We are #pinning

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, prepare to meet your new favorite pastime.

This site is, essentially, a bookmarking tool where the user can “pin” any craft project, recipe, outfit, quote, story, home decor item, you name it, really, that appeals to them to a board. This essentially creates an organized catalog that allows you to reference back to that source whenever you like. You can have as many boards and as many pins as you want.

Similar to many other social media platforms, users can “follow” friends, retailers or other users and repin, like, or comment on their pins. The whole thing becomes an altogether addicting habit resulting in a pool of crafts you intend to create, recipes you intend to make and looks you intend to achieve, and we love it!

pinterest boards

Now, Vera Bradley has an abundance of boards to share and many more to come. Follow us to see color inspiration, additional photography and countless ways to style our bags and accessories.

Wait, I need an invitation? Joining is super easy. Simply request an invite from Pinterest or find a friend to send you an invite.

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6 Responses to We are #pinning

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  2. There is a lady in the background of the group picture that has a small bag on a long strap..which style is this? It looks a lot like the wallet on a strap that you carried several years ago. I loved that wallet, please tell me that you are making it again or that you will consider making it again. Thanks, a long-time Vera customer from FL.

  3. Pat Mabie says:

    Love all the Vera products. Can hardly wait to give my bridal members the beautiful large duffel bags as gifts.

  4. Darlene says:

    How can I find you on Pinterest? I have done 2 searches and can’t find your boards.

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