essentials in! I hope I am able to give my sweet ladies these bags for my July wedding! Can’t go wrong with Vera Bradley!

  334. Rita says:

    I am looking for gifts for my girls and this will be excellent to give them. They all love their bags and I would love to give them Vera Bradley ones. I know they will use them everyday.

  335. Stephanie B says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley and so do my bridesmaids. I would love to incorporate a cute Vera accessory into their gifts for use on the wedding day! πŸ™‚

  336. Kathy Dickinson says:

    Great ideas! I especially like the hanging travel organizer as a gift for the bridesmaids. Include a few little treats, like hand lotion or a nice lipstick, would be a nice surprise too!

  337. Evan Paige says:

    You can NEVER go wrong with anything Vera Bradley! Perfect gift for any occasion, as well as any age! I would LOVE to shower my bridesmaids with such great gifts! I had already thought about doing a makeup bag and tote! I love VB!

  338. DebbieD says:

    My granddaughter is getting married in September and I would love to surprise her and her bridal party with the prize. She has been getting discouraged with the cost of the wedding and this definitely would help! I’m also a long time VB customer!

  339. gabrielle hartz says:

    these look great!! I want to give my girls a great gift!!!

  340. Jessica Salter says:

    I LOVE Vera, so when I got this email about the new bridal website I was super excited! My bridesmaids would love to get Vera bags too. If I won, I’d send in a pic of my beautiful girls and their Vera!

  341. Hanna says:

    I’m not getting married but is a great idea for bridesmaids and even close friends!

  342. Natalie Clifton says:

    May 19th is the day I get to marry my best friend!! All of my best friends, my sister, and my 2 future sister in laws are standing up with us on the big day! They are all huge Vera fans and all have something Vera. One of my girls has a dream to owkr for Vera someday too!! They would be very suprised to have one to carry their necessities on the big day! What a special gift!!! Thank you Vera!

  343. Marni Stuart says:

    I love that I could give my girls in the bridal party such a cute gift that I know they would all love! Thanks Vera Bradley!

  344. Barbara says:

    My daughter is getting married in August and this email came at the right time!!! We were just trying to figure out what to get the girls in the wedding and Vera bags were a perfect idea!!!!

  345. Jill says:

    My Mom and Sister are huge Vera fans and just looking around I found the perfect gift for my bridesmaids

  346. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the Vera Bradley designs and colors! No one else has anything like it. Any of the items featured in the bridesmaids section would make great gifts!!!

  347. Julianne says:

    Love it!!! What a great idea! πŸ™‚

  348. Devon says:

    I have been looking for cute bridesmaids gifts and I found the cutest ones here!! My girls and I love Vera Bradley everything so I know they would make the best gifts

  349. Ashlie S. says:

    Getting married in october, I am always looking for great fall colors for gifts for my girls and Vera has the perfect ideas! Can’t wait to see what I can find for them!

  350. Nicole says:

    I love Vera Bradley! The patterns are unique and the bag designs are perfect for what every girl needs. I think my bridesmaids would love to receive a Vera Bradley item! We will even take pictures with them to share with everyone!

  351. Kathie Mae says:

    Great ideas for bridesmaids gifts. Very practical, useful and pretty.

  352. Megan Springer says:

    What a great idea for gifts!! I’m getting married June 30th and I’m a Vera freak haha I think my girls would love cute and bright patterns…something to think about!

  353. Christine W says:

    I’m getting married on May 12, and my colors are Yellow and Blue. Ellie Blue would be perfect for my girls! I’ve already bought myself a Vera for the wedding day, and I’d love to give them one too!

  354. Brooke says:

    My wedding is March 23, 2012 and my friends would look great with Vera by their sides:) Brooke

  355. Sonja says:

    I love Vera Bradley!! I’m getting married next summer and it would be amazing if I could give my bridal party such a wonderful gift!!

  356. Christine says:

    I’m getting married in September, and instead of the traditional bouquets, my bridesmaids will be carrying clutches with a calla lily attached to the front. Vera’s accessories would be perfect for us to use!

  357. Courtney says:

    Would love to surprise my bridesmaids with this great gift! I would be the BOMB on my special day!!

  358. Lauren says:

    The bridal line is a great idea! It gives the girls and extra poo while walking around greeting guests, not to mention a transy bad to put their stuff in!! Thanks Vera!!!!

  359. Jan Mullikin says:

    I love all the traveling pieces for great Bridesmaids gifts. Our bridesmaids will be from various cities coming in for the wedding so they will certainly appreciate such useful but elegant gifts! Our wedding is in October so the beautiful variety of colors would look so pretty for a autumn wedding!

  360. So excited for your Bridal Party Line! I am planning a January 2013 destination and was planning to give travel bags to my bridesmaids, but was planning on making them. Now that the Bridal Party Line has been released I have an opportunity to give the girls a gift that they will cherish and use often! What a great idea =) Thank you for including me in your contest…good luck to everyone!

  361. Ashley B. says:

    Absolutely Excited that Vera Bradley now has a Bridesmaid section. I am getting married in May, and was looking for a way to share my love for something with my bridesmaids. The great part about that is that Vera offers many different styles, each of which will suit the needs of each of my bridesmaids. Thank You Vera Bradley! : D

  362. I just LOVE Vera Bradley. These would be a great addition for the girls in my summer wedding. ❀

  363. Diana says:

    I use Vera product all the time and love them, but had never thought to get them for my bridesmaids…excellent idea!

  364. hailey Hoskens says:

    I love Vera Bradley!! I’ve been obsessed since I was born! my baby bag was even a Vera Bradley. I’m not married but I love the idea of the bridal party presents because I know if I was in the party I’d want something to remember that wedding forever!

  365. Caitlyn says:

    ellie blue would work perfecctly!

  366. Jane S. says:

    I’m getting married in August and would love to have something to put the jewelry I’m gifting them in!! =)

  367. Amanda says:

    These styles are amazing and great gifts for my girls! They are practical accessories for every day life! I love Vera Bradley and I know my bridesmaids do, too!

  368. Jessica says:

    I am getting married in May and love the idea of having a spring style bag to give to my bridesmaids and flower girl!

  369. Lin says:

    wonderful idea

  370. sarah says:

    this email could not have come at a better time πŸ™‚ my wedding is coming up fast and I’m still looking for bridesmaid gifts. this may be just what I’m looking for πŸ™‚

  371. Amy says:

    I am getting married in August and I already know that all my bridesmaids love VB! I think that all of the ideas on the bridesmaid page are great, but one of my bridesmaids loves to make cards, so the stationery is perfect for her, another is traveling out of the country 4 times this year, so the passport case is perfect for her! I love to mix and match my Vera based on their personalities!

  372. Kelcie Miller says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE Vera Bradley!!! This is such a great idea!!

  373. Madison says:

    I love Vera and my Bridesmaids to do too! I’m getting married this July, we are having an outdoor wedding at a local country club. The scenery outdoors is absolutely beautiful, with the mountains as the backdrop and little floral touches of our own. My colors were inspired by the old brown and blue Vera print, which reminds me of outdoors and mountains. I am so excited to share such an exciting moment with family and friends!

  374. Kelly Wolf says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley and having it be a part of my wedding was one of the first details I planned! I’m not getting married until next Spring, but I’m already planning on involving a print with brown and pink for our entire bridal party. I’m thinking the guys will wear VB ties and I want the girls to have a matching sash around our flowers, or somehow incorporate it with their dresses. I cannot wait for it all to come together! My wedding would not be complete if VB was not a part of it! πŸ™‚

  375. Melissa M says:

    Tieing the knot on 5/12/12
    Great ideas for wedding party!

  376. Samantha Dodson says:

    I would love to give my bridesmaids anything Vera Bradley! Not only have they been such a big help in preparing for my June 2 wedding, but they have also been lifelong friends who care so much about me! A Vera Bradley bag would be the perfect way to say, “Thank you!”

    I am so excited to tell my friends you now have a separate category for popular bridesmaids’ gifts! It is one simple thing that will make planning easier! (All brides need that!)

  377. Robin Bertsch says:

    What a great idea to have a section specifically for the bride to pick out the perfect gift for her special ladies! My daughter is getting married in the fall and is planning on picking a special pattern for each lady in her bridal party…just to match her special personality. Vera Bradley products give her just the right ideas for each of those friends! Thank you for being a part of her special day!

  378. Effie K. says:

    I am having a wedding on August 14, when my husband purposed to me a year ago, and I would love to have Vera Bradley at my wedding! Having Vera Bradley at my wedding would be so amazing because I have loved and collected Vera Bradley for 7 years now! Vera Bradley is apart of my life and it would be my dream for it to be in my wedding too! My bridesmaid’s have been my support through all the planning so far so, this would be a fabulous way to repay them!

  379. Anh says:

    I want to win sooooo bad!! πŸ™‚

  380. kim farris says:

    Wonderful idea, my daughter is getting married in august overlooking the beautiful gulf of mexico. As the mother of the bride all the lovely colors of the line would be so pretty for her & her bridesmaids. Also thankyou all for the support during my fight with breast cancer.

    • Brittany Farris says:

      Hi mom! I am so excited for the wedding day and I want to say thank you for all of your help, it has been so much fun planning together. It would be great if we win this contest together! I remeber when you would give me and Alexa a new Vera Bradley bag for our Birthday and at Christmas. It will be great if I can return the favor.

  381. Allie says:

    I got a Vera when I was a BM in a wedding last summer and it was the best BM gift I’ve gotten to date!!! I would love to return the favor to my gals – and the new patterns are adorable!!! πŸ™‚

  382. LorieR says:

    Great ideas for bridesmaids!

  383. PatriceTamsett says:

    I love Vera!!!!!!! I don’t even want to tell you how many Vera bags I have. I do want to tell you about my new daughter in law to be . She’s so pretty,friendly and such a lovely person I can’t say enough! She and my son are paying for their own wedding so this would be such a great idea to give to her and her bridal party at the bridal shower I plan to have for her. Thanks Vera for all your fab ideas!!!!

  384. Jen M. says:

    My little sister absolutely adores Vera Bradley & immediately forwarded the bridal party e-mail my way – she’s eagerly fulfilling her duties as MOH! As I know my bridal party are all VB fans, I would love to show them my appreciation in this way!

  385. April says:

    I am having a beach wedding in June. I bought my bridesmaids Vera Bradley beach towels, and I would love to be able to give them some other wonderful VB accessories as well!

  386. Cori says:

    I’m so excited that there is now a bridal party section!! I’m getting married in September 2013 and I will be getting my bridesmaids some Vera Bradley!

  387. Terri Renguette says:

    What a wonderful idea! My soon-to-be daughter has been so busy planning for their upcoming wedding. She thought this was such a neat idea for bridal party gifts! The is a style for everyone- Bride, Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaid, Flowergirl. (Even the mother of the Groom!) What a great way to unite us all!

  388. Celia Jane says:

    Fabulous idea! I’m having my wedding on November 23rd, 2012. I’d love to give out purses or totes the the bridesmaids and family. It’s a wonderful gift they could use forever on.

  389. Brittany Farris says:

    Vera has been apart of my family for as long as I can remember. Every birthday and holiday my mom would give me and my sister a new Vera Bradley bag/wallet/apron/ anything! It was always the best part of the holidays! I got engaged in October and have been planning ever since. The big day is going to be August 10 in Destin Florida. I am a bit nervous because there is still a lot of things to do. I have been contemplating what to give my bridesmaids and I think giving them something from Vera would be perfect!

  390. Nicole says:

    How wonderful! I love the bridesmaids section! I was introduced to Vera Bradley a few years ago and adore the pieces I have! My wedding is December 2012 and I would love to shower my bridal party with these lovely gifts!

  391. Catherine says:

    Vera Bradley would be the perfect gift to any bridesmaid, flower girl, or any member of the bridal party!!! I know aton of people who would love to get Vera Bradley items as their gift! The new patterns are oh-so-cute too!

  392. lisa says:

    Love Vera Bradley. I am already married. I wish this had been available then.

  393. Amy Peterson says:

    I was in a wedding in July 2011 and the bride gave all of her bridesmaids Vera Bradley hanging organizers. We all brought our organizers with us to the hotel for the wedding weekend and I always think of that my friend’s wedding when I use my organizer for a vacation or a short overnight trip. I am getting married in June 2012 and I would love to be able to carry on the tradition of giving my bridesmaids a Vera Bradley bag. It would be wonderful to win this contest and choose items for my girls!

  394. Erica says:

    Love love love! Such an awesome idea!

  395. aubra says:

    I was looking around to see what to get my bridesmaids for their gift from me, but I was having trouble finding things in my budget. If I could give them something from Vera I know they would be happy!

  396. Leah Fry says:

    Im getting married on August 4th and cant wait! I love vera bradley tho do not always have the money to get the things that I want from them…so glad for the Huge Sale in Fort Wayne, IN! I had already decided on purses for my girls, Vera Bradley ones would be a great hit!!!

  397. Ashley says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley and now that I can incorporate it into my wedding is amazing! Family and friends know that they can expect me to have something Vera Bradley and now that there is this category I can give gifts to my party that will also reflect me, the bride. I love this!

  398. Jessica says:

    I have already purchased cosmetic bags for my bridesmaids, but after checking out this section I may have to buy something else too! My wedding is on St. Patty’s Day πŸ™‚

  399. Jen says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I was looking at your bridal collection when one of my bridesmaids sent me the email with a link to the collection! My wedding is Sept. 29th.

  400. Allison says:

    Wow! Thanks mom for the heads up on this! What a great idea for the bridesmaid gifts! Something actually useful- and cute!!!

  401. kim farris says:

    Brittany, as your mom you just brought tears to my eyes with your memories of past & present vera gifts. I think this collection is beautiful & goes with your chosen colors for your dream wedding. Vera bradley has been with us on. Each special holiday & birthday so vera must be with us on the BIGGEST day in your life. Vera bradley & all it represents to our family is a beautiful as you are.

  402. deepti says:

    not getting married but it would be a great gift to give friends!!

  403. Margaret says:

    I would pick the wristlet in Baroque. My sister has a long time boyfriend and we think he might pop the question soon, so I’m planning early!

  404. Julie says:

    I was thinking of giving my girls these for gifts, I was SO EXCITED to see that you have a bridesmaid section now! This is such a great idea! I LOVE VERA BRADLEY!

  405. I am getting married in May!! And I just so happen to have 9 bridesmaids, plus me! =) Camellia would match everything I could ever imagine in my wedding on May 19, 2012, from my ivory wedding dress to the girls black bridesmaid dresses!! Ah, I am so excited about this section on verabradley.com!!! =)

    See our website and all my girls here: http://ScrogginsAndHamilton.ourwedding.com/view/9244482684306701/7446472

  406. Emily K says:

    I’m getting married in June and would love to give my bridesmaids something Vera Bradley to thank them for being a part of our special day! Love love LOVE Vera Bradley!

  407. Tiffany Spence says:

    I’m super excited that Vera now has a special section just for bridal party gifts! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift… who doesn’t LOVE Vera Bradley!?!

  408. Amanda Griffith says:

    My fiance’s family is from Fort Wayne, so Very Bradley gifts would be perfect!

  409. Amanda M. says:

    I am getting married the beginning of May and I would love to give my girls a Vera gift πŸ™‚ I Love Vera purses and the wallets to match and I think I could really get my girls to love them too!

  410. Denise M says:

    I just love the idea for the Vera Bradley bridesmaids gifts! Now to decide on one of the beautiful patterns, , ,

  411. Cheri says:

    Thank you for making one thing about planning a wedding a little easier! The only thing now is to decide on the perfect pattern for peopel!

  412. Cheri says:

    Or maybe people – when you spell it right! Sorry!

  413. amanda ammerman says:

    Love the Idea!! Love Vera Bradley!!

  414. Abigail Cartwright says:

    I am getting married in May and have been looking for something great to give as a gift! I have already considered Vera Bradley, but now that there are Bridal Gift specifics, I am really excited!!

  415. Ashley Mundy says:

    I have multiple vera bradley items, and I love every single one of them. I’m very happy I got this email because I have been searching for bridal party gifts! September 22, 2012 :-))

  416. Lauren Dinkheller says:

    Love this idea!! I’ve been looking for something to give to my bridesmaids and this would be perfect!!

  417. Meghan says:

    I was surprised to not find the garment bag on the bridal category. Mine comes with me for all of the out of town wedding weekends.

  418. Morgan says:

    I am getting married in August and I think this is the cutest idea for gifts for my bridesmaids!! I was looking through the website and several of the designs and patterns match my dresses!!

  419. Jaimie Wozniak says:

    Have to say I have love all Vera Bradley items for a long time. Now that I am engaged and looking for ideas what to get my girls I really love what I found here. I love the clutches. I also love the cosmetic bags and was thinking of getting them for the girls and adding some essential items for our special night. Really look forward to all of the new fun ideas I have with Vera’s products.

  420. jraddatz82 says:

    Wonderful ideas! I love the new bridesmaid section. I never thought about these when I got married! Great idea! I would love to win and give them to the ladies who were in my wedding! They would love it!

  421. Nicole says:

    I want these! they would be perfect!

  422. Jennie says:

    Yay! Something else to be excited about…I had already planned to get something special for my bridesmaids to remember our big day from, I’m so excited to know that you have a category just for me now!

  423. Megan says:

    Im getting married in my fav month October of this year! Vera Bradley makes an amazing bridesmaid gift ! What girl doesn’t love something from Vera πŸ™‚ The new bridesmaid section is perfect such a fun idea !

  424. Cassie Froelich says:

    I get married May 26th 2012 and this just made my entire DAY!!!! i love Vera Bradley and was planning on getting Vera for the girls!

  425. Michelle says:

    What an awesome accessory for the bridal party! Now any ideas for the guys? I love ’em, thanks!

  426. Elisa says:

    Vera Bradley bags are a fantastic gift idea for bridesmaids. I can’t believe I didn’t consider it before. Awesome idea!

  427. Jenn says:

    I’m already married, but I gave my bridesmaids Vera Bradley cosmetic bags. They used them to help get ready on the morning of the wedding.

  428. Tina says:

    Perfect idea! I love the new collection. Rosy Posies is the perfect pattern for the perfect gift for my bridesmaids during my Sangeet/Mehndi wedding celebration!

  429. Carrie McDowell says:

    I’m getting married in June 2013! I would love to incorporate my favorite prints in my wedding!!!! I’m such a fan! Thanks for this opportunity! ~Carrie

  430. Candice says:

    I am so excited! My wedding is June 2nd and my girls’ gifts was on my to-do list for this week when I received this email from Vera Bradley! What a great idea!

  431. Brittany Thornton says:

    I have LOVED vera bradley for years now and just got engaged last weekend. When I saw that they had a new category for bridesmaids I couldn’t think of a better gift to give my bridesmaids and maid of honor than a vera bag! I am so very excited to do this for my wedding!!!

  432. Christina says:

    I love that there is now a bridesmaids category! I was planning on getting my bridesmaids travel bags from Vera Bradley because we are having a turn of the century travel theme for our October Wedding. There are so many things I love on the website but I think you did a very good job picking the products for wedding gifts.

  433. Ali says:

    I am getting married in June and was on the hunt for Bridesmaids gifts when I came across the perfect Vera Bradley clutch! They match the color of the dresses and I think they will be the perfect accessory for my girls. It’s going to be hard to wait till June to give them out!

  434. Amber Gilliam says:

    I’m getting married in July 2012 & have 10 bridesmaids! I love Vera Bradley & so do they! What a great idea!! πŸ™‚

  435. Danielle says:

    I’m getting married in October of 2012, My bridesmaids LOVE Vera Bradley!!! This would make giving them gifts SO much easier and much more fun! I planned on getting them Vera anyways, AND when the Summer colors come out, Priscilla Pink will be on my mind because Priscilla is the name of my wedding gown!!! I

  436. Micah Holder says:

    I’m getting married this year, and giving a Vera bag would be such a practical gift for my bridesmaids. Not only for my special day, but for every day after. Vera bags are something that you can use on an every day basis. (and not to mention, super cute!) Thanks for considering me! πŸ™‚

  437. Abby Williams says:

    I LOVE Vera!! I’ve been planning on getting my girls a Vera for their bridesmaid gift ever since the Happy Snails print came out! I adore it and it matches perfectly. But I’ve realized that since I have seven bridesmaids I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford bags for all of them. This prize would make my Vera wedding come true!! Thanks so much!

  438. alicia hoang says:

    I would love to win this because mocha rouge is my wedding colors!! This would be perfect for my girls !!

  439. Elizabeth James says:

    I recently got engaged and then in my email I received a message about your stuff and I loved it! I am def considering it for my bridesmaids!

  440. stephanie says:

    My daughter just recently started collecting vera! They would be a cute addition to my october wedding!

  441. kim farris says:

    My daughter brittany farris is planning her wedding. May GOD bless bless her she is a jr @ Florida State & due our family’s huge medical bills for myself because I am disabled & now fighting breast cancer we have never ddbeen able to help her with any expenses & she has made it on her own working hard. I pray she is considered for this honor fromVB.

  442. I have so many favorite patterns, my 6 bridesmaids are also huge fans! This is a great idea for gifts for them! Love the ideas! πŸ™‚

  443. Amanda Stump says:

    I’m getting married June 23rd. I’m planning to buy my girls bags or other accessories for wedding gifts. Love Vera Bradley! I know my bridesmaids will love them! Can’t wait to see more patterns come out & It would be wonderful to be able to provide awesome gifts for the great women standing by my side on my big day. =)

  444. Laura says:

    I would love the opportunity to win these prizes for my bridesmaids. They have truly been wonderful throughout the planning of my wedding. They continually work together and support me through all of my issues, complaints, and the times that I need them. Half of my bridesmaids are traveling from out of state and have been working hard to make sure everything will be ready for my bridal shower back home as well as here. They have been so willing to help while I have been working full time and continuing school. This would be a great opportunity for me to thank them for all of their hard work!

  445. Malorie Larsen says:

    Such cute, easy gift ideas!! Definitely considering some of these for my wedding this March!

  446. Teya says:

    Love, Love, Love Vera Bradley:)

  447. Leslie says:

    My daughter is getting married in June. We have already purchased some Vera for her friends in wedding.

  448. Annette says:

    Yess!! Bridesmaid gifts in rhythm and blues has been streaming in my mind for weeks! I am marrying my best friend in July once he comes home from his deployment so adding a little Vera Bradley to the day couldn’t get any better! Not to mention..my mother-in-law made sure I got the same VB email today. I think it was a hint.

  449. Tatum says:

    I absolutely love Vera! I can’t believe all the wonderful bags and gift items there are! I can’t decide which to get my bridemaids! My girls and mother have put so much effort into our Wedding and making it perfect. they deserve the greatest gifts ever! We are getting married in september and there wouldn’t be anything better than getting them Vera!

  450. Sandy says:

    Bridesmaids are friends who have cried with you, fussed with you, loved you and will spend one of the most special days of your life with you. They will put up with you even if you are a bridezilla! Since the day my daughter was born, I have prayed for God to send her a man that will love her as much as God does…and He has. On June 2, 2012 she will walk the aisle and marry this man. She has pushed to get through with college in three years so she could marry him, and we are very proud of her. Having Vera Bradley gifts to give her bridesmaids would be a wonderful way for her to say thank you to these young women who have been there for her through the years and will continue to be there in the future.

  451. Dana Mahoney says:

    This is an awesome bridesmaids gift idea. LOVE IT!

  452. Ashley D says:

    What a great idea!!!! I have just started to look for bridesmaids gifts and love the idea of Vera Bradley! Thanks for adding this!

  453. christy says:

    Awesome idea for an august bride! πŸ˜‰

  454. Heather Ashley Brent says:

    This is so fun and exciting! I would be thrilled to be able to treat my wonderful women to such a great gift that is otherwise out of my budget wedding!

  455. Jennifer says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’m getting married in May and all my girls love Vera Bradley!

  456. Angela G says:

    I’ve Got a wedding coming up in march and no decision yet on bridesmaid gifts. Why not give Vera?

  457. Ronda May says:

    We are starting to plan my daughter’s wedding. This is a great idea! Who doesn’t love Vera Bradley?!

  458. Claire Brantley says:

    Love the bridesmaid categories. It’s definitely going to help me in planning my fall wedding this October!!!

  459. Jennifer M says:

    Getting married again and trying to decide what to get the girls! Love these cute ideas!

  460. Brianne Wicks says:

    I’m getting married in July and I’m a huge Vera Bradley fan so this is really exciting! I’ve also gotten really into Pinterest so that’s awesome too. My bridesmaids would love Vera gifts!

  461. Nicole says:

    Such a wonderful idea that I wouldn’t have thought about! I love Vera Bradley and am so excited for this bridesmaids line! I know this is something my favorite gals would love! Thanks Vera!

  462. Samantha says:

    Vera Bradley is amazing! Wouldn’t expect anything less!! I’m getting married in September and I am looking for practical bridesmaid gifts! I love the idea of giving Vera! What better way for my brides to show off my gift year round!!

  463. janice adams says:

    My daughter is getting married in April. What great ideas Vera Bradley.

  464. Allison Fisseler says:

    I love the Vera Bradley bag that my mom gave me for my birthday, and I’m hoping to gift the same bag, in my wedding colors, to my bridesmaids as thanks for all that they do. Great minds think alike!

  465. Leanna Roberts says:

    Including the Camellia pattern into my bridal scheme is a PERFECT choice, it adds simplicity, style and just a little hint of wispy-ness. It’s too bad all my other choices for my wedding weren’t THIS easy! πŸ™‚

  466. kim farris says:

    Woke up & immediately for the hundreth time looked @ all Vera’s beautiful colors & patterns. My daughter’sbridesmaids will be wearing sky blue, soo many choices which makes it fun to choose the perfect gift for all her dear bridesmaids . Nice way to brighten my day:-) thankyou Vera Bradley!

  467. Corrine says:

    Yay! I’m getting married November 17th 2012! Im 21 years old and am marrying my best friend: no really he was since high school. So excited and so extra excited about new bridal collection!! Going to see it now I love Vera and I’ve loved it even before it was sold in my city of Providence!!!!!!! So glad they finally put one here. πŸ™‚

  468. Rachel says:

    I am getting married in7 weeks! Love this! I need to repay my awesomebridesmaids

  469. I have been a bridesmaid in 8 weddings and am looking for something unique and special to let my bridesmaids know how much I appreciate their love and support! I have been a loyal fan of Vera Bradley for years and I would be thrilled to give this gift to the special women in my life!

  470. Claudia Barrett says:

    I’m off to check out all the goodies in the bridesmaid section. What a super idea for gifts for them. Heck, Vera is the perfect gift for all my gal pals!! Thanks Vera.

  471. I love that Vera Bradley is now on Pinterest!! I am a “Pinterest-a-holic” if you will, especially with my “I’m getting MARRIED!” board. I am recently engaged and am so excited with the planning. My fiance and I have been dating for 6 years now, and will be getting married June 2013 after we graduate college! Unfortunately, with coming from a very large family and not having a large savings, this also means we are VERY low budget!! I’m doing a lot of DIY favors etc, but I would love to be able to give my bridesmaids Vera Bradley items to remember the big day and thank them!
    Thanks Vera!!

  472. Crystal Samson says:

    I am helping my soon to be sister in law plan her wedding to my brother on July 14th. They have recently adoped a baby and are in the process of adopting another little girl. They deserve everything to be as special and wonderful as can be to officially join their little family. Vera Bradley gifts would be amazing! Thank you so much Vera!

  473. Dana G. says:

    What fabulous, USEFUL bridesmaids gifts! I can’t wait to surprise my lovely ladies with a little Vera love!

  474. Jackie Heredia says:

    Love all the bridesmaid goodies! I will be toting around my vera bags on the big day!

  475. Emily Rapp says:

    I’m getting married in July, and I’ve been thinking Vera for the bridesmaid gifts!!! My cousin’s wife had Vera as her gifts at their wedding last year, and it’s such an awesome idea! Who doesn’t love Vera?!

  476. Jackie says:

    We are getting married in October, on our 10 year dating anniversary!! I love Vera, as does my bridesmaids, and this would be an awesome gift. πŸ˜‰

  477. Rachel says:

    i love Vera Bradley and the bridesmaid sectio is awesome πŸ˜‰

  478. Kristen Huth says:

    I’m in the early planning stages of our wedding, but one thing is for sure — my BMs are getting VB! πŸ™‚

  479. I have been planning my May 26th wedding for almost a year now. I knew that I wanted my bridesmaids and flower girl to carry the wristlet because of it’s ability to hold all that they will need, the style and it’s complimentary size that will not overpower their look. When Rythm and Blues came out I almost screamed. It is exactly our wedding colors, navy, turquoise and spring green. It’s perfect. My 7 bridesmaids and flower girl will love having this presented to them to use on my wedding day and for many occasions to follow.

  480. Amanda says:

    I just got engaged last week! And we are planning a summer wedding, so Island Blooms might be perfect…or maybe something else, since we haven’t picked colors yet. πŸ™‚ My friends are so used to seeing me carry around my Vera Bradley purses & totes, so it would be an ideal gift for my wedding party–they’ll never forgot where the gifts came from! πŸ™‚

  481. Tricia Lindsey says:

    My daughters and I LOVE the Bride’s dress in this picture! oh and of course the purse!! πŸ˜‰

  482. Vanessa Walker says:

    Awesome idea! ❀

  483. Mary Jo Adams says:

    I am getting married in October, and would love to give my bridal party Vera Bradley gifts. I was in my friends wedding last year and we received Vera purses as our bridal party gifts. I loved my purse, It was my favorite gift!

  484. husker12 says:

    I am getting married in September and I LOVE vera!!! The bridesmaids gifts from vera are such a great idea!! I will definitely have my big vera bag with me on the BIG day:)

  485. Andrea says:

    I think my bridal party would love anything from Vera Bradley. Thank you for the ideas!

  486. Erin says:

    Am planning a May 13th (Mother’s Day!) wedding. I know my bridesmaids would LOVE to receive Vera Bradley products!

  487. Lauren Wilson says:

    I am getting married in May, and I only have two bridesmaids and both of which are obsessed with Vera Bradley!! When I got this e-mail today I was THRILLED!! I think this would be a great gift to give and regardless of whether or not I win this I will be giving my bridesmaids Vera gifts!! πŸ™‚

  488. Ashley says:

    I love this idea!

  489. Laura says:

    I was literally thinking about how I wanted to get my bridesmaids a present from Vera today and then I got this email…. creepy!!

  490. Leslie says:

    My bridesmaids and I are all obsessed with Vera Bradley! I was definitely looking for something fun from Vera Bradley to get them, and the Bridesmaid section is PERFECT for that! Thank you!

  491. Catherine Hartman says:

    I am getting married on April 14th … and have 10 bridesmaids … we all LOVE Vera Bradley. Can’t believe you have designs for weddings. Yeah!

  492. Amie says:

    I am getting married in June, and Vera Bradley is exactly what I have been wanting to to give all four of my bridesmaids to say thank you for being part of my wedding. It has meant so much to me having each girl be part of this journey with me, and I feel Vera Bradley truely shows I care!!

  493. Morgan says:

    I love Vera Bradley products! I am getting married in October, and my bridesmaids will love to have new Vera Bradley bags as a gift!

  494. Gina says:

    I was so excited when I saw this email. The bridesmaid category is awesome! I thought of Vera Bradley for my bridesmaids and this is going to be great help in finding something for my October wedding! Thanks Vera Bradley!

  495. Caitlin says:

    Vera Bradley is the perfect gift to show your bridesmaids you appreciate them!

  496. Theresa G. says:

    I am so excited about the new Vera prints! I can’t wait to incorporate Vera into our wedding & big day. So many my attendants are fans.

  497. Bri says:

    I love Vera Bradley! I would love to win the 10 bags!!

  498. Danielle says:

    LOVE the fact that Vera is thinking about the brides and bridal party. Its delfinately a nice change to the monocromatic bags that are the norm with bridal purses. I’m definately an out of the box person so having a bag thats as awesome and fun as the bridal party is fabulous.

  499. Joanna says:

    I’m the mother of the bride to be with a June wedding planned. It is so great that Vera is thinking of the bride on her special day and those she has chosen to take a memorable part of her day. What an execellent way to commemorate a fablous day.

  500. Courtney says:

    Would LOVE to support Vera Bradley and showcase her pieces at my wedding October 21, 2012! So far I have quite a few items and I am even thinking of registering a few for the wedding to add to my collection!

  501. my daughter has met the man that was love at first site for both of them! she has been ill for 2 years w horrible endometriosis, and had to stop going to college due to the constant pain and side effects of medications. and she had surgery jan 25 that we pray helps. she met brent on xmas eve…thru mutual friends…he is her xmas angel and part of the miracle we have been praying for. they are in love. want to get married when he is done w school end of this year. he is so supportive and loving.she doesnt feel well enough to be on computer yet, hence i am entering for her. her and her friends love vera bradley, and have all thru high school and still do! she would be thrilled to be able to give her besties a beautiful vera gift when they get married. she tells me she has never been so happy, and was giving up on ever having any happiness or a normal life because of her medical condition. brent tells her that her health comes first! she has found a reason to push thru the pain and get well and become a bride, wife, mother, then student on how ever order God has planned for her. sincerely marlys bridgeman

  502. Sean says:

    Pick me! πŸ˜€

  503. Jamie M. says:

    I am getting married on 5/10/12 and I love VERA BRADLEY — so does the rest of my friends and family !!!! I am checking out the new bridal category right now !!!

  504. Ashley McCauley says:

    I have been a huge Vera fan for many years. I am getting married on May 19th and have been actively searching for bridal party gifts. Perfect timing!!! The girls in my bridal party are the real winners!! Thanks Vera πŸ™‚

  505. i love Vera Bradley, and for every holiday i get my sisters a new one, so this would be extra special for them as a bridal party present, seeing as all my sisters are my bridesmaids.. we have a low budget fun September 22nd wedding planned and this would just go great with our theme. thank you so much for this opportunity to enter into the competition

  506. Sara Sweet says:

    I will be getting married on March 31, 2012, to the most wonderful guy ever!! He is such a blessing to me and I cant wait to share this special day with all my family and friends. I love Vera Bradley and I would be the icing on my wedding cake to win Vera Bradley for my family and friends. Thank you for this opportunity and I cant wait to get married!! πŸ™‚

  507. Brittani says:

    I LOVE the new bridal category! That is one thing to get even more excited about besides my Big Day!!! Thank you Vera Bradley for making gift ideas easier. Now I can enjoy my special moment and have a happy bridal party!!!

  508. Katherine Coleman says:


  509. Beau says:

    I’m already married but at the time I got married, we were so poor that I couldn’t get my bridesmaids anything….I would love to give them Vera stuff now:)

  510. Heather B says:

    I’m absolutely in love with everything Vera Bradley! This is fantastic and I love that you guys are able to do giveaways! ❀

  511. kattushim says:

    Who’s Vera Bradley? Ha! j/k, kudos on getting the line on Pinterest…love love love stumbling upon awesomeness on there while getting inspiration for my wedding! thanks.

  512. Jessica says:

    I would LOVE to give awesome Vera gifts to my girls!!!
    You guys are awesome for doing this!
    I hope I win! *fingers crossed*

  513. Shealah Day says:

    I have been in love with Vera Bradley merchandise for so many years now and I still seem to keep falling in love with it. This past Christmas all the girls in my family and close friends received Vera Bradley merchandise. You can never seem to go wrong with giving them as gifts. I will be getting married in July 2013 and have been planning on giving my bridal party (8 bridesmaids 3 flower girls) Vera Bradley merchandise with the patterns that match their styles. I love the new category!

    Thank you!

  514. Lori says:

    I’m getting married this October and would love to give Vera bags to bridesmaids! This giveaway is wonderful! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  515. Mary says:

    What a great idea!!!! πŸ™‚ I love Vera, so this is right up my alley!

  516. Kassandra says:

    I would really appreciate the the opportunity to give these gifts to my girls! Congratulations to all you brides out there! May God bless your marriages and keep the rain far away for your big days!

  517. Aubrey says:

    I love the idea of incorperating vera into your wedding!

  518. Missy says:

    My wedding isn’t until December; however, I have already chosen the Vera Bradley clutch for my bridesmaids, the Caitlyn for our flower girl, the Abby for my Mom, the Stephanie for my mother-in-law, and not sure about myself yet but I will have a Vera Bradley purse as well. I didn’t think twice about giving Vera purses as a gift since my mom and sister are the ones who introduced me to the collection a few years ago. Now the only problem is deciding on a pattern!

  519. Kate Mullen says:

    Vera travels with me everyday! All of my OT materials “get carried away” I am very “atache”d to my laptop and file bag and please “lets do lunch” all in mocha rouge. Vera gets my through my work day and it would be fantastic and all to appropriate to have her at my wedding in July ❀

  520. Kim S says:

    Vera Bradley bags are a great idea for a bridal party! I am getting married in September and my mother in law suggested it. I can’t think of anything that eveyrone will love and get a lot of use out of!

  521. Luisa F says:

    my bridal party all love vera bradley! this would be the perfect gift for my girls πŸ™‚

  522. Jennifer says:

    Ohhhh Vera, Vera, Vera!!!! What a way to suprise and delight the most amazing ladies in my life with your beautiful patterns and styles! It is the perfect touch to a what will be such a memorable day this June!!! Love ya Vera Bradley!!!

  523. -- S says:

    Awesome VB bridal gifts, and an awesome giveaway! Thanks VB!

  524. Caitlyn says:

    i am getting married in less than a month on March 3rd and my maid of honor is my sister n law and she has been the my best friend through this. i would love to give her a vera bradley bag, she deserves it!

  525. Cara says:

    I love love love Vera Bradley. Their bags are perfect for my bridal party and I would love to be able to give them as a token of thanks for being a part of my special day! I love the watercolor print and it would match great with my wedding colors.

  526. Alexis Johnston says:

    I love Vera Bradley! I absolutely adore all the Vera Bradley bags, wallets, and accessories that I have and I would love to share with my bridesmaids! What a wonderful and generous idea!

  527. Elizabeth Cerrina says:

    The new bridal party styles look gorgeous! I can’t wait to incorporate them into my sisters bridal shower!! Thanks Vera Bradley!!

  528. Vera Bradley makes my heart sing. Love the colors, the fine craftsmanship and the price. I am beyond the age of bridesmaids but would love to gift my senior friends with some of these.

  529. CJ says:

    My dad is getting married, and my step-mom would love to share this prize my my sister, step-sister and I! What a wonderful idea!

  530. Lauren says:

    I would love to win this… I am getting married soon and VB purses are my favorite. I would LOVE LOVE to have them at my wedding!

  531. Jessica says:

    My sister is getting married. I think the Vera items would make her day even that more special! Thanks Vera Bradley for making beautiful elegant pieces that can be incorporated into almost any occasion!

  532. Allison Hill says:

    Hope I win! VB is so elegant and would go perfect with the rest of our wedding!!!

  533. wow πŸ™‚ Thank for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  534. Jacky says:

    I’m getting married this September and love VB! All my bridesmaids love VB too πŸ™‚

  535. Rebecca Trythall says:

    I’m so happy to have this email. To be able to give my bridesmaids the best gift possible of vera bradley.

  536. Andrea Bumbarger says:

    I am getting married on August 25, 2012. Marrying the love of my life… I am one lucky girl! I love Vera Bradley and would love to incorporate you guys into my day! It’s hard finding bridesmaids gifts and Vera would be perfect!! I am obsessed with the newest purses and styles. Thanks Vera Bradley! Pick me! πŸ™‚

  537. Kristi Gongloff says:

    Along with the rest of the brides who have commented, I am looking for that special gift to give to my girls that really tells them how much I appreciate them. I love all the Vera Bradley accessories I have purchased/received and know how much my girls love it as well. Even though I feel nothing I give them to say “thanks for being there” will be enough to really show how much I appreciate them, a Vera Bradley product would really be great a start! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great product!

  538. Kayla C says:

    I am getting Married June 9 and Vera Bradley would be the best bridesmaid gift. My ladies would just love this as well as the moms too!! Hope I win!! =)

  539. Laura K. says:

    Who wouldn’t love VB as a bridesmaid gift! Great idea!

  540. Jade says:

    My aunt would love these at her wedding if i won.

  541. Janis Sarver says:

    Vera Bradley….doesn’t get better than that for all occasions!! Heading to the store in April… looking forward to a wonderful day with friends, family and Vera!! Would love to win something for my bridesmaids!

  542. Erin says:

    I LOVE Vera! Thanks for the great ideas for incorporating it into my upcoming wedding! Good ideas for the bridesmaids…

  543. diedra mikucki says:

    Already married. But love to give brides-to-be a VB tote as a shower gift. Something that they can use on their honeymoon.

  544. who wouldn’t love some vera bradley as a bride’s maid gift??? Love!

  545. Cory D says:

    I have been trying to decide which cute Vera Bradley things to pick out for my bridesmaids! I know they love everything!

  546. CAWoods says:

    I love all the patterns! They are so pretty:) luv you Vera! πŸ™‚

  547. Getting married the end of August.. I have a big wedding party so I had planned to get them stuff from the Vera expo we have here in Fort Wayne, Indiana every year. Winning something free for them all would be a big bonus for them. We are all huge Vera fans and have many bags, not just purses!!!

  548. Mandy says:

    I am getting married in August. I have been thinking about what to get the girls when this email came. Perfect ideas in perfect patterns …..my girls will be thrilled.!! Thanks so much for all you do!

  549. Jackie Bottles says:

    I love my Vera. Awesome Ideas for bridesmaids and mothers of the groom and bride. I’m getting married on the beach and the pops of color from the patterns will look great against the backdrops. The girls love Vera too, so they will be very pleased when they get their gifts. I can’t wait to get my shopping on.

  550. Katie says:

    What a great gift idea for bridesmaids!!!!!!!

  551. Alison says:

    Bridesmaids would look great carrying Vera Bradley around with them at the reception!!!

  552. Angelica says:

    May 12, 2012

  553. Laurie Luger says:

    What a great Bridal Party gift idea!!!

  554. Vera bags are the PERFECT Bridesmaid gift! I would be honored to give my ladies such a beautiful treat- and it definately it is a nice way to show them how much I love and appreciate them!

  555. Melissa Kickel says:

    Before the bridal party section had been added I had the idea to get each bridesmaid a wallet clutch or purse and an umbrella. I told my bridesmaids to pick out a dress that they loved, would wear again and would feel comfortable and beautiful in. The only thing I instructed was to pick any dress that was medium to dark blue. I feel that each should have the opportunity to show their own personality. Now with Vera’s beautiful patterns I can tie them all together and give them something they will love and use everyday.

  556. Madison Walker says:

    I am in LOVE with Vera my room is covered in it ( you might say I’m obsessed) I would love to give these to my girls. I have been looking for the perfect gift to give them I think once they have one of their own they will realize why I am obsessed =). PLEASE pick me w/o this I would not be able to get gifts for them .

  557. Danielle says:

    I love all my Vera bags! One of them I received as a bridesmaid gift, and I would love to be able to give my girls one of your beautiful bags!

  558. Libby says:

    I love Vera Bradley! These gifts would be perfect πŸ™‚

  559. Vera Bradley has become my favorite line of purses, bags, and accessories in general!! I used to be a Coach girl, but since I bought a Zip ID Case my freshman year at A&M, I have been a devoted Vera fan! I’m the MOH for my best friend’s upcoming wedding & this would help her out with trying to figure out gifts for all of us! Thanks so much for offering such a generous prize!

  560. Amy Collins says:

    I love Vera Bradley and my best friends do as well so this is a perfect fit for us! I am’
    getting married on Feb 29th and love this collection. Once again
    you have the perfect idea, thank you vera!

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