Here comes the sun …

The release of our Spring 2012 Signature collection is so close, we can almost smell the bouquet of fresh florals!

We will officially welcome Rosy Posies, Camellia, Island Blooms and Ellie Blue to the family when they arrive online and in stores Thursday, January 19.

Here’s a little something hold you over …


A techie treat: Here’s four pretty palettes to paint your desktop background all the sensational hues of Spring …

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247 Responses to Here comes the sun …

  1. Mary says:

    Dear Vera, please, please, please add a monthly calendar to your gorgeous desktop images! Please! Thank you!

  2. Evelyn McGoldrick says:

    Very Pretty, very spring and very cheerful.

  3. Sandra Creel says:

    Love the Rosey Posie.

  4. Meg W. says:

    I’m in love with all four patterns!

  5. gwenn says:

    all gorgeous!!!!

  6. Melissa Jones says:

    LOVE them all! So funny how model is spinning around with 4 duffels, she obviously doesn’t pack them the way I do;)

  7. Tammy M says:

    Loving Island Blooms!

  8. Susie Schutte says:

    Is Vera Bradley made in the USA?

    • Lisa says:

      They were at one time, but now there made in China.

    • Lisa says:

      They used to be, but now their made in China.

      • Hannah says:

        I am also thinking twice before buying merchandise that is not made in the US. Really bothers me when I find out that our “truly American” brands aren’t American anymore

      • Karen says:

        I don’t know why I didn’t notice that before. Just checked my bag. “Made in China”.
        I won’t be looking at the new spring collection or buying duffles like I did this Christmas. We should all be trying to buy items made in the USA.

      • Hillary Ann says:

        Really? I mean we all love these purses, and where they are made makes that big of a difference to you? do you all only purchase american made things, are your cars all american made? lol. i fnd this slightly hilarious. I LOVE VERA BRADLEY and could careless about where they are made and will continue to purchase for a very long time. Keep up the great works! πŸ™‚

      • zoey says:

        all my purses say made in U.S.A

    • caren says:

      Nice question. I do agree that we need to support “made in America”!

    • CA says:

      Not anymore! So disappointed…MADE IN CHINA I have stopped spending my $$ there.

      • Judith Hoffman says:

        I agree. So disappointing to learn that something I love and use everyday is made in China. My dollars will stay in my pocket until I see VB put out a line made in America.

      • Teresa says:

        It’s made a difference in my purchase of VB also. I was a true VB girl, but at really disappointed in the MADE IN CHNA labels.

    • Regina says:

      After reading al the following comments… How serious are you USA people. Vera has been made out of the country for several years! Do you ever look at labels before you buy? Government regulation and Union scale send so much overseas. Can’t totally blame Vera for a business decison that closes production in the US.

      • Jan says:

        JC in Oklahoma

        I was disappointed when I discovered they are made in China. The bags have such vibrant American-type colors and you’d probably not see many other countries carrying such flamboyant bags. Most of us would pay a little extra to have a Made In America label. It was because of the designs, colors, and so many different styles that I just assumed they were Made in America.

      • Alex says:

        It is true but it doesn’t mean that they are not pretty purses. Ever though it is from another country they are still pretty purses it makes the purses special.

      • Sharon says:

        I dont understand why so many people have an issue with products being made outside the USA. People should think global instead of being so nationalistic. No person, or Country, is an island unto themself. We all need to work together and share resources and products… that means jobs, too. It’s not ethical or moral to see yourself as separate from your neighbor. Like Gandhi said, “There is plenty on this earth for everyone’s need. But there could never be enough in all of creation for everyone’s greed.” It’s good to work with other countries on everything. The only thing separating us is politics. People.. get over it. Vera Bradley is an awesome product line with beautiful bags! And now they have a beautiful policy of contributing to the global economy. I love Chinese, Irish, Africans, Indians, Germans, Japanese, Native Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, Iranians… I love all people and want them all to prosper. It’s the Nationalistic Elitism mindset that causes so much war in this world. It’s rediculous. We are all the same. And all women everywhere should be able to acquire and afford to buy a Vera Bradley handbag. I can’t wait to get my Ellie Blue Bowler next week for my birthday! πŸ™‚
        God Bless us all!

      • Erin Y. says:

        THey used to be made in the US. They closed a factory in my husbands home town and his parents refused to ever buy me or his sister another one again. I totally agree! Why are we supporting other countries when our fellow Americans are hurting?!

      • Val says:

        VERY serious and YES I do look at labels before purchasing – even down to my underwear & socks – start supporting Made in America whenever you can. Vera Bradley shut down perfectly good manufacturing facilities to make even more money. BUT there are a couple of factories that continue to make handbags right here in the good old USA – check out Donna Sharp in TN.

  9. Rosa says:

    Lovely colors that make you want to sing and dance.
    Miami, FL

  10. lisa says:

    Like the rosey posies pattern. I would like for you to come out with a holiday pattern for thr holidays.

  11. Claudette says:

    Love Rosy Posie! Might have to get something in that print.

  12. Zara says:

    These are the best wallpapers yet – thank you VB!!

  13. Campbell says:

    I already have an ID case in Rosy Posie! I happened to be in my local VB store during a preview!! Such a bright and pretty color palette!!!

  14. Dot Moody says:

    Loving Rosy Posies & Camellia!

  15. Michelle says:

    LOVE them all! Now the tough question: which one to buy? (first, that is!) Cannot wait to hit up my local store!

  16. Sandi says:

    The colors for my wedding in June are cobalt blue and yellow…..Ellie Blue will be a great bridesmaid gift….I am a pink at heart girl so Rosy Posie is going to be my new fav. Thank you VB for great new patterns!!!!

  17. Summer says:

    I’ve been saving my gift cards that I received for Christmas for the release of the new patterns! Also, I would so live to see Vera Bradley do a special edition line someday with Disney the way Dooney & Bourke is currently doing…my 2 favorite things combined would just put me over the moon!

  18. Elizabeth C. says:

    The Island Blooms and Rosy Posies wallpapers are beautiful! I can’t wait to see everything in person.

  19. Ellie says:

    I may have to get the Eloise in Ellie Blue as that is my given name and the nick name i go by. Hope it’s available!

  20. Danielle Bursk says:

    That Ellie Blue is gorgeous. Just when I thought I had settled on “my” pattern to load up on luggage and accessories – a new one to consider! Luckily, you can never have too many purses, so I can try them out in handbags first.

  21. I love all of the colors, but I think that I will get Ellie Blue because I do not have a blue bag. Happy Spring.


  22. Cathy K. says:

    Ellie Blue will be on my wish list this Spring!

  23. Is there a place in Brazil to sell Vera Bradley bags? Or can I buy online? Me and my daughters love these bags.

  24. Sandra says:

    I have to say, usually I like one or two of the new patterns that Vera puts out, but in my opinion, these are the ugliest patterns I’ve seen. I think I’ll skip getting a new Vera for spring, sorry.

  25. Joanne says:

    I love all the bags, but don’t know that I will be buying anymore, since I did not know that they were not made in the USA. Vera, you should have stayed in the USA, that is what I loved most about your bags.

    • Kathy says:

      I know I will no longer buy Vera Bradley? Sorry…:(

      • JB says:

        I stopped buying VB a couple of seasons ago when I realized they are now largely made in China – never bothered to check the labels before, as they USED to be made in USA. Discovered that my recent bags were labeled Made in China. I know the idealistic “we’re all one people” thing…but let’s take off the rose-colored glasses – USA jobs are going to China, India etc purely for the money…the fat get fatter, and the everyday working person in this country gets squeezed out.

        VERY disappointed in Vera for being nothing more than another one of the sheep following the wonderful scent of the almighty dollar.

    • Amy Zipperer says:

      Most of Vera Bradley items are made in the US. Some items, like the wallets, have been outsourced, but I think that the majority of the handbags are still made here.

    • Sandee says:

      I agree..that’s why the price tag was acceptable since it was made in the USA. If China is getting jobs that should go to US citizens, than the prices should go down. I bought all my friends VB bags for Christmas but may re-think purchasing accessories for them now.

      • trudy kania says:

        trudy I also thought VB was made in the US. Now that i know that they are made in China. I will no longer purchase any more VB. I am very disappointed. Between by daughter and i we must have over a thousand dollars worth of bags. Maybe i should make my own bags now.

      • Mary says:

        The other side of the coin is that international expansion has allowed for dramatic and rapid company growth that might have otherwise been impossible, which has in turn created a significant number of jobs here in the United States – from warehousing, to retail, to finance, domestic manufacturing, management, customer service, etc., at a time when jobs are a commodity. Up to 1,500 employees now in America, with more on the way. Could this have happened while still contracting all manufacturing domestically? Either way, it is worth adding to the discussion.

  26. Michele says:

    Agree………………..why are these not made in the USA????……BUY American SAVE America! Not overly impressed with these patterns anyways they all look similar to ones in the past!

  27. Teresa Holland says:

    Do they mail catalogs?

  28. Janice says:


  29. Gretta says:

    The new patterns are the perfect thing to make me look forward to Spring (as if I needed help on that one!) THANKS!!!! I loved when you had the straw beach bags with matching beach towels….I really hope that you will bring those back. I still get complements on mine.

  30. kelly says:

    Rosy Posie! SO pretty and feminine!
    I didn’t realize Veras were being crafted in China now….I am very disappointed.
    Maybe I won’t be able to purchase my new Spring bag from VB this year.
    How disheartening….

  31. Nancy Vargas says:

    I have been very pleased with all your products I’ve recently ordered. can’t wait for the spring collection.

  32. VIVIANA says:


  33. Tarra says:

    Sadly, I have to agree with many of the posters above me. I received a beautiful bag for Christmas from my significant other and it was my first of what I hoped to be many VB bags. Not buying from here again with them made in china.

    • Brenda says:

      I will not buy any more Vera Bradley if they are made in China. I am almost ashamed to carry the ones I already have. I hope people know the difference. These bags cost enough that they could be manufactured in the USA.

      • Deedee says:

        The problem is FINDING THE WORKERS HERE IN THE US WHO WANT TO SPEND THEIR DAYS SEWING!! I live in NY in a city that makes fine tailored men’s suits and they can’t find the sewers! They said they could expand, but the only sewers they can find are immigrants, but it’s getting more difficult to sponsor or find them. People with great sewing skills (who WANT to sew all day) aren’t that common. And it is a SKILL. This is like farming and other manual labor here in this country–people don’t want to do it or can’t.

  34. Terri says:

    disappointed…so dingy what happened?

  35. Rosanna says:

    Love the Ellie Blue. I have some bags made in USA and some made in China. Love them all and will continue to buy. They have such beautiful patterns and are so lightweight for carrying. Great matching accessories, also.

  36. Caitlin says:

    I love to see you filming in the great state of Michigan!

    • Jennifer S. says:

      Yeah, Caitlin for pointing out the location choice! I was excited to see them filming and photographing on Mackinac Island. The print ‘catalog’ has a fabulous feature story about the island. The tourism board could take a page out of VB book.

  37. Robin Purnell says:

    Love them all… hint..hint!!

  38. Veronika says:

    Only a little less then 2 weeks to go before these new releases! I, as always, can’t wait. My favorite pattern is Island Blooms, it looks very adorable and cheerful in the preview.

  39. Sandra says:

    Love the Camellia but I also wish they were made in the USA! That fact IS a consideration for future purchases.

  40. Gale says:

    Not too impressed with the new patterns, sorry!
    I wish VB was still a USA made product! We need to keep America growing!

  41. Kelly says:

    They are all so beautiful! I’m going to have a hard time choosing just one!

  42. Leslie says:

    I love rosie posey and island bloom! Makes me think spring!

  43. Claire says:

    I have been a loyal Vera Bradley supporter for eleven years, and am disappointed about the switch to overseas production. However, I am even more upset about the company’s response to their supporters who have been asking for the production to return to the US. Help me want to buy my purses and accessories from you again.

    I will put my money where my mouth is and stop buying your products (that I still want) until they are made here.

  44. Sarah says:

    I agree about USA production. It’s very disappointing.

    I thought making things in China would cause the price for Vera to drop…Vera has gotten very expensive. You would think that the cost would because it WAS being made in the USA.

    As a teacher who gets paid chump change, I always save for Vera but it’s getting hard. I even sell my old pieces just so I can get something new.

    There’s got to be a better way.

    • Greta says:

      There is a better way…go to the Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne in April or go to an outlet store. Hopefully you have something near you!

  45. Millie says:

    Dissappointed to hear they are made in China too. Making enough money on the bags & accessories that you don’t need cheap labor! Keep the money in the USA! They should also do something about the handles on bags too, that get worn looking after awhile from handling so much.

  46. mirinda says:

    My daughter reminded me today of how many Vera items I carry around in my purse, that would be everything. Vera always has a purse, tech case, wallet, makebag, calendar cover etc for everything. Can’t wait for the new colors to be released. BTW. USA is where Vera belongs not overseas. I have halted purchasing anything made in China. Would hate to see putting a stop to my Vera collection because it migrated out of the USA.

  47. Joy Glidden says:

    I just checked my bags and looked at the tags (which took some hunting to find) and found out to my dismay that every one of my new Floral Nightingale patterned things (Metropolitan, Squared Away, Garment Bag, small cosmetic, slim case and clutch wallet) were ALL Made in China! The exception is the Carry It All Wristlet in Plum Petals and it was made in the Philippines! I am so disappointed that I thought I was supporting a company who believed and supported products Made in America and now found out they do not. I will not be buying Vera Bradley products in the future!

  48. Madeleine says:


  49. Madeleine says:

    Love Love Love Camilia!!!

  50. Madeleine says:


  51. Charlene says:

    wont be buying any this spring , if they were made in USA I would have diffinately got at least one pattern so sad…..

  52. Amanda C. says:

    I am SUPER excited about these new patterns!! Although I tend to get giddy with each new release. It’s like I’m a kid in a candy store:)

  53. I Love all the new patterns. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  54. Karen says:

    I am very disappointed that Vera made the decision to ship production over seas. If enough customers complain, maybe they will re-consider this decision. I will not be purchasing Vera products anymore.

  55. kittenkat22 says:

    BRrrrrrrrr… Mackinaw Island? When did you film this? tee hee

    Love the new colors!

    31 degrees in MI today and MUCH colder in da UP eh?

  56. Back to the “made in China” thread… I’m a long-time lover/buyer of Vera B products, but will have to abstain now. As a small business owner, I can’t in good conscience buy products that have their manufacturing outsourced overseas. So sad!

  57. Alice K. Cardone says:

    Searched for a small Vera Bradley wallet to fit my iphone and finally found it!
    Thank you for the birthday card, too!

  58. kat says:

    Please return all production to the USA and support our economy. It is a disgrace for the Vera Bradley products to be made overseas. The bags are so expensive and the company is so successful that it should support the nation that made it so. We need you.

  59. DLO says:

    Is anyone else feeling the patterns are seeming a bit “recycled?” I too think it’s a shame they aren’t all made in the USA.

  60. Mitzi says:

    I have always loved Vera Bradley products, however, along with many others here I am disappointed to learn that VB allows ANY of its products to be made anywhere but in the USA. The prices shouldn’t be what they are if items are being made in China. Please bring back ALL the jobs to the USA! I know lots of people who could use a job!

    • Deedee says:

      Do they know how to sew? Could they concentrate all day at a sewing machine? Would they be content to sew all day?

      • Paulette Lebo says:

        Many years ago my mother worked in a sewing factory and loved it. She was very happy sewing all day long. Vera needs to find women or men who can do these jobs in the US.

      • Candi says:

        I used to sew all of my clothes and made many quilts for family members. Would love a job sewing. Unfortunately most factory jobs pay minimum wage which no one can live on. I too check labels and try to purchase items made in the US.

      • Jennifer S. says:

        Thank you for reminding us of the qualified workforce issue in the US. There are jobs in the US that many people will not do. That is sad. Finding a good tailor is hard when the next generation will not consider going into that noble profession. Many professions will become extinct if the next generation chooses a profession in an already saturated job field.

  61. Shawna says:

    Aloha, I too am disappointed in the products being made in China. I think prices have not went up too much but however I would consider to pay a few dollars more if made in USA. I think the colors are nice as well I think they are recycled. I sure wish a bright pink would be in for the summer. I also wish we could get monogramming again like the old days. Aloha

  62. Beth says:

    Add me to the list of people not buying VB anymore, now that they are sending production overseas. I’m sick of all my favorite products being made in China now. The quality is not as good, and Americans are losing their jobs. I would rather pay more for VB bags made in the USA, then buy cheaper? bags from China. VB please reconsider keeping your good name in the USA!!!

  63. Brandi says:

    dear Vera, i think you should think about having phone covers.

  64. Julie says:

    China…that would expain why it seems the quality has gone down over the past couple years….I used to have problems picking which pattern to buy and which bag…now I rarely find one I like each season….

    • Barbara says:

      I have a bag I’ve had for ten years and the quality is so much better than the bags now. They really seem cheap but the cost is not. I won’t be buying Vera anymore either.

    • Lauren K. says:

      Agreed; the quality has dropped drastically. As an experienced seamstress I am always very careful to check the quilting and seams of each Vera product before I purchase it in-store and I find that, more and more frequently, the stitching is off or misaligned. I no longer buy online because I’ve had to make multiple returns (out of my own pocket, too — beware the Vera Bradley exchange policy!) due to misaligned quilting. Went looking for a new curling iron cover in Mocha Rouge this winter and, out of the 5 products stocked by the store, 4 had obviously defective stitching. This makes me so sad! Vera Bradley was always a brand that I could gush over and rave about to friends. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

      The spring patterns are unappealing to me. Camellia’s simplistic colour palette and neutral tones are lovely, but I find the design itself fairly lackluster. Where’s that quirk? Haven’t truly loved a pattern since Summer 2011, with Mocha Rouge (my “forever favourite”), Happy Snails, and Safari Sunset. Maybe I got extra lucky, loving three patterns in a single season, because Fall 2011, Winter 2011, and now Spring 2012 have been released and I find myself wondering if I’ll ever like another Vera Pattern again. Oh well, my wallet appreciates the break!

  65. I agree with all off the above, I also feel strongly about helping the unemployment overseas, while our Americans are out of work.I believe since VB has a nice return policy, I am returning my VB gifts from them.Sad, I think returns show that we all mean what we say, not just to comment on it.
    Thank you, Carolina

    • Deedee says:

      Well, is the computer you’re writing on made in America? Do you have an iPhone? What about your car? Your clothes? Even WalMart–which prided itself on Made in America–has abandoned that storyline. When nurses can make $60,000 a year, why sew for $20,000?

      • Hannah says:

        For some items such as computers, we don’t have a choice. Where we do – pocketbooks, etc. – I think we should try to buy American. Maybe if enough of us make a loud enough noise and start buying American wherever possible, things will change. Diane Sawyer did many segments on how buying American is not really more expensive – just takes some searching. Slinky is still make here.

      • Caitlin says:

        THANK YOU for this comment. I was getting annoyed.
        and to the person who responded “we dont have a choice” with some things…not true. Perhaps if you actually did the research because you’re SO PASSIONATE about buying American made goods you wouldn’t have a problem. The first internet search was a list of computer companies in the US – have you heard of many? no, but if all of these anti-globalism vb shoppers bought a systemax or lotus computer instead of the new, fancy ipad, the companies would be well known. Not having products made in the US is not our countries problem and refusing to buy their products wont fix it either. Most of our fruits and vegetables come from other countries too because our climate doesn’t fit the needs of a banana, is that the fault of the US? The position of the sun? Are you going to stop buying oreos which have palm oil which cut down rainforest which kill orangatans and are partially produced in Indonesia, India, China, and Spain? I love vb products (especially the eloise!!!!) and I am excited for their success that they grew so much as a company!

  66. Fancita Lorimer says:

    I was stunned too, to learn that 5 out of 7 handbags that I own were made in China. This is very disheartening to learn. Please bring back the made in USA tags back.

  67. Donna says:

    I am a person who owns over 75 Vera purses, I have wallets, wristlets, cosmetic bags you name it I have it even a Vera Rug. I thought I was buying an American made product, now to my dismay they are made in China. I love several of the new spring colors but I guess I will carry my old Vera’s until I find a new purse that is made in America. Vera I am in tears that you have moved your production to China, I hope that you will hear the out cry of your customers and bring production back to the USA we need the jobs.

    • Jennifer says:

      There is a similar line by “Stephanie Dawn” that I was told uses the factory for their designs that VB had used. I even like it better because I know that I will not see myself coming and going with a VB bag on my shoulder. We lost our jobs due to manufacturing leaving MI for China – so I have specifically looked for USA brand products for over 10 years now. Stephanie Dawn bags and accessories are available at small independent retailers. I had the same experience with LeSportsac handbags and accessories, they too had been an American Made product, but are no longer! This is a sad situation for Americans! We want to support our own and have a difficult time doing so! Sorry, I can go on and on regarding home good products that are no longer USA made.

      • Beth Nunley says:

        Thank you for pointing out the made in China. For the cost of Vera Bradley you would think they would require they are made here. I will be looking elsewhere for my luggage and accessory needs unless the agree to use USA manufacturers.

      • Hannah says:

        Add L L Bean and Land’s End to home good products that are being outsourced to many different countries

      • Donna says:

        The girl who owns Stephanie Dawn used to work for vera bradley…I am unemployed for 2 years and I too think the jobs should stay in the usa. Shame on you vera bradley….

  68. Alyssa says:

    Vera, I absoulutely ADORE the new island bloom pattern!! Can’t wait till its in stores!

    • SHARRON says:

      I think all the spring colors are ugly ,and cheap looking .I also do not like that they are made in China ,cheaper labor there and higher priced here ?So Vera gets richer and struggling Americans have to fork out more for the product? And I really like the pieces I have but not sure I’ll be buying more.

  69. Rebecca says:

    Love the blue and green one and the Rosie poise. I would consider if vera Bradley wasn’t so darn expensive!

  70. Jo says:

    So sorry,no more veras for me. Buy American

  71. Mariah says:

    Wow. This is rediculous how many people are upset Vera bags are made in china.. Really people??? 90% of the crap you use EVERYDAY is made in china. Get over it. It’s still the same look you’ve been buying for years.
    Anyways, I really love the Island blooms pattern, gorgeous colors! I will definately still be buying!

  72. Cindy Riggs says:

    Love the new colors but not made in the USA. I feel the same way as others. We need to keep these in the USA. Sad!

  73. Tammy Jones says:

    Lets help ourselves by bringing VB back to America.I am a person with over 50 items and I am upset to know that my dollars are going over seas and my neighbor been out of work for the last two years.Your products cost enough to help our fellow citizens of America.

  74. Lynnie says:

    Does anyone know if they are going to make Island Blooms in the cooler? It’s reallly pretty on computer and in person!

  75. jean spencer says:

    all the spring one great. really like camilla.

  76. The new colors are great. Love them!

  77. mad says:

    Love the Rosey Posie

  78. Julie says:

    It is nice to see you made the advertisement at Mackinaw Island! I love it there, since I am a Yooper girl! Please start making VB in the good ole USA again! I love them!!

  79. Meagan says:

    Vera Bradley,
    Please create rain boots in your patterns and iphone cases! love the new patterns!

  80. Pat Cotton says:

    Love your bags! Still wish you would consider making a quilted all white one like your black, brown and navy. I wear a lot of white pants or crops paired with a print top during the summer or on vacation and really need a nice white bag. I do not like white looks too heavy in warm weather. I too am disappointed in the fact that the bags are not made in the USA…I will take that into consideration before I make any more purchases! 😦

  81. Susan L. says:

    Just recently became a big fan of VB. Was excited to see the new spring line. Loved them until I read they are now being made in China. Very disappointed!!!!! VB get the hint and move back to the U S.!!

  82. Suzi says:

    FYI – Most of the people who are working at the plant in New Haven – sewing for Vera – are foreign born. Americans don’t know how to sew anymore and that’s a fact!! You have to be an excellent sewer plus sew very quickly. How many of you can do that?? They brought the sewing “in house” a few years ago to keep an eye on quality (before they had been outsourced thru local businesses). I applaud them for that. They have been buying their own machines for quilting fabric and they are huge contraptions . These bags aren’t as cheap to make as you might think.

  83. Rebecca says:

    Love Ellie Blue and Island Blooms. Thanks for the fun wallpapers! πŸ™‚

  84. Sherrie says:

    I too love these new prints, but I am equally disappointed to know that some of the production is coming from China. I guess I have never looked closely.

  85. Cynthia Betts says:

    I just learned that Vera Bradley has moved production of handbags and accessories to China. I last purchased two handbags & accessories in December 2010 which I love and am so disappointed at the decline in quality since then. It was surprising to see that the handbags in retail stores in 2011 had thinner, loosely woven fabric — not at all the fine quality, durable fabrics used in the past. (Suzi- please don’t use the excuse that Americans just can’t sew, because that is baloney. Jockey moved all it’s production out of the country years ago and closed its sewing factory that had skilled American workers.) I have decided not to purchase any more Vera Bradley until the fabric quality improves and production is returned to the good old U.S.A.! I am very sad to see such an excellent product decline.

  86. Catherine says:

    So how can I save the above pictures to use as wallpaper? Clearly, I’m not a techies and I got an iPad for ChristmS. Help please.

  87. Greta says:

    Yes, it is a disappointment that Vera’s stuff is being made in China. But while you’re looking at the tags in your purses, take a look at your shoes and clothes and jewelry. Everything seems to be made elsewhere these days! If we boycotted everything not made in the US we wouldn’t have much of a selection. Don’t quite know how to turn that around…

  88. Michelle says:

    Does anyone know if the restyled bowler has QUILTED pockets on the inside? I see that the front pockets don’t have the magnetic flaps, which is fine. But, I can’t stand when the pockets aren’t quilted! Everything just falls out and becomes one big mess. Bowler is my favorite bag. I’ll be so upset if they didn’t keep the quilted pockets. I’ve been wanting a bowler in Baroque, which is now sold out.

  89. love these new patterns

  90. Deedee says:

    Part of the reason Vera looks to keep production costs down is that VB is now a publicly traded company! If you want to have a voice, buy some stock (1 share = 1 purse). Then go to the annual shareholders meeting and voice your opinion! OK, you probably won’t go to the meeting, but if everybody on this board bought a few shares we could make a difference. And right now, the stock is rated as a BUY by analysts.

    • Jennifer S. says:

      A well versed woman, I like it. I was just going to mention that they are a publicly traded company now. Yes, things were different when they were private. Other privately held companies regret going public later and many have bought back the stock. There are other options for VB besides being publicly traded.

  91. Cecilia says:

    Truly disappointed in Vera – how many people have been affected by outsourcing – stay in the USA. I have been buying Vera since the early 80’s and I would have to say these patterns are not what I would have expected from Vera. My two teenage daughters are hooked but not with these new patters????? Sorry Vera!

  92. Darlene says:

    I am addicted!!!!!!

  93. Penny says:

    The new patterns offer a good variety. Still looking for a beautiful RED pattern or a fun GREEN (not lime); however, I am very disappointed that the bags are now made in China. While it can be difficult to find seamstresses, you just have to look. There are many talented people out there and with so many other factories closing in the US, they could use the jobs!

  94. I am absolutely SICK!!! My family does it’s best to strictly buy AMERICAN (unfortunately it’s becoming harder & harder these day). The imported Chinese dog food almost killed my dog. It’s getting harder and harder to find Made in USA dog food.

    I have been reading all the posts and thought, “No, not Vera Bradley, they have this HUGE beautiful plant south of Ft. Wayne, IN (I live just north of Ft. Wayne).” I just went & looked at my bags and they are ALL made in CHINA! How SICK is that!?! Guess they’re getting money hungry too.

  95. I forgot to say I don’t like the new Spring line. Could it be something China created and not the owners of Vera Bradley. What happened with making their own materials and patterns so you get the ‘home made” feel?

  96. Ashley says:

    I think its crazy that people are on here complaining about American Made VS overseas!!! Vera Bradley is still the same product it has been since the 80’s! As companies get larger it is natural for them to move production around it is how the world works. What people don’t understand is that not all Vera is made in China and there are regulations that they must follow under the goverment. I dare say most of you that say “Buy american made” drive a foreign car and don’t buy all your clothes american made because that is hard to come by. Vera Bradley will always be an amazing company so I will continue to love my Vera’s until the straps fall off!

    • artlucy says:

      @Ashley – right on!! It’s amazing that so many people complain about this when I bet 9 out of 10 of them own an iphone, ipod, wii, toyota, honda, shoes (any brand), tv (any)…the list could go on and on. The problem with America today is that people think they are too good to work in a manual labor job and/or they want to be paid a small fortune to do it. If you want the jobs to come back here, stop living above your means. There is a reason we have a huge national debt.

  97. Liz says:

    I have purchased many Vera bags and accessories over the years not only for myself but also as gifts. So sorry to hear that these are no longer produced here in the USA and will add my name to those no longer purchasing Vera because of it. Don’t mind paying the price for US made but not “made in China” products. Scolding myself for not noticing this sooner and grateful I took the time to read these postings. Please bring the jobs back home Vera.

  98. arwa hussain says:

    every one has right to expand their business either with local made or by overseas …i dont think it is wrong ..the variety ,colours ,,design everything rocks …GO VERA GO πŸ™‚

  99. nancy says:

    I was going over all the posts and my heart sank when I read Vera Bradley is made in China. They send the jobs over there for the cheap labor but they want to charge outrageous prices. I didn’t mind paying those prices before because i thought I was helping America and it’s wonderful workers. Well, sorry to say, I will no longer support China. Vera Bradley, you should be ashamed. Greed, it is all about greed, big profits for themselves but not concerned about the American people.

  100. Brenda says:

    I keep a list – and with Christmas purchases for self and family, I have purchased well over 100 VBs! I have always loved this line! But, shame on me for not checking the tags to discover that they are no longer made in the US. I had wondered why the quality seemed to be a bit off of the standard lately – and now I know why. Also, with the new spring line I had been thinking – “didn’t I see something very similar in the past???” Time to bring it back home and maybe not release new patterns quite so often. Sorry VB ….. I am outta’ here!

  101. jwpar says:

    Made in China, really made me glad I have not bought any Vera in the past year. I love the Ellie Blue, but I will not buy it now. There are people in the USA who can still sew. Just come to the South. You would not believe how many sewing plants were shut down here in the late 90’s due to all companies sending their products to China and Mexico to be made. Just look around in the small towns in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, you will find skilled sewing machine operators who would love to go back to work for an American company!

  102. Aries says:

    I am so disappointed to read the comments here. What’s wrong with China? Stop your hatred. The only issue with “made in China” is that the American companies earn more profits, not really the Chinese (though you would assume differently). Humans are equal on earth. I appreciate the labor in China as much as I appreciate the labor here. If you don’t want to buy the bags anymore, stop it. But you don’t have to hate another country and its people. You can also stop buying products made in Japan, in India, in Germany, and all other countries than America. Would that make you happy? I will continue to buy Vera Bradley, but not to read the comments here any more, not worth the time.

  103. Marlene says:

    I never like pocket books but my daughter bought me my first VB about two years ago I now have a complete luggage set and a total of 25 different bags myself. That is not counting the ones that I have bought for gifts. Blankets etc. I will think twice about buying another one that is a lot of money to spent on something that comes from China. We also need to keep America working.

  104. Hannah says:

    This warrants my posting on Facebook. Wonder how many of my friends and family are aware that VB is now being outsourced to China. I am not convinced that items made in China are of the same quality as those made here in the US.

    • Karen Moros says:

      Hannah, I agree, I love Vera but this needs to be brought to light and posted on FB…and comparing two similiar duffels purchased this
      Christmas, I noticed the inconsistent sewing and asked for another to be sent, and now maybe that explains a few things like quality control ..sad to say, I need to reconsider buying Vera again..until it says Made in USA..we do have wonderful seamtresses here too..!

  105. Kristina says:

    I agree that Vera should not continue to be outsourced to China. We need to promote the USA and start buying products that are made here. I also am not a huge fan of the new Spring line. It seems that Vera has been making more and more flower themed prints, which are NOT my favorite. I love the ones like Barcelona, Twirly Birds or Cupcakes Green. Not in love with floral prints at all. But I also want to thank you for promoting the new Spring line on beautiful Mackinac Island in Michigan. Michigan is one of those states that were really hit hard in this economy, so it’s great to see such a beautiful location highlighted.

  106. Densie says:

    Very pretty just wish i could order from Canada without the hassle 😦 At lease your in St Catherine’s and Toronto Canada, but I’m so closer to Michigan so I guess Im going over the border!

  107. deezee says:

    I think that Vera Bradley is getting the message. I went to a store event with a top rep of Vera Bradley and the made-in-US was the first question! And the store clerks now have a sheet that shows which Veras are made here (like the backpacks and the scarves)…

    Something else to consider: the sale of VB’s keep a LOT of American workers employed, not only the people at the headquarters but also many small stores. Most Veras are sold at the independent little gift shops (at least in my town) and more than one store owner has said that VB has kept their business open in these tough times. I think we should keep the pressure up, but keep in mind the small stores Vera supports!

  108. Emily says:

    Stephanie Dawn is a brand very similar to Vera Bradley and its made in the USA!! There are some very cute patterns and such a great way to support American industry!

  109. Stephanie B says:

    Kudos to the Vera Bradley marketing team! Your Chicago photo shoot for the fall was just awesome, and how could you possibly top that? By doing the Spring campaign on Mackinac Island, which is probably one of the most beautiful places in the United States! Island Blooms is definitely going to be the next pattern I get, perfect for cheering up the spirit in the cold and grey dismal months of February and March. Keep up the great work, VB team!

  110. Brooke says:

    I’m just not sure that we can judge this company as we do not know the full story. It is very expensive to make things in the US, Vera may not of been able to keep the bags at a reasonable price point without moving to China. Of course it is not ideal, and made in the USA is preferable, however I believe in Vera Bradley. They are a company that I admire and love. I believe they will listen to their customers, and will do their very best to explain this choice. Many MANY american companies are not made in the US anymore… apple, brooks brothers, ralph lauren, coach… just look at the labels. Vera Bradley is a company that gives back to our country in many ways, let’s not write them off so hastily.

  111. Pamela Fonte says:

    I didn’t know Vera Bradley did prints for eye ware until I recently went for an eye exam and had to make a change to my frames/lenses. Well, I did choose a Vera Bradley frame- “up in a tree”. Now I have to go shopping to get a bag to go w/ my new glasses. I really do love the new look. Who knew??? πŸ™‚

  112. Jan says:

    There are other companies making very cute bags at reasonable prices. This company is a faith based company and supports woman and woman’s causes.

    Jan 31

  113. Audrey says:

    Vera Bradley is a gorgeous and well respected company just like many others in America. If you truly want to “buy American” then you should probably stop buying a lot more things then just Vera Bradley. I will always love Vera no matter where it is made.

  114. Lisa says:

    Rosie posie will probably be my favorite new release. However, the video made the other patterns look a little more inviting. I will definitely have to visit my local store on release day to check out the new patterns in person. Absolutely love my Vera!

  115. Robin says:

    How hypocritical! As Ashley so rightly pointed out, who among us can claim to be buying/using products soley made in the US? Almost any vehicle, computerized, electrical, clothing and even toy item is either made overseas, assembled overseas or most of it’s individual components are manufactured overseas. I too like to buy American made products but realize that that I surely don’t know all I need to know about the world of business and economics and what it takes to keep a business solvent. It’s amazing how all of you who claim to have hundreds of these “outrageously priced” purses and who claim to only buy American just thought to look into all of those bags today to see where they were made. Would you rather the company go out of business, further displacing more workers both directly and indirectly because it can no longer afford the cost of doing business? I find it hard to believe as well that a good number of you don’t happily hand over twice as much to carry around other designer’s bags that have their logos plastered all over their NOT leather bags making you their free source of advertising. Talk about boring! If you don’t like the new patterns no one is forcing you to buy. Take your name off of the mailing list.

    • Jennifer S. says:

      Wow, what a response. Amen! I stopped buying Coach because they went from good cowhide to cloth for the same price or more. I used my purchasing power to send a message not go on their blog to bad mouth them because their company has headed in a different direction. We all can use or purchasing power without nasty comments.

  116. nino says:

    Uh where have you all been Vera has been in China for several years now. I think the last Made in the USA was 4yrs ago. I questioned this where I usually buy from and their response was they had moved “some” production to China because they could not meet demand until their new factory was completed. I was assured that as soon as the new plant was up and running production would return to the US. Obviously this was not true. If you will notice this was also the same time quality went downhill. They stopped putting the quilted straps on alot of the purses and went to those yucky thin straps that wear out so easily. I have vera bags from 2000 that I still use and have been washed multiple times and they stilll look good. The new ones alway fade fast and get holes in the corners fast. Older ones held up much better. I have a Villager in the Elizabeth pattern that I used as a diaper bag. My daughter is now 11 almost 12 yrs old and I still use this bag for work every day. It still looks good. If the cost to make these has dropped then why do the bags year after year go up $2 always $2. Price goes up quality goes down, the American way. For now I just look from a distance. If I am going to buy a made in China bag I will just go to AC Moore and pay 9.99 for it. Chime in Vera you have made enough $ to support extended family for many generations to come. Dont be greedy it never ends well.

  117. Stephanie says:

    I have been a Vera Bradley fan for years. The quality of their bags has not changed. They are still great bags. Like others have stated, very few things are completely made in America. Your car, cell phone, tv, music player, clothing are most likely not completely made in America. The number one priority of a business is to make money. If they do not make money, they will not be in business. I don’t think most of you understand that. America is now a country that provides services. We are no longer a huge industrial country. In order to continue and thrive as a country, we must move those operations that are no longer efficient in the United States to other countries where they can be efficient. If you don’t like that Vera is made in the United States, don’t buy it. Stop complaining about it and buy from some other bag designer. I have always been a Vera fan and will always continue to be.

  118. Robin says:

    One last thought on my part….. Hope all of you who all of a sudden just can’t be seen carrying these bags find a good place to donate them! I’m sure that there are many women out ther who would love to own a VB bag that truly are needy.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree! There are plenty of ladies less fortunate then us who can’t afford to buy a brand new VB bag and would love to carry one, whether it be used or new!

  119. Sharon says:

    I love Ellie Blue!! Please please please bring back the bowler style.. it’s the only bag for me and I want it in the new patterns!! Pretty please with with a cherry on top!
    Bring back the bowler style handbag!!

  120. mary says:

    I think they have been outsourcing to China for at least 6-7 years for some of their bags, but some have remained made in america. For a while, after learning this, I stopped buying them. I do think the quality is a little different—-the fabrics are not quite as lux. Anyway, I could not permantly stay away, I am back to buying regurarly! I still love the super smart construction of the bags-all the pockets and details are what keep me coming back. I also like that they are lighter to carry than a big leather bag. IT WOULD BE GREAT TO SEE THEM BRING THE BUSINESS BACK TO THE USA, THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I still want a calendar on those desktop backgrounds!!!!!!!!! ❀

  121. Debora says:

    Love it all!

  122. Leslie White says:

    The new patterns are beautiful! I want all of them!!!!

  123. mary says:

    Lastly, I don’t know which pattern I like the best. It usually takes me a while to figure out which one to buy!

  124. Michelle says:

    This old horse has been beaten beyond dead with the whole China/USA thing. Enough already! Move along…simply don’t buy them or bother posting. It’s been on their Facebook page over and over and over again…and now here.

    I asked a question about 40-something posts above this about the restyled bowler bag and it will never get answered because of this nonsense. I guess I will have to wait ’til Jan. 19th to find out.

    • Sharon says:

      I’m so glad they brought the bowler back. After last season’s patterns didn’t have the bowler, I was afraid because the bowler is the only bag for me… When I saw this new style bowler, I was afraid, but after looking at it more closely, I think it just might be better… I always did get annoyed with the flaps on the other pockets.. they never fit my larger phone very well. But this new bowler will fit it nicely I think. Plus, it says it has six pockets inside instead of 3. Sounds nice. The new shape is more modern style, and less “old ladyish” like the older bowler.. I liked the old lady look, lol, but I think this new style bowler will suit me just fine (if not better) than ever.
      Thank you Vera Bradley for keeping the bowler and for probably even improving it.

  125. jenny says:

    They look very old. the pink and the island blooms is very similar to green pecock and some other design. thumbs down for me, sorry. I was expecting fun colors like in the past, i guess you guys didnt feel that way.

  126. Laurie says:

    Love the Location!! Two of my favorite things in the world. Vera Bradley and Mackinac Island!! I love sitting on the porch of the Grand Hotel watching all of the Vera Bradley handbags walking by!

  127. trudy says:

    no more bags for me

  128. Brooke says:

    Glad some people feel the way I do… So sorry for the Vera B blogger team, this is no place for this kind of discussion anyway. I love Vera Bradley, it makes me so happy! I don’t know which pattern I like the most! Picked up a bag in Ellie Blue back in august, but now I am finding Rosie Posie quite adorable!! Plus new styles coming out for accessories are just GREAT!!!

  129. Susan Meek says:

    Ellie Blue is my favorite of the new ones.

  130. GayOlivia says:

    I want the large hobo back! Love the rolled handles and the magnetic closing. Not to swept away with the new patterns but I say that every time new ones come out till I see them in person…..

  131. Jane says:

    Okay, but Mackinac Island is “Made In The USA” and here in Michigan, Especially the farther “North” Towards the Upper Peninsula you get, we could REALLY use some visitors to help our depressed economy. So we will “trade you” πŸ™‚ You bring your friends and family and your wallets and we will give you an unforgettable experiences with foods, sites and non stop history πŸ™‚ Looking for some gambling, there are several casinos . You cannot get more “American” than supporting the Native Americans of our communities πŸ™‚ We have incredible islands and not just Mackinac to offer. We have everything from gorgeous waterfalls to an impressive wine country πŸ™‚ So go check out the Pure Michigan website. Check out cities like Traverse City with its locally made wines, craft beers, cherry products, and The AWESOME Sleeping Bear Dunes just a short drive to Glen Arbor which is a treasure of a town all in itself. Summertime in Michigan is non stop festivals. Every weekend from June to late October there is a festival somewhere. The Traverse City Film Festival is a cool experience. A lot of cities offer free family nights on Friday nights during the summers with carnival type activities. In Traverse City they have Friday Night Live where downtown gets shut off to cars and once the sun sets they have the huge inflatable screen where they show a free movie in the Open Space on the bay . George Lucas let us “borrow” his personal copy of Star Wars this past summer πŸ˜‰ So come trade us. There is more than i could possibly write about to make it worth your effort and time. You won’t be disappointed and most of our products will say ” Made In Michigan” on them proudly πŸ™‚

    • Jennifer S. says:

      Yeah, Jane!!! When is the tourism board hiring you? They could use more Michiganians/Michiganders like you!!! Yes, MIchigan!

  132. Veronica Pyatt says:

    I Love the new colors they are so full of life and excitement. It helps to get through the winter months.

  133. anh says:

    I love VB product . If they made from China so everyone need to check and look . I think later will have a unreal one . How do the customer know? VB should keep the name and the job for American .Don’t because the price later on no one to love the product ,it ‘s not made from America.

  134. Lisa Brinkley says:

    This will certainly wake up any dreary winter day….anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!

  135. Alyce says:

    I cannot wait for the new patterns and styles!! Vera Bradley bags are so much fun to carry!! I always get compliments!!

  136. kay wolter says:

    I would love to have a purse like My Sisters

  137. Barbara says:

    I am glad and think it’s appropriate to have a discussion about from where goods are made. I have made purchases and paid much higher prices to buy products NOT made in China. There are terrible human rights abuses there . . . and even if one wants to argue that humans don’t have “rights” – can’t we offer humane treatment as a requirement for our purchase? I won’t detail what happens there in this forum. Now, VB could offer some information on how they ensure good treatment of employees, etc., and that might make me feel better. I do think quality has suffered; have had to return things for falling apart / feeling cheap compared with those of yesteryear, but I love Ellie Blue and really WANT to want to buy VB. I hope they see this as an opportunity to bring employment back to the US (many out of work textile workers still in NC) or at least, offer a positive situation in China and consider it “foreign aid”. Perhaps they could start a little section of this web site in this regard.

  138. Lori W says:

    I am so excited for the new colors. Please add a monthly calendar and or a monthly organizer to the collection. I loved mine in Symphany in Hue. Even if you would make refils, that would be great too!

  139. GrammarGirl says:

    I had to laugh at Hannah’s comment about how Slinky is still made in America. Well then, that solves everything! I’ll just carry all of my stuff in a Slinky instead of my Vera Bradley!

    If I only bought things that were made in the USA, I wouldn’t own very many things – and the same is true for most of you. Go check the labels on your clothes. Will you go out naked once you learn most of them are made in China, Vietnam, etc.? Doubt it. People shop from giant retailers featuring tons of goods made overseas all the time and I never hear anyone making such a stink about “Made in China” as I do for VB – here, on Facebook, etc. Fine, don’t buy VB bags; that just leaves a bigger selection for the rest of us and more that will be going to the Wrentham, Mass., outlet store, where I get awesome bargains on my favorite bags all the time!

  140. Susan says:

    Not sure which I enjoy more – Vera Bradley, or the fact that Liz was on location on Mackinac Island? πŸ™‚ Love, love, love!

  141. Katie says:

    I am kind of disappointed in these new colors, I’m not really liking any of them. The only one I might possibly consider buying is the Island Blooms. What has happened? They use to have such lovely patterns, the last year or two they seem to be getting too wild with there colors & designs.

  142. insidemrmonolis says:

    Love all the colors the fairytale and adventure in a bag… mi piace! A lot!

  143. Brenda says:

    I’m amazed with the attitude of some of you. We have millions of people out of work in this country. Part of the reason these people don’t have jobs is the cheap labor in China, Mexico, etc.has caused American companies like Vera Bradley to shift their manufacturing operations out of the country. Global is a great idea, but the American economy is hurting now. Why not try taking care of the homefront first, then you can go global. I have visited several shops in the last few years that stopped carrying the VB line because the products are no longer American made. I will buy a piece once in a while, but not like I used to. VB won’t miss my business. Those of you that don’t care where your items are made will be able to take up the slack.

  144. Brooke Jeter says:

    I think many of us do care, I know I do. I do my best to buy local in many instances. However, VB is a company I believe in, and I believe they will do their best to bring production back to the US if possible, so I don’t feel it necessary to boycott them right now… they do great things for the community…

  145. Amanda E. says:

    THANK YOU for these desktop wallpapers. I LOVE THEM so much! Please don’t stop posting them! They’re great!

  146. Carol C. says:

    Island Blooms is my first favorite, but all of them are equally beautiful.

  147. Jill Weinischke says:

    Can hardly wait another week to get my Vera. I am so torn between the Island Blooms (so glad to have turquoise back) and the Ellie Blue. Stay tuned.

  148. Melissa says:

    i really like the color integration!! Well done!

  149. CAfan says:

    If you take a look at the enlarged picture of the new bowler, you can see that the interior pockets aren’t quilted, but the exterior ones are. The old bowler’s pockets were quilted both inside and and out and the exterior pockets had flaps.

  150. Tracy Martin says:

    I just got my Spring 2012 catalog in the mail…This Michigan girl was happy to see that the photo shoot was on Mackinac Island!! πŸ™‚ Thanks Vera Bradley for choosing Michigan! πŸ˜€

  151. Janet Novak says:

    I agree with the people who feel that this is a product that can and should be made in the USA. Manufacturers go to third world countries so the labor force is much less costly. These wonderful products are not inexpensive in any way. As much as I love the designs, styles, and variety I will be very hesitant to purchase in the future because these products can and should be made in the USA. It may mean a somewhat smaller profit but let’s be real, it will not cause anyone in your company to need foodstamps. This country is in a crisis and every American needs to do what they can to help stimulate the economy on whatever level they can.
    If the Executive Board has any conscience or even appreciation for the benefits of living in this country, they need to reconsider and put our workforce back to work instead of sending this manufacturing to another country. I, personally, wiil certainly have more confidence in the quality and safety of the delivered product. We are all aware of the shortcuts taken in China. DO THE RIGHT THING! Word of mouth is a very powerful thing and I am confident that you do not want to lose customers because of a certain level of greed in the name of “smart business decisions”.

  152. Kathryn says:

    These patterns are great, if you’re 40! I loved all the winter 2011 designs, but these are so boring!

  153. Elizabeth says:

    What type of purse is Liz holding??? I really like it, but did not see it on the Vera Bradley web site!

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  155. Carole Akers says:

    Why does everything have to be made in China! Lets support America!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Marolyn says:

    I love Vera Bradley hand bags until that they are made over seas.We need to keep
    our USA. going in jobs.

  157. sammy says:

    cute but lacking in origin. wanna see more old vera

  158. Debbie says:

    The colors in the Island Blooms pattern look a lot like the ones in the Peacock pattern. Does anyone else think so? I had no idea VB bags are now being made in China. I thought they were made in Indiana.

  159. Sharon says:

    What bag is the model on the bike showing? I don’t recognize it.

  160. mk says:

    I want Symphony in hue back!!!!

  161. Barbara Bauman says:

    I am aother person that has lost thier enusthisan afater finding out they are not made in the USA. The person that thinks globally mustnot have a person not working. I am retired could always use the cheaper merchendaise but when Ican I wll buy USA. Sorry Vera Bradley. I guess that is the end of my beloved bags.

  162. Elaine Gough says:

    CHINA is not where I live. Sorry, but I will think twice or thrice before I buy more.

  163. Sharon says:

    It’s silly to blame Vera Bradley, or China, for your employment problems. If you don’t want to buy Vera Bradley handbags.. Fine! More for the rest of us who aren’t nationalistic bigots!

    • NotSharonNotChinese says:

      Nothing silly about it, it is the TRUTH. Chinese get paid less than our $8.25 minimum wage, therefore US companies make more $$$ by selling products made by cheap labor. Companies even get government tax write offs just for employing Chinese that are here in the US on work visas, many do accounting work. Yet, lots of US college grad accountants cannot find work. Now do you understand?

  164. Hannah says:

    I agree with Sharon :))))

  165. Kristyn says:

    Not loving the new colors for spring. Won’t be purchasing any of these new patterns anytime soon.

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  167. Gretchen says:

    I just went to my local Vera Bradley store and was totally shocked at the low thread count of the fabrics. I almost bought a tote, but felt like the cloth was already threadbare. So sad because English Rose is beautiful!

  168. KATE O'HARA says:

    Does anyone know the wallpaper design name/maker in the North Carolina Vera Bradley store in Raleigh? Fell in love with it and did not stop to ask!

  169. JustAskJenn says:

    Oh VB, how disappointing. I have never purchased a VB before, however my fiance’s daughter wants one & I thought, what a great gift for her 15th birthday. These days, when I want to purchase designer or higher end items, particularly one that is an icon, I want it to be made here. If its not, I want to know the company is “fair trade” affiliated… guess what: Not buying a VB. Period. Knowing that precious US jobs are now lost & that there are SERIOUS human rights violations taking place at these overseas factories/facilities, is enough for me to say: no thank you. And to those of you who think its silly; shame on you.

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