D.I.Y. Wednesday: Heart Card

It’s February and it’s D.I.Y. Wednesday! That notorious holiday made for celebrating your sweetie is just 13 days away, so we thought we’d share a handsome Heart Card for those who want to send a love note with a personal touch. This craft is Cupid-approved and cute as can be.

D.I.Y Heart Card

Heart Card

D.I.Y Heart CardWhat you’ll need: A Student Agenda, ruler, pencil, scissors and glue

D.I.Y Heart Card1. Tear out 3 divider pages from months that have already passed. One will be the body of your card, one will be the heart, and one will be the background of the cover.

D.I.Y. Heart Card2. On the divider that you choose for the body of your card, measure and cut out a 7 1/2-inch x 4 1/2-inch rectangle. Fold in half.

D.I.Y. Heart Card3. On the divider that you want to be your cover’s background, draw a vertical line down the page where the plastic divider tab ends. From that vertical line, use a pencil to mark out every 1/4 inch across the top and bottom of the divider page. Use a ruler to draw vertical lines connecting the 1/4-inch marks at the top and bottom of the page.

Measure 4 1/2 inches up from the bottom of the page and draw a horizontal line across. Cut out the 4 1/2-inch tall rectangle along the line you just drew and the line you drew separating the plastic tab. Cut and count out 15 of the 1/4-inch and 4 1/2-inch strips. Try to keep these strips in order.

D.I.Y Heart Card4. The last divider will be used to create the heart. Similar to the previous divider, make 1/4-inch marks along the left and right edge. We started about an inch from the bottom in order to  utilize the most colorful part of the divider. Draw lines connecting your marks, and cut out 9 strips. Set these aside for your heart.

D.I.Y. Heart Card5. Take the body of your card and put glue across only the top edge of the front.  Take  your 15 strips for the background of the cover. Set the first strip off to the side and begin adding the rest of the strips (in order), starting 1/4 inch from the edge. Press the top of each strip firmly into the glue.

D.I.Y. Heart Card6. Continue with the rest of the strips, leaving off the last strip as well.

D.I.Y. Heart Card7. To make the heart shape, you will weave your set of 9 strips (that you set aside for the heart) horizontally through the vertical strips that you have just glued to your cover. Make sure you keep the strips in order as you go.

Starting from the top …

The first strip will weave under 2, over 3, under 3, over 3 and under the last 2.

The second strip will go under 1, over 5, under 1, over 5 and under the last 1.

The third and fourth strip will go under 1, over 11 and under 1.

The fifth strip will go under 2, over 9, and under 2.

The sixth strip will go under 3, over 7, under 3.

The seventh strip will go under 4, over 5, under 4.

The eighth strip will go under 5, over 3, under 5.

The last strip will go under 6, over 1, under 6.

D.I.Y. Heart Card8. Push all of the strips together to create the heart shape. Gently lift the strips and add glue along the bottom of the card. Press the strips firmly into the glue. Take the last two strips that were set aside and glue those on either side. Press firmly to ensure everything stays in place as the glue dries.

D.I.Y. Heart Card9. Once the glue is dry, use scissors or an X-Acto knife to carefully trim the strips sticking out on either side.

D.I.Y. Heart Card10. If you would like to write a message inside, cut out a 4-inch x 7-inch rectangle from a piece of blank paper (the last page in the agenda is blank on one side) and glue inside.

D.I.Y. Heart Card11. Fill in your message and send this card to someone you love!

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6 Responses to D.I.Y. Wednesday: Heart Card

  1. Deb says:

    This is so cute!!!!!!

  2. Zara says:

    This is amazing! I wish I had some Mocha Rouge stationary to make this with – the colors are just perfect!

  3. Donna Schwarberg says:

    very very cute

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  5. Linda allen says:

    Very sweet. Love it

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