Style this bag: Rolling Luggage

The mission: Show us how to do “airport chic” using both a solid-color and a From A to Vera piece of luggage.

Accomplished by: Trend Reporter Liz M.

This Liz is the Liz of Liz on Location, and being “on location” means travel. Lots and lots of travel. Based out of California, this gal on the scene knows how to make taking to the friendly skies look fashionable.

27" Spinner in Black

Airport style: Traveling with a 27" Spinner in Black

She started with one of her favorites, the 27″ Spinner in Black. The coordinating ensemble she assembled is super simple, timeless and completely chic.

From A to Vera

Airport style: Traveling with From A to Vera Rolling Duffel

Next up, the playful, patterned From A to Vera Rolling Duffel. This is a great example of how to use a pop of color to stand out in a crowd. (And we all know how crowded airports can be.)

Thank you, Liz, for the crash course in looking trendy at the terminal. From classic to playful, a few style pointers make jetsetting a little more enjoyable.

Simply click on the boards to find retailers and start making these looks your own.

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10 Responses to Style this bag: Rolling Luggage

  1. Lynnie says:

    Yayyy I’m the first comment! Wow! Liz you did a great job with both pieces of luggage! I’m especially loving the pink scarf for the A to Vera duffle. Again, great job!

  2. Renea Tutt says:

    I like the spinner luggage in black. I am a big fan of all things Vera!

  3. Outfit 31 says:

    Just used a Vera in my post today about pattern mixing. Nothing better than to start with a Vera, then build it together with your other patterns!!! Luv!

  4. Amy K. says:

    Love the first look, the second bag I would give to my 14 year old step-daughter.

  5. Patricia Pilarinos says:

    love the magnolia look- southern sophistication describes me.

  6. GARTY says:

    Cute! But, heels at the airport= not practical!

  7. that black rolling bag is gorgeous with the black and white flower pattern.. so chic.

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  9. trudy says:

    Just a suggestion. I realize the vibrant fabrics are a Vera Bradley trademark, but I wish there were a few bags that were in less knock your eye out fabrics. About once every three years I find such a Vera Bradley bag. By then my previous bag has gotten quite worn.

    For example, the current bag I have is a nice quiet medium blue background with a small pale yellow paisley design. It’s really on its last legs and all of the current fabrics bring on a migraine 🙂

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