A festive Wednesday “How to …”

We know you’ve come to expect a clever craft project from us midweek, but we’re taking a brief break from this series (check back early next year). If you’re really itching for a D.I.Y., there is always this gorgeous wreath we featured last year. We’re also softening the blow with a holiday “How to …” sure to make your packages the most impressive ones under the tree this year. Happy wrapping!

How To make

The Decorative Double Bow

The decorative double bowStep 1: Tie the ribbon around the width of the box into a small bow. Trim the ribbon tails, leaving 2″ – 3″.

The decorative double bowStep 2: Tie a second piece of ribbon around the length of the box into a small bow. Trim the ribbon tails, leaving 2″ – 3″.

The decorative double bowStep 3: Arrange the two bows so the loop forms an “X”. Fluff the bow loops.

Tip: Larger boxes look best with 1 1/2″ – 2″ ribbon. Smaller boxes look best with 1″ – 1 1/2″ ribbon.

Paper Pros:

Our secrets to gift wrapping are under wraps no more!

Colorful WrappingImage via pinterest

Keep it simple. Two-tone or solid wrapping papers, brown paper, or clear cellophane are best to keep on hand. Old maps or children’s artwork provide an extra touch of the unexpected.

Tools of the trade. Invest in a border paper punch, clear double-stick tape and sharp scissors.

Festive frills. Top your gift with another goodie! Our keychains, Luggage Tags or Zip ID Case are the perfect present perks.

Think texture. Scraps of fabric and objects from nature, like pinecones or holly, add touchable flair.

Accents. A vintage ornament, cluster of buttons, sparkly brooch or other fun bauble can lend an instant personal touch.

Tag, you’re it! Recycle old greeting cards or create a custom monogram with the lucky recipient’s initials.

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10 Responses to A festive Wednesday “How to …”

  1. Helen says:

    The second photo is confusing (not sure why there are two layers of ribbons going lengthwise). Otherwise, great idea! I’m going to do this for my presents this year.

  2. Cheryl Rucker says:

    Thanks for the lesson on bow tying……I have always wanted to learn how and this was the easiest one for me to do….Thanks again and Merry Christmas..
    Cheryl Rucker


    ooh pretty ribbon

  4. Lauren says:

    here’s a tipa on getting a poofy bow thanks to working in a gift wrapping store!! if the gift is small or you’re okay with going around once and not all four sides, one roll of ribbon is fine. for bigger gifts or to wrap around all four sides, grab two rolls of ribbon.
    take your ribbon and wrap it around the width of your gift once tying in the middle. tie and knot it rather short in order to conserve as much extra ribbon as possible.
    next, take the remainder ribbon off the spool. start with one end and fold down about 3.5 inches (for smaller or larger bows you can adjust). take the remainder ribbon and wrap/fold over this 3.5 inch area. once you’ve used all of the ribbon fold in half. the part where it’s folded, you’ll cut a little triangle off of both sides. open this back up and you will see where it indents in.
    place this part of the ribbon on top of your knot on the actual present and tie the remainder strings through the indented part. knot this, fluff, and you’re good to go!

  5. Katie says:

    What type of ribbon did you use?

  6. tfrggghdfdghfdtfrfrfr says:

    Awesome bow!

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