Great gifts for: Teachers

Our catalog of styles can be a little overwhelming. Let us help you narrow down the options. Here are a grouping of standout gifts to make any educator feel appreciated this holiday season.

Gifts for Teachers

1. Lunch Date in Rhythm & Blues
2. Lanyard in Baroque
3. 2012 On Top of Things Desktop Calendar in Tea Garden
4. Tech Decals in Rhythm & Blues
5. Take Note Cube and Perfect Match Pen and Pencil Set in Happy Snails
6. Tote in Suzani
7. Stadium Blanket in Plum Petals
8. Laptop Sleeve in Safari Sunset
9. Gift Card

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7 Responses to Great gifts for: Teachers

  1. Debbie says:

    Makes me want to be a teacher…….Just the thought of getting one of these.

  2. we have these at Giftology!!!

  3. Great selection of all of the above at Paisley on Main in Glen Ellyn!

  4. Janeane says:

    Between my two kids I need 18 teacher gifts. I would love to get them Vera, but that is quite a lot to spend for teacher gifts! Did I mention I’m a teacher? As a general guide, I find $2 to $5 gifts are appropriate and greatly appreciated. In fact, my favorite gifts from students are either homemade or books for my classroom. However, if my whole class joined forces to get me a tote or lunch box, that would be pretty awesome too.

  5. Ashley says:

    I want to post this list in my classroom! Yes, please!



  7. Sari Lerner says:

    can you guys make a bed comforter and an iPhone case

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